May 11- Elvis' Bible On Display

One of Elvis Presley’s Bibles was on display from May 11th to 14th. at the Christian Resources Exhibition. 

Elvis Presley had several Bibles – King James version always – during his lifetime. What makes this Bible special is an hand-written inscription in block capitals on the last page of the book. It shows that “mama” was buried on August 14th, 1958, in Forest Hill Cemetery on Highway 51. Below it, in large blue handwriting, the rock’n’roll star has added: “I love ya mama – Elvis Presley 59.

There are also bibles belonging to William Wilberforce, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and actor Charlton Heston, as well as a complete first edition of a 1611 King James Version.

Flaming Star #59

The Norwegian Flaming Star fan club published their self-titled fan-club magazine; volume 59.

(Source: Telegraph UK / Flaming Star)

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