May 25 - Viva Las Rumors Podcast

A rumor spread that a possible 'Viva Elvis' CD should be released September or October 2010. A final decision has yet to be made. Sony managers from all over the world met in Berlin about ten days ago and heard a preview of some eight or nine tracks. They are all predicting a worldwide No.1 to hopefully equal or surpass sales of the 30 No.1's CD.

Further, there will definately be at least two single releases, and possibly three, and they may not actually be from the said 'Viva Elvis' Show as 46 tracks overall were recorded at the session. Major brands e.g. Adidas etc., are being sought to utilise the single tracks in their advertisements. 

The album will have massive publicity, including TV promotion featuring clips from the 'Viva Elvis' show.

BBC RADIO 6 Presents The Elvis Story

Starting today BBC Radio 6 presented the 13 part series The Elvis Story narrated by Wink Martindale. Each episode is available as a podcast for one week.

25 May - The Early Years
26 May - Sun Records 2/13.
27 May - Presleymania 3/13.
28 May - Presleymania II - The Touring Continues 4/13
29 May - Elvis Goes to War 5/13.


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