June 2 - Growing Up With Elvis in Britain

Author Nigel Goodall and digital distributors Andrews UK Limited announced the exclusive digital only release of "Growing Up With Elvis in Britain", a personal biography of the Elvis Presley phenomenon in Britain from 1962 to 1967, which examines the influence that Elvis had over millions of British teenagers during an era when Elvis could only be seen on the big screen and heard on the radio under a blanket at night.

The authors idea for this book will be to get away from the standard, run-of-the-mill, bog-standard biography of Elvis. This wont be just another re-telling of Elvis, but a story of Elvis that covers new ground, not before examined in such depth. Covering five years of Presleys career from 1962 onwards, the book will be the unique story of Elvis from the other side of the coin, the fans perspective, and for the first time, to intermingle a fans obsession for Elvis with Elvis's career, insomuch as they are related to the enormous influence that Elvis generated, even during a time when his career was described as having lost its sparkle. 

Set to premiere in the winter of 2010 on iTunes and Amazon, and two weeks later, at over 240 global retail outlets and libraries, this exclusive eBook and MP3 audiobook will illustrate the lasting impression Elvis left on the author and millions of other fans in Britain. 

New Inspiration

Sweets Inspirations started looking for temporary replacement for Myrna Smith to continue to tour, even though Myrna is forced to take a break. Estelle Brown and Portia Griffin are trying to get another person to work in her place. Myrna is doing well, although she says the kidney treatments are really draining. She does take them three times a week at three hours per session.

(Source: ElvisMatters)

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