June 30 - New Bootleg Vinyl & CDs

A new box set has been announced, "Elvis at the Las vegas Hilton live in the showroom Internationale" featuring January 28 & February 23, 1971. This box set includes 2 LP's in Heavy Colored vinyl and 2 CD version of the set.

Welcome To The Jungle - Solitaire 

Venus Productions announced the release of "Welcome To The Jungle - Solitaire" carrying you back in time, right into Elvis' den, known to everyone as the Jungle Room. "Welcome To The Jungle - Solitaire" is a compilation of released and unreleased tracks recorded in February 1976. The CD came with a beautiful 16 page booklet. 

I Was The One

The I-Series budget label released the CDs "I Was The One" and "Love Me Tender".

Elvis! The Ultimate Elvis Presley

The Double Gold Collection label released two volumes of title "Elvis! The Ultimate Elvis Presley".

Import Top 40 June 2010

The Top 5 has no changes compared to last month:

The current Top 5 is:

1 (1) American Crown Jewels (1996)
2 (2) A Hot Winter Night In Dallas (1998)
3 (3) Closing Night February 1970 (2008)
4 (4) A Greensboro Revolution! (2008)
5 (5) From Sunset Blvd to Paradise Rd (1996)

FTD Top 40 June 2010

Compared to last month Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis and Elvis Country swapped places. From the recent releases Showtime! got its first votes.

The current top 5:

1 (1) The Jungle Room Sessions (2000)
2 (2) Elvis Is Back! (2005)
3 (3) That's The Way It Is (2008)
4 (5) Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis (2004)
5 (4) Elvis Country (2008)

From Memphis To Manhattan

Young and feisty, talented and sexy, Elvis Presley revolutionized pop music in the early sixties. His trailblazing renditions of blacks-only blues with rock shot him to the top of the charts and into the libidos of America's teenage girls. Elvis' signature hip roll, considered too risque for prime time TV, prompted the famous order (to CBS cameramen of the Ed Sullivan Show) to photograph the King from the waist up. This photographic exhibition, "ELVIS: From Memphis to Manhattan," looks at the early years of superstardom through his many CBS appearances, particularly those on the Ed Sullivan Show.

STAX Museum of American Soul Music
926 E. McLemore Ave.
Memphis, TN 38106
Phone: 901-946-2535
Fax: 901.507.1463

(Source: ElvisNews /Elvis Unlimited / Google / Amazon)

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