November 30 - Releases And Sales From The Grave

CNN Travel recently looked at the pilgrimage sites for rock 'n' rollers and named Graceland as the most commonly visited grave site around the world. 

"The original singer-songwriter heart-throb remains the King of Rock 'n' Roll, judging from the 600,000 people that visit his grave yearly." Other artists named in CNN's most popular rock star graves include Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, and AC/DC vocalist Bon Scott. 

Budget Releases

The 3CD Music Digital budget label will release the 3CD set "Return To Sender" on January 07, 2013.
The Real Gone Music budget label will release the 4 dis set "4 Classic Albums Plus Singles And EPs" on January 27, 2013.

  • The set "Prince From Another Planet" set dropped off the Billboard Album Top 200 after it's entry just one week earlier at #187. The set dropped off the Album charts in Austria, France and the Wallonian part of Belgium. In the Flemish part of Belgium the set climbed from #185 to #148. 
  • The CD "It's Christmas Time" drops from #64 to #80 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for the week ending 8th December, 2012 with sales of 15,187 units. Total sales to date: 1,431,554 units. It also drops from #5 to #11 on the Catalog Album Chart and from #14 to #15 on the Holiday Album Chart.
  • The new "The Classic Christmas Album" drops from #152 to #159 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart with sales of 8,246 units. Total sales to date: 17,272 units. It also remains at #22 on the Country Album Chart and rises from #126 to #115 on the Current Album Chart (Top 200 minus catalog albums).
  • The song "Blue Christmas" jumps from #17 to #15 on the Holiday Songs Chart and re-enters at #22 on the Holiday Airplay Chart.
  • The budget CD "The Real... Elvis" dropped from #58 to #62 on the Irisch Album chart in it's 50th week on the chart. 
FTD Top 40 November 2012

Besides The Jungle Room Sessions the full top 10 is filled with classic albums. From this year's releases From EP Boulevard and Boy From Tupelo are doing well (at #13 and #24). The current top 5 (compared to June):

1 (1) Elvis Is Back! (2005)
2 (4) The Jungle Room Sessions (2000)
3 (2) That's The Way It Is (2008)
4 (-) Promised Land (2011)
5 (3) Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old) (2008)

(Source: EPE / Amazon / The King's World / Elvis Express / Elvis Telegraph)

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