January 07 - New Releases

The Follow that Dream Collector's label announced three new releases; "The West Coast Tour '76" (2 CD), "He Touched Me – The Recording Sessions" (vinyl) and "How RCA Brought Elvis To Europe".

Details The West Coast Tour:
The 2-CD 5” digpack “The West Coast Tour '76" contains shows from San Francisco and Anaheim in November 1976.

Disc 1 - San Francisco – November 29, 1976 
01 Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra ( Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey) (1:06) 02 See See Rider 2:49 03 I Got A Woman / Amen 8:17 04 Love Me 2:45 05 If You Love Me (Let Me Know) (3:01) 06 You Gave Me A Mountain 3:04 07 Blue Suede Shoes (TBC) 08 It’s Now Or Never (TBC) 09 All Shook Up 1:08 (TBC) 10 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don’t Be Cruel 2:08 11 And I Love You So 3:20 12 Fever 4:02 13) Bridge Over Troubled Water (TBC) 14) Introductions 8:42 a) Early Mornin’ Rain b) What’d I Say c) Johnny B. Goode 15) Love Letters 2:47 16 School Day 1:41 17 Hurt 1:59 18 Hound Dog 2:30 19 Funny How Time Slips Away 3:40 
The last part of the concert was not recorded.

Disc 2 - Anaheim – November 30, 1976 
01 Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey) (1:06) 02 See See Rider 4:39 03 I Got A Woman / Amen 7:19 04 Love Me 2:00 05 If You Love Me (Let Me Know) (3:01) 06 You Gave Me A Mountain 3:05 07 Jailhouse Rock 1:35 08 It’s Now Or Never 09 All Shook Up 1:06 10 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don’t Be Cruel 2:02 11 And I Love You So 3:19 12 Fever 4:02 13 Bridge Over Troubled Water 14 Polk Salad Annie 15 Introductions: 10:43 a) Early Mornin’ Rain b) What’d I Say c) Johnny B. Goode 16 Love Letters 2:49 17 School Day 1:23 18 Hurt 2:42 19 Hound Dog 1:28 20 Hawaiian Wedding Song 2:50 21 Blue Christmas 2:23 22) That’s All Right 2:08 23) Can’t Help Falling In Love 1:39 24) Closing Vamp 1:44

Details He Touched Me
To coincide with Easter 2016, the Follow That Dream label is pleased to announce the the release of its 2x LP, 180-Gram, ”He Touched Me – The Recording Sessions”. This Grammy award winning album completes on vinyl the trio of Elvis’ religious albums.

Side 1: 01. He Touched Me - take 2 (2:51) 02. I've Got Confidence – take 1 (3.09) 03. Amazing Grace – takes 1,2 (5.14) 04. Seeing Is Believing – take 7 (3.55) 05. An Evening Prayer – take 3 (2,50)

Side 2: 01. He Is My Everything – take 1 (3.58) 02. Bosom Of Abraham - take 4 (1.45) 03. An Evening Prayer - take 2 (1:58) 04. Lead Me, Guide Me – master (2:39) 05. There Is No God But God – takes 1,3,4,2 (4.29) 06. A Thing Called Love – take 1 (2:42)

Side 3: 01. I John – take 1 (incomplete) (2.04) 02. .Reach Out To Jesus – takes 1-7,9 (6.40) 03. A Thing Called Love – take takes 4-7 (incomplete) (8.10) 04. An Evening Prayer - take 7 (1:59)

Side 4: 01. Bosom Of Abraham - takes 5-7 (2.21) 02. He Touched Me - take 3 (incomplete) (3.29) 03. Seeing Is Believing – takes 11,12 (4.36) 04. An Evening Prayer - take 8 (2.15) 05. A Thing Called Love – rehearsal (5.35)

Details How RCA Brought Elvis To Europe:
This beautifully designed book contains unseen pictures and follows Elvis ascent from hottest act in The South via US stardom to becoming RCA Victor's spearhead as the company launched the RCA label worldwide in 1956. It goes on to show how Europe was completely won over by the early 1960's.

The earliest international Elvis records are listed, and there is a guide to identify Elvis records from all European countries, including a summary of the earliest releases from each country. There are complete illustrated discographies (including variants) for all Nordic countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. There is also a guide to first pressings of the 47 Elvis EP's released in Germany for sale in Northern Europe.

Elvis' reception in the Nordic countries is covered by a wealth of press cuttings, local film flyers and posters, ads, premiere dates, pictures and stories from handovers of Swedish and Norwegian record awards, and much previously unknown record company history. Among many revelations, the most surprising is perhaps how the Swedish company Electra engineered most of the Elvis activity taking place in Northern Europe.

Spliced in between are many amusing short stories, like when three Nordic Royal Princesses sought out Elvis on the set of G.I. Blues, or how the man behind RCA in Belgium started out smuggling records in the wings of his WW2 Royal Air Force Spitfire. Or the time Norway's bestselling crooner met Elvis in RCA Studios on the day Hound Dog was recorded.

The story behind German Teldec's earliest Elvis releases is completely rewritten along the way, and for record collectors there are many new discoveries – like why do records from some countries come with push-out centers while others have large center holes. Or how can it be that up to three different label variants may occur within the same print run. Or why were Europe's earliest 45-singles sold in Sweden only and why did Denmark and Norway, each with tiny populations, issue respectively 46 and 56 different Elvis records?

And did Elvis really pose a threat to communist Eastern Europe when he served as a US Soldier in West Germany? Boy, he sure did. All these topics and plenty more are covered in How RCA Brought Elvis to Europe. And not to be forgotten: free with the book's first edition comes an unreleased 1956 vinyl EP. 

The book is written by Norwegians Sigbjørn Stabursvik and Hans Otto Engvold, supported by a network of experts from fourteen countries. Stabursvik knows things about records that most people don't, while Engvold is a hound for detail in all things Elvis. Together they bring new insights on practically every page of this excellent book. 

1.000.000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong

The special album 'If I Can Dream' which was released late October 2015 and is a mix of Elvis with brand new arrangements of the orchestra. It includes a duet with Michael Bublé and contributions from Il Volo and Duane Eddy. The albums has now reached the cape of one million units sold in the UK.

Pat Harrington Died

Pat Harrington, the popular comedian and voice-over talent who made a lasting impact as superintendent Dwayne Schneider on the hit sitcom "One Day at a Time," has died, according to his agent. Harrington was 86. In 1967, he appeared in the Elvis Presley film “Easy Come, Easy Go” as “Judd Whitman”. 

UK RCA Demos

Alan White almost finished his "Illustrated Guide To Elvis Presley's UK RCA Demos", exclusively available at the Elvis shop in London.

(Source: FTD / FECC / Ernst Jorgensen / ElvisMatters / Elvis Telegraph / CNN)

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