March 17 - Grooming At The Hilton Showroom

AudiRec proudly presents "Elvis - Hilton Showroom Volume 2", a brandnew CD which will be released shortly. It includes an audience recording of the complete and so far unreleased performance from December 5, 1975 – only three days after the much acclaimed Opening Show of Elvis´ December Las Vegas 75 Season.

It´s been quite a few months since Elvis´ unexpected break-up season of August 1975 and his fans didn´t know what to expect from his return to the Hilton Showroom, although there were of course high hopes for a triumphant series of concerts. Also there were two things that immediately catched the eyes and the ears of fans and critics once the “King” was back on stage in Las Vegas´Hilton Showroom: Elvis was noticeably heavier than ever before in his life and he was singing with a certain quality in his voice which was probably stronger than ever before! It´s easy to say so even though audience recordings are mostly far from perfect when it comes to reveal details in a singer´s voice. Elvis sang great in December of 1975 and once you get to hear songs like “Just Pretend” or “How Great Thou Art”, but also “Trying To Get to You”, with this powerful magic of God´s given talent in Elvis´ Voice you will have to agree.

Please be aware that this new release is limited to 300 copies only! Be sure to get your copy if you are interested. Once you have it in your hands, we hope your spare time will allow you to sit back, put your headphones on, flip through the accompanied 16-page booklet (including an extensive fan-review of the show written very shortly after the concert was over) and listen to the show from December 5, 1975. It´s Las Vegas! It´s the Hilton Hotel Showroom! It´s ELVIS! Enjoy!

Tracks: 5.12.1975 - Las Vegas, Nevada, Hilton Hotel:
Orchestra Intro - Also Sprach Zarathustra - C. C. Rider - I Got A Woman / Amen - Love Me - Fairytale - And I Love You So - Trying To Get To You - All Shook Up - Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel - Blue Suede Shoes - Just Pretend - Polk Salad Annie - Band Introductions - Johnny B Goode (James Burton) - Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff) - Piano Solo (Glen D. Hardin) - School Day (#1) - School Day (#2) - It's Now Or Never - How Great Thou Art (With Reprise) - One Night - Softly As I Leave You - America The Beautiful - Mystery Train / Tiger Man - Elvis Talks - Can't Help Falling In Love - Closing Vamp

The King Of Men's Grooming: Elvis Used Pomade And Changed The World!

The US brand American Crew announces an epic partnership with one of the most influential entertainers of all time- Elvis Presley. The legendary American icon set the standard for the classic American look and continues to inspire men of all ages with his signature style. The world knows and loves Elvis as "The King of Rock and Roll," and now American Crew is proud to crown him "The King of Men's Grooming™."

In honor of the ultimate style icon, American Crew is releasing a line of special edition grooming products made exclusively for men. American Crew has produced a limited run of six of their classic styling products with custom designed labels that feature "The King."  Key items include Fiber™, Pomade, Forming Cream, Grooming Cream, Molding Clay and Defining Paste. Each product features a unique image of Elvis and is available in 3 oz. sizes.

"Men around the world owe a debt to Elvis Presley," said David Raccuglia, American Crew Founder. "Elvis showed us that it's not just what you have to say, but how you say it. He made success and change seem effortless, and used his voice and looks to make a statement to the world. Elvis is 'The original cool' and American Crew wants every guy out there to know that each of us has the power to define ourselves and make a difference." 

Elvis' unmatched influence in pop culture spans not only in music. His commanding voice and charismatic stage presence unleashed a cultural revolution that changed
the world forever. The "King of Rock and Roll's" signature style redefined the image of the American man that continues to inspire today's artists, musicians, designers and social influencers.

"There's only one Elvis Presley, and we are so proud to help introduce him to a new generation of fans. Elvis and American Crew are a natural fit, as they both embody a unique style that is youthful, iconic and original."

"Elvis was very particular about his hair. His hairstyle was part of his rebellion and individuality and he was always in search of the best hair products. Believe me, I know." – Priscilla Presley

For more about Elvis, the history of American Crew - CLICK HERE to some excellent quality "Elvis Grooming" photos plus more on American Crew products.

ELVIS Invades The US Election

Back in a 2003 newspaper column (“Who Can Beat President Doofus?”), Molly Ivins wrote about John Kerry’s "lack of Elvis". "My early take on Kerry was that he has gravitas - sumbitch about bent over double with gravitas - but that he has no Elvis. Minus-zero on the Elvis Scale was my first read. No point in nominating some good and worthy candidate, like Fritz Mondale or Michael Dukakis, if they got no Elvis. The object is to get these people elected. Can't get elected without a soup├žon of Elvis."

Ivins noted that Kerry seemed to be working on his Elvis, which gave her some hope, though as we now know, her initial judgment was unfortunately correct.
I imagine some will dismiss this as a silly way of evaluating candidates, but I think the Elvis Factor is to be taken seriously. We can parse the candidates’ utterances until the cows come home, but the fact remains that elections are largely irrational. I’m assuming a certain level of wonkery among readers of this cartoon. (You’re welcome!) Imagine for a moment that everything you know about politics vanishes except for what you’ve heard on cable news. This is the starting point for many voters. And they value certain personality traits, for better or worse. Mostly worse.

I’m a little worried that both Hillary and Bernie are low on Elvis. Those who feel Sanders is a Hunka Hunka Bernin’ Love are free to disagree.

(Source: email / Elvis Information Network / American Crew)

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