May 26 - Memphis Reissue Service

Due for release August 3, 2016 from the Memphis Recording Service are "Blue Hawaii - The Expanded Alternate Album" and "The Complete Louisiana Hayride Archives 1954 - 1956". 

Tracks Blue Hawaii - The Expanded Alternate Album:
Blue Hawaii (Take 1FS Take 7M) - Almost Always True (Take 1FS Take 8M) - Aloha Oe (Take 4FS & SPM) - No More (Take 1FS Take 13M) - Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 27FS Take 28FS Take 29M) - Rock-A-Hula Baby (Take 4FS Take 5M) - Moonlight Swim (Take 3M) - Ku ui po (Take 8LFS Take 9M) - Ito Eats (Take 6FS Take 7FS Take8FS Take 9M) - Slicin’ Sand (Take 18LFS Take 19M) - Hawaiian Sunset (Master) - Beach Boy Blues (Take 1FS Take 2M) - Island of Love (Take 11FS Take 12FS Take 13M) - Hawaiian Wedding Song (Take 2M)

The Alternate Outtakes: No More (Take 3LFS) - No More (Take 9) - Rock-A-Hula Baby (Take 1FS) - Ito Eats (Take 1MM Take 3FS) - Slicin’ Sand (Take 15FS Take 16FS Take 17) - Beach Boy Blues (Take 3MM) - Island of Love (Take 3FS, Take 5FS, Take 10FS) - Aloha Oe (Take 2) - Aloha Oe (Take 3) - Aloha Oe (Take 5SPM) - Aloha Oe (Take 7SPM) - Aloha Oe (MASTER OF SECTION 2) - Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 1FS Take 2FS Take 3FS Take 4FS) - Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 5LSF) - Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 6FS, Take 7FS) - Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 8LFS) - Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 9) - Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 10FS Take 11FS Take 12FS) - Cant Help Falling In Love (Take 18FS Take 23MM)

Tracks The Complete Louisiana Hayride Archives 1954 - 1956:
First Louisiana Hayride Show - 16.10.1954:
Hayride Begins Jingle - Introduction / That's All Right - Blue Moon Of Kentucky
15.01.1955: Hearts Of Stone - That’s All Right - Tweedle Dee
22.01.1955: Money Honey - Blue Moon Of Kentucky - I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine - That’s All Right
30.04.1955: Tweedle Dee
16.07.1955: I’m Left You’re Right She’s Gone
20.08.1955 Baby Let’s Play House - Maybellene - That’s All Right
Last Louisiana Hayride Show - 16.12.1956:
Heartbreak Hotel - Long Tall Sally - I Was The One - Love Me Tender - Don’t Be Cruel - Love Me - I Got A Woman - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again - Paralyzed - Hound Dog - Elvis Has Left The Building - Hayride End Jingle
Bonus Songs: June Carter Talks About Elvis On The Hayride - Maybellene (Tunzi Remix).

(Source: Memphis Recording Service / Elvis Aktuell)

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