July 06 - A Spliced Release

The CD "Spliced takes - Hollywood" from the new CMT import-label has been released. The tracks on this import-release have been edited by the Star Team using many incomplete takes to create "new" tracks. The set comes in a deluxe digipack and is strictly limited to 500 copies

Tracks: Blue Hawaii - Spliced take 4,6,3 Almost Always True - Spliced take 6,5 Didja Ever - spliced take 1,2 * Pocketful of Rainbows - Spliced take 19,20 Steppin Out of Line - Alternate Master Slowly But Surely - Spliced take 3,4,1 (bluesy intro) If You Think I Dont Need You - Spliced take 5,7 What a wonderful Life - Spliced take 5,6 Tonights So Right For Love - Spliced take 5,6 We'll Be Together - Spliced take 8,10 One Broken Heart for Sale - Spliced take 3,5 The Bullfighter Was A Lady - Spliced take 9,7 * Ku u I po - Spliced take 2,5 Animal Instinct - Spliced take 3,4 A Dogs Life - Spliced take 5,4 C'mon Everybody - - Spliced take 1,3 King of the Whole Wide World (remake) - Spliced take 2,3 Cross My Heart Hope to Die - Spliced take 9,11 Smorgasbord - Spliced take 4,2 What's She Really Like - Spliced 16,11 Ito Eats - Spliced take 2,4,5 Girl Happy - Alternate Master * A Cane and A High Starched Collar - Alternate Master * Stay Away, Joe - Spliced take 15,16,13 Island of Love - Spliced take 4,4,8 Stop Look and Listen - Spliced take 5,6 Take Me To the Fair - Spliced take 5,7 Where Do You Come From - Spliced take 13,14 * Let Yourself Go - Spliced take 5,6 * Almost in Love - Spliced take 1,6. 
Tracks marked with * are previously released.

Graceland Auction

On Saturday, August 13, there will be a new Graceland Auction in Memphis. Again lots of rare Elvis memorabilia will be offered, including delivered a birth record document of Elvis Presley from the delivering physician, Dr. Robert Hunt (estimated value 80,000 - $ 100,000), a signed American Express Card of Elvis from 1973 (estimated 40,000 - 60,000 dollars), a pair of pants that Elvis wore in his second movie "Loving You" (estimated value 15,000 - $ 20,000), an original Elvis' acetate and a signed contract from one of the original musicians of Elvis. The items can be visitid during Elvis Week 2016, and interested buyers can bid online from July 25 through the Graceland Auctions website.

The Genisis of Elvis

A new Dutch Elvis biography entitled "The Genisis of Elvis" by Bart Van Eikema Hommes has been release. The 109 page book covers the most essential facts of Elvis life and background. 

(Source: Various / ElvisMatters / UEPS)

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