February 19 - Released!

The MxF import release "Let Me... Sing Again", containing the previously  unreleased Dinner Show performance from August 14, 1973, has been released. The limited edition CD - 400 copies - comes in three versions; a Limited Edition Box, a Cut & Crucifold Edition and a standard CD edition.

Also Released

The import-release "Sahara Tahoe" from the AudiRec import-label has been released. It contains the previously unreleased Dinner Show performance as recorded from the audience on July 31, 1971 at the Lake Tahoe Sahara Hotel. The CD comes in standard jewel-case with a 16 page booklet. 

The LP "Elvis Love Songs" from the Laserlight Digital label has been released. It contains ballad from the early years 1954 to 1957. 

(Source: FECC)

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