January 25 - A Little Less Compensation

A Scottish brewery has won a legal battle with Elvis Presley's estate over the name of one of their beers. Aberdeenshire-based company BrewDog launched their bestselling grapefruit and blood orange Brewdog Elvis Juice IPA in 2015 but were contacted by the late singer's estate demanding they change the name of the beverage. Now, after a three-year battle the firm has overturned a ruling banning them from using the name and and order to pay Presley's estate £1,500 in costs has been scrapped. 

The Elvis estate said the application overlapped with their registered trade mark 'Elvis' and people could mistakenly believe that the beer was endorsed by them. The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO), which rules on trade mark disputes, found in favour of the estate last June but Brewdog appealed the decision. The ruling means BrewDog will no longer have to change the name or apply to the Elvis estate for official permission to use it. In evidence given to the original hearing, BrewDog's finance director Neil Simpson said turnover for its Elvis Juice product was £1.9 million in 2016.

Elvis: Harum Scarum

JAT publishing announced a new book "Harum Scarum - The Book" featuring over 150 unreleased photos from the 1965 movie. From the recording sessions, to the backlot, straight to the filming as Elvis brings the big beat to Baghdad.
As a bonus there is an extra chapter on 'Behind The Scenes of Girl Happy'. The book retails at $125 (includes P&H)

(Source: Daily Mail / JAT Publishing)

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