February 28 - A Whole Lot Of Duetting Going On

Sony Music released the album "Sandro Dúos" containing duets by the late Argentinian singer Sandro with various artist including Elvis Presley on "Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On".

The voice of the Argentinean artist, nicknamed "El gitano" and "Sandro de América", has been lifted from the original tapes of his albums to create duets with a selection of artists from his country and abroad.

Sandro, who in 1970 became the first Latino artist to fill Madison Square Garden in New York, died on January 4, 2010, aged 64, at a clinic in the Argentine city of Mendoza, two months after He received a transplant of heart and lungs with which he tried to save his life.

Promotional CD

A posting by Chris Giles from The Elvis Shop London with good news for fans buying the "EPE Catalogue" book through his website.

"After speaking with Bob after the EPE Catalog Book came out he made me aware that he originally wanted to put a CD with the Book, for whatever reason this was shelved and never happened, after seeing the proposed Artwork I decided to have the CD Printed myself strictly for all of my customers only. 

The CD includes various radio spots for: Love Me Tender X 6 / Perfect For Parties / Presley For President / Truth About Me / March Of dimes / RCA Victrola ads X 2

(Source: Sony Music)

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