April 11 - Chart Preview

UK album chart Chart preview:
  • The album “The Searcher” dropped from #18 to #24 in the UK Midweek Albums Chart (sales counted from the first five sales days).
  • In Germany the “The Searcher” entered on #39 in the Official Midweek Album Top 100.
Tabloid Trash

This week several bottom-scraping media sites and newspapers have been reporting that "Priscilla says 'Depressed Elvis killed himself'". The story was fabricated by a low-life UK tabloid and since then has been copied to other media sites. The supposed source is a Priscilla quote in the new documentary 'The Searcher'. While in the HBO doco Priscilla does claim that "she and loved ones had failed to try and wean Elvis off (prescribed) drugs" and that Elvis always stated that he knew what he was doing. There is no suggestion of suicide.

Priscilla now commented on the story:
"I never said Elvis was depressed and killed himself. My words "he knew what he was doing" were totally taken out of context. This story originated from a UK tabloid.  They credited 'The Searcher' as the source of this fabricated story. Shame on them! They know what they are doing, trying to sell papers by writing untruths. Thanks to those who see it for what it is: 'Fake News'"

Ginger Alden added:
"There is no truth to the new stories being recently spread around. Elvis was looking forward to many things, marriage, more children, serious films and his next tour. He was in a good mood.. He was ready to go back on stage, something he loved with all of his being. The garbage being placed out to the public is wrong, untrue and needs to stop! I encourage all Elvis fans to please know and understand that Elvis Presley would never and did not commit suicide."

(Source: Laser Freak / Elvis Information Network / Priscilla Presley / Ginger Alden)

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