June 17 - Elvis, April 56 and Seven Days In March 1960

Two new books were released by Paul Belard; "Elvis, April 1956" and "Elvis 1960, Seven Days in March". Both books are mainly picture-books.

Details "Elvis, April 1956" (226 pages)

April 1956 was another busy month Elvis. It began with his first appearance on the Milton Berle Show on the 3rd. Following shows in San Diego the next 2 days, he signed his movie contract with producer Hal Wallis on the 6th. The same day he took his 2nd screen test.

On the touring scene, he embarked on a series of performances in the South West. The tour was interrupted by a recording session in Nashville on the 14th. Oddly, only one song was recorded. The following day, Elvis left for a tour in Texas and Oklahoma. The month culminated with the first week of his appearance in Las Vegas.

On The Charts, "Heartbreak Hotel" reached Number 1 on the Pop Charts. It stayed at number 1 on Billboards Top 100 Chart for 7 weeks, on the Cashbox Chart for 6 weeks. It hit the number 1 spot on the Country & Western Chart, and the top 5 on the R&B Chart. It became Elvis' first gold record  for a million copies sold.

Details "Elvis 1960, Seven Days in March" (194 pages):

A seven day journey with Elvis as he leaves Germany after a conference in Friedberg, stops in Scotland and Newfoundland, lands at  McGuire Air Force Base, gives another press conference, is discharged at Fort Dix, takes the train to Memphis where he is greeted as the prodigal son.

March 1960, almost 2 years before, Elvis was drafted. At the peak of his professional career, he faced two uncertain years. Would it be over? 
Would the fans still be there when he came back? The doubts were etched on his face, in the days of March 1958. His easy smiles were now forced. They would disappear 
for a long while after his beloved mother's untimely death in August 1958.

However, in the days of March 1960, his smiles could not have been more genuine. His army days over amidst a flurry of press conferences attended by more reporters than would have covered a presidential address. Frank Sinatra, who came close to calling him a blabbering idiot a few years before ate crow and dug deep in his pockets to have him on his show. Contracts for several movies were already signed. All was good again.

Weekend Charts

United Kingdom:

The DVD “Elvis – The Collection” climbed from #5 to #3 on the Official UK Music DVD.  
The "The Searcher" soundtrack is listed at #28 on the Official UK Soundtrack Album chart.
United States:

The “Essential Elvis Presley” re-entered both the Rock Album chart as the Country Album chart at #45.
The “Ultimate Gospel” compilation climbed from #22 to #20 on the Christian Album chart.
  • The ELV1S 30 #1 Hits” Compilation climbed from #41 to #37 on the Irish Album chart.
  • The “The Searcher” soundtrack dropped from #98 to #134 on the Belgian Album chart. 
  • The “Top 40 Elvis – His Ultimate Top 40 Collection” compilation re-entered the Belgian Mid-price Album chart at #36. 
  • The "Elvis – The King Of Rock’n’Roll – 30 Hit Performances And More" DVD dropped from 19 to #21 on the Australian Music DVD chart. 
  • The "The King" compilation is listed at #46 on the Australian Catalogue Album chart.
(Source: Paul Belard / The King's World)

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