February 14 - Elvis Day by Day 2019 Review

Joan Gansky reviewed the book for the Elvis Information Network website. 

Thank you for the nice 'valentine gift' Joan!

Read the summary:

What an amazing book this is! This book is not only a daily diary of all Elvis news for 2019, it contains precise and detailed facts on every album, CD, book etc. released, including European issues and "bootlegs" as well as FTD releases… they are all here!

Older Elvis fans will probably remember the "Elvis Special" annuals put together by Albert Hand in the UK when Elvis was alive. 

The real impact of this compendium is to discover that something "ELVIS" was published or announced, or featured in the media, almost every day last year. And that's without including the regular UK tabloid rubbish!

The day-by-day information is laid out in three-columns and is easy to read. With plenty of full-page images of Elvis, for a self-produced book, it is beautifully designed.

Along with the daily news there are detailed articles pertinent to these happenings of 2019, written by Elvis experts in their field.

I must also comment on the great quality of the photos included throughout the book, that definitely enhance the overall appeal and the carefully researched and detailed written information.

Of course almost all of this can be found if you want to search the internet - the acknowledgements indicate just how many sources the author uses - however the book puts it all together in a much more accessible way. And what a delight to find a detailed Index at the back.

Having this book handy to refer to when a thought or question regarding Elvis pops into conversation (or your own head!) - will prove invaluable… especially the size being so compact!  I find my heavy, over-sized "deluxe" Elvis books get "used" less and less these days.

I do try to keep up with all things "Elvis" but was pleasantly surprised to read something new to me on nearly every page! It kept me engrossed throughout - as I learned details and facts that were either new to me, or I had, sadly, forgotten. I thoroughly recommend this book - if you are reading this, then you are an Elvis fan, and I am sure you will enjoy and appreciate it too!

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About Joan Gansky: she first met Elvis on August 18, 1967. She was lucky because not only was she in the audience for Elvis' TV musical renaissance of the '68 NBC Special but she also saw Elvis at his most dynamic - first at his August 22nd 1969 Midnight Show and then the following night at his August 23rd Dinner Show.

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