July 06 - Sold Out and Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind

Jon Daly, owner of the E.P. Pawn Shop, announced the release of his first book 'Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind'.  

Publicity stated: It is the stuff of legend: imagine buying an Elvis collection, and then stumbling onto a stack of unpublished Elvis negatives… This is precisely what happened to Jon Daly of the E.P. Blvd. Pawn Shop about a year ago. Jon is proud to be able to present these amazing photos in his first book 'Elvis: Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind'.

The book details the November 1976 West Coast Tour, and does so in remarkable detail. With full cooperation of Elvis’ road manager, Charles Stone, who also wrote the introduction, the book gives you unique VIP access on that tour. There are over 150 photographs, unpublished paperwork from Colonel Parker’s office, insights from the musicians, memorabilia, tour and recording details, original advertisements, reviews, memories from the fans and more.

There are also unique fresh insights into Elvis’ sometimes complicated relationship with Colonel Parker, which will be of particular interest to those who have seen the new movie featuring Tom Hanks. This book challenges the viewpoint as presented in the movie and offers a lot of interesting food for thought.

Elvis had lost a lot of weight and was looking and sounding better than he had in a while. He was excited about performing again, and in many of the photo presented in the book you can clearly see that sense of joy in his face. One of the coolest Elvis books to come out in this special year, the 45th anniversary of Elvis’ passing. 

The 152-page hardback book is printed in a very limited edition.

Sold Out!

The Pyramid import-label released volume 15 in their 'Sold Out!' fan shot concert footage double DVD series. 

This volume contains rare 8mm footage from the April 1972 tour, as well as clips from the June 1972 tour. 

Elvis concert footage directly from private sources in Holland, Germany and the United Kingdom, from 20 different 8mm films. June 1974 footage from six different films from this tour, with the longest being 30 minutes.

Exclusive Steel-box Editions

Baz Luhrmann's 'Elvis' movie will be released in Germany on September 22, 2022. Available exclusively through Amazon Germany are a Limited Edition 4K UHD + Blu-ray and a Blu-ray only steel-box. 

(Source: Elvis Information Network / Pyramid / Now Dig This)


July 05 - Hits On Gold

Sony Music Germany announced the August 10, 2022 re-release of the 'ELVIS 30 #1 Hits' compilation as a double LP on 180 Gr. gold colored and traditional black vinyl. 

The expanded CD edition was already released. 

(Source: JPC / Elvis DE)

July 04 - Elvis at the Box-office

The Elvis biopic movie dropped from #1 to #3 on the U.S. box-office this weekend (July 1-3 2022).

The Minions took in US108,5 million, 'Tom Cruise did a flyby beating Elvis for the No. 2 spot with US$25,5 million while the latter grossed US$19 million at the box-office. 

The movie brought in US$67.3 million for Warner Bros. in two weeks. The numbers will be updated when the definitive weekend totals become available.

It has been an extremely healthy bounce-back year for the box office and that has only continued into this blockbuster summer movie season. One of the movies that have set the box office a blaze of late has been Elvis. After an impressive opening weekend in the United States last week, the musical biopic shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Especially overseas where the film has made another $15.7 million this weekend on 8,305 screens in 57 international markets.

There are many impressive things to note about that number, but arguably the most notable is that Elvis only had a 28% drop-off in hold over markets. More specifically the film has only had a 2% drop-off in Denmark, a 13% drop-off in both Australia and Poland, and a 14% drop-off in Germany. Other markets worth highlighting are Israel, Belgium, and the United Kingdom which had only a 20%, 25%, and 27% drop off respectively. In terms of new markets, Japan had the biggest opening market this week taking in $1.1 million on 407 screens. This brings the overseas total to $46.2 million and the worldwide total to an amazing $113.5 million. Elvis will look to continue his reign at the box office with the film opening next in Korea on July 13 and in Latin America the following day on July 14.

The movie result:

  • United States   : US$67,320,000
  • International    : US$46,200,000
  • Worldwide        : US$113,520,000

Most fans seem to live in the United Kingdom (US$4,9 million), Australia (US$16,2 million) and France (US$2,1 million).

(Source: IMDB / Box Office Moja / Collider)

July 03 - Motorlegenden

The German based Motorbuch Verlag published the 240-page hardcover book 'Motorlegenden - Elvis Presley: Autos, Flugzeuge & Co' by Siegfried Tesche. 

Synopsis: The "King of Rock'n'Roll" Elvis Presley had a special relationship with cars: sometimes the "King" bought more than a dozen Cadillacs at once, sometimes he gave away a Cadillac to an unsuspecting passerby. 

Over the years, Elvis owned between 100 and 400 vehicles, some with opulent special equipment. But the musician's fleet also included motorcycles. 

Film journalist Siegfried Tesche focuses on the phenomenon Elvis Presley and his passion for vehicles. In addition to the music career and the private life of the star, the book also focuses on the most important of his 31 films.

For more information and previews visit the publisher's website >>> Motorbuch Verlag.

Elvis Presley's Biography

Leads Press published the 41-page book 'Elvis Presley's Biography'. An Account of the sad life and tragic death of the 20th Century King of Rock and Roll and American actor.

One of the most popular singers in the United States was Elvis Aaron Presley. A native of Tupelo, Mississippi, he passed away on August 16, 1977 in Memphis, Tennessee. From the mid-1950s until his untimely death in 1977, Elvis Presley was widely regarded as the "King of Rock and Roll".

Elvis was a man-child who was blessed with incredible talent but allowed himself to be badly handled, and his downfall was finally brought on by substance misuse. Despite all of the admiration, the wealth, and the multitudes of people who continually surrounded him, Elvis Presley, the youngster from Tupelo, Mississippi, was still completely isolated. His family and friends, who were in a position to assist him, enabled the huge amount of self-indulgence that ultimately led to the tragic end of his life. Consequently, every time you listen to Elvis, you have the option of tuning into either side of his performance.

The Elvis Information Network noted: Leads Press is an author "self-publishing" group. And this appears to be a truly parasitic attempt to grab onto the coat-tails of the success of the new 'ELVIS' Biopic

The "sad life and tragic death of an American icon" is described in just 41 pages - someone should tell Baz Luhrmann :-) - and unlike the new biopic, the anme "PRESLEY" is spelt wrong on the book's cover! Avoid at all cost, or better still enjoy the joke!

(Source: Motorbuch / Amazon / Elvis Information Network)

July 02 - Charts July 2022 - Week 1 (Updated Again)

The weekly global Elvis Presley chart update. The publicity for the new biopic boosts the sales and the soundtrack made a chart-debut down Under in Australia and in various other countries around the world.

U.S. Billboard charts:

  • Billboard Top 200 Album chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' climbed from #133 to #103.
  • Billboard Catalog Albums chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' re-entry at #37.
  • Billboard Top Country Albums chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' climbed from #14 to #12.
  • Billboard Top Rock Albums chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' climbed from #23 to #18.
  • Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart: 'Elvis: Ultimate Gospel' re-enty at #48.
  • Billboard Top Rock and Alternative Albums chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' climbed from #26 to #21.

Official U.K. charts:

  • Official Album Top 100 chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' climbed from #39 to #22.
  • Official Streaming Album Top 100 chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' climbed from #30 to #15.
  • Official Soundtrack Album 100 chart: 'ELVIS' new entry at #3.
  • Official Country Compilations chart Top 20: 'From Elvis In Nashville' climbed  from #16 to #15.
  • Official Country Compilations chart Top 20: 'Elvis Country' new entry at #19.
  • Official Christian and Gospel Album chart: 'Lovin' Elvis' climbed from 313 to #5.
  • Official Christian and Gospel Album chart: 'Where No One Stands Alone' re-entry at #18.
  • Official Top 100 Sales charts: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits / Elvis 2nd To None' new entry at #70.
  • Official Physical Album chart 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits / Elvis 2nd To None' new entry at #58.
  • Official Compilation Album chart 'Elvis' new entry at #58.

Official Scottish charts:

  • Official Album chart: 'The Real Elvis' dropped from #23 to #19.
  • Official Album chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits / Elvis 2nd To None' new entry at 56. 

Official Australian ARIA chart:

  • Album Top 50 chart: 'Elvis' soundtrack new entry at #22.
Official German charts:
  • German Album chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' re-entry at #46.

Official French charts:

  • Official French Album chart: 'Elvis' soundtrack #142.

Official Lithuanian charts:

  • Official Album chart: 'Elvis' new entry at #68. 

Official Greek IPFI charts

  • Official Album chart: 'Essential Elvis Presley' re-entry at #64. 

(Source: Official Charts / UK Mix Forum / IRMA / ARIA)