August 30 - I Gotta Know

The U.K. based Rockwell Record announced the (re-)release of another vinyl picture disc entitled "I Gotta Know". It contains recordings from the sixties, available in the public domain. The set is limited to 1000 copies.

Side 1: Fever - Like A Baby - I Will Be Home Again - The Thrill Of Your Love - Dirty Dirty Feeling - The Girl Of My Best Friend.

Side 2: I Gotta Know - Girl Next Door Went A Walking - Are You Lonesome Tonight? Reconsider Baby - Such A Night - Its Now Or Never.

(Source: Rockwell Records) 

August 29 - On Tour

A new double CD set, "1975 On Tour" was announced by the Elvis Concert Fan import-label. It contains all 3 available soundboard recordings from april 1975. The concerts were remastered and include the Opening Show from tour number 12.  As a bonus recordings from 2 shows in Lake Charles (May 4, 1975) and the tour Closing Show (May 7, 1975) were added. The set includes a 12 page booklet with photos and recording information. 

Tracks: CD 1 - Tour Opening Show (Macon, GA. April 24, 1975) (Tape One)
01. Elvis Talks 02. Love Me 03. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 04. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me 05. Big Boss Man 06. It’s Midnight 07. Promised Land 08. Fairytale 09. Burning Love 10. Band introductions 11. What I’d Say (James Burton) 12. Drum Solo (RonnieTutt 13. Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff) 14. Piano Solo (Glen Hardin) 15. School Days (Joe Guercio Orchestra) 16. My Way 17. T-R-O-U-B-L-E 18. I’ll Remember You (first part only)

Lakeland, FL. April 28 1975 
19. When It’s My Time (J.D. Sumner & The Stamps) 20. Burning Love 21. Band introductions 22. Guitar Solo (James Burton) 23. Drum Solo (RonnieTutt 24. Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff) 25. Piano Solo (Glen Hardin) 26. School Days (Joe Guercio Orchestra) 27. My Boy 28. Help Me Make It Through The Night 29. Let Me Be There 30. An American Trilogy 31. Hawaiian Wedding Song 32. Hound Dog 33. Can’t Help Falling In Love 34. Closing Vamp

CD 2 - Jacksonville Fl. April 25 1975 
01. Elvis Talks 02. Love Me 03. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 04. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me 05. Big Boss Man 06. It’s Midnight 07. Burning Love 08. Band introductions 09. What I’d Say (James Burton) 10. Drum Solo (RonnieTutt) 11. Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff) 12. Piano Solo (Glen Hardin) 13. School Days (Joe Guercio Orchestra) 14. My Way 15. T-R-O-U-B-L-E 16. I’ll Remember You 17. Let Me Be There 18. An American Trilogy 19. Funny How Time Slips Away

Tour Opening Show -  Macon, GA. April 24 1975 (Tape Two)
20. I’ll Remember You (second part only) 21. Let Me Be There 22. An American Trilogy 23. Can’t Help Falling In Love 24. Closing Vamp 

Bonus tracks: 
Lake Charles, LA, May 4 1975, afternoon show 25. Help Me 
Lake Charles, LA, May 4 1975, evening show 26. Steamroller Blues 27. Why Me Lord?
Tour Closing Show - Murfreesboro, TN. May 7 1975
28. The Wonder Of You 29. Elvis Talks 30. Little Darlin’


The compilation "Heart & Soul" climbed from #115 to #112

The new "Elvis – That’s The Way It Is" released still have not managed to secure a spot on the charts in Elvis Presley's home country. On the Belgian chart the box is listed at #81. 

The compilation "The Real... Elvis" remained steady at #69 this week. 

The DVD "The King Of Rock ’n’ Roll" climbed from #39 to #33 on the Australian Music DVD chart. 

(Source: FECC / The King's World)

August 28 - La Collection

Here are the details for the French limit edition vinyl box “La Collection 10 Vinyles 25cm De Couleur” which is due from V.P.I. Records, Inc. on September 1, 2014. 

It contains: Rock and Roll Elvis Presley  -  Jailhouse Rock - Noel Avec Elvis - Elvis Presley - King Creole  - La Retour D‘ Elvis -  Loving You - Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires und Little Sister. Each record contains the original art work, and different alternative takes and live versions. 


The new Elvis Presley remix album "Re:Lived" by the Italian DJ Spankox has been released. The producer states that "it is an innovative and forward-thinking album that includes fantastic new modern versions of a selection of Elvis Presley's hits that preserve the original artistry and enhance it with better and fuller instrumentation". 

All the songs feature Elvis' original voice, restored and enhanced using the most advanced technology for an amazing listening experience. The track list of Relive includes, among the others, new versions of We're Coming In Loaded, Suspicion, Tutti Frutti and Shake Rattle And Roll.

It also includes ten additional bonus tracks from some of the best previous releases, for a total playing time of 53 minutes.

Budget Playlist

Sony Music will re-release a budget edition of the CD collection: "Playlist: The Very Best of Elvis".

Tracks: 1. Jailhouse Rock - 2. Don't Be Cruel - 3. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy - 4. Don't - 5. I Need Your Love Tonight - 6. It's Now Or Never - 7. (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame - 8. Surrender - 9. Suspicion - 10. Guitar Man - 11. In The Ghetto - 12. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - 13. Burning Love - 14. I'm Leavin'

Guitar Magazine

The German Guitar magazine features an article on the Birth of Rock And Roll and what followed next. 

(Source: Amazon / Elvis Australia / Elvis Club Berlin / Elvis And His Music)

August 27 - What A Release

The 4 CD import set "Such A Night : The Definitive Live Rarities Collection" has been released. 

Barbra And Elvis

The first sample of the new "Love Me Tender" duet between Elvis Presley and Barbra Streisand is available. The song is featured on the album "Partners," out on September 16th, 2014.

Hard Ball
OKC Partnership is playing hard ball. After EPE has tried to obtain a better, more affordable lease agreement and asked OKC to remove the two airplanes they own from the Graceland grounds, the Memphis based company has offered both planes for sale. Here is the add for the Lisa Marie. It does seem that it is actually for sale, this time:


On April 17, 1975 Elvis bought a Convair 880 Jet, recently taken out of service by Delta Airlines, for the then-substantial sum of $250,000. After refurbishing, the total exceeded $600,000. 

The plane was in a hangar at Meacham Field in Fort Worth, and for months Elvis took great pleasure in flying friends out to check on progress as the interior of the plane was refurbished to his very specific design requirements (he bought another plane to make those trips - a smaller Lockheed JetStar). Elvis wanted a seating area, a conference room, and a private bedroom on the plane (with space for an in-flight reading library). He picked fabrics, decided on color schemes, chose the on-board audio-visual system, and even Ok'd the gold fixtures in the bathrooms (he counted heavily on some aesthetic input from Pricilla too).

Elvis was especially excited about the fact that the same design team had previously customized AIFROCE ONE. The craft slowly came together as an airworthy mix of modem function and Graceland elegance.

Close in size to a 707, the Lisa Marie was customized with plush sleeping quarters, a penthouse bedroom with a custom-made queen size bed, an executive bathroom with gold faucets and a gold washbasin, a videotape system linked to four TVs and a stereo system with fifty-two speakers, and a conference room finished in teak.

It could hold a maximum of 29 people, but usually there would be about eight or 10. When the final paint job was applied to the exterior, there was a prominent 'TCB' logo on the tail.

April 17, Elvis buys an ex Delta Airlines Convair 880 Jet for $250,000.

November 10, The Lisa Marie is delivered to Memphis late in the evening, joining the Jetstar

Above, The Lisa Marie, the newest craft in Elvis Presley's small air fleet, at Memphis International Airport on November 12, 1975, getting final touches before being put to use. Beside it is the JetStar.

November 27, Ron Strauss takes Elvis on his first real flight in The Lisa Marie, traveling Las Vegas.

August 7, Arrangements are made for Linda Thompson and her friend, Jeannie LeMay, to fly with Elvis' chow, Getlow to Boston, so that the dog can receive treatment for a kidney ailment.

When the dog is too ill to travel on to the West Boylston veterinary hospital where it is scheduled to be treated, the whole party remains at the Ritz for two days before continuing.

December 25, In the evening Elvis takes everyone up in The Lisa Marie.

Elwood David was the Captain and pilot of The Lisa Marie. Accompanying him in the cockpit was another pilot, Ron Strauss and a flight engineer, Jim Manny. Milo High was the pilot of Elvis' 'Hound Dog II' JetStar plane.

After Elvis' death, Captain Elwood David flew to California to pick up Elvis' ex-wife Pricilla Presley, Lisa Marie and the actor George Hamilton, a long-time friend of Elvis. He flew them back to California after the funeral, and, in what would be his last flight on the Lisa Marie, returned the plane to Memphis.

Elvis' father, Vernon, sold the plane in 1978 and it changed hands a couple of times. When Graceland opened up to the public in 1982, EPE worked with the owners to try and bring the plane home to Memphis. In 1984, the Lisa Marie was returned to Graceland. Both aircraft have remained as one of the most popular attractions ever since.


But according to a tweet by Lisa Marie, the airplanes at Graceland are not for sale...

(Source: Elvis Australia / FECC / iSpot / ElvisMatters / Controller)

August 26 - King Of The Hilton

Anne E. Nixon, contributor to several Elvis Presley books, penned down here memories of the 40 Elvis Presley shows in the Las Vegas Hilton she visited between 1972 to 1976. 

Together with Richard Harvey she wrote a 300 page book in A5 sized book entitled "King Of The Hilton - Memories of Elvis Presley's Las Vegas" containing anecdotes, detailed records of the actual shows, musicians, Jump Suites, set lists, over 100 illustrations and more. The book is a limited, individually numbered edition and will be released October 2014 in the UK.

Inside this handsome book you’ll find:

*Complete first hand reports of every show of the final Vegas season in December ‘76.
*The famous 1974 ‘Desert Storm’ closing show as seen from a front booth.
*Over 100 illustrations including Hilton artefacts.
*The '74 monologues.
*Cancelled! The 1975 season.
*In-depth appendix of songs, suits and show times.
*Closing Night '73 'Monkey' show, exactly what happened on-stage .

Elvis Lives! (in a hologram)

Elvis is back in the building, sort of. Authentic Brands Group, which manages Elvis’ estate, and digital production company Pulse Evolution will bring the King back to life as a hologram. The companies plan to have Elvis shake, rattle and roll in live shows, commercials and movies.

Since digital Elvis will involve 11,500 moving parts, Authentic Brands Group CEO Jamie Salter said he won’t be available for projects until spring 2015 or live performances until fall 2015. But, Salter hinted that the King has a commercial deal with a Fortune 500 company. He’s also is in talks for four-night-a-week residencies in Las Vegas and Macau, and may even do special performances with a hologram Michael Jackson in the later location.

“We want you to go to the show and say, ‘Wow, oh my God! I saw Elvis 30, 40 years ago, and this is exactly the same thing,’” Salter said.

This isn’t the first time deceased musicians have been brought back using holograms. Tupac reappeared in 2012 at Coachella, and more recently, Michael Jackson hit the stage at the Billboard Music Awards in May thanks to Pulse Evolution’s technology. (Like Adweek, Billboard is owned by affiliates of Guggenheim Partners.)

Any hologram deals will have to go through the family’s final approval before being inked, but both Pricilla and Lisa Marie are completely behind using the technology, according to Salter. They’ve supported posthumous performances in the past, including when Lisa Marie sang a duet of Daddy Don’t Cry with Elvis in 1997 that used the original vocals and a video featuring her and her father.
Consultant David Deal said performances generate the most money for musicians today, and a hologram in the repertoire may significantly increase revenue for the deceased. It’s the perfect way to capture the stage charisma these artists were known for and to connect with a visual generation. “I think the only thing that needs to be in place is that the names have to be strong brands with a strong global following,” he said.

Gartner’s Andrew Frank added there’s tons of money in celebrity endorsements, considering that advertising budgets are on the rise. As the hologram technology gets better, he expects that we’ll see these digital counterparts directly interacting with people, including having them sing a personalized song or talk to a consumer on behalf of a brand.

The technology may even open doors for the living, argued Forrester senior analyst Anthony Mullen. Artists could virtually perform in multiple places simultaneously, solving a distribution problem similar to how MP3's have spread music faster than CDs and vinyl records.

Then again, musicians may want to read their contracts more carefully, he pointed out. This could mean the music industry may begin to negotiate for after-death digital image ownership while the artist is still breathing. “People talk about musicians selling their souls to the devil when they sign a deal with the record label. This could be a posthumous issue if today’s musicians agree to it,” Mullen said.

Mullen is also concerned that these singer spokespeople will be made to talk about products they never tried or endorse politicians they never would have voted for, while Frank is worried about fans accepting posthumous declarations of support. “We’re pushing the envelope for how much synthetic personality people are willing to go for,” Frank admitted.

(Source: Elvis Aktuell / FECC / Authentic Brands Group)