Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31 - New Licensees Honored

My Boy Songwriter Bill Martin Honored

Songwriter Bill Martin, who wrote the lyrics to Elvis' 1976 no. 1 hit "My Boy", is to be honored at his old school, Govan High, alongside Manchester United Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.

EPE Signs Five New Licensing Agents For International Territ

Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. has announced that five new international licensing agents have been signed to represent the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Celebrities Entertainment has been appointed as the exclusive European licensing agent, Vega Brands for South America and Brazil, HW Brands Ltd. in Israel, Infiniss in Korea and Merchantwise Pty. Ltd. in Australia and New Zealand.

“The demand for Elvis product internationally continues to grow every year,” says Carol Butler, Vice President of International Licensing for EPE. “With such high interest and activity we’ve found it necessary to expand our international agents.”

Much of the increased activity can be attributed to the fact that 2011 marks the 55th anniversary of many Elvis firsts including his first RCA single and national hit “Heartbreak Hotel," his first album, "Elvis Presley," his first movie, "Love Me Tender," and his first television appearances on The Dorsey Brothers' "Stage Show," "The Milton Berle Show," "The Steve Allen Show" and "Ed Sullivan." Additionally, the 35th anniversary of Elvis’ passing in 2012 will generate many new licensing opportunities.

The Elvis brand currently has 175 licensees worldwide selling products in 122 countries. 

(Source: Elvis Unlimited / EPE)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 30 - Love On Sunday

The U.K. based Mail On Sunday newspaper contained a 15 track CD, "Elvis Love Songs". The CD comes in a cardboard case. The paper said that when they have an Elvis promotion, sales increase by 30%.

The Elvis I Knew

The DVD "The Elvis I Knew" by Charlie Hodge has been released on DVD.

Charlie shares his heartfelt memories of his 17 years with one of the greatest entertainers in the world. Charlie's stories include his time by Elvis' side on stage, on movie sets, in the army, and personal time with the Presley family and friends at Graceland, in Vegas, and in California. With over 250 never before seen still photos and live film footage of stage performances and private times with Elvis.

Ed Bonja Update

Ed Bonja, the most prolific photographer that ever captured Elvis Presley on film and the official photographer of Elvis in concert, is back home after a short stay at the hospital. He and his friend/colleague Peter Badge are already working on a new project called "Elvis! Elvis Who?", a picture exhibition in Berlin.

Bruce Jackson Died

Australian Bruce Jackson who was a tour sound engineer for Elvis Presley along with a who's who of stars was killed in a plane crash in Palm Springs on the weekend. Bruce was the solo occupant and pilot. Bruce worked for Elvis over a six year period from 1971 up until Elvis final concert in 1977.

Elvis introduced Bruce many times by name on stage and he can be seen briefly at the control board in the 1977 'CBS Special'. In fact towards the end of Elvis' very last concert on June 26, 1977, Elvis thanked, Bruce 'I would like to thank my sound engineer, Bruce Jackson, from Australia'.

(Source: Elvis-Express / Elvis Australia / ElvisMatters / Elvis Unlimited)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 29 - Woman Of The Year Auctioned Off

Spinout Duesenberg Auctioned
The 1929 Duesenberg Model J Dual Cowl Phaeton driven by Elvis in the movie "Spinout" has been auctioned off in Arizona. The estimate was $1,000,000-$1,300,000 US and it went for $1,237,500. Even though it had been restored to pristine condition, the price was still about a quarter-million dollars more than expected for such a classic.

The car was owned by businessman Tim Durham and seized by the FBI in connection with an investigation due to suspicion of Durham's company, Fair Finance, being run as a Ponzi scheme.

USA Memorial For Myrna Smith
The memorial service for Myrna Smith was held this afternoon, California time. Larry Geller was one of the people who attended the service for facility and friends of the late singer. Off course, there was music from Elvis, one of the songs they played was "Peace In The Valley".

Woman of the Year

The Nevada Ballet Theatre honored Priscilla Presley as its 2011 Woman of the Year at the annual Black & White Ball on Saturday, January 29 at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. In attendance at the ceremony was Priscilla's mom, Ann Boyer; her children, son Navarone Garibaldi and daughter Lisa Marie, and Priscilla’s granddaughter, actress Riley Keough.

"American Idol" and "So You Think You Can Dance" producer Nigel Lythgoe introduced Priscilla after a video tribute that showed scenes from her numerous TV and film appearances. After an impromptu speech, Priscilla was presented with a bronze statue of a ballet dancer and a special antique clock from Cartier, plus dozens of floral bouquets from the young ballet dancers. “It was all far more than I had ever expected,” Priscilla told journalist and TV host Robin Leach.

Past honorees at the Black & White Ball include Debbie Reynolds, Chita Rivera, Celine Dion, Bette Midler and Marie Osmond. Read more of Robin Leach's coverage of the event in the Las Vegas Sun.

(Source: NY Times / EPE / ElvisMatters)

Friday, January 28, 2011

January 28 - White Knight Patato Head In Vegas

Live In Las Vegas

The February 2011 Follow That Dream release "A White Knight In Vegas" was renamed to "Live In Vegas". The release, containing the August 26, 1969 Dinner Show, is planned to arrive mid February.

Elvis '68 Special Mr. Potato Head 

EPE doesn't allow the release of footage from the infamous 1977 CBS TV Special but is o.k. with the release of a second Mr. Potato Head Elvis Presley figure; Elvis '68.  PPW Toys will be showcasing “Mr. Potato Head Elvis ’68 Special” at the 2011 New York Toy Fair. "Mr. Potato Head Elvis ’68 Special" will be at specialty retailers and e-tailers on February 13, 2011. The cost is $20.00.  

USA Today On New Graceland Exhibits

The wseekend edition of the USA Today newspaper contained a great article about the new exhibits debuting at Graceland this year. 

 (Source: FTD / EPE)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 27 - From Poland To Randers To Ashes

Polish Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper announced the release of Elvis double "The Best Of" CD set, which - for an extra charge of two Euro - was added to your copy of the newspaper. 

The Grand Opening

The Danish Elvis Unlimited magazine announced the date of the grand opening of their "Graceland Randers" mansion. Friday April 15, 2011 will be the opening ceremony with entertainment in front of Graceland Randers, one day later the mansion will be open for the public.

Family Fight Over Lamar Fike's ashes
From Marty Lacker: "Once again, I have been authorized by his cousin, Tommy McDonald, to announce this update regarding Lamar's wishes for his cremation and burial. Although Tommy is the Executor of Lamar's Estate and has Power Of Attorney as given by Lamar that he wished to be buried with his parents in their family plot in Mart, Texas, that will not be done. It seems the State Of Texas states that the closest blood relative, which in this case is Lamar's sons Jamie and John has the final say.

I have been informed that Jamie has decided irresponsibly, in my opinion, to instead take Lamar's ashes back to Atlanta where Jamie and his wife live for their own purposes which are unknown at this time and totally disregard his father's wishes. Lamar also verbally stated that to me a few times over the past few years to be buried in Mart after he was cremated. Lamar had absolutely no connection to Atlanta or the entire state of Georgia whereas he lived in Mart as a young boy and had fond memories of it which is why his parents are buried there.

(Source: Elvis Presley Forum / Elvis Unlimited / Marty Lacker)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 26 - Funny How Time Slips Away

The Straight Arrow import label announced the release of the CD "Funny How Time Slips Away" containg Elvis Presley's show from May 23rd, 1977 as recorded in Providence, RI. 


Straight Arrow is planning a new CD release, in a jewel case with a now standard 16-page booklet: "Funny How Time Slips Away" (SA 2011-18-02). It will feature Elvis’ May 23rd, 1977 show from Providence, RI. 

Producers are aware of the fact that Elvis' May '77 tour was an uneven one, compared with previous tours. He performed 14 shows in a row, and for the first two concerts he was reported being lethargic and unwell. However, the 3rd show of the tour was already solid with the singer in relatively fine form and good voice. As usual, Elvis paid attention to ballads like "You Gave Me A Mountain", "My Way" and "Hurt". There are also other solid performances, namely "Little Sister" and "Early Morning Rain". The CD title song was performed for the very last time, and is performed in the first half of the show. 

The audio-quality of the recording is pretty good. As you've come to expect from Straight Arrow, the producers managed to get the best possible source. We ended up with the choice of TWO 1st generation copies of different original tapes, obtained from the persons who were there. The better tape was chosen, and the other one was used to fill a few missing seconds. The recording was completely restored and the sound was enhanced for the best possible listening pleasure. 

The CD package is completed with a 16-page booklet, including a collection of rare photos from the Providence show; several are published for the very first time! The liner notes were written by a person who was there and describes the show in detail. Also included is a positive press review of the show. 

"Funny How Time Slips Away" will be released in early February, 2011. Don’t miss your chance to obtain another cool hour with The King, as provided by Straight Arrow! 

(Source: FECC)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25 - Glee vs. Elvis

The cast of US TV series Glee have broken Elvis Presley's 50-year record as the act to score 20 top 40 hits in the shortest space of time.

Their cover of Britney Spears's hit Toxic entered the singles chart at number 40.

It took the Glee cast 57 weeks, compared with Presley's 88 weeks, to achieve the feat. The group now has three top 10 hits and six top 20 hits under its belt and have sold more than two million singles.

"This is a quite amazing achievement by the Glee cast to be in the same company as the likes of Elvis Presley, in fact beating his 50-year-old record," said Martin Talbot, managing director of the Official Charts Company.

More Boxcar Boxes
From a press release that was sent to all fanclubs: "Due to high demand, Boxcar will now release 4 Digi-Packs with mini books of selected CD’s and DVD’s, all factory pressed, from its recent sold out release. The selected DVD’s are this time mastered directly to NTSC. The release of the 4 Digi-packs will commence shortly and are each limited to only 1000 copies."

The same day the Boxcar import label announced this release they also cancelled it. The information from the press-release tells what we're not gonna get.

From Orlando To Saginaw – 2 CD Digipack with 12 pages book

This special 2CD collection includes 2 new shows featuring the lost performances of Orlando and Saginaw with highlight recordings from shows in between.

One Night In Madison – 1 CD digipack with 12 pages book

Taken from 24th June in Madison, this is the only complete Elvis show from 1977 and, is the last known soundboard of an Elvis concert to released.

The CBS Tapes – 2 DVD set (NTSC) digipack with 20 pages booklet

This is the most up to date release of the last 2 professionally filmed Elvis shows in Omaha and Rapid City taped for the CBS TV Special in 1977. Re-mastered frame by frame and including the new footage and now released in NTSC.

The CBS TV Special 1977 – 1 DVD set (NTSC) Digipack with 20 pages booklet

For the first time ever, using a 1st Generation digital copy of a TV Station tape and re-mastered frame by frame is in now NTSC.

NOTE: as these boxes are illegal, we will NOT sell them. We do not support these releases in any way nor do we want to be associated with them. But the fact that this 'official press release' has been sent out to various fanclubs and media, makes us believe that we can share the news of the upcoming releases without promoting it.

Legends of Rock & Roll

Legend Films released the DVD "Legends of Rock & Roll" containing the two documentaries "The Beatles Explosion" and "Elvis Thru the Years" on two discs. 

Danish Elvis House Opens April 15th

Elvis Unlimited announced that the construction of the Danish Graceland lookalike house is going according to schedule. The grand opening is scheduled for April 15th with several special guests attending that weekend, such as bass player Norbert Putnam, book authors and members of the TCB Band. 

(Source: BBC / e-mail / Amazon / Elvis Unlimited)

Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24 - G.I. Promo

The U.K. based Memphis Recording Service announced the release Of "Elvis G.I Blues" - The Cafe Europe Sessions" containing public domain recordings and more. The release-date is March 2011 release-date. On the FECC forum Sony / BMG's producer Ernst Jorgensen posted the message:

Hi All

Just a few pieces of information from FTD:

1) Wheras the masters are definitely public domaine the outtakes are not. Outtakes released within the 50 year period following their recording date are protected for 50 years from the date of release.

2) In the U.S. nothing is P..D. 

3) As some people know. FTD has been working on our G.I. BLUES project for a while. The reason it takes a lot of time to complete, is that to achieve the optimum sound you have to go back to the original 3-track tapes, and re-mix
all the material -expensive and time consuming (something only SONY/FTD will be able to do, since nobody else has the tapes). 

4) And off course the FTD release will include everything.

Roger and Ernst

Elvis Live On Air

The enhanced CD "Elvis Presley - Live On Air" was released on the Northworld label. It contains 10 SUN studiorecordings, 8 songs from the 1956 TV-Shows and 8 videoclips.

Elvis - The King Remembered

The 4 DVD / book combo "Elvis - The King Remembered" was released through Abstract Sounds Books. It contains a 116 pages book, 4 DVD with documentaries and interviews and a quiz.

(Source: FECC / EP Gesellschaft)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 23 - Love Songs For Valentine

Free Love Songs CD

The U.K. based newspaper The Mail on Sunday announced that next week's newspaper will contain a free 15 track Elvis Presley CD entitled "Elvis Love Songs". 

Elvis The Movie

The DVD "Elvis The Movie" with Kurt Russell will be released in France on April 4, 2011.

(Source: Daily Mail / Elvis My Happiness)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 22 - Elvis And Nancy Spinout

Welcome To The Jungle - Way Down - Out Now

Released today by the Venus Productions import label is the new installment in the Welcome to The Jungle series titled "Way Down". 

Good To Be Out

Gravel Road Music import label released the CD "Good To Be Back" containing the complete soundboard recording of December 13, 1975 Midnight Show. The package is an 28 page booklet which covers everything, the photo's, the facts and specially written liner notes. The lucky ones who decided quickly to buy this set received one of the limited concert tour photo folio books (full color 20cm x20cm on heavy glossy stock paper).

Elvis And Nancy Sinatra On The Speedway

JAT Publishing released the front-cover of the new book which has March 1, 2011 as the release-date.

Spinout Duesenberg auctioned for $1,237,500

The 1929 Duesenberg Model J Dual Cowl Phaeton driven by Elvis in "Spinout" has been auctioned off in Arizona. The estimate was $1,000,000-$1,300,000 US and it went for $1,237,500.

The car was owned by businessman Tim Durham and seized by the FBI in connection with an investigation due to suspicion of Durham's company, Fair Finance, being run as a Ponzi scheme.

Boxcar Set Reboxed

According to a posting of the FECC forum "The Final Curtain" box-set will be  bootlegged. Some of the details:

- 1 DVD digi-pack CBS special in NTSC + book (unreleased pictures - not in the box set book);
- 2 DVD digi-pack Omaha / Rapid City in NTSC + book (unreleased pictures - not in the box set book);
- the new soundboards also packed as digi-pack with a small book.

Frank Lieberman Died At 68

Former Siegfried & Roy publicist Frank Lieberman, one of Elvis Presley's closest newspaper pals during the singer's Las Vegas comeback years, died Saturday at Summerlin Hospital.

Lieberman, who had been in declining health in recent years, was 68.

His son, Adam, said his father broke a shoulder during a fall on Tuesday, a setback that may have been too much for his weakened heart.

"His heart has been working at 40 percent," Lieberman's son said. "Doctors felt after he started dialysis that he had six months to live. That was 2½ years ago."

Lieberman, who was 14 when his family moved from New York City to Los Angeles, worked as a sportswriter on the Lakers beat for a Los Angeles area newspaper before joining the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner to cover the entertainment beat.

Elvis liked Lieberman's review of his show at the Las Vegas Hilton and sent Joe Esposito out one night to fetch the journalist. Elvis thanked him and agreed to a rare one-on-one interview.

One night in Elvis' suite, Elvis asked Lieberman why he wasn't wearing his TCB (Taking Care of Business) necklace, which was reserved for Elvis' inner circle. Lieberman said he didn't have one.

Elvis presented one to Lieberman and a TLC (Tender Loving Care) bracelet to Lieberman's future wife, Karen. The Liebermans wore the mementos the day they got married in 1972, Karen Lieberman said.

"One night in the restroom at the Hilton a man saw the necklace on Frank and offered him $10,000," Karen Lieberman said. No way, her husband said.
Funeral services are set for 1 p.m. Tuesday at Eden Cemetery in Mission Hills, a Los Angeles suburb. An entertainment columnist for The Israelite in recent years, he will be buried in the New York Yankees jacket he wore to most functions.

(Longtime Las Vegas journalist Frank Lieberman holds a printed copy of his interview with Elvis, which appeared in the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner on February 8, 1970).

(Source: ElvisNews / ElvisMatters / Elvis Unlimited / FECC / Las Vegas Sun)

Friday, January 21, 2011

January 21 - Lamar, Zsa Zsa And The Soldier Boy

Zsa Zsa Gabor Sells LA "Elvis" Mansion 

Zsa Zsa Gabor and her husband sold selling their hillside mansion in Bel Air, Los Angeles. The couple claimed Elvis Presley had lived in the house during movie filming in L.A.; but this is not true.

Soldier Boy

The Rockwell Records label announced the release of the next title in their series of Elvis Vinyl entitled "Soldier Boy". This album brings the masters of 1958 to a close and then start out on the 1960's with some greats songs from the March 1960 sessions.

The label also announced the re-release of some old and recent Elvis titles in the coming days:
"Tender Love" will be released in black vinyl;
"I Was The One" will be re-packaged as limited edition green and coloured effect disc;
"All Shook Up" is the next re-release also as a limited run in yellow and coloured effect disc.

No Plaque On The Block

Officials relented have on a plan to auction a plaque commemorating Elvis Presley's three concerts at Pittsburgh's Civic Arena after fans of the King complained about the sale. "It should be placed someplace where masses of people can see it and remember Elvis," said Priscilla Parker, 71, of Dormont, president of the We Remember Elvis Fan Club.

Parker and four girlfriends raised $1,157 for the plaque that was placed in the Civic Arena on Elvis' birthday in 1982. It remained there until the building closed last summer. The city-county Sports & Exhibition Authority, which owns the arena, included the plaque in an online memorabilia auction that opened this week.

After hearing fans' complaints, the authority pulled the plaque from the auction and offered it instead to the Senator John Heinz History Center in the Strip District, said Doug Straley, the authority's project executive. The history center will accept it, spokesman Ned Schano said.

"If they want to put it in the Heinz History Center, that is fine with us," said Parker, who pointed out "It shouldn't be in somebody's private collection."

Parker said Elvis' death inspired the fan club's five founding members to make the plaque. Elvis played at the Civic Arena on New Year's Eve in 1976, eight months before he died.

The friends raised donations and sold items at flea markets to pay for the plaque. Elvis' estate approved their sketch for its design.

Lamar Fike Passed Away

Lamar Fike passed away. He is probably best known to most fans as the 'big' guy of the former Memphis Mafia. He worked for the King from 1957 to 1977 and even traveled to Germany with him in 1958. Lamar had a history of health problems. Last October he was taken to the hospital with breathing difficulties.

Official Announcement By Marty Lacker

The following is an official announcement as made by Marty Lacker on authorisation of Lamar Fike's family...

"I have the unfortunate task of officially sadly announcing the passing of Lamar Fike as authorized by his cousin Tommy McDonald who was very close to Lamar and was with him daily in his hospital room in Arlington,Texas. Lamar passed away very peacefully last night, Friday, January 21.

Lamar had been hospitalized since last October 14th and then transferred to the physical therapy wing of the hospital.

Unfortunately he did not improve and was sent back to the hospital about a month ago.

Outside of Red West, Lamar was with Elvis the longest and he remained close to him until Elvis' passing. Lamar was also very close to Elvis' mother.

Lamar's wishes to be cremated will be carried out and the Brown, Owen, Brumley Funeral Home, Ft.Worth are handling his funeral. 

A memorial service will be held in Mart, Texas, one of Lamar's boyhood homes at a date to be announced.  He was born in Cleveland, Mississippi on November 11,1935.

Those of us in the Memphis Mafia who remained his friend are greatly saddened by the loss of yet another member of our close group.  May God Bless his Soul and may he Rest In Peace".

Marty Lacker.

(Source: Elvis Express / Google / Reuters)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 20 - Golden Elvis Stories

The 5 CD-set "Golden Elvis Stories" was released through Sony Music Japan Direct Mail in Japan. The set contains 104 studio from the 50's to the 60's and 24 live recording. It was sold-out on-pre-orders. 

Flaming Start 63

The Norwegian Flaming Star fan-club announced that volume 63 of their self0titled fan-club magazine is ready. This edition has "G.I. Blues"  as the main theme and articles on Duke Bardwell, Myrna Smith, Eric Clapton, news, reviews and more.

Judy Welch

Judy Welch began her rise to fame when she became Miss Toronto in 1956 and then later became the first Canadian finalist in the Miss World competition. She  died in her sleep at the age of 74.

Welch was photographed with the likes of Elvis Presley and Paul Anka and was friends with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.

When it came to love affairs, Miss Welch was sometimes circumspect. She would never say if she’d had an affair with Elvis Presley, whom she met and travelled with for publicity reasons after the Miss World competition. “We’d ask her and she’d smile and said, ‘I’ll never kiss and tell.’”

(Source: Elvis World Japan / Flaming Star / Google)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 19 - Campaign

New Campaign Commemorates Groundbreaking Year
Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE) unveiled the 2011 tourism campaign for Elvis Presley’s Graceland and Heartbreak Hotel. The campaign features black and white headshots of Elvis Presley against a bright contemporary color palette. Both the images and headlines are a subtle nod to the 55th anniversary of Elvis’ year of firsts.

“1956 was a whirlwind year for Elvis who had only begun breaking new ground with his unique performance and vocal style,” said Scott Williams, VP of Marketing for EPE. “With all the events in his life we will be celebrating throughout the year, it was a great place for us to begin creatively when thinking about our annual tourism campaign.

Remarkably, 55 years ago, Elvis enjoyed his first RCA single and national hit, "Heartbreak Hotel," his first album, "Elvis Presley," his first movie, "Love Me Tender," and his first television appearances on The Dorsey Brothers' "Stage Show," "The Milton Berle Show," "The Steve Allen Show" and "Ed Sullivan."

Developed by Combustion Design, a Memphis design firm, all the headlines in the 2011 campaign speak to the king’s journey from a very humble beginning to his triumphant successes in the entertainment business. “From Rock to Riches,” “Started a Revolution, Ended up a king,” and “Broke the Records, Then Broke the Rules” are just a few of the fun headlines.

The campaign will include sweepstakes, online banners, print advertising, and outdoor signage including billboards and a 63’ tall banner on The Cannon Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Memphis.

Other ways 1956 will be celebrated in 2011 will be with a new exhibit and timeline in the Graceland trophy building which is adjacent to the mansion itself, as well as a free online experience which will take visitors behind-the-scenes with rarely seen photos, videos, artifacts and stories from those who were there that breakthrough year.

Elvis in Onstar Campaign
As seen in Las Vegas: here’s a remarkable advertisement for OnStar, a company specialized in applications of entertainment, communications and safety features.

All Time Best - ELV1S 30 #1 Hits

RCA International announced the release of the CD "All Time Best - ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" with March 25 2011 as the release-date. The CD will be issued by the publishing company "Reclam", which usually produces books of all kind including many school-books.

G.I. Blues

The Revolver Music ltd. released the compilations "G.I. Blues" and "Loving You" through iTunes. 

The Hits Book Of Elvis Presley: Are You Lonesome Tonight

The White Station label released the compilation "The Hits Book Of Elvis Presley: Are You Lonesome Tonight" through iTunes. 

(Source: EPE / Amazon / Goodnoise / E-Music / iTunes / The Kings World)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18 - Bonja Didn't Fool Doctor

Ed Bonja In Hospital
Ed Bonja was taken to the hospital in Germany for a thorough check-up on his longs and doctors decided that it would be best if Ed stayed a few days longer. 

Elvis Novelty Banknote Fooled German Bank
Contrary to what many people might believe, bank notes with Elvis Presley on them are not legal tender. So when one ended up in the banking system in Germany the German Central Bank was not best pleased. The illegal tender was one of a number of personalized Elvis novelty notes that are for sale as souvenirs on the Internet to fans of The King. The German Central Bank displayed it and several others in Frankfurt this week as specimens of the 60,000 fakes which managed to get into the country's monetary system last year.

The bank said most bogus Elvis notes come in 200 euro denominations and have a slim line Presley on the front. They also come in sterling. 'Obviously it is a fraud but it entered the banking system so someone got some real money for it,' said a bank spokesman, who was clearly all shook up. Elvis banknotes can be found for sale on Ebay for £1.49 (2.3 euro, 3 dollar). One banknote specialist commented, 'I'm sure lots of people would like to see Elvis on a note, but the Federal Reserve would never do it.

(Source: ElvisMatters / Daily Mail)

Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17 - Shut Happens

Andrew Hearn, owner of the U.K. based "Essential Elvis" announced the closing of the Essential Elvis shop and museum in Sussex. 

On Facebook he posted the message:

"Unfortunately, due to a rather disappointing retail year I've decided to close the Elvis Shop & museum with immediate effect. It's with regret and frustration that I have to announce the closure, but like so many businesses, it's just not feasible to continue with a retail unit that is simply not making any kind of profit".

iTunes Compilations

The Tsk Music label released the compilations "Good Rockin' Tonight", "Rock And Roll #2" "The Dorsey Bros. Stage Show New York 1956", The Ed Sullivan Show New York 1957" and The Mississippi - Alabama Fair And Dairy Show 1956". 

(Source: Essential Elvis / iTunes)