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August 29 - Golden Stereo Elvis (Updated)

The French RDM-Edition record label announced the October 16, 2023 release of the CD 'Elvis Presley - Rock ‘n’ Roll No. 1 - Mono II Stereo'.

Publicity stated: Rediscover Elvis Presley's first album with a new stereo mix! The influence and impact of this album released in 1956 are considerable. This CD edition opens with all twelve tracks from the original U.S. album, as heard around the world on its first release and the additional five tracks from the U.K. version added as bonus material, along with two further recordings from its first RCA single. 

Today, CDs and vinyl have reverted to the original mono recordings. However, as technology and production techniques are constantly evolving, the idea of creating new stereo mixes from mono recordings, with new techniques for separating instruments and vocals originally recorded on a single track, is possible again. The original mono mixes of these tracks were clearly oriented for radio play and were therefore heavily compressed. 

The stereo mixes newly created for this CD allow you to find the naturalness of the original recordings and give the impression of being in the heart of the studio with Elvis and his musicians. Of course, the original mono recordings released during this landmark year will forever remain a vital part of Rock 'n' Roll history and even though that feeling of excitement at hearing a new album from Elvis is now a thing of the past, that doesn't mean we can't embrace new ways of listening to old albums, rediscovering 'the young man with the big beat' all over again.

The CD is available for pre-order from >>> RDM Edition. You can hear previews there too. 

Tracks: Blue Suede Shoes / I'm Counting On You / I Got A Woman / One-Sided Love Affair / I Love You Because / Just Because / Tutti Frutti / Tryin To Get To You / I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) / Ill Never Let You Go (Little Darlin) / Blue Moon / Money Honey / I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone / That's All Right / Mystery Train / Lawdy, Miss Clawdy / Shake, Rattle And Roll / Heartbreak Hotel / I Was The One.

The second teaser-video comes with a little clever audio work from Anthony Stuchbury, listening with headphones is recommend to appreciate the start of Elvis’ isolated vocal before the mono track kicks in and then turns to stereo.

Elvis Book

Rereleased by Publications International Ltd. is the 320-page hardcover book 'Elvis' by Susan Doll, originally published in 2006 as 'American Idol'.

Description: Discover the real story behind the legend. Learn about Elvis’ humble roots in a shotgun shack in East Tupelo, Mississippi, his formative years, first successes, time in the military, and subsequent legendary career as a singer and actor. 

The biggest milestones and highlights of his life are all covered, including:
  • His early years as a performer on stage and the stories behind some of his most pivotal recordings.
  • His appearances on television shows and in movies.
  • The important people in his life, including parents and family, business partners and band members, and of course, Priscilla Presley.
  • Career-defining moments like appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, the ’68 Comeback Special, and his fabled Las Vegas shows.
  • Rare and historic photos, album covers, and magazine covers.
  • Elvis may have left the building, but Elvis allows you to revisit the life of an American idol, whether you’re a devoted Elvis fan, pop culture enthusiast, or just want to know more about the King.
  • Professor Doll has written numerous books about Elvis including the scholarly, 'Understanding Elvis: Southern Roots vs Star Image', an enlightening analysis about Elvis' film canon.

Golden Boy Magazine

The new Golden Boy magazine (#3 / 2023) is due soon. 

The 60-page full color illustrated magazine, filled with news, reviews and articles, is currently at the printers. 

For more information: www.goldenboyelvis.de

Description: Elvis Presley is still considered a style icon today. Our author Petra C. Bolden dedicates herself to this topic in detail in the multi-part ‘Authentic Elvis - The Style Of A King’. Part 1 in this issue: How it all began on Beale Street in the Lansky Brothers' fashion shop.

Other topics:
  • In Memoriam: Since the publication of the last issue we had to say goodbye again to some companions of Elvis, among them his longtime friend Anita Wood. We remember Cynthia Weil, one of the great writers of the music industry as well as Tony Bennett, from whom Elvis took the song Rags To Riches".
  • In his proven precise way, Robert Schwarzgruber takes us on the FTD journey to ‘Houston, Fort Worth’ and ‘Baton Rouge’ in 1974. The 3-CD box from the FTD label is examined and evaluated in detail.
  • The famous ‘Madison Square Garden’ concert celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. FTD is now, belatedly, releasing a 3-CD box. Robert Schwarzgruber has also taken an analytical look at this one. There is also a press report from 1972 from the press conference at that time.
  • Ann-Margret lets it rip once again with her latest album ‘Born To Be Wild’. Well-known songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s are interpreted with top-class duet partners on CD and vinyl.
  • P. J. Proby has more to do with Elvis than some people think. To be heard on the Bear Family album ‘Presley Style - Lost Songwriter Demos 1961-1963‘. With a little imagination you can well imagine how these songs, some of which Elvis spurned, would have sounded by the King! Helmut Radermacher has put everything worth knowing into the historical context.
  • Songs from A to Z comes this time with the letter ‘D’: ‘Don't Cry Daddy’ and ‘Don't Forbid Me’. 
  • And last but not least, we take care of the single ‘Return To Sender’ in RRR - the Rillen Revue Remake and provide all the facts there are to report. 
  • Once again 60 pages with a unique flood of information and should available around the end of the 36th week. 

Elvis Presley's gun collection is in demand ... 'cause someone dropped six figures on one of his revolvers, with the final bid more than doubling what it was expected to fetch at auction.

The late singer's Smith & Wesson Model 53 double-action revolver was up for sale through Rock Island Auction Company, and they tell us the winning bid came in at US$199,750. Elvis' gun was expected to fetch at least US$60,000 at auction, but a bidding war broke out.

Elvis received the gun as a gift in November 1976, just 9 months before he died, and it's loaded with custom features marking the Bicentennial. The revolver is customized with five-pointed stars and a bald eagle holding a Betsy Ross American flag, plus the Liberty Bell ... and "1776-1976" is inscribed in gold near the muzzle.


Warner Bros. released the 1966 movie 'Spinout' on Blu-ray. 

Synopsis: A singing race-car driver must choose among three beautiful and appealing females.

Technical details:
  • New 1080p HD Master from 4K Scan of the Original Camera Negative.
  • Run Time: 90 Minutes
  • Subtitles: English SDH
  • Audio Specs: DTS HD-MA 2.0 Mono
  • Aspect Ratio 16x9 1.85:1
  • Disc Configuration-BD 50
  • Special Features: Tom and Jerry cartoons 'Catty Cornered' and 'Filet Meow' and the Original Theatrical Trailer.

(Source: Amazon / Nigel Patterson | Golden Boy Elvis / Blu-ray)

Monday, August 28, 2023

August 28 - FTD's Released

The Follow that Dream 3-CD-set 'Elvis: August Season In Vegas - Hilton Hotel 1974' and the delayed 'How Great thou Art Sessions' 5-CD-set have been released. the first copies arrived at dealers in Europe according to posts on Facebook. 
Photo: Diego Marconi

Publicity stated: As part of its ongoing live on tour series, FTD is pleased to announce the release of 'Elvis: August Season In Vegas - Hilton Hotel 1974'. Released as a 3-CD 5-inch digi-pack, this set features three great shows; August 27 (Evening Show), August 29 (Midnight Show) and August 30 (Evening Show). Considering sonic limitations, these soundboard recordings offer very good sound quality.

As part of the acclaimed 'Sessions' series, FTD is pleased to announce the release of 'The How Great thou Art Sessions'. Recorded in May and June 1966. The 3x Platinum winning album also gave Elvis his first Grammy award for 'Best Sacred Performance'.

Apart from the excellent gospel performances that include 'Run On', 'So High' and 'Where No One Stands Alone'. The sessions also spawned the secular hits 'If Every Day Was Like Christmas', 'Love Letters', and 'Indescribably Blue'. Packaged in FTD's 8-inch format, it includes a 24-page booklet with insightful notes, recording details, photos and memorabilia.

The 'How Great Thou Art' album is presented as originally planned by Elvis prior to RCA's decision to include the 1965 hit "Crying In The Chapel." This recording, along with outtakes, is already on FTD's previous release of the 'His Hand In Mine Sessions'.

The Biography of Elvis Presley

Author "Diamond Bukar" published the 64-page (A.I. Generated) paperback 'The Biography of Elvis Presley'.

: Dive into the captivating life of the legendary Elvis Presley, an icon who rocked the world with his music, charisma, and undeniable charm. This meticulously crafted biography unveils the untold stories behind the King of Rock 'n' Roll, from his humble beginnings in Tupelo, Mississippi, to his meteoric rise to stardom that reshaped the course of music history.

Step into Elvis's world of electrifying performances, chart-topping hits, and his profound impact on pop culture. Discover the man beyond the music – his triumphs, struggles, and the legacy that continues to influence artists today.

Get ready to be transported through time as you relive the era that defined a generation. Don't miss this exclusive journey into the heart and soul of a true legend. Buy now and experience the magic of Elvis Presley like never before!

Immerse yourself in the sounds and stories of the King's life. Order your copy today and let the music of Elvis ignite your soul once more! 

(Source: Facebook / Follow That Dream / Amazon)

Saturday, August 26, 2023

August 26 - Both Sides of the Movies Vinyl

The Legendary Artist record label released the LPs 'Both Sides of Elvis' and 'Elvis at the Movies'. The latter features material from the movies 'Girls! Girls! Girls!', 'Jailhouse Rock', 'Love Me Tender', 'King Creole', Loving You', 'Blue Hawaii' and 'G.I. Blues'. 

Tracks 'Both Sides of Elvis':
Side A: That's All Right / All Shook Up / Heartbreak Hotel / Good Rockin' Tonight / I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone / Hound Dog / Mystery Train / Blue Moon Of Kentucky.

Side B: Don't Be Cruel / I Want You, I Need You, I Love You / I Love You Because / Are You Lonesome Tonight / Have I Told You Lately That I Love You / The Girl Of My Best Friend / (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley / Can't Help Falling In Love.

Tracks 'Elvis at the Movies': 
Side A:  King Creole (King Creole) / Return To Sender (Girls! Girls! Girls!) / Hard Headed Woman (King Creole) / Loving You (Loving You) / Blue Suede Shoes (G.I. Blues) / Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do (Loving You) / You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care) (Jailhouse Rock) / (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear (Loving You).

Side B: Jailhouse Rock (Jailhouse Rock) / Hot Dog (Loving You) / Girls! Girls! Girls! (Girls! Girls! Girls!) / Trouble (King Creole) / Love Me Tender (Love Me Tender) / Rock-A-Hula Baby (Blue Hawaii) / Blueberry Hill (Loving You) / Wooden Heart (G.I. Blues).

(Source: Pascal Matteo)

August 26 - Charts August 2023 - Week 4 (Updated)

The weekly global Elvis Presley chart update. The recent 'Aloha' set dropped off the charts in the United Kingdom, Scotland and The Netherlands. But the 50th Anniversary Edition of Elvis' 'Aloha From Hawaii' box-sets entered Billboard charts.  

Other charts will be updated over the weekend when more statistics are published. Let's see if The King can add another week on the charts in Austria, Spain or Switzerland.

U.S. Billboard charts:
  • Billboard Top 200 Album chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' climbed from #164 to #163. 
  • Billboard Top Album Sales chart: 'Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite' makes are-entry at #44.
  • Billboard CatalogueAlbum Sales chart: 'Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite' makes are-entry at #13.
  • Billboard Top Country Album chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' dropped from #28 to #29. 
  • Billboard Top Rock and Alternative Albums chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' climbed from #38 to #35. 
Official U.K. charts:
  • Official Album chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' climbed from #46 to #45. 
  • Official Streaming Album chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' dropped from #37 to #38. 
  • Official Album Sales chart: 'Aloha From Hawaii - 50th Anniversary Edition' (re-)entry at #13.
  • Official Album Download chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' makes a re-entry at #99. 
  • Official Soundtrack Album chart: 'ELVIS' climbed from #49 to #39.
  • Official Film chart: 'ELVIS' makes a re-entry at #16.
  • Official DVD chart: 'ELVIS' dropped from #23 to #27.
  • Official Blu-ray chart: 'ELVIS' dropped from #39 to #67. 
  • Official Video Chart Top 100: 'ELVIS' dropped from #24 to #31. 
  • Official Films On Disc chart: 'ELVIS' dropped from #20 to #24.
Scottish charts: 
  • Official Album Sales chart: 'Aloha From Hawaii - 50th Anniversary Edition' dropped from #13 to #95.
Irish IRMA charts:
  • Official Irish Album chart: 'ELV1S 30#1 Hits'  dropped from #58 to #65. 
  • Official Irish Video chart: 'ELVIS' dropped from #15 to #16.
Belgian UltraTop charts:
  • UltraTop Album Top 200 Chart (Wallonia): 'Aloha From Hawaii' dropped from #48 to #148.
(Source: Official Chart Company / IRMA / UK Mix Forum / IFPI / Janne Hokkanen / Dutch Charts / UltraTop / Janne Hokkanen / Schweitzer chart / Austrian Chart)


Friday, August 25, 2023

August 25 - September 2023 Stereo News Report

The Elvis Presley Video News Report for September is available. Emiel Maier collected the main news from August 2023, a new movie (2026), a new duet, a new exhibition and much more in one video. 

More Mono II Stereo

Anthony Stuchbury has released a further teaser for his forthcoming ‘Mono II Stereo’ Elvis release. The new CD, titled 'Elvis Presley - Rock ‘n’ Roll No 1' is due for release sometime in September / October 2023. 

Me 'n Elvis

The 1984 book from Elvis' good friend Charlie Hodge has long been out of print.
Described as "A beautiful tribute to Elvis by a friend who clearly loved him dearly... another side of the complex and many faceted man that Elvis was".

Recent news posted by Jennifer Hodge is that "The good news is that Charlie's book is being re-printed as we speak!". More info when we have it.

(Source: Emiel Maier / Elvis Information Network / Anthony Stuchbury)

Thursday, August 24, 2023

August 24 - The King of Rock

Andrew M. Bos published his 105-page paperback 'The King of Rock: Elvis Presley's Legendary Life, Biography, and Career'. 

Publicity stated: Elvis Presley is one of the most iconic and influential figures in music history. His music and style helped define rock and roll, and his impact on popular culture is still felt today.

Now, for the first time, the full story of Elvis Presley's life and career is told in one comprehensive volume. From his humble beginnings in Tupelo, Mississippi, to his meteoric rise to fame, to his tragic death at the age of 42, 'The King of Rock' is the definitive biography of one of the greatest entertainers of all time.
Packed with never-before-seen photos, exclusive interviews, and insightful analysis, 'The King of Rock' is a must-read for any fan of Elvis Presley or rock and roll music.

(Source: Amazon)

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

August 22 - Elvis Presley: Rock 'n' Roll Revelation

Released in the 'Legends of Time: Profiles of Extraordinary Lives' book series a volume on Elvis titled 'Elvis Presley: Rock 'n' Roll Revelation: A Biography That Explores The Life, Music, And Cultural Impact of Elvis' was published. 

Publicity for the AI-generated book stated: Dive deep into the electric life of Elvis Presley, the undisputed King of Rock 'n' Roll, in this captivating and comprehensive eBook. 

From his humble beginnings in Tupelo to his transformational impact on global music culture, this book captures it all!

Inside, you'll discover:

  • Elvis's early years: Discover the roots of this musical prodigy in Tupelo, Mississippi.
  • The road to Memphis: Follow his journey as he discovers blues and R&B, forging his signature sound.
  • His meteoric rise to fame: From being discovered by Sam Phillips of Sun Records to the release of the iconic "That's All Right".
  • The Elvis phenomenon: Uncover the controversies and the impact of his national TV appearances.
  • Legacy & influence: The King may have left the building, but his legacy endures. Explore his everlasting impact on music, the artists he influenced, and the birth of the Elvis impersonator phenomenon.
  • Plus, gain unique insights into how Elvis reshaped rock 'n' roll, both musically and culturally, breaking racial barriers and creating a lasting imprint on the world.

Whether you're an Elvis aficionado or new to the world of Rock 'n' Roll, this eBook promises to be a page-turner, offering a fresh perspective on the man who changed music forever. "Music is a world within itself, and Elvis showed us its unlimited bounds". 

Experience the magic, the music, and the man behind the legend. Get your copy now and journey through the life of the ultimate Rock 'n' Roll revelation: Elvis Presley!

(Source: Amazon)

Monday, August 21, 2023

August 21 - Green Christmas

On October 6, 2023 the U.S. based Walmart stores will offer an Walmart Exclusive green colored vinyl edition of 'Elvis' Christmas Album'. 


James Burton celebrated his 84th birthday today, congratulations!

Glenn D. Hardin posted on Facebook: Happy birthday to my ol' pal James Burton!

Jerry Scheff posted: Hello friends, I’d like to say happy birthday to James Burton today. Yesterday I spent some time with James who I’m sure you know of, and we reminisced about our days with Elvis Presley John Denver and Elvis Costello. So here are some photos of yesterday at his house. It was a very touching time for me. 


(Source: FECC / Walmart / Glenn D. Hardin / Jerry Scheff)

Sunday, August 20, 2023

August 20 - Reinventing DVD

In a recent interview filmaker Spencer Proffer announced that there will be a DVD-release with bonus features of the 'Reinventing Elvis' documentary late December 2023, early January 2024.

Publicity for the YouTube interview stated: Host Ward Bond and music/film producer Spencer Proffer discuss his newest music documentary, Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback. The new feature-length documentary about the making of the television special that revitalized Elvis Presley’s career and influenced music, television, and pop culture for decades to come.

Spencer Proffer is a music and media producer, and cinematic storyteller. His productions and those he has been involved with have garnered Academy, Golden Globe, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony awards and nominations. As a music producer, Spencer Proffer has sold millions of gold and platinum records. 

He has used his skills and career to make a difference in utilizing media to do good for the world while making money. Proffer's accomplishments date back to when he was 26 years old and put Tina Turner into the feature adaptation of The Who's Tommy. He produced and played guitar on her acclaimed Acid Queen solo album.

Spencer was a Co-Executive Producer on the Academy and Golden Globe winning film, "Gods & Monsters". He worked with Stevie Wonder, co-producing and arranging 3 songs for New Line's live action Pinocchio feature, one track of which garnered a 1997 Grammy nomination. He produced and co-wrote the music for HBO's award winning multi cultural series, Happily Ever After while being a producer and cast album producer/arranger/mixer on the 4 time Tony nominated Broadway show 'It Ain't Nothin' But The Blues" (cast album featuring BB King, Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal, Andrae Crouch Choir and Randy Jackson).

He also served as an Executive Producer on the two time, Primetime Emmy Nominated Special, "Robbie Robertson: Going Home" as well as teamed up with Quincy Jones and Doc McGhee to produced Rockin' The Corps for the U.S. Marine Corps, headlined by Beyonce and KISS.

He has served as a Supervising Music Producer on over 129 films and television programs and produced and executive produced 32 film and broadcast events to date. 

Aloha From Japan

Due from the Japanese Elvis Presley Society on January 8, 2024 is the 200-page hardcover photo-book 'Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii - Through The Eyes of Japan'. This book is a Limited Edition of 500 copies.

Publicity stated: Now, in 2023, fifty years after Elvis’ legendary concert in Hawaii... many valuable, long-lost negatives have been discovered : Beautiful photographs taken by Japanese cameraman, Yoshiji Kizaki.
Mr. Kizaki is one of the few photographers who photographed not only the actual show in January 1973, but also the three Aloha performances and press conference held in November of the previous year. At last, they will be reprinted from the original negatives and finally published as a gorgeous photo-book!
We have carefully rescanned all of Kizaki's amazing photographs and selected about 300 from them. Also includes contributions from people involved in the live satellite broadcast and record release. An in-depth look at how the concert of the century came to be.
Includes the treasured photos of the people involved, as well as newspaper and record company documentation from the time. A valuable and lasting record of Japan’s Aloha from Hawaii, we are proud to share it with the world. 
The book contains contributions by music critic Reiko Yukawa, broadcast director and producer Shigehiro Ushikubo, the formerly in charge of Western music at RCA Akiko Takahashi, the former head of Asia Pacific market development at RCA Tokugen Yamamoto and Rockabilly singer Hideki “Billy” Morokawa. 

The English text was translated by David Ward. 


(Source: YouTube / Anthony Stuchbury / Elvis Presley Society of Japan)

Saturday, August 19, 2023

August 19 - Charts August 2023 - Week 3 (Updated)

The weekly global Elvis Presley chart update. In the United States we see no effect of Elvis Week 2023 on the Billboard charts.

In the United Kingdom, Scotland, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland the 50th Anniversary Edition of Elvis' 'Aloha From Hawaii' box-sets entered the Album and Vinyl charts.  

Other charts will be updated over the weekend when more statistics are published.

U.S. Billboard charts:
  • Billboard Top 200 Album chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' climbed from #168 to #164. 
  • Billboard Top Country Album chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' climbed from #29 to #28. 
  • Billboard Top Rock and Alternative Albums chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' climbed from #41 to #38. 
Official U.K. charts:
  • Official Album chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' climbed from #47 to #46. 
  • Official Streaming Album chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' remained steady at #37.
  • Official Album Sales chart: 'Aloha From Hawaii - 50th Anniversary Edition' (re-)entry at #13.
  • Official Physical Album Sales chart: 'Aloha From Hawaii - 50th Anniversary Edition' (re-)entry at #13.
  • Official Soundtrack Album chart: 'ELVIS' dropped from #36 to #49.
  • Official Vinyl Album chart: 'Aloha From Hawaii - 50th Anniversary Edition' (re-)entry at #33.
  • Official Country Compilation chart: 'From Elvis In Nashville' dropped from #16 to #18. 
  • Official DVD chart: 'ELVIS' dropped from #22 to #23.
  • Official Blu-ray chart: 'ELVIS' dropped from #38 to #39. 
  • Official Video Chart Top 100: 'ELVIS' dropped from #23 to #24. 
  • Official Films On Disc chart: 'ELVIS' dropped from #18 to #20.
Scottish charts: 
  • Official Album Sales chart: 'Aloha From Hawaii - 50th Anniversary Edition' (re-)entry at #13.
Irish IRMA charts:
  • Official Irish Album chart: 'ELV1S 30#1 Hits' climbed from #60 to #58.  
  • Official Irish Video chart: 'ELVIS' climbed from #23 to #15.  
Dutch charts:
  • Dutch Album chart: 'Aloha From Hawaii - 50th Anniversary Edition' (re-)entry at #50.
Belgian UltraTop charts:
  • UltraTop Album Top 200 Chart (Wallonia): 'Aloha From Hawaii' makes a (re)entry at #48.
  • UltraTop Album Top 200 Chart (Flanders): 'Aloha From Hawaii' makes a (re)entry at #58.
Swiss Charts:
  • Swiss Album Top 100 Chart: 'Aloha From Hawaii' makes a (re)entry at #10.
Spanish Charts:
  • Official Spanish Album chart: 'Aloha From Hawaii' makes a (re)entry at #50.
  • Official Spanish Vinyl Album chart: 'Aloha From Hawaii' makes a (re)entry at #13.
Austrian Charts:
  • Official Austrian Album chart: 'Aloha From Hawaii' makes a (re)entry at #58.
(Source: Official Chart Company / IRMA / UK Mix Forum / IFPI / Janne Hokkanen / Dutch Charts / UltraTop / Janne Hokkanen / Schweitzer chart ' Austrian Chart)

Friday, August 18, 2023

Review Riding The Rainbow and Rock It Up

The U.K. based Rockwell record label has been around for many years, but somehow I had never gotten hold of one of their releases, until now. 

Let’s see of these two 2023 albums with fifties and sixties material “rock up the rainbow”. 
The design follow the label’s standard with a big headshot. For the ‘Rock It Up’ LP we get a nice colorized version of one of the first Elvis Presley promotional pictures for SUN record from 1955. Elvis has a bit too much lipstick for my liking. On the back we get, next to the track information, a topless Elvis promotion picture, taken by William Speer. What a difference a few months can make, I would have used this one on the cover. 
The ‘Riding the Rainbow’ cover features Elvis from ‘It Happened at the World’s Fair’. A good headshot, but looking at the content of the LP, consisting mainly of songs from the ‘Follow that Dream’ and ‘Kid Galahad’ soundtrack, I would have opted for a picture from those movies. Both albums come with a matte finish, something you don’t see very often.
Part of the design of these releases is of course the blue and green colored vinyl. It feels solid, is nice and flat and plays without any problem. There was a little static on side A of the ‘Rock It Up’ LP, but nothing a little cleaning of a new record won’t solve. 

Overall the audio sounded good, with the B-side of ‘Riding the Rainbow’ perhaps mastered a little loud.  

The ‘Rock It Up’ LP covers a selection of songs recorded by the new rocker at SUN studio’s in Memphis (1954) and RCA studio’s in Nashville, New York and Hollywood (all 1956). The selection ranges from ‘Harbor Lights’, ‘That’s All Right’ and ‘I Got A Woman’ to ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ on side A, and continues on the flip-side with classics like ‘I Was The One’, Lawdy, Miss Clawdy, ‘Shake Rattle and Roll’ and ‘Old Shep’. All versions are alternate takes, giving this release a little different sound than the usual versions we hear. 
‘Riding The Rainbow’ is a compilation with 1961 tracks primarily built from the ‘Follow That Dream’ EP, both sides of the ‘Good luck Charm’ single and ‘Night Rider’ as a bonus from the ‘Pot Luck’ LP. The label created a 1961 compilation, and is correct when you look at the recording dates for these tracks, but the songs were released in 1962 and 1963. So not all fans may consider these songs “1961 material”.
As for the music itself; the producers created a pretty upbeat and entertaining compilation that got several plays on my turntable. Listening to these songs you realize that not all of Elvis’ movie material was that mediocre or bad. And listen to that voice, beautiful!
The Rockwell label released two entertaining compilations that will please fans of the mid-fifties with ‘Rock It Up’ and early sixties with ‘Riding The Rainbow’. The colored vinyl adds to fun of buying a novelty record like this. I was pleasantly surprised by these two discs and may look for others in the future. 

The LPs are available from Amazon and the >>> Rockwell Records website. 

August 18 - Reissue Vinyl and CDs

The Waxtime record label re-issued the LPs 'Elvis', 'For LP Fans Only' and 'The Number One Hits - 1956 - 1962)'. The first two albums come with 4 bonustracks each. 

The Vinyl Lovers record  label re-issued the '
50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong - Elvis' Gold Records Vol.2' compilation. 

More Reflections

The Stage Recordings import record label released volume 3 in their ‘Reflections of ‘71’ series. 

Publicity stated: Now available is this 3 CD set featuring 3 audience recorded live shows from August 1971.

Volume 2 of the ‘Summer Festival’ featured 3 rockin' shows from his Summer Festival season in Las Vegas, August 1971. This follow up contains 3 more rockin' shows from the very same season. 

This set contains many highlights like the Beatles'  ‘Get Back’ which Elvis only sang five times during this season. Neil Diamond's ‘Sweet Caroline’ became an almost steady on the setlist during this August season, but did not return on the setlist in 1972. Beautiful renditions of songs like ‘I'm Leavin’, ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ and ‘It's Impossible’ are also featured on this set.

Especially knowing no soundboard recordings have yet surfaced, these audience recorded shows are all we are able to enjoy. A total of 3 shows are included in this box set. All recordings have been painstakingly remastered and repaired.

Included in this box set are the August 20, 1971 Dinner Show, the August 21, 1971 Dinner Show and the August 21, 1971 Midnight Show performances.


Released today by the Golden Globes import record label is the Limited Edition import double LP 'Hurt'.

Publicity stated: This Deluxe double LP features Elvis' July 30, 1976 performance as recorded at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum on both blue and white colored vinyl. All tracks are presented in original glorious mono.

It is packed in a gorgeous gatefold cover and is available in white or blue vinyl. As a bonus, a CD with the concert is included in the set. 

Side A: 01. Also Sprach Zarathustra  02. See See Rider  03. I Got A Woman/Amen. 04. Love Me  05. If You Love Me (Let Me Know)  06. You Gave Me A Mountain 

Side B: 01. Help Me  02. All Shook Up 03. Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel  04. And I Love You So  05. America (with reprise) 06. Jailhouse Rock 07. Intermezzo 08. Funny How Time Slips Away 09. Introductions 

Side C: 01. Early Mornin' Rain / John Wilkinson Introduction  02. What'd I Say / James Burton Introduction 03. Johnny B. Goode 04. Band solos 05. Love Letters 06. School Days 07. Hurt 08. Hurt/Full Reprise 09. Hound Dog 

Side D: 01. Hawaiian Wedding Song  02. Can't Help Falling In Love 03. Closing Vamp  04. Elvis Has Left The Building 

Bonus Tracks July 25, 1976 Onondaga War Memorial Auditorium Syracuse, New York: 05. Fever 06. America, 07. Polk Salad Annie 08. Love Letters 09. Hurt

Note: this show is previously released by the Follow That Dream collectors label in 2009 as 'New Haven'.

Elvis Sings For Kids And Elvis Sings Lullabies

The Radio Recorders import record label released the CDs ‘Elvis Sings For Kids’ and ‘Elvis Sings Lullabies’. 

Publicity stated: One is never too young to get acquainted with the voice of Elvis Presley. Especially the youngsters among the Elvis fans will remember the first songs they heard of Elvis or the records their parents played for them when they were young. Out now are two albums that are great keepers or givers, and not just for the little ones.

Tracks ‘Elvis Sings For Kids’: Cotton Candy Land - Master / How Would You Like To Be - Master / Riding The Rainbow (2nd Version) - Take 6 / Queenie Wahine's Papaya - Film Version / Moonlight Swim - Master / Yellow Rose Of Texas - The Eyes Of Texas - Take 7 / Big Boots (Fast Version) - Take 5 / Old MacDonald -  Film Version / (Muss I Denn) Wooden Heart - Master / Ito Eats - Master / (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear - Master / Song Of The Shrimp - Master / Datin' - Film Version / It's Carnaval Time - Film Version / Yoga Is As Yoga Does - Take 4 / We're Gonna Move - Take 4 / Britches - Take 7 with Insert Take 1 / Earth Boy - Master / Your Time Hasn't Come Yet Baby - Film Version / A Dog's Life – Take 1 / Barefoot Ballad - Film Version / Confidence - Film Version / A Cane And A High Starched Collar - Take 6 / Have A Happy - Film Version.

Bonus Tracks: A Dog's Life - Take 7 / Britches - Track Only / Husky Dusky Day.

Tracks ‘Elvis Sings Lullabies’: Love Me Tender Master / Angel - Master / Sand Castles - Take 9 / A Whistling Tune (2nd Version) - Master / Young And Beautiful (Record Version) - Take 3 / Summer Kisses, Winter Tears - Take 17 / Pocketful Of Rainbows - Take 8 / Gently - Master / Home Is Where The Heart Is - Take 20 / Big Boots (Slow Version) - Take 1 / Loving You (Slow Movie Version) - Take 6 / Mama – Binaural Master (Acetate Source) / True Love - Master / Blue Moon - Master / I Need Somebody To Lean On - Take 15 / Puppet On A String - Film Version / Old Shep - Take 5 / Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Take 5 / Please Don't Stop Loving Me - Take 9 / They Remind Me Too Much Of You - Film Version / Can't Help Falling In Love - Master / In My Way - Film Version / Five Sleepy Heads (Movie Version) - Dubdown / Dainty Little Moonbeams (End Title) - Take 6. 

(Source: Jazzmasters / Spindizy Records / FECC) 

Thursday, August 17, 2023

August 17 - Million Dollar Vinyl

The Danish Memphis Mansion released their 'Million Dollar Session' LP on a double CD. 

Tracks CD 1: Instrumental / Love Me Tender (Instrumental) / Mr. Sandman (Instrumental) / Jingle Bells (Instrumental) / White Christmas (Instrumental) / Reconsider Baby / Don't Be Cruel / Paralyzed / Don't Be Cruel / Theres No Place Like Home / When The Saints Go Marchin In / Softly And Tenderly / When God Dips His Love In My Heart / Just A Little Talk With Jesus / Jesus Walked That Lonesome Vally / I Shall Not Be Moved / Peace In The Valley / Down By The River Side.

CD 2: I'm With The Crowd But So Alone / Farther Along / Blessed Jesus (Hold My Hand) / On The Jericho Road / I Just Can't Make It By Myself / Little Cabin On The Hill / Summertime Is Past And Gone / I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling / Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong / The Keeper Of The Key / Crazy Arms / Don't Forbid Me / Too Much Monkey Business / Brown Eyed Handsome Man / Out Of Sight Out Of Mind / Brown Eyed Handsome Man / Don't Forbid Me / You Belong To My Heart / Is It So Strange / Thats Where Your Heartaches Begin / Brown Eyed Handsome Man / Rip It Up / Im Gonna Bid My Blues Goodbye / Crazy Arms / That's My Desire / End Of The Road / Black Bottom Stamp / You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven / Elvis Leaves The Building.

For Speakers Corner Fans Only

The German Speakers Corner the re-release of 'For LP Fans Only' arrived with the first fans - two weeks before the official release date of September 1st. 2023 - according to posts on Facebook. This album was originally released in 2008, for this reissue the same analogue remastered tapes were used. 

Also due on that date is 'From Elvis In Memphis', created from the analog master tape and with 100% analog mastering. The label used their 2003 remastered tapes.  

(Source: Memphis Mansion / Speakers Corner / Facebook)

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

August 16 - No. 1 Rock ‘n’ Roll CDs and Books

With today being the anniversary of Elvis’ passing, Anthony Stuchbury has released a further teaser for his forthcoming ‘Mono II Stereo’ Elvis release.

The new CD 'Elvis Presley - Rock ‘n’ Roll No 1' is due for release sometime in September / October 2023
. The track list may not be exactly as expected from viewing the front cover artwork that he shared here for the first time. This new release comes with extensive sleeve notes.

Being aware of the current economic climate, he has indicated that the release should be budget priced and affordable to many fans.

Elvis In Print

Nigel Patterson announced the release-date for the first volume of his 'Elvis in Print: A Comprehensive Annotated & Illustrated Bibliography 1955-2023'. The release is scheduled for January 8, 2024.

: After more than two decades research, the first volume of what will be the definitive account of books published about Elvis, is scheduled for release on January 8, 2024.

Compiled and written by Nigel Patterson, edition of the Elvis Information Network - the four volumes of Elvis in Print: A Comprehensive Annotated & Illustrated Bibliography 1955-2023 will comprise around 2,000 pages, with listings for more than 4,000 books and around 2,000 images. 

Volume 1 is the first of two detailing English language, “non-fiction” releases. It contains more than 450 pages, listings for more than 800 titles, book covers for more than 500 listings, and interesting Sidebar articles discussing controversial releases and issues in the massive Elvis book catalog.

Sections in Elvis in Print Volume 1 include:
  • A Brief History of Elvis in Print
  • Academic Releases
  • Biographies
  • Compendiums: Catalogs, Discographies, Chart Histories, Interviews, Price Guides, and Quiz Books
  • Conspiracy Theories, Secret Friendships, Tall Tales
  • Culinary Elvis
  • Digital books
  • Elcyclopedias
  • Elvis and the Colonel
  • Elvis and the Law
  • Elvis as Art
  • Elvis as Religion (including Psychic Experiences and Spirituality)
  • Elvis for Younger Readers
The 'Listings' include available publishing details for the original release and subsequent re-issues (including hardcover, softcover and digital editions) and a book synopsis, which varies between one or two sentences and several paragraphs.

'Elvis in Print' will be published in hardcover, softcover, and Kindle formats. It will be available from Amazon stores (the hardcover edition will only be available in those countries where Amazon offers this format).

Note: The accompanying image is not the final cover artwork.

Elvis On Record

Due for release around Christmas 2023 is the 600-page discography book 'Elvis On Record Volume 1 1956 - 1965 The Definitive Guide To UK Releases' by Paul Alner. Volume 2 on the years 1966 to - 1981, is set for release next year. Alner previously wrote the book  'Elvis On Record - A Comprehensive Guide To UK Record Releases: 1956 - 2017'.

For more information, visit >>> elvis4sale which will sell this book exclusively.

Up For Auction Again

Elvis’s Cherry Red Hagstrom Viking II could become the most expensive guitar ever according to an article on Guitar.com.

The guitar has been valued at US$5 million. For reference, Kurt Cobain’s MTV Unplugged Martin D-18E was valued at US$1 million, and later sold for US$6 million.

Elvis’s famous Cherry Red Hagstrom Viking II could be the most expensive guitar in the world, after it was valued at a modest $5 million, but could sell for much more.

The guitar landed icon status after starring in Elvis’s famous 1968 Comeback Special, a moment that features heavily in the 2022 Elvis biopic.

Fans and critics of Presley state that this special ignited his career, as soon after he recorded his acclaimed album, 'From Elvis in Memphis', and would then start his famous Vegas residency, all with his Hagstrom in tow.

Top spot for the most expensive guitar unsurprisingly goes to Kurt Cobain, as his MTV Unplugged 1959 Martin D-18E acoustic, which had a starting estimate of just USD US$1 million, sold for US$6 million in 2020.

Therefore, a guitar with an estimated five million should sell for much more.

The guitar has been valued as the Elvis estate - Graceland - commemorates the anniversary of The King’s death on 16 August. As a result, the estate-turned-museum is hosting a series of screenings of the original 1968 Comeback Special performance.

On Stage Vinyl

Just released are the LPs 'On Stage - Volume 1 - 4' containing the Felton Jarvis Rough Mixes (vol. 1), the January 26, 1970 Opening Show (vol. 2), the February 18 and 19 Dinner Show (vol. 3) and February 23, 1970 Dinner Show (vol. 4). 

This is a Limited Edition of 200 copies per volume. 

Note: All content was previously released on CD ('Rebooked at the International') and vinyl 'On Stage - January & February 1970 Revisited'.

LP 1 - Elvis Presley: On Stage - Volume 1 (The Felton Jarvis Rough Mix)

Side A: See See Rider - Elvis Talks - Release Me - Sweet Caroline - Elvis Talks - The Wonder Of You

Side B: Polk Salad Annie - Elvis Talks - Proud Mary - Walk A Mile In My Shoes - Let It Be Me - I Can´t Stop Loving You

LP 2 - Elvis Presley: On Stage - Volume 2 (January 26, 1970 Opening Show)

Side A: Opening Vamp / All Shook Up - That's All Right - Proud Mary - Don't Cry Daddy - Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel - Long Tall Sally - Let It Be Me - Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Side B: I Can´t Stop Loving You - True Love Travels On A Gravel Road - Sweet Caroline - Polk Salad Annie - Kentucky Rain - Can´t Help Falling In Love

LP 3 - Elvis Presley: On Stage - Volume 3 (February 18 and 19 1970 Dinner Show)

Side A: Long Tall Sally - Elvis Talks - Don´t Cry Daddy - The Wonder Of You - Walk A Mile In My Shoes - Release Me - Polk Salad Annie

Side B: Proud Mary - Don´t Cry Daddy - Kentucky Rain - Let It Be Me - I Can´t Stop Lovin You - Walk A Mile In My Shoes - Release Me - See See Rider

LP 4 - Elvis Presley: On Stage - Volume 4 (February 23, 1970 Dinner Show)

Side A: Opening Vamp / All Shook Up - I Got A Woman - Long Tall Sally - Don't Cry Daddy - Hound Dog - Love Me Tender - Kentucky Rain - Let It Be Me - I Can't Stop Loving You

Side B: See See Rider - Sweet Caroline - Polk Salad Annie - Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Heartbreak Hotel - One Night - It's Now Or Never - Suspicious Minds - Can´t Help Falling In Love

Aloha Livestream 

Watch the livestream from Graceland during Elvis Week as our special guests discuss the 50th anniversary release of Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite, giving background on the original groundbreaking event and discussing the music from the new box set.

(Source: Anthony Stuchbury / Nigel Patterson / Guitar.com / Memphis Mansion / Elvis 4 Sale / EPE)