Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 31 - Follow That The Rarest Record

The Follow that Dream Collector's label informed the dealers of the upcoming releases:

Please be advised that FTD will be issuing 3 titles in the middle of September followed by 2 in mid November. We are unable to give full release info at this stage, but it's currently planned that September will include Moody Blue and G.I Blues Vol.2. 

I regret to advise that the live in Memphis vinyl release probably won't be issued until mid to late - August. The manufacturing company has been changing premises and nothing has gone according to plan, especially for FTD. I will update as soon as stock reaches PH in Denmark. I am aware that some of your clients pay upfront for titles and apologize for any problems this may cause

The New Rarest Record In The World

The acetate recording of That’s All Right, that Elvis recorded in SUN studio, Memphis, Tennessee July 5th, 1954 is now considered to be the rarest record in the world. A recording by The Quarrymen (The Beatles) has been considered the rarest for several years now.

Michael Ansara Died

Michael Ansara, who played in "Harum Scarum", died. Michael Ansara, a busy and widely recognizable character actor who was best known for portraying American Indians, the Arabian prince in Elvis' 'Harum Scarum' and later a Klingon in three different "Star Trek" series, died July 31 at his home in Calif. He was 91. 

(Source: Various)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 24 - Turning Night Into Daytime

The Rainbow Records import-label announced the release of “Turning Night Into Daytime”, featuring Elvis Presley´s complete performance of August 31, 1973 (Midnight Show) at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. 

From the press-release:
This show has not been released on CD before and will be presented in very good sound for an audience recording. The recording has been taken from the original cassette tape - as recorded by a “Super-Fan” from the UK who was present at this particular show. Elvis seems to have a good time at this show and he delivers a real fine choice of songs. There are quite a few highlights to discover: a strong “Brigde Over Troubled Water”, a rather “early in the set” sung “Release Me”, a great “An American Trilogy” and a rather “rare for 73” sung “Funny How Time Slips Away”. Also note that this recording is complete, only missing the “2001” theme. This release is limited to 300 copies only.

Elvis Presley la Selection

Due from Sony Music Catalogue France on August 26, 2013 is the 3CD-set "Elvis Presley la Selection". The first two discs contain 20 tracks each while the last CD only holds 8 tracks. 

Elvis Sammlung

Volume 41 in the German "Elvis Sammlung" was released by De'Agostini. This edition contains a Magazine plus the DVD "Elvis Presley – The Ed Sullivan Show 3", memorabilia reproductions and more. 

(Source: FECC / Elvis Sammlung)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 23 - Inspirational Hall of Fame

Elvis' former backing group The Sweet inpsirations will be finally inducted into the R&B Hall Of Fame. The ceremony is planned in the Spring of 2014. The Hall of Fame encapsulates African American culture and has become a part of American history.

40th Anniversary: Nashville Juli 1, 1973

Photographer George Hill announced the release of the book ""40th Anniversary: Nashville Juli 1, 1973" containing 150 pictures opf two performances Elvis Presley did on July 1, 1973 at the "Municipal Auditorium" in Nashville / Tennessee.

Bonus Tracks

The Hoodoo Records budget-labelannounced the release of another compilation containing Elvis Presley's first two albums with several additional bonus tracks. The disc is due September 16, 2013.

(Source: ElvisMatters / Images In Concert / Elvis Club Berlin / Amazon)

Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22 - Dee Stanley in Hospital

On July 22 Elvis got new awards from BPI, for sales in the UK since 1994, according to the OCC, for Elvis Presley (Silver is 60k albums sold, Gold is 100k albums sold):


  • 30 #1 Hits" (2002) = 5xPlatinum (1.5 million)
  • "Elvis By The Presleys" (2005) = Platinum (300k)
  • "Always On My Mind - Ultimate Love Songs" (1997) = Platinum (300k)
  • "Love Elvis" (2008) = Gold (100k)
  • "The King" (2007) = Gold (100k)
  • "Icons" (2007) = Gold 
  • "2nd To None" (2003) = Gold (100k)
  • "Christmas Peace" (2003) = Gold (100k)
  • "The 50 Greatest Love Songs" (2001) = Gold (100k)
  • "Love Songs" (1999) = Gold 
  • "The All Time Greatest Hits" (1993) = Gold
  • "The Real Elvis" (2011) = Silver (60k)
  • "Viva Elvis" (2010) = Silver (60k)
  • "Elvis 75" (2009) = Silver (60k)
  • "Icons 2" (2008) = Silver
  • "Christmas Wishes" (2006) = Silver (60k)
  • "Christmas Album" (1999) = Silver
  • "Gospel Favourites" (1999) = Silver 
  • "Golden Records - Vol.1" (1997) = Silver
  • "Classic Elvis" (1997) = Silver
  • "Love Me Tender" (1993) = Silver (60k)"


Elvis Presley - That's The Way It Is 
5 x Platinum Certification (VIDEO) 22 July 2013 
Released 13 August 2007

Elvis Presley - '68 Comeback Special
3 x Platinum Certification (VIDEO) 22 July 2013
Released 04 August 2008

Elvis Presley - Aloha From Hawaii 
2 x Platinum Certification (VIDEO) 22 July 2013
Released 04 August 2008

Elvis Presley - Legends In Concert - The Early Years
Platinum Certification (VIDEO) 22 July 2013
Released 31 October 2005

Elvis Presley - The Ultimate Collection
Platinum Certification (VIDEO) 22 July 2013
Released 12 August 2002

Elvis Presley - Elvis '56 
Gold Certification (VIDEO) 22 July 2013
Released 13 March 2006

Dee Stanley In Hospital

Dee Stanley has been taken to the hospital in critical condition. For those who don't know who Dee is: Elvis always had a wonderful relationship with his father. But when his mother died in 1958, his father started dating a married woman named Dee Stanley. Elvis didn’t care for Dee and thought that it was too soon for his father to be dating. Vernon was in love and Dee Stanley became Dee Presley on 3 July 1960. Elvis didn’t attend the ceremony. 

(Source: ElvisNews / ElvisMatters)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 21 - Chart

The DVD "The King Of Rock’n’Roll" re-entered the Australian Album chart at #39.

(Source: The King's World)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20 - Red White And Blue Comic Stars

This is the cover art for the "Blue Hawaii" vinyl re-issue on the Friday Music label. This disc is due August 27, 2013.

Red White And Blue

The Mischief Music budget-label will release three star-shaped vinyl EP's entitled "Love Me Tender (red vinyl), "Blue Moon" (blue vinyl) and "It's Now Or Never" (white vinyl). All discs are due September 5, 2013.

Love Me Tender (1. Love Me Tender, 2. Are You Lonesome Tonight, 3. Can't Help Falling In Love, 4. Wooden Heart), Blue Moon (1. Blue Moon, 2. Blue Moon Of Kentucky, 3. Blue Suede Shoes, 4. Blue Hawaii) og It's Now Or Never (1. It's Now Or Never, 2. Surrender, 3. Loving You, 4. I Need Your Love Tonight).


The CD "The Real Elvis" climbed from #61 to #57 on the Irish Album chart this week. 

Stan Lee Honors Elvis Presley 

Comic book legend Stan Lee has written a special comic book story about Elvis Presley to be given away free as part of Free Comic Book Day Saturday. The story, illustrated by publisher Liquid Comics' Indian artist Jeevan J. Kang, is also included in an exclusive hardcover anthology, Graphic Elvis, limited to only 2,500 copies and available via select retailers and at

The story by Lee and the others featured in the Graphic Elvis collector's item commemorate the 35th anniversary of Presley's death, which occurred on August 16, 1977.

(Source: Amazon / The King's World / FECC)

Friday, July 19, 2013

July 19 - 1970

JAT Publishing announced the release of "Elvis 1970 In The Dome" a 208 page photo-book on the six performances Elvis Presley did in the Houston Astrodome between February 27th. and March 1, 1970. The book contains 160 pictures in color and comes with a DVD featuring the unedited press-conference for the show.

Poncie Ponce Died

Poncie Ponce, the Maui native who played a wise-cracking cab driver Kazuo "Kim" Quisado on the 1960s ABC TV detective series Hawaiian Eye, the first network series to be set in the 50th state, has died. He was 80. The TV show led to parts in a handful of films, most notably as part of a stock car racing pit crew on Elvis Presley's team in the 1968 movie 'Speedway'. 

(Source: FECC / Elvis Information Network)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 18 - Release date FTD Vinyl

The team from FTD just informed media that the vinyl release 'Recorded Live On Stage in Memphis' will be shipped on July 29 from Denmark. FTD also writes that they are taking serious steps to avoid these delays on their vinyl releases.

The King's Court

The heirs of Elvis Presley have won a tactical court case in Germany, where they are campaigning to claw back lost royalties for radio replays of the King of Rock's greatest hits. A Munich appeal court on Thursday ordered a company controlled by Sony to disclose how many times the songs had been played in Germany since April 2008. Europe's most populous nation and its "golden oldie" stations are still in love with Elvis, who died in 1977.

The ruling raises the odds that Elvis Presley Enterprises, which has the King's daughter Lisa-Marie Presley as a 15-per-cent shareholder, can circumvent a 1973 contract in which he sold many of his future royalties for a lump sum to RCA Records, now part of Sony. The heirs are appealing a decision against them in a lower German court.

Appeal judges ruled that 3.34 million euros (£2.88 million pounds) are at stake in the case. They set no date for their final decision on the merits of the claim.

(Source: ElvisMatters)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 17 - Tape Auction

Due from Mecum Auctions are 5 videotapes containing black and white video-footage of Elvis Presley in concert. This set is scheduled to be sold this saturday. 

These five video tapes contain approximately three-and-one-half hours of black and white original unedited video and audio of Elvis Presley's last two recorded live concerts in Omaha, Nebraska, June 19, 1977, and Rapid City, South Dakota, on June 21, 1977. The tapes include intimate backstage scenes, candid dressing room footage and Presley arriving in the basement of the venue in a limousine with his security team, his girlfriend, Ginger Alden, and his father, Vernon Presley. It also includes the presentation of the Full Circle Medallion of Life from the Sioux Indian Reservation and the Mayor of Rapid City giving Presley an inscribed plaque, honoring him as the first performer in the new convention center. The concerts are unedited and contain the original audio mix and camera shots. The electricity and excitement is utterly phenomenal. The two concerts include approximately 27 different songs sung by Elvis.

Along with the live concerts, this package includes unedited backstage footage. In all, the winning bidder will receive the five original ½” reels. Footage demonstrates ‘The King’ is clearly in command onstage and mesmerizes the audience with his vocal dynamics, spanning nearly four octaves.

These tapes are presented and sold as cultural collectibles and are not for reproduction, broadcast and or publication.

Chrome Sessions

The Chrome Dreams budget-label released the double CD compilation "The Complete ’62 Sessions".

(Source: Mecum / The King's World)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 16 - Elvis Revealed On Newsstands

A new edition of "Elvis: The King Revealed" is now available on newsstands! It features another iconic photo from the legendary "'68 Special" performances which celebrates its 45th anniversary this year. "Elvis: The King Revealed" dives deep into Graceland’s historical archives to access thousands of rare photos, documents and vintage items of Elvis memorabilia.

Earlier this month, the Graceland exclusive version was announced on The Official Graceland Special Edition of the magazine is only available on-site at all Graceland gift shops and online at 

On the page it shows a box  that contains some of Elvis' albums. 'Madison Square Garden' (1972) is on show and so does  'A Legendary Performer Vol 3' (1978) ... Indeed an album that came out one year after his death.

Elvis Vinyl

The Mischief Music label released the red splattered vinyl re-issue of Elvis Presley's "Elvis"  album. 

(Source: EPE / The King's World / Elvis Express)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

June 13 - Elvis Special

USA TODAY in the states have just published their (one year early!) 'Elvis - The 60th Anniversary of his First Recording' special Edition magazine. Featuring articles such as 'I Don't Sound Like Nobody', How a gift for Gladys set Rock 'n' Roll history in motion, 'Priscilla and Lisa Marie' and '20 Essential Songs'. A nice song selection and neat reviews. 

For 'Hound Dog' it notes "DJ Fontana’s furious drum roll between the verses caught listeners’ ears, but it was Elvis’ hip-thrusting gyrations during live performances of the song that caused the destruction of American civilization as we then knew it." While it all looks a little 'mainstream', reports from US Elvis fans are very positive - after all, how often do we see a new Elvis magazine in the newsstands nowadays. 

(Source: Elvis Information Network / USA Today)

Friday, July 12, 2013

July 12 - Budget Chart Releases

The Soulfood budget-label released three compilations: "White Christmas", "Jailhouse Rock"(2CD) and "Elvis-25 Legendary Hits". 

Sony International will re-issue "The Classic Christmas Album" on September 27, 2013.


The following albums have appeared on the Catalog Album Chart this week. 

'Heart And Soul' rose from 77 to 68 selling some 2,085 units. Total sales to date: 657,092 units. It also rose from 153 to 133 on the Physical Album Chart selling some 2,084 units. Total Physical sales to date: 656,515 units. It also rose from 78 to 70 on the SMEI (Sony Music Entertainment International Chart. 

'Elvis: 30 No.1 Hits' re-enters at 87 selling  1,914 units. Total sales to date:4,865,793 units. It also entered the Digital Album Chart at 132 selling some 1,409 units. Total Digital sales to date: 157,771 units. It also rose from 270 to 78 on the SMEI (Sony Music Entertainment International) Chart.
'An Afternoon In The Garden' rose from 106 to 100 selling some 1,812 units. Total sales to date: 564,843 units. It also rose from 177 to 166 on the Physical Album Chart selling some 1,811 units. Total Physical sales to date: 563,835 units. It also rose from 92 to 82 on the SMEI (Sony Music Entertainment International) Chart.
  • 'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) rose from 153 to 143 selling some 1,556 units. Total sales to date: 164,922 units.
  • 'The Essential Elvis Presley' (Double CD) rose from 172 to 147 selling some 1,529 units. Total sales to date: 512,284 units.
  • 'Elvis Country' (Compilation) rose from 184 to 180 selling some 1,419 units. Total sales to date: 192,807 units.
  • 'The Very Best Of Love' dropped from 181 to 196 selling some 1,360 units. Total sales to date: 369,894 units.
  • The following DVD's appeared on the Top Music Video Chart:  'Elvis: He Touched Me' (Vol.1) re-enters at 7 selling some 947 units. Total sales to date: 221,677 units.
  • 'Elvis Lives' (Live From Memphis) re-enters at 8 selling some 765 units. Total sales to date: 171,872 units.
  • 'Elvis On Tour' drops from 8 to 19 selling some 427 units. Total sales to date: 12,699 units.
  • 'Viva Las Vegas' rose from 99 to 86 on the Top Soundtrack Album Chart selling some 306 units. Total sales to date: 60,198 units.


The CD "The Real... Elvis" climbed from #91 to #61 on the Album chart. 

Elvis still 'Best Of The Biggest'!

Joel Whitburn has just published his brand-new 14th edition of Billboard 'Top Pop Singles', which distils stats from the Billboard pop singles chart into an easy-to-look-up format. The resident of Menomonee Falls started publishing books that track the Billboard charts 43 years ago. The book chronicles the more than 8,600 artists and nearly 42,000 songs over six decades that ever appeared on Billboard magazine's early pop singles charts. In the new 'Top Pop Singles' Whitburn compiles a list of the top 500 artists of all time, updating it with each new edition. The new updated Top 10 for 1955-2012 are:

1 Elvis Presley
2 The Beatles
3 Madonna
4 Elton John
5 Mariah Carey
6 Stevie Wonder
7 Michael Jackson
8 Janet Jackson
9 James Brown
10 Rolling Stones

(Source: Amazon / Elvis Express / The King's World / Elvis Information Network)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 11 - Pink Sun

This is the pink edition of the "7 inch Sun Singles Collection" vinyl box-set which is due from the Mischief budget-label on September 9, 2013.

Single 1: That's Alright Mama - Blue Moon Of Kentucky 
Single 2: I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine - Good Rockin' Tonight
Single 3: Milkcow Blues Boogie - You're A Heartbreaker
Single 4: I'm Left You're Right She's Gone - Baby Let's Play House
Single 5: Mystery Train - I Forgot To Remember To Forget

(Source: Amazon)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 10 - Elvis Today

On Amazon the CD "Merry Christmas... Love, Elvis" from the Sony Custom Marketing Group appeared with July 23, 2013 as the release-date. 

Coffret Elvis

Amazon France added "Coffret Elvis" volume 1 and 2 with 2 additional bonus CD s were added. The set is due October 24, 2013.

Collecting Elvis

Volume 40 of the German "Elvis Sammlung" by DeAgostini and EPE was released. This volume contains the DVD "Elvis Presley – The Ed Sullivan Show 2 ", memorabilia reproductions and more. 

Promo At Stax

Sony Legacy released a promotional 3 CD set for the "Elvis At Stax" which is due later this year. 

USA Today

USA Today, America's biggest selling news paper, did a full page feature on Elvis Presley today. Journalist Jerry Shriver plays DJ and picks 20 crucial cuts. "Need evidence to defend the King of Rock 'n' Roll's throne? 

Here are 20 musical gems in the King's crown":
  1. That's All Right
  2. Baby Let's Play House
  3. Mystery Train
  4. Heartbreak Hotel
  5. Hound Dog
  6. Love Me Tender
  7. Peace In The Valley
  8. Jailhouse Rock
  9. Santa Claus Is Back In Town
  10. Reconsider Baby
  11. Can't Help Falling In Love
  12. Viva Las Vegas
  13. Run On
  14. If I Can Dream
  15. Suspicious Minds
  16. Long Black Limousine
  17. The Wonder Of You
  18. Burning Love
  19. An American Trilogy
  20. Way Down
(Source: Amazon / Elvis Club Berlin / ElvisMatters / FECC)

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

July 09 - Un'ora Con

The CD "Un'ora Con" is due from the Pid budget-label on July 30, 2013.

Tupelo’s Own Elvis Presley

The 2007 Memphis Recording Service DVD "Tupelo’s Own Elvis Presley" was re-issued. This DVD contains a film of Elvis Presley's concert in Tupelo, Mississippi from September 26, 1956.

(Source: Amazon)

Sunday, July 07, 2013

July 07 - FTD's (Sold) Out

The June 2013 Follow That Dream releases have been shipped to the dealers according to a post on the FECC forum. This batch contains "Elvis Presley Sold Out!" featuring the March and June concerts of 1974 from Tulsa, AZ and Cleveland, OH. The CD "Hot August Night", featuring the complete live recording from the midnight show from August 25, 1969! Updated: inner sleeve "Sold Out!" CD.

(Source: FECC Forum / ElvisMartters)

Saturday, July 06, 2013

July 06 - Weekend Charts

Elvis had no albums on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for the week ending July 13, 2013. The following albums appeared on the Catalog Album Chart as follows:
  • 'Heart And Soul' rises from 95 to 77 selling some 1,821 units. Total sales to date: 655,007 units. It also rose from 160 to 153 on the Physical Album Chart selling some 1,821 units. Total physical sales to date:654,431 units. It dropped from 72 to 76 on the SMEI (Sony Music Entertainment International) Chart.
  • 'An Afternoon In The Garden' rises from 127 to 106 selling some 1,635 units. Total sales to date: 563,031 units. It also rose from 192 to 177 on the Physical Album Chart selling some 1,635 units. Total physical sales to date: 562,024 units. it dropped from 89 to 90 on the SMEI (Sony Music Entertainment international) Chart.
  • 'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) rose from 185 to 153 selling some 1,387 units. Total sales to date: 163,366 units.
  • 'The Essential Elvis Presley' re-enters at 172 selling some 1,308 units. Total sales to date: 510,755 units. Under RIAA rules this double album now becomes eligible for an upgrade to PLATINUM having sold over 500,000 units.
  • 'The Very Best Of Love' rises from 196 to 181 selling some 1,283 units. Total sales to date: 368,534 units.
  • 'Elvis Country' (Compilation) drops from 148 to 184 selling some 1,270 units. Total sales to date: 191,388 units.
  • 'Viva Las Vegas' drops from 65 to 97 on the Top Soundtrack Album Chart selling some 287 units. Total sales to date: 59,615 units.
  • 'Elvis On Tour' drops from 3 to 8 on the Music Video Chart selling some 722 units. Total sales to date: 12,272 units.

Irish Charts

The CD "The Real... Elvis" dropped from #51 to #81 on the Irish Album chart.

(Source: Brian Quinn)

Friday, July 05, 2013

July 05 - Blue Vinyl

On Amazon a vinyl release of the classic soundtrack "Blue Hawaii" appeared with August 27, 2013 as the release-date.

(Source: Amazon)

Thursday, July 04, 2013

July 04 - 20th Century Movies

Due for release from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on August 2, 2013 in Germany is the blu-ray "Love Me Tender".

Due from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on October 25, 2013 in Germany is the 7 DVD set "Elvis Presley - Jubiläums Box". It contains the movies Flaming Star, Wild in the Country, Clambake, Frankie and Johnny", Follow That Dream, Kid Galahad and Love me Tender.

Songs For Christmas

The Cargo budget label will re-issue their "Songs For Christmas" compilation once more in Germany. It is due October 18, 2013. 

(Source: Amazon)

Monday, July 01, 2013

July 01 - Humes High Plaque

On Tuesday August 13, Elvis Presley, along with high school classmates George Klein and Red West, will have a plaque dedicated in their honor at Humes High School in Memphis. Elvis Presley's friend, George Klein, announced this on SiriusXM's Elvis Radio station on Friday.

Radio DJ George Klein, nicknamed "GK" by Elvis, met Presley in the 8th grade at Humes High School and remained good friends with The King until his death. Elvis was the best man at Klein's wedding. Red West, an actor and songwriter, worked as a bodyguard for Elvis and was part of Elvis' entourage, known as the 'Memphis Mafia'.

Because Elvis Presley graduated from Humes, the high school is on the National Register of Historic Places. The school now houses the Humes Middle School. Due to the low student population in that area, the city has plans to turn it into a performing arts school.

The dedication ceremony will take place during the annual Elvis Presley week celebration in Memphis, Tennessee. The ceremony starts at 10 AM with George Klein in attendance. Singer Ronnie McDowell known for his song "The King is Gone" is scheduled to perform.

Elvis In The Fifties

In the U.K. the budget compilation "Elvis In The Fifties" is was re-issued by the Go Entertain budget-label on July 1, 2013.

(Source: The Examiner / Amazon)