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Elvis Day By Day is a non-profit online fan-club. The aim of Elvis Day By Day is to promote the legacy of Elvis Presley, with respect for “the man, the artist and the image". Elvis Day By Day does this by collecting and sharing the latest news for fans and people interested in Elvis Presley. 

In 2020 I released the the book "Elvis Day By Day 2019 - The Year in Review" containing all the news from 2019 with additional reviews and articles by Nigel Patterson, Piers Beagley (Elvis Information Network), Joan and Paul Gansky and Shane Brown. January 2021 a second volume, covering "everything Elvis Presley 2020" was be released. 

The Elvis Day By Day blog, founded January 1st 2010, was inspired by the great 'Elvis Day By Day' book by Peter Guralnick and Ernst Jorgensen. 

If you have any suggestions, comments or additions for the site, please contact me. You can contact me at elvis @ xs4all.nl.

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About the Author

"Have You Heard The News?"

Kees Mouwen, a lifelong Elvis Presley fan, has been writing about Elvis Presley for over twenty years. The first 10 years on ElvisNews.com, which he co-founded, and since 2010 on his Elvis blog 'Elvis DayByDay.com'. 

His main subjects are today's Elvis news and reviews of new book, music and movie releases.

When I talk to people about my Elvis Presley hobby and mention I blog on a “daily basis” about Elvis news the common reaction is "Elvis died a long time ago, what is there to tell?" Looking back on the last twenty years I tell them "pretty much!". 

The close to 3650-plus blog-posts with close to 5000 combined news-updates, posted the last eleven years alone on the Elvis Day By Day blog, clearly show that the Elvis-world is very much alive today. 

Elvis Presley may have been gone for more than 43 years, but he left a permanent mark. Hardly a day goes by without some news item, magazine article, new movie or advertisement that features Elvis as a reference point. 

With all that news mainly available online and in part in fan-club magazines I decided to return to compile 'everything Elvis Presley' in one physical illustrated chronology. 

These yearbooks, based on the Elvis Day By Day blog with with additional reviews and articles - by Nigel Patterson, Piers Beagley from the Elvis Information network and many fans like Joan and Paul Gansky, Shane Brown, Anthony Britch, Oven Egeland, Johnny van der Geld, Geoffrey McDonnell, Ryan Moore and Troy Yeary - compile all the news, as it happened, when it happened and how it developed throughout the year. 

Interview by Nigel Patterson as featured in the Danish Elvis News Magazine 

NP: Kees, you have a long background in the Elvis world. Please tell us about your involvement? 

KM: It all started 40 years ago with an Elvis cassette tape I got from my parents … no seriously I have been a fan pretty much all my life, but active in the Elvis world for little over 20 years. 

Many of us remember when the latest on everything Elvis, like news, reviews and all other information was spread through fan-club magazines and events. Then the internet happened. Fans connected and some of them started websites for their club or as a platform for their Elvis hobby sharing images, movies, music and of course news. 

For me this opened a brand new world. The result was that there was a lot of material available, but it was scattered all over the world wide web. Knowing the material was ‘out there’ I still had to collect it. 

From there the idea rose to collect and distribute all the news in one place. Together with Lex Raaphorst I founded the Elvis Telegraph (an ‘old world newspaper’ name) but we quickly renamed it ElvisNews.com (a fitting ‘new world newspaper’ name). This was 1999, and the site is still up-and-running twenty years later. 

In those ten years we pretty much set the standard for Elvis Presley news sites, got to know and interview a lot of people from the Elvis (fan) world and made some good friends. 

After 10 years we split ways and January 1st 2010 I started the blog ElvisDayByDay.com, a no nonsense blog with a focus on today’s Elvis Presley news. The name is of course inspired by the Elvis standard “Elvis Day By Day” by Peter Guralnick and Ernst Jorgensen. In line with the original book I do believe that this blog is the most complete unbiased news archive covering pretty much ‘everything Elvis’ - excluding the tabloid news - from 2010 until today. 

NP: What gave you the idea for Elvis Day By Day 2019? 

KM: The idea for an Elvis Presley yearbook is an old ambition. Like all (news) media you see Elvis magazines have to re-invent themselves and reconnect to their members in this digital and social media era. All the news is made available on-line and through fora and social media and thereby again scattered all over the place. 

The idea behind the Day By Day book was to create a physical yearbook to bring it all together. A 2.0 edition of the old "Elvis Special" annuals once put together by Albert Hand in the United Kingdom. 

This book offers something to hold, read and keep as a reference. This concept is something new and might take some getting used to when I read the reactions from fans. 

When I announced the book some asked why write a book like this when most of the material is available on-line and for free. But when people read the book they saw it for what it was, a reference of everything Elvis 2019 and they saw what they missed with additional information on some of the main releases of the year. 

With the additional reviews and articles the news got some more in-depth background. It is kind of like a fan-club magazine covering an entire year. Perhaps it is a nice idea for fan-clubs to make this book part of their subscription, as not all the fans are on-line as much as the active members. At the end of the year you get a yearbook with the best of the year. Just like in the old days when you could buy binders to keep your magazines together. 

On a personal note, I have been writing about Elvis Presley on-line, and little to show for it, physically. This book marks 20 years of writing about Elvis Presley. Thanks to the self-publish platforms available today I was able to realize my personal ambition without any help of a publisher. 

NP: Being essentially about Elvis news rather than being a biography, photo journal or focused on Elvis’ music or films, your release is very different to other Elvis books. Was this in your mind as you put the book together? 

KM: Yes it was. The last ten years we saw the release of a lot of books from the Elvis Files and Follow That Dream teams writing books on everything between 4 days in 1956, specific movies, his gospel recordings and eight volume pictorials on his life. All look back at the time Elvis lived. 

But as the current Elvis world seems very ‘alive’ and ‘active’, I thought there could be room for a book on ‘Elvis Today’ (to quote a classic album title). As I said before the book is a physical reference to everything Elvis Presley from the year 2019. A 2.0 version of the old Monthly yearbooks. 

This is kind of an experiment, to see if fans like this kind of release. Fortunately first reactions are positive! 

NP: Elvis Day By Day 2019 is a well-designed and high quality book with many great color photos. Are you happy with how the book has turned out? 

KM: Thank you for the compliment! Writing and designing the book was a nice discovery. Although graphics always had my interest I’m no professional at this, so I’m happy with how it turned out. 

The risk in a book like this is that it becomes a ‘big magazine’ and a bit boring as it covers all the updates from the complete year. Therefore I decided to add the reviews. I choose a fan-club magazine style for the news and added a bit of color with the reviews and articles. The result makes it a nice book to browse through. 

It is not a coffee table picture book, but I do think you can leave it on your coffee-table, especially the hard-cover edition. 

NP: The book is not just about the Elvis news in 2019, it features a lot more on no less that 300 pages! Please tell us about what else readers will find in the book. 

KM: When I started out with this project I had not expected it to become this big! I started out with a basic blog to book concept, but to make it more interesting I asked the guys from the Elvis Information Network, Piers Beagley and Nigel Patterson, if they wanted to cooperate on this project. Their articles are among the best available. 

I thought the addition of their in-depth long reads to the short news updates would create a nice balance and improve the appeal of the book. For this 2019 edition I also want to thank Joan and Paul Gansky for sharing their personal memories on the release of the 2019 Record Store Day LP and Shane Brown for his review of the 2010-2019 decade we closed last year. 

NP: And some of that additional content is exclusive to Elvis Day By Day 2019? 

KM: With most of the news-material available on-line there should be added value to buying the book. We added additional content on the main 2019 releases by adding new and illustrated articles and reviews. We tried to add at least two - in-depth or additional - articles to each month to create an interesting reading experience and future reference. 

NP: Kees, what were the highlights for you around Elvis in 2019? 

KM: My personal highlight for 2019 was the moment I sent out the press-release on the release of this book. From there on there was no way back on this project. 

Elvis-wise this is a harder question! I really enjoyed the release of the “Elvis in Paris” book as I visited all these spots last year, “Elvis: Through The Lens of Phillip Harrington” as I really enjoy reading about the early years of our man’s career and of course the release of “Elvis Live 1969” as he really rocked when he returned to the stage fifty years ago. 

The “Elvis Now in Person” book was a great illustration for these concerts. As a fan of his early work I liked the release of the Memphis Recording Service “Made in Germany” as it documented the historical home recordings and “Elvis: Back In Living Stereo” for the great music. The same goes for the “Elvis is Back Sessions”, these are essential for every fan and always a pleasure to listen to. 

The “The Making of Viva Las Vegas” definitely set a new standard for Elvis Presley books and therefore I am a bit reserved towards Erik Lorenzen’s “That’s The Way it Is” trilogy as the authors of the “Viva Las Vegas” book announced they will release a “That’s The Way It Is” book in 2020 too. Their “Viva Las Vegas” book holds a lot of promises in that regard. 

NP: Why should fans buy Elvis Day By Day 2019? 

KM: Ha ha, a good question! Like Milton Berle said when Elvis Presley appeared on his show: “keep buying them records, he needs the money” :-).

All kidding aside fans should get this book as a keepsake of ‘everything Elvis 2019’. With all the news, reviews and information available online you can say I have easy access to everything with a few mouse-clicks, but we all know that that to keep up-to-date ‘on-line’ works great, but in the end it you want to hold something in your hand for easy and more in-depth reading. It is easier to hold an entire year in the palm of your hand than to have to search for all separate items on-line. 

NP: What formats is Elvis Day By Day available in? 

KM: As the book aims to bring the digital world back to the old fashioned paper “Elvis Day by Day 2019” is only available as a physical book, not as an e-book. In that regard I consider my blog and the Elvis Information network as ‘e-books’. 

The book is available as a hard-cover and a soft-cover edition. The content is the same, it is a matter of taste and economics what you prefer and are willing to spend as the paperback, available through Amazon, is a bit cheaper than the hard-cover edition. 

NP: Do you have any plans for an Elvis Day By Day 2020? 

KM: Another good question. As said, it started out as a personal ambition and experiment, the reactions are positive. So yes, there are plans to do a 2020 edition, and several parties offered their services in making this possible. Let’s see how this evolves. 

I have had questions if I could work back the last ten years to 2010 when I started my Day By Day blog. I would love to see this evolve into a new series of annual yearbooks for years to come. 

NP: Kees, where can we buy Elvis Day By Day 2019? 

KM: The book is available from my website (obviously) in a hard-cover and paperback edition at www.ElvisDayByDay.com and also at PoplarTunes.com. 

The book is also available from Amazon worldwide and through various fan-club websites and shops. If fans would like to get a personalized copy, simply contact me though my website. 

NP: Kees, is there anything else you would like to say about Elvis Day By Day 2019? 

KM: Compiling, writing and designing “Elvis Day By Day 2019” was a great experience, thanks you for your contribution Nigel, could not have done this without you. I’m very proud of the result and the first reactions from readers. 

I’m glad it reconnected me to fans around the globe and the contributions from guest-writers. I hope readers will see this in this book while they (re)enjoy reading about ‘everything Elvis 2019’. I’m looking forward to reactions from fans! 

Thanks for the interview, it was a joy talking to you.  

About Elvis Day By Day

About Elvis Day By Day The aim of Elvis Day By Day is to promote the legacy of Elvis Presley, with respect for “the man, the artist and the image". Elvis Day By Day does this by collecting and sharing the latest news for fans and people interested in Elvis Presley. 

Elvis Day By Day has been recognized by Elvis Presley Enterprises as an official fan-club since 2010. 

Visit >>> ElvisDayByDay.com for daily updates and reviews on everything Elvis Presley. 

Elvis, Elvis Presley and Graceland are trademarks of Elvis Presley Enterprises. For more information visit the >>> Official Elvis Presley website

About Elvis Day By Day - The Year In Review Books

Elvis Presley left us 43 years ago, yet hardly a day goes by without news on new music, book or movie release, magazine article or advertisement that still features Elvis as a reference point. 

Since the mid-fifties paper newsletters and fan club magazines were the main medium to share information about 'everything Elvis Presley' every few months. Around 2000 the internet changed everything. Fan club websites, (specialized) news sites and social media became the new and 24/7 up-to-date Elvis news sources, connecting fans worldwide and 'real-time'. 

Fans moved from off-line to on-line and for fan clubs it became more difficult to fill their magazines with news and up-to-date content for their subscribers. Several magazines disappeared or changed their focus from news to articles and photographs, sharing the latest Elvis news through the fan club's on-line channels. 

With all that news mainly available online and in part in fan-club magazines I decided to create Elvis Presley Yearbooks. These 'Elvis Day By Day' books offer a comprehensive and illustrated chronology of ‘everything Elvis per year’ in one physical reference book. Including the good, the bad, the sad and even the news and reviews you may have missed, all compiled in one physical yearbook.

The first volume, covering 2019, was released January 2020. The second volume, documenting "everything Elvis Presley 2020" is set for release January 2021.

The books, based on the Elvis Day By Day blog come with additional long-reads, in-depth reviews, articles and interviews on the main releases by the author, Piers Beagley and Nigel Patterson (Elvis Information Network) and other enthusiastic fans sharing their perspective and enthusiasm for Elvis Presley.

Elvis, Elvis Presley and Graceland are trademarks of Elvis Presley Enterprises.