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December 30 - The Best News Stories Of 2012 Part 2

Halfway through the year Troy Yeary, author of The Mystery Train Blog, and I compiled two articles with the best news stories of 2012 till then. 

Elvis Day By Day: The best newsstories 2012 Pt. 1
Mystery Train: The best newsstories 2012 Pt. 1

Now, on the verge of 2013, it is time to finish the article with the best news stories from the last six months. Let’s pick it up where we left off.

July 28: The Holy Grail

One of the best news stories of 2012 was of course the announcement of the release of “The Boy From Tupelo” by Ernst Jorgensen. July gave us the track listing and confirmation a new song entitled “Little Mama” and several new live performances of songs we only knew from studio recordings.  Three days later the box was released. Funny to see how all details were kept a secret, especially in this day and age when nothing appears to be safe. 

July 13: A Miracle

Miracles do exist; on July 13th news broke that YouTube user 'amberola1b' posted a previously unreleased Elvis Presley live recording of “I Forgot To Remember To Forget” from the Louisiana Hayride from October 1, 1955. How funny it is that after ten years of work Ernst Jorgensen finally announced the release of his body of work that a new recording surfaces. News went through the Elvis world like a wildfire. 

The song was recorded on an early Silvertone "wire" recording machine. We initially hear Buzz Busby and the Bayou Boys before Horace Logan introduces Elvis, Scotty and Bill and their "modern-day type" new single, 'I Forgot To Remember To Forget'. 
The reaction from Ernst Jorgensen: "Wow – it’s unbelievably beautiful. I’m still trying to recover from the shock, Ernst"
The audio quality of the posting was very good, especially considering that it was a video recording of an antique Silvertone “wire” recording machine. It almost sounded better than the new concert we got from Ernst Jorgensen on the “A Boy From Tupelo” set. The discovery showed that miracles can still happen, who knows what is still out there … ready to be discovered. Especially because you could listen to the newly discovered song made this one of the highlights of the year for me. I enjoyed being an Elvis fan again.

Sad was that Elvis Presley Enterprises didn’t appear to be interested in this news, I mailed them several times but got no other answer than “Thank you for sending your email concerning a new live recording of Elvis. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about the new recording besides the link that you shared with me in your prior email. When looking for information concerning things such as this it would be best to contact Needless to say EPE never mentioned the newly discovered recording …

One day after the song appeared on-line, the owner discovered what he put on line and threatened all those linking to his video with copyright violations … Fortunately the song was bootlegged by various fan clubs and appeared on a handful of CDs so fans could enjoy this recording. An official release, apart from the “Greatest live Hits Of The 50’s” on the U.K. based Memphis Recording Service (which I expect to have used the YouTube audio) still has to see the light. 

July 6: Graceland Through The Years 1957-1977

The Boxcar Enterprises released their first book, 'Graceland Through The Years 1957-1977'. The first edition of the book, a limited edition of 2000 copies, was sold out immediately. I enjoyed reading this book very much, brought back a lot of memories of walking through the famous mansion in 2001. I still can’t believe that a book like this can be produced by a former bootlegger and EPE, sitting on a wealth of original information and memorabilia, can’t come up with a book like this; 450 pages with over 1000 photos, many never before published ... The same goes for “The Elvis Files” series, I expected EPE to publish this anthology of Elvis Presley’s live.

July 3: A Bootleggers Treasure 

Talking about bootleggers, the book “Bootleg Elvis” was released. Besides the Graceland and Tupelo books this release marks another essential book release. It documents all the vinyl bootleg releases (known to the authors) with additional background information from the original bootleggers themselves. It is not the kind of book you sit-down and read, but an essential reference and fun book to browse through every now and then. Always fun to look up the vinyl in your own collection (no I found no hidden treasure …). When will the follow-up on all bootleg CDs appear?

August 1: The Holy Grail From Another Planet

August 1, 2012 marks the release of the “Boy From Tupelo” book; an essential release for any fan who wants to now everything from the early years of Elvis Presley’s career in music. I’m still reading it and will be for some time. Thank you, thank you very much Ernst! 

Sony Legacy also spread the news on the “Prince From Another Planet” double CD / DVD set containing Elvis Presley’s legendary concert performances from Madison Square Garden. Three versions were released; one on vinyl, one double CD and one double CD with an additional DVD containing the only footage available, shot from the audience. The original album was also re-issued on vinyl by Music On Vinyl. One would expect that the CDs would be the same but somehow Sony chose that the different CD-sets would contain different remixes / remastered versions of the concerts and why not both concerts were remastered for this “definitive” release ... also, the footage on the DVD doesn’t cover the entire concert. Sony chose to show a black screen while the audio continues … why not create a mini concert with the footage available?!? 

September 18: Sheila Ryan Died

This year quite a few people from the Elvis world died this year. Some more iconic that the other, but all in some way linked to our man. Bernard Lansky who dressed him in the early days; friends like Patti Parry and Lance Legault, people he worked with professionally, or admired, like Tony Curtis, musicians, directors and concertpromotors. But one girl stood out from the rest, his last girlfriend Sheila Ryan. She passed away at the age of 59 after a battle with cancer. After Elvis and Linda Thompson broke up, he dated Sheila Ryan for a while in 1974. Elvis and Sheila met each other in Las Vegas. Elvis performed 'And I Love You So' many times during his concerts and dedicated it to Sheila. 

October 23: Hits From The Seventies

The Follow That Dream Collectors label released the “Hits Of the 70’s” compilation. Is it a very important release? I guess not, but it does mark a new direction for the collector’s label. Could it be the bottom of the barrel is finally in sight after 100+ FTD releases? 

The CD itself got mixed reactions and reviews, mainly because it did not contain any previously unreleased material. For me personally that’s no problem, the music on this compilation is very good and I enjoyed listening to it very much. Releases like this bring back memories of discovering Elvis Presley when I was young. 

November 28: Elvis Inducted into Memphis Music Hall of Fame

Elvis Presley, among other Memphis music greats, were inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame during a musical tribute held at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Memphis. 
Memphis is often known as the cradle for legendary musicians in blues, soul, and rock 'n' roll. Until today there was no Hall Of Fame, which was new to me. Walking around Memphis and enjoying all the different links to many kinds of music this had escaped me. 

Elvis Presley has been inducted in almost any Hall Of Fame, but not in his hometown. This was corrected in an event sponsored by the Memphis Rock 'n' Soul Museum. The ceremony consisted of 25 inductees who maintained strong ties to the Memphis community and were pioneers in the music industry. Other Memphians honoured were Sun Studio founder Sam Phillips, DJ Dewey Phillips, blues legends B.B. King, Howlin' Wolf, and Isaac Hayes, among many others. 
According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Priscilla Presley accepted on behalf of Elvis and noted that Elvis' musical influences included several of his fellow inductees. "I know he would be humbled and pleased to be included in standing with them tonight at this inaugural event," said Priscilla in a video message presented during the ceremony. 

November 5: Back In Memphis

The Follow That Dream label announced the release of “Back In Memphis” in their Classic Album” series. This is one of my all-time favourite albums with great recordings like “Inherit the Wind”, “Stranger in My Own Hometown” and of course the fan-favourite “Suspicious Minds” which was added as a bonus track. The additional alternate takes of these and other songs from the original album never sounded so good. 

November 26: Elvis Files Vol.1 '53-'56

Erik Lorentzen shared a preview of the first volume of his “The Elvis Files” anthology. This volume contains the years 1953 - 1956. These years turned the boy into a man and finally The King of Rock And Roll. If I think of our man images from this era come to mind. For me this is what embodies Elvis. Two volumes are still shrink-wrapped, and will probably be after I receive this volume. The first volume chronicles Elvis' rise from his pre SUN discovery to becoming the world's biggest new sensation - over more than 500 pages and 1,200 photos. Featuring all Elvis events from 1953-1956, every working moment, the early tours, the first Las Vegas trip, recording sessions, the TV shows and lots of unseen and unpublished images (according to the press-release). Originally announced for release December 2012 it will be available early 2013. 

December 21: Aloha From Hawaii – 40th Anniversary Edition

The year closes with a bang! Boxcar Enterprises announced that, in association JAT Publishing, will release a 40th Year Anniversary special book, in celebration of Elvis’ iconic "Aloha from Hawaii" titled, "Elvis – Aloha via Satellite" in February 2013.

This massive most comprehensive 450-page volume is packaged and housed the same as Boxcar’s previous outing of “Elvis Presley’s Graceland through the Years” released earlier this year. The book comprises of hundreds upon hundreds of photographs many of which have never before been seen.  Also collected here exclusively are scores of historical memorabilia and the Colonels original internal documents and scripts. According to the press release this is intended to create a time-travel experience of sorts documenting the most groundbreaking event in the annals of television history.
Unfortunately Ernst Jorgensen and Joseph Pirzada, are not on speaking terms (to put it mildly). In the spirit of Christmas it would be great of these two could come to some kind of peace and combine their efforts. That would give us fans some real great threats! 

2012 Wrap-up

So this wraps up 2012. Was it a good year? Browsing through the 290 posts I did on my ElvisDayByDay Blog I can only say it was. On only 75 days I didn’t find anything interesting to post. After years with only a few outstanding releases 2012 raised the bar on CD and book releases and vinyl made a come-back. 

I didn’t get much of the 35th anniversary celebrations, but we got “A Boy From Tupelo”, for many fans a “holy grail”, we got a lot of vinyl which appears to have made a permanent come-back, we got the “Prince From Another Planet”, a newly discovered recording of “I Forgot To Remember to Forget” that showed us that “miracles” still exist and many many import releases and a series of great book releases. While a few years ago we thought the well had run dry, I believe we may still get a few surprises in the years to come. See you around next year!

Over to you Troy, to wrap up 2012.

Kees / December 2012

December 30 - A Deranged Angel Snoopin' 'Round The New Year

The Victrola import label released the 3 CD set "Snoopin' 'Round My Door (1955 – 1977) - Elvis Revisits His Best Year 1956" The 3 discs contain alternate versions, live recordings, jam-session recordings of well known recordings. 

A Deranged Angel

Dennis van Tiel, editor of the dutch magazine Almost in Elvis, collected his work in a book. 

The dutch promo text:
"Een Verknipte Engel" (A Deranged Angel) is a bundle of stories and poems (they all were first published in the Dutch magazine "Almost in Elvis"), in which the ebullient fascination for Elvis Presley definitely dictates. The king of rock-'n-roll was not only a singer, actor or master in Kenpo karate, but also an agent in different states, healer, medicine-man, weapon expert, benefactor, mother-child, patriot and a lot more. Actually, you could say Elvis was a population group on his own. So, that's why you will 
know your self also a little bit better after reading the stories in "Een verknipte Engel". Please, step in this adventure of reading.

O, yeah, a warning upfront from the author: please don't take everything to the letter. I hope you are familiar with the concepts of irony and cynicism, before you start to read. Because, people who also read the bible are used to take a lot of words literally. Anyway, the main thing is, that there are more ways then one, that leads to expressing love and fascination for a person.

(Source: Elvis Infos / The Elvis Telegraph)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 29 - A Date In Paradise City

Touchdown Productions announced the release of "Welcome to Paradise City", which will contain an audience recording of the concert from February 18, 1977 in Columbia, South Carolina. 

It's represented in the best possible soundquality from a newer source than what was used on the old release "Release Me" from 1992. Up above it is possibly the best concert from the first tour in 1977 and without a doubt one of best concerts he gave in 1977! according to to the press-release.

[01] Also Sprach Zarathustra [02] See See Rider [03] I Got A Woman/Amen [04] Love Me [05] Fairytale [06] You Gave Me A Mountain [07] Jailhouse Rock [08] O Sole Mio/ It's Now Or Never [09] Trying To Get To You [10] Little Sister [11] Teddy Bear/ Don't Be Cruel [12] Are You Lonesome Tonight? [13] That's Alright Mama [14] My Way [15] Release Me [16] Band Introductions [17] Early Morning Rain [18] What'd I Say [19] Johnny B. Goode [20] Drum Solo - Ronnie Tutt [21] Drum Solo Pt.1 - Jerry Scheff [22] Drum Solo Pt.2 - Jerry Scheff [23] Piano Solo - Tony Brown [24] Love Letters [25] School's Out [26] Hurt [with reprise] [27] Can't Help Falling In Love [28] Closing Vamp

A Date With Elvis

Due out on December 31st. 2012 from the new EP Fanrecords import label is a CD entitled "A Date With Elvis" containing 37 tracks. The set contains:
- Complete unedited homerecordings (+ 4 edited versions)
- All overdubbed masters in the  best sound from the 1983 I Was The One album
- Live recordings from 1974 and  1976
- Radio  recordings

Edited Home Demos
1. Spanish Eyes **
2. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry  **
3. Baby, What You Want Me To Do  **
4. That'S All Right **

Overdubbed Masters From The I Was The One Album
5. My Baby Left Me
6. Little Sister
7. Don’t
8. Wear My Ring Around Your  Neck
9. Paralyzed
10. Baby Let's Play House
11. I Was The One
12. Rip It Up
13. Young And Beautiful
14. Ready Teddy
15. (You're So Square) Baby I Don't  Care

Jackson, Ms. September 5, 1976 (8:30 Pm) State Fair Coliseum *
16. Blue Christmas
17. Jingle Bells (Instrumental By  Band)
18. How Great Thou Art
19. Monologue
20. Can't Help Falling In  Love (Incomplete)

Las Vegas,  Nv. September 2, 1974 (12:00 Am) Hilton Hotel *
21. I Couldn'tLive Without You (Performed By Voice)

The Complete Unedited Home Demos Palm Springs, Ca. April 1974
22. Spanish Eyes
23. Young At Heart
24. Let Me Be The One

Sam Thompson's House Memphis, Tn. November 1973
25. Baby, What You Want Me To  Do
26. I'm So Lonesome I Could  Cry
27. Rocky Top (Instrumental)
28. Spanish Eyes
29. Cc Rider
30. That'S All Right Mama
31. Your Life Has Just  Begun
32. Tear Drops
33. Elvis Recites A  Poem

Radio  Recordings
34. “Hello To Hawaii” (Promo – 1956)
35. “Hello Australia” (Promo – 1959)
36. I Forgot To Remember To  Forget (Newly Found Live Recording – Probably  October 1, 1955 *)
37. “Aloha Elvis” (Interview – January 9, 1973)
*Recorded Live On Stage
**Edited For This Release – We’ve Also Included The Complete Recording.

(Source: The Elvis Telegraph / Essential Elvis)

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December 28 - Forgery Chart Files

Erik Lorentzen's new 'Elvis Files Vol.1 1953 - 1956' is at the printers and will be published soon. A huge volume of 594 pages even with it trimmed down to a feasible postal weight - 1956 was a great year for Elvis. The first volume of the Elvis Files story, chronicling Elvis' rise from his pre SUN discovery to becoming the world's biggest new sensation - nearly 600 pages and 1,400 photos. Featuring All Elvis Events from 1953-1956, Every Working Moment, The Early Tours, The first Las Vegas trip, Recording Sessions, The TV Shows and lots of unseen and unpublished images according to the press release. The publication date is now scheduled for January 2013.

- Every Working Moment
- The Early Tours
- The first Las Vegas trip
- Plenty of CANDID Moments
- All the Recording Sessions
- Elvis Interviews
- The TV Shows
- 'Love Me Tender' the first movie

Elvis Tops List Of Most-forged Celebrity Signatures
Elvis Presley and The Beatles top the list of most-forged celebrity signatures in 2012, with less than half of their autographs for sale certified as genuine, memorabilia authenticators PSA/DNA said on Thursday.

The King and The Fab Four British rockers, who topped the list two years ago when it was last released, joined notable figures such as former U.S. President John F. Kennedy and late pop star Michael Jackson on the list of most-forged celebrity signatures. Late American astronaut Neil Armstrong landed at No. 3 on the list, after fake Armstrong signatures rose significantly after his death in July.
Secretaries and assistants responding to huge volumes of fan mail are one reason for fake signatures floating through the marketplace, said Margaret Barrett, director of entertainment and music memorabilia at Heritage Auctions in Los Angeles. "Back in the day, the kids would write to the movie studios," Barrett said. "There was absolutely no financial gain 50 years ago and secretaries and assistants just wanted to make them happy. A lot of times people stumble upon an old box of signed photographs in grandma's attic and don't know they're forged."

  • 'It's Christmas Time' drops from #65 to #88 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for the week ending January 5, 2013. It also drops from #8 to #12 on the Catalog Album Chart and from 18 to 19 on the Holiday Album Chart.
  • 'The Classic Christmas Album' drops from #24 to #28 on the Country Album Chart.
  • 'Blue Christmas' (Single) rises from #24 to #22 on the Holiday Airplay Chart and from 14 to 12 on the Holiday Songs Chart.
  • The "Prince From Another Planet“ dropped from #115 to #162 on the Wallonian Album chart in Belgium.
  • The CD "The Real … Elvis" dropped from #70 to #77 on the Irish Album chart. 
(Source: Elvis Information Network / ElvisMatters / The King's World)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 27 - Top Notch After Christmas

The CD "Top Notch Hollywood", featuring recordings from Elvis Presley at the Radio Recorders Studio, was released. It holds a variety of (un)released songs, instrumental muscat ramble, 2 #1 hits, a 1957 RCA commercial and more. 

(Source: Elvis Infos)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 26 - Collecting Elvis

D'Agostini and EPE planned the release of volume 26 in their "Elvis Sammlung" series in Germany on December 26th. You can probably pick it up at the newsstand one day later.. This volume contains the DVD "Kissin' Cousins", a magazine, memorabilia reproductions and more. 

(Source: Elvis-Sammlung)

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December 25 - Merry Christmas Readers!

I wish you all a very merry Christmas! Or as Elvis would sing:

Merry, merry Christmas baby
Sure did treat me nice
I said merry Christmas baby
Sure did treat me nice
Gave me a diamond ring for Christmas
Now I'm living in paradise

Well I'm feeling might fine

Got good music on my radio
Well, I'm feeling might fine
Got good music on my radio
Well, I want to kiss you baby
While you're standing beneath the mistletoe

I said, merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas baby

You sure did treat me nice
Yes, you did, yes, you did
Yes, you did, yes, you did
I said merry, merry Christmas baby
Sure did treat me nice
Gave me diamond ring for Christmas 
Now I'm puttin' it through Al's mike

(Words and music by Lou Baxter and Johnny Moore)

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December 23 - Audience-recordings Under The Three

The Convair import label released the CD "Raising His Own Bar" containing an audience-recording of Elvis Presley's August 14, 1969, Dinner Show as recorded in the Las Vegas Hilton.

The CD "Left A Good Job In The City", containing an audience-recording from the June 9, 1972 evening show performance by Elvis Presley at Madison Square Garden, New York. 

(Source: Elvis On CD)

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December 22 - A Blu-Spec Aloha Legacy

Sony Legacy announced the release "Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite" in their Legacy Edition series. The tracklisting on Amazon doesn't appear to be 100% correct.

From Amazon:
Elvis Presley performed at the H.I.C. Arena in Honolulu on January 14, 1973, Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite was the first, worldwide live satellite broadcast of a concert - broadcast to over 40 Nations and screened to others several weeks later. The concert debuted in the U.S. TV on NBC on April 4 and the Nielsen ratings had the show at 33.8% of homes and 51% of those watching TV - and in the Far-East, TV viewing records were broken in Japan, Philippines, Australia, Korea and Hong Kong! 

On Jan 12, a full dress rehearsal took place prior to the main show. Previously issued as "The Alternate Aloha", this dress rehearsal performance makes up the first 21 tracks of Disc 2 of this Legacy Edition, which has been REMIXED and REMASTERED by Steve Rosenthal and Rob Santos. At the end of the main show on Jan 14, Elvis recorded 5 bonus songs behind closed doors for the US version of the TV show (tracks 25 to 29 Disc 2). Although previously issued, it is the first time all 5 songs have appeared in their rightful place!

This new 2-CD Legacy Edition features: 
Disc 1 The Original Album (Remastered)
Disc 2 The January 12th.  Dress Rehearsal + 5 bonus tracks (Remixed and remastered
24 page booklet with rare photos and new liner notes.

Tracklisting disc: 1
1. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme From 2001: A Space Odyssey)
2. See See Rider
3. Burning Love
4. Something
5. You Gave Me A Mountain
6. Steamroller Blues
7. My Way
8. Love Me
9. Johnny B. Goode
10. It's Over
11. Blue Suede Shoes
12. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
13. I Can't Stop Loving You
14. Hound Dog
15. What Now My Love
16. Fever
17. Welcome To My World
18. Suspicious Minds
19. Introductions by Elvis
20. I'll Remember You
21. Medley: Long Tall Sally/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
22. An American Trilogy
23. A Big Hunk O' Love
24. Can't Help Falling In Love

Tracklisting disc: 2
1. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme From 2001: A Space Odyssey)
2. See See Rider
3. Burning Love
4. Something
5. You Gave Me A Mountain
6. Steamroller Blues
7. My Way
8. Love Me
9. Johnny B. Goode
10. It's Over
11. Blue Suede Shoes
12. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
13. I Can't Stop Loving You
14. Hound Dog
15. What Now My Love
16. Fever
17. Welcome To My World
18. Suspicious Minds
19. Introductions by Elvis
20. I'll Remember You
21. Medley: Long Tall Sally/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
22. An American Trilogy
23. A Big Hunk O' Love
24. Can't Help Falling In Love
25. Blue Hawaii (Bonus Song)
26. Ku-U-I-Po (Bonus Song)
27. No More (Bonus Song)
28. Hawaiian Wedding Song (Bonus Song)
29. Early Morning Rain (Bonus Song)

Blu-Spec CD

The Legacy Edition of "Elvis Presley" will be released on the blu-spec format on March 12, 2013 in Japan. 

Pot Luck

The Hoodoo Records (Harmonia Mundi) will release the CD "Pot Luck / A Date With Elvis" on January 18, 2013.

Volume 5

The Millbranch Music import label released the double CD "The Bicentennial King Vol. 5" containing an audience-recording from May 6, 1976 dinner show as recorded at Lake Tahoe / Nevada, Sahara Tahoe Hotel.

(Source: Amazon / Elvis On CD)

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December 21 - 40th Aloha Chart Celebration

Boxcar Enterprises announced that, in association JAT Publishing, will release a 40th Year Anniversary special book, in celebration of Elvis’ iconic "Aloha from Hawaii" titled, "Elvis – Aloha via Satellite" in February 2013.

From the press-release:
This massive most comprehensive 450 page volume is packaged and housed the same as Boxcar’s previous outing of “Elvis Presley’s Graceland through the Years” released earlier this year.
The text book comprises of hundreds upon hundreds of photographs many of which have never before been seen.  Also collected here exclusively are scores of historical memorabilia and the Colonels original internal documents and scripts. This is intended to create a time-travel experience of sorts documenting the most groundbreaking event in the annals of television history.

On January 14th 1973 “Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii - Via Satellite” was the first live concert to be televised live with a global viewing audience of 1.5 Billion. An audience larger than man's first landing on the moon! From the ‘making of’ to the show itself, the reader enjoys reliving the magic of this extraordinary event and is sufficiently reminded that 1,500,000,000 Elvis fans can't be wrong! More details with further artwork in January 2013.

  • The CD "The Real... Elvis“ dropped from #63 to #70 on the Irish Album-Chart.
  • In Belgium, the "Prince From Another Planet“ set climbed 50 spots on the Wallonian Album chart from #165 to #115. 
  • On the Billboard Album top 200 "It’s Christmas Time“ dropped from #46 to #65 while "Elvis Christmas" from #133 to #155. 
  • On the Holiday chart "It’s Christmas Time“dropped from #14 to #18. 
  • The song "Blue Christmas“ climbed is listed at #14 on the Holiday Song Chart and #24 on the Holiday Airplay Chart. 
  • The Classic Christmas Album' drops from #155 to #185 on the Top 200 Album Chart selling some 6,175 units. Total sales to date: 35,153 units. It also drops from #19 to #24 on the Country Album Chart. It also drops from 107 to 135 on the Current Album Chart (Top 200 albums minus Catalog Albums).
  • Elvis Uncovered re-enters the Current Album Chart at 200. (Top 200 albums minus Catalog albums).
(Source: Boxcar Enterprises / The King's World / Brian Quinn)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 20 - 25 Greatest Christmas Give-A-Ways

The Dutch Elvis Corner shop released a new three panel Christmas CD a give-a-way entitled "Christmas With Elvis" with all purchase in their shop in Utrecht in The Netherlands or their webshop. The CD contains "Silent Night", "Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem" and a 1957 radio commercial.

The French Elvis My Happiness fan club announced a new give-a-way CD entitled "All Shook Up" with every purchase of 50 Euro or more in their store or webshop. 

The 25 Greatest Christmas Albums of All Time

Rolling Stone magazine has announced the results to find the top 25 greatest Christmas albums of all time. Elvis Presley is listed at #2 with his 1957 "Elvis' Christmas Album". 

From Rolling Stone:
Want to know how revolutionary Elvis was in Fifties America? Irving Berlin, the author of "White Christmas," was so scandalized by Elvis's 1957 version of the song that he tried to get it banned from radio. Sorry, Irv. Instead, Elvis' Christmas Album topped the Billboard charts for a month and went on to sell nearly 20 million copies in various editions. It's a wonderful mix of lighthearted rock & roll ("Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me"), reverent versions of traditional favorites ("O Little Town of Bethlehem") and nods to his country and gospel roots ("Take My Hand, Precious Lord"). The classic, of course, is "Blue Christmas." But on every song, Elvis ingeniously adds a suggestive thrust to a lilywhite genre while slightly purifying his own bad-boy image by showing he could warm your hearth as well as roast your chestnuts.

Pinkie Elizabeth Fishman Died

Mrs. Pinkie Elizabeth Smith Fishman 77 of Pascagoula, MS passed away Thursday, December 20, 2012. Born August 25, 1935 in Taylorsville, MS to the late Thomas and Amanda Smith, she had been a resident of Pascagoula for over 50 years. She had dated Elvis Presley for a time, before she met and married the love her life Herbert “Herb” Fishman. He often joked that he had stolen her away from Elvis.

"There were women there seven days a week for months and months trying to meet him and nobody ever got to," said her son, Jared Fishman. "She went right past them." Elvis took a liking to the petite blonde with high cheekbones. It would not be her last visit to Graceland. The singer and Smith were both 21, but he was already famous. His lifestyle was a little too fast for Pinkie, Jared Fishman said, so they did not date too long. A few years ago, Pinkie’s health began to fail. She developed Alzheimer's and died at the age of 77.

(Source: ElvisShop / Elvis My Happiness / Rolling Stone / ElvisMatters / GulfLife)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19 - A Date In Lake Charles

A new import-release was announced. The CD "Elvis As Recorded Live In Lake Charles" containing the May 4, 1975 Evening Show. The evening show from May 4, 1975 was first released on the "A Profile - The King On Stage" boxset (released in 1995) from the Fort Baxter label.

From the press-release:
- Newly remastered
38 tracks including the evening show from May 4, 1975 + 8 bonus tracks!- Elvis sings "Jambalaya", "Johnny B. Goode", "Big Boss Man", "Fairytale", "My Boy", "Promised Land", "It's Midnight" and many others...
- Including 8 pages booklet with photos and recording information. 

1 Elvis talks 2 Jambalaya 3 Love Me 4 If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 5 Love Me Tender 6 All Shook Up 7 Teddy Bear / Don’t Be Cruel 8 The Wonder Of You 9 Polk Salad Annie 10 Band Introductions (part 1) 11 What I’d Say featuring James Burton’s guitar solo 12 Ronnie Tutt’s drums solo 13 Jerry Scheff’s Blues solo 14 Glen Hardin’s piano solo 15 Band Introductions (part 2) 16 School Days 17 Johnny B. Goode 18 Steamroller Blues 19 T-R-O-U-B-L-E 20 I’ll Remember You 21 Why Me Lord? 22 Let Me Be There 23 An American Trilogy 24 Hound Dog 25 Elvis talks 26 Funny How Time Slips Away 27 Little Darlin’ 28 Can’t Help Falling In Love 29 Closing Vamp 30 Announcement
Bonus tracks - recorded live on tour
31 Help Me 32 You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me 33 Big Boss Man 34 It’s Midnight 35 Promised Land 36 Fairytale 37 Burning Love 38 My Boy.

A Date With Elvis

The WaxTime label will release "A Date With Elvis" on Janurary 8, 2013.

Tracklisting side A:
Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Milkcow Blues Boogie - Baby, Let's Play House - I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine - Tutti Frutti - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) - I Got A Woman
Tracklisting side B:
Good Rockin' Tonight - Is It So Strange - We're Gonna Move - Blue Moon - Just Because - One-Sided Love Affair - Let Me

(Source: FECC /Elvis Club Berlin)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 18 - Legendary Release

The "Million Dollar Session" will be re-issued as "The Legendary Session" as a double CD set on the Union Square Music (Soulfood) label on February 22, 2013.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 16 - A Bicentennial Tour

The Gravel Road importlabel announced the re-release of two new titles, containing remastered, but  previously released, concerts from 1972 and 1976.

From the press-release: 
According to Gravel Road Music the “Star-sprangled Spectacular Bicentennial ’76” will raise a few questions for the critics as Elvis sounds way better now with a mastering job done properly… The second disc is a great re-mastering of the famous Hampton ’72 concert, which blows all previous releases of this show out of the water – Great sound, fantastic dynamics and Elvis in amazing voice.

Star-Spangled Spectacular Bicentennial’76 
  • This Special limited 2 CD set edition includes two spectacular Hampton concerts. 
  • The first disc contains the legendary 1976 Hampton Bicentennial concert!
  • The second disc contains the famous 1972 Hampton On Tour Concert!
  • It comes in a wonderful deluxe digi-pack with booklet, extensive liner notes & photos.
  • You may have heard this before, but never in this quality.
  • August 1- 1976 (2:30 pm). Hampton VA. Hampton Coliseum
It was a special year for America. The Bicentennial Year, the two-hundredth anniversary of this great nation. Any American with patriotism wanted to show it in some way. Elvis wanted to spread a positive message about
this country throughout this special year, and so he decided to add ‘America The Beautiful’ to his set list.

As Forest George writes in his assessment of this show: There is nothing more exciting to me than finding a (re-mastered) soundboard of an Elvis Presley concert. Audience recordings are fine, but sometimes you just want to hear the entire band and Elvis rock & roll’. This is so true, but… the concert has never been restored and re-mastered. Until Now!

Tracklisting August 1, 1976 (2:30 pm). Hampton VA. Hampton Coliseum
2001 Theme / C. C. Rider / I Got A Woman - Amen / Love Me / If You Love Me / You Gave Me A Mountain / All Shook Up / Teddy Bear - Don’t Be Cruel / And I Love You So / Jailhouse Rock / Fever / America The Beautiful / Return To Sender / Band Introductions / Early Morning Rain ( featuring John Wilkinson ) / What’d I Say ( featuring James Burton ) / Johnny B Goode ( featuring James Burton ) / Drum Solo ( featuring Ronnie Tutt ) / Battle Of New Orleans ( featuring Jerry Scheff ) / Piano Solo ( featuring Tony Brown ) / Electric Piano Solo ( featuring David Briggs ) / Love Letters / School Day / Hurt (+ reprise) / Hound Dog - Good Golly Miss Molly (excerpt) / Funny How Time Slips Away / Cant Help Falling In Love / Closing Vamp.

Tracklisting April 9, 1972 (8:30 pm). Hampton VA. Hampton Coliseum:
Also Sprach Zarathustra /. C. C. Rider /. Until It's Time For You To Go /. Polk Salad Annie /. Love Me /. All Shook Up / Teddy Bear (with 2 false starts)/Don't Be Cruel / Are You Lonesome Tonight? /. I Can't Stop Loving You / Hound Dog / Bridge Over Troubled Water / Suspicious Minds / For The Good Times / Band Introductions / An American Trilogy / Love Me Tender / A Big Hunk Of Love / How Great Thou Art / Sweet Sweet Spirit (The Stamps) / Lawdy Miss Clawdy / Cant Help Falling In Love / Closing Vamp/Announcements.

(Source: Elvis Telegraph / Elvis Club Berlin)

Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14 - A Double Strike In New York

The Straight Arrow importlabel released the CDs "Chicago Double-Strike" and "Left A Good Job In The City" containing two audiencerecordings from May 1st. and 2nd. 1977 as recorded in Chicago and Elvis’ First Show in New York,  as recorded on June 9, 1972. 

Billboards Best Selling Catalog Artists Of 2012

Elvis Presley is listed at #10 of Billboards Top Selling Catalogue Album Artists (albums older than 18 months). He is listed at #85 on Billboard 200 Top Best Selling Artists. 

The Top 10 Best Selling Catalogue Album Artists:
1. Whitney Houston
2. Adele
3. Taylor Swift
4. Eminem
5. The Black Keys
6. Lady Antebellum
7. Florence + The Machine
8. Guns n' Roses
9. Zac Brown Band
10. Elvis Presley

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 13 - Classic FTD Charts

The Follow That Dream Collector's label released the CDs "3000 South Paradise Road" double CD and the "Elvis Is Back" classic album on 2 discs. The vinyl re-issue of "G.I. Blues" is delayed.

24 Karat Vinyl Is Back

Analogue Productions released their editions of "Elvis Is Back!" and  "Elvis Presley - 24 Karat Hits" on  180 gramm vinyl. These two albums were re-issued as Super Audio CDs by the same label a few weeks back. 

Golden Charts

The U.S. sales for the week ending December 22, 2012. Two albums topped the 500,000 mark in sales, "Elvis Christmas Duets" and "An Afternoon In The Garden" and qualified for a RIAA Gold Record Award.
  • 'It's Christmas Time' rises from 57 to 46 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart  with sales of 15,716 units. Total sales to date: 1,460,420 units. It also rises from 7 to 6 on the Catalog Album Chart and rises from 17 to 14 on the Holiday Album Chart.
  • 'Elvis Christmas' rises from 192 to 133 on the Top 200 Album Chart with sales of 6,802 units. Total sales to date: 617, 330 units.
  • 'The Classic Christmas Album' (2012) rises from 163 to 155 on the Top 200 Album Chart with 6,041 units. Total sales to date: 28,978 units. It also remains at 19 on the Country Album Chart.
  • The following albums also appear on the Catalog Album Charts:
  • 'Blue Christmas' selling some 3,660 units. Total sales to date: 763,915 units.
  • 'Elvis Christmas Duets' selling some 2,983 units. Total sales to date: 501,801 units. This means it qualifies for a RIAA Gold Award.
  • 'Heart And Soul' selling some 2,890 units. Total sales to date: 600,266 units.
  • 'Elvis Inspirational' selling some 2,485 units. Total sales to date: 116,662 units.
  • 'An Afternoon In The Garden' selling some 2,441 units. Total sales to date: 505,415 units. This means it qualifies for a RIAA Gold Award.
  • 'Elvis Country' selling some 2,422 units. Total sales to date: 143,690 units.
  • 'Blue Christmas' remains at 13 on the Holiday Songs Chart and also remains at 23 on the Holiday Airplay Chart.
European Charts
  • The CD "The Real … Elvis" topped the 1 year mark on the Irish Album chart this week, remaining steady at #65. 
  • The "Prince From Another Planet“ set re-entered the Wallonian Album chart in Belgium at # #165 this week. 

Classic Years

The prestige budget label announced the release of the the compilation "Classic Years" with January 07, 2013 as the release-date. 

(Source: FTD / HMV / FECC / Brian Quinn / Elvis Memories / The King's World)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12 - Christmas Vinyl

This is the cover-art for the vinyl re-issue of Elvis Presley's Christmas album as it will be re-issued by the Rumble (Cargo Records) label on January 13, 2013

1. Santa Claus Is Back In Town
2. White Christmas
3. Here Comes Santa Claus (Down Santa Claus Lane)
4. I'll Be Home For Christmas
5. Blue Christmas
6. Santa, Bring My Baby Back (To Me)
7. Silent Night
8. Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem
9. Treat Me Nice (Bonus)
10. My Wish Came True (Bonus)
11. Don't (Bonus)
12. I Believe
13. Tell Me Why (Bonus)
14. Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do! (Bonus)
15. All Shook Up (Bonus)
16. Mean Woman Blues (Bonus)
17. (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me)
18. I Beg Of You (Bonus)
19. That's When Your Heartaches Begin (Bonus)
20. Take My Hand, Precious Lord


The movie Charro was re-issued.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10 - DVD's

Paramount Home Entertainment will release the 8 DVD set "Elvis" January 03, 2013 in Germany. It was released in 2007 as "Elvis – 30th Anniversary DVD Collection" and contains the movies "King Creole", "G. I. Blues", "Blue Hawaii","Girls! Girls! Girls!", "Fun In Acapulco", "Roustabout", "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" and "Easy Come, Easy Go". 

(Source: The King's World)

Sunday, December 09, 2012

December 09 - Elvis In Wonderland

The Wonderland Record importlabel released a new 4 CD longbox entitled “Elvis Unedited Masters”. This release comes with a 12 pages booklet and is limited to 400 copies.

CD 1) Unedited Masters – Nashville 1970
CD 2) Unedited Masters – Nashville 1971
CD 3) Unedited Masters – Stax 1973
CD 4) Unedited Masters – Hollywood To Nashville 1972-1980

Tracklist: CD 1 (Unedited Master / Nashville 1970):

Got My Mojo Working / Keep Your Hands Off It (Unedited O.V. Master) - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (Unedited O.V. Master) - Just Pretend (Unedited O.V. Master) - Faded Love (Brass & Stings O.V. Master) - The Next Step Is Love (Unedited O.V. Master) - Make The World Go Away (Take 3 - O.V. / Work Part Take 1 O.V.) - I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (Unedited Overdubbed Master) - Twenty Days And Twenty Nights (Unedited O.V. Master) - I've Lost You (Unedited O.V. Master) - I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago ((Unedited Master)) - The Sound Of Your Cry (Unedited O.V. Master) - The Fool (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Cindy, Cindy (Unedited O.V. Master) - It's Your Baby, You Rock It (Unedited Alternate Master) - Stranger In The Crowd (Unedited O.V. Master) - Mary In The Morning (Unedited O.V. Master) - This is Our Dance (Backup Vocal Overdub Master) - Only Believe (O.V. Master - Featuring Horns) - Patch It Up (Unedited Alternate Master) - The Fool (Take 1 - Different Mix )

Tracklist: CD 2 (Unedited Master) / Nashville 1971):
Help Me Make It Through The Night (Unedited Master) - Until It's Time For You To Go (Unedited O.V. Master) - Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) (Unedited Master) - It's Still Here (Unedited) - I Will Be True (Unedited) - I'm Leavin' (Unedited O.V. Master) - We Can Make The Morning (Unedited Overdubbed Master) - It's Only Love (Unedited O.V. Master) - Love Me Love The Life I Lead (Unedited O.V. Master) - Until It's Time For You To Go (Remake - Unedited Alternate Master) - Put Your Hand In The Hand (Unedited Master) - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (O.V. Master - Different Mix) - That's What You Get (For Loving Me) (Unedited Master) - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Duet With Ginger Holiday) - Early Mornin' Rain (Take 11 - Unedited) - Amazing Grace (Take 2 - No Backing Vocals) - Miracle Of The Rosary (Unedited Undubbed Master) - I Want, I Need You, I Love You (Parts) / That's What You Get (For Loving Me) (Unknown Take)
Bonus Songs / Nashville 1970:
Patch It Up (Unedited Master) - Little Cabin On The Hill (Unedited Master) - Rags To Riches (Undubbed Master) - Bridge Over Troubled Water (No Backing Vocals O.V.)

Tracklist: CD 3 (Unedited Master) / Stax 1973):
Promised Land (Take 6 - Vocal Harmony By Elvis - Unedited) - It’s Midnight (Undubbed - Take 19) - If You Talk In Your Sleep (Unedited Master) - Thinking About You (Unedited O.V. Master) - Love Song Of The Year (Unedited O.V. Master) - Help Me (With False Start - Overdubbed Master) - My Boy (Unedited O.V. Master) - Loving Arms (With Backing Vocals - Overdubbed Master) - Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Talk About The Good Times (Unedited O.V. Master) - Your Love’s Been A Long Time Coming (Unedited O.V. Master) - There’s A Honky Tonk Angel (Unedited O.V. Master) - If You Talk In Your Sleep (Backing Vocals Overdub) - If That Isn’t Love (Take 1)
Bonus Songs:
Blue Hawaii (Rehearsal - Incomplete) - Dialogue - Blue Hawaii / Dialogue (Take 1) - Blue Hawaii (Take 2) - Dialogue - Ku-U-I-Po (Take 1) - Dialogue / No More (Take 1) - Dialogue / Hawaiian Wedding Song (Take 2) - Hawaiian Wedding Song (Take 3) - Hawaiian Wedding Song (Take 4) - Early Morning Rain (Take 2)

Tracklist: CD 4 (Unedited Master / Hollywood To Nashville 1972 - 1980):
Burning Love (Take 5 - 6) - For The Good Times (undubbed Master) - Fool (Take 1 - Unedited Master) - Always On My Mind (Unedited) - It's A Matter Of Time (Unedited) - Seperate Ways (Take 25 - Unedited) - Fool (Unedited - Overdubbed Master) - Always On My Mind (Unedited undubbed Master) - For Ol' Time Sake (Re-Recording 1980) - Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall (Re-Recording 1980) - Way Down ((Unedited Master)) - Pledging My Love (Unedited Master) - She Thinks I Still Care (Unedited undubbed Master) - Moody Blue (Unedited over: X-XML: Dubbed Master) - The Last Farewell (Unedited undubbed Master) - Hey Jude (Unedited - Re-Recording 1980) - She Thinks I Still Care (Unedited - Re-Recording 1980) - Fairytale (Unedited undubbed Master) - Where Do I Go From Here (Undubbed Master - Mix)