Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 29 - The Promised Releases

The latest UK Fan club magazine offers 'Promised Land' and the book '4 days in '56' for pre-order with November 2011 as the releasedate. Officially no announcements have been sent out by the Follow That Dream Collectors label.

The Real Chart

The CD 'The Real... Elvis' found it's way up in the Irish Album charts again; it climbed from #53 to #41. 

This week, 'An Afternoon In The Garden' drops from #143 to #154 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart and also drops from #17 to #20 on the Catalog Album Chart for the week ended 8th October, 2011.

Soundscan Sales-figures from this week's Billboard charts (sales to September 25, 2011)
Top Catalog Albums
#19 An Afternoon In The Garden 339,535
#44 The Very Best Of Love (2007 re-issue) 168,913
#140 An Evening Prayer 97,486
#151 Elvis Rock 109,412
#174 Elvis 30 #1 Hits 4,766,326.

Essential Elvis #75

Volume 75 of the U.K. based Essential Elvis magazine was shipped to the printer. This issue features interviews with Ed Hill and Randy Starr, articles on Elvis Week 2011, the Graceland Mansion, a tribute to Jerry Leiber, news reviews and more.

(Source: FECC / The King's World / Elvis Express / Essential Elvis)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 28 - Pocket Full Of Rainbows

The Italian DJ Spankox released a CD-Single with his reggae-remix if 'A pocket Full Of Rainbows'. The other track on the single is his remix of 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?'. The single was previously available as a digital download through iTunes.

(Source: ElvisMatters)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 27 - Real Gone Elvis

The Real Gone Jazz budget label released a 4-CD set containing eight original albums by Elvis Presley; Elvis Presley, Elvis, Loving You, Christmas Album, King Creole, Elvis Is Back, G.I. Blues, His Hand in mine and all the singles from 1956 to 1960. 

(Source: Real Gone Jazz)

Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26 - I'm Counting On You Larry Geller

Elvis Australia mentioned the death of Larry Geller, Elvis's former hairdresser and spiritual advisor. Thanks to Elvis Matters who contacted Shira Geller the news appeared to be untrue. Larry Geller is alive and doing well. The fanclub talked to Shira Geller and she was amazed that a rumour with no truth in it whatsoever spread so fast. So: here it is the way it is: Larry Geller is thankfully still doing well.

Even Larry himself stepped in: 'Just found out about the rumor of my passing! I AM VERY MUCH ALIVE THANK GOD! Please get the word out that it is not true - I have no idea how it started! I am well, working on a new project, and I will keep you posted. Thanks for your concern.
- Larry Geller'

4 Days In 56 : A Moment In Time

After the 'Fashion For A King' book release another book should be due from the Follow That Dream Collector's label; '4 Days In 56 : A Moment In Time'. The 200 page book that is being produced as a companion release to the 'Young Man With The Big Beat'. The book chronicles four daysin the Spring of '56 as Elvis barnstorms from Detroit, to Columbus, Ohio, to Dayton, Ohio and finally lands in Memphis where he gets  to enjoy his new home on Audubon Drive (proposed cover art).

I'm Counting On You

The Rockwell Records label announced the release of ' I'm Counting On You' featuring twelve country style songs. 

Tracklisting: Blue Moon Of Kentucky - I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine - You're A Heartbreaker - We're Gonna Move - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again - I'm Counting On You - Poor Boy - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You - True Love - I Forgot To Remember To Forget - Love Me Tender - Old Shep

Elvis Presley Signature Collection

Warner Home Video released the 6 DVD set 'Elvis Presley Signature Collection' in the U.K. (Region 2).

Best Of

The Stick Music budget label released the double CD "Best Of' compilation in their 'Extreme' series.

(Source: Elvis Australia / ElvisMatters / Elvis Express / Elvis Information Network / Rockwell Records / Amazon)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 25 - ElvisNews Unlimited

 The Danish Elvis Unlimited fn club send the latest editions of their 'Elvis Unlimited' (#50) and 'Elvis News' (#124 in Danish) magazines to the printer. The magazines will ship tho the club's subscribers next week. 

(Source: Elvis Unlimited)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 24 - Alright, Okay, You Win Jerry

The Straight Arrow import label announced the release of the CD 'Alright, Okay, You Win' containing an audience recording of the September 29, 1974 afternoon show as recorded in Detroit MI. 

From the press-release:
Since the late 70s, there were rumours that the tour opening in College Park was a complete disaster - one of the worst Elvis concerts ever. This rumour was first published in Jerry Hopkins' book, and it was repeated in various publications so many times that almost nobody had any doubt. In 2006, Straight Arrow released a CD called "Chaos In College park" which was an eye-opener, and proof that it was rather decent concert with some fine performances, too. 
According to several books, the Detroit, MI, September 29th, 1974 afternoon performance was another of the most controversial Elvis Presley events. In a recent book, "Day by Day", it's said that Elvis was on stage for 30 minutes only, giving his worst concert of the tour. 
In August, Straight Arrow obtained a bunch of tapes, among them a 1st generation copy of a previously unknown audience recording of this Detroit concert. The producers decided to release this particular recording because it is an interesting show in good sound quality. Will another myth be shattered? Is the show as bad as its reputation? Judge for yourself. It's worth pointing out that the running time is about an hour, and not 30 minutes. 
As you've come to expect from Straight Arrow, the tape was completely restored for your enjoyable listening. The disc is accompanied with a deluxe 16-page booklet, including critical liner notes and a collection of photos taken in Detroit on Sept. 29th, October 4th and in South Bend on September 30th, 1974. 
"Alright, Okay, You Win" will be released in early October. 

01. Opening Vamp / C. C. Rider - 02. I Got A Woman / Amen - 03. Love Me 04. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - 05. It's Midnight - 06. Big Boss Man - 07. Fever - 08. Love Me Tender - 09. Hound Dog - 10. All Shook Up - 11. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel / Hound Dog - 12. Don't Be Cruel (reprise) - 12. Introductions of singers, musicians - 13. When It's My Time (by Voice) - 14. Why Me Lord - 15. Introductions of singers, musicians continues - 16. Lead Guitar Solo (James Burton) - 17. Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - 18. Bass Solo (Duke Bardwell) - 19. Alright, Okay, You Win (Glen D. Hardin, sung by Elvis) - 20. Killing Me Softly (by Voice, incomplete) - 21. Let Me Be There (with reprise) - 22. Hawaiian Wedding Song - 23. Can't Help Falling In Love 24. Closing Vamp. 
Bonus: Alright, Okay, You Win (taken from soundboard)

Way Down With Jerry Scheff

Backbeat Books announced the release of Jerry Scheff autobiography entitled 'Way Down: Playing Bass with Elvis, Dylan, the Doors and More - The Autobiography of Jerry Scheff' with March 2012 as the releasedate. 

From the pressrelease:
"In this candid and perceptive memoir of his 45-year career, bassist Jerry Scheff takes us onto Elvis's private jet, on tour with Bob Dylan, and into the studio with the Doors. A stalwart presence behind some of the greatest names of popular music, Scheff has also played with Roy Orbison, Elvis Costello, the Association, Neil Diamond, Johnny Mathis, the Everly Brothers, John Denver, and Nancy Sinatra, to name just a few. Eschewing hype, Scheff provides a behind-the-scenes perspective, from having worked sleeves rolled up, side by side, with the great artists in their factories. 
The book opens with the TCB band's learning of the King's death while en route to a tour date, a pivotal moment for him, the rest of the band, and the world at large. He then proceeds on a nonlinear journey that mirrors the process of true life-reflection, from his roots in San Francisco to his touring all over the world. This is a tale of a man who has truly grown a career from a genuine love of music and of his instrument, proving how following that gift can bring a person to places beyond his wildest dreams. It is an exciting inside view of the evolution and craft and work of making rock and roll - a must-have for true music craftsmen and music junkies in general."

(Source: FECC / Elvis Information Network / Elvis Club Berlin)

Friday, September 23, 2011

September 23 - Le Jour Ou Elvis Chante At The Hayride

The Memphis Recording Service, in association with 'Joseph A Tunzi' (JAT Productions), announced the release of the complete live recordings of the Louisiana Hayride performances by Elvis Presley entitled 'The Complete Louisiana Hayride Archives 1954-1956'.

From the pressrelease:
All of the 29 tracks therein are re-mastered using the most sophisticated technology. It will include restored and more complete versions of many of the tracks than ever before. The CD will also contain the recent discovery of Elvis' last performance on the Louisiana Hayride in December 1956 as released on Sony's Young man With The Big Beat. This will be a more complete version of the show and for the first time, be speed and pitch corrected, which Sony has failed to master for their release.

Deluxe Presentation
This CD will be presented exactly the same as the MRS release Off Duty With Private Presley Book Deluxe CD set and Tupelo Welcomes Home Elvis Presley : Deluxe CD set.

100 Page Book
The 100 page bonus book has many rare and newly discovered photographs that were due to be shown first, in the upcoming FTD Sun book. More details and a firm release date of this will be announced shortly.

Le Jour Ou Elvis A Chante A Paris

The German Carpentier Verlag announced the release of the book 'Le Jour Ou Elvis A Chante A Paris' by Jean-Marie Pouzenc with January 12, 2012 as the releasedate. 

(Source: Elvis Australia / Elvis Club Berlin)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 22 - The Young Man Escaped

Although slated for release September 27th. the first copies of the 'Young man With The Big Beat' box-set found their way to eager fans. The first reaction:
'One date: December 15, 1956. One word: sen-sa-tio-nal! Boy, that crowd went wild. Sound is ok, not the best but good enough to get fully in the atmosphere of this great concert and it certainly can compete with many 70s soundboards.' 
Fans who bought their set through the Sony Legacy webshop mentioned that the replica of Elvis' first EP, which came exclusively through this outlet, was not included.

Having Fun With Elvis On Stage CD

Originally released in 1974 by Boxcar (Colonel Parker's label) and re-released by RCA. The 'Having Fun On Stage With Elvis' album managed to make it to #130 on the Billboard album chart, and #9 on the Billboard top country album chart. This album was released on CD in a limited edition of 500 copies, featuring the original album divided in 30 tracks and remastered for optimum sound quality.
  • Special bonus tracks: including the uncut 'Colonel Sandwich-Parker recording'.
  • Special 12-pages souvenir booklet with album tracklist and photos.
  • Including complete original album artwork + alternate album photos.
  • Never before released in this quality on CD.

The album 'An Afternoon In The Garden' droped from #136 to #143 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart and climbed from #18 to #17 on the Catalog Abum Chart for the week ending 1st October, 2011.

(Source: FECC / Elvis Australia)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 21 - Elvis Preview

On Amazon a preview of the 'Legacy Edition' of the 'Elvis' re-issue was available. 

(Source: Amazon)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20 - FTD Updates

The Follow That Dream Collector's label send out a newsletter with the latest updates regarding the 'Foutryeight Hours To Memphis', 'He Touched Me' and 'Guitar man' releases. 
Due to a change in FTD’s manufacturing situation, the release date may change but October 11-13 is out target date. An update will follow if this changes. The next batch of releases is set for late November. We will advise of titles within the next few weeks.

“He Touched Me”

In FTD’s “classic album” series we now release the third, and last, of Elvis’ original gospel albums: The Grammy Award winning “He Touched Me” - 2 CDs including the original LP master and, as usual, session outtakes and a 12-booklet with all relevant historical data and illustrations.

“He Touched Me” (Cat. No.: FTD 103 (506020-975028) / Barcode: 5060209750286)
  • Disc 1 - The original Album
  • 01) He Touched Me 2:37
  • 02) I’ve Got Confidence 2:19
  • 03) Amazing Grace 3:32
  • 04) Seeing Is Believing 2:51
  • 05) He Is My Everything 2:39
  • 06) Bosom Of Abraham 1:34
  • 07) An Evening Prayer 1:53
  • 08) Lead Me, Guide Me 2:39
  • 09) There Is No God But God 2:18
  • 10) A Thing Called Love 2:23
  • 11) I, John 2:14
  • 12) Reach Out To Jesus 3:13
  • Alternate takes
  • 13) He Touched Me - take 2 2:53
  • 14) An Evening Prayer – take 2 1:58
  • 15) Seeing Is Believing – takes 1-4 7:09
  • 16) A Thing Called Love – take1 2:40
  • 17) He Is My Everything – take 1 3:58
  • 18) Bosom Of Abraham – takes 2, 3 2:40
  • 19) Reach Out To Jesus - takes 1-7 & 9 6:48
  • 20) The Lord’s Prayer 2:39
  • Disc 2
  • 1)   Johnny B. Goode 1:08
  • 2)   He Touched Me – take 3 – incomplete 3:30
  • 3)   An Evening Prayer – take 3 2:54
  • 4)   Seeing Is Believing – take 7 3:58
  • 5)   A Thing Called Love – rehearsal 5:35
  • 6)   There Is No God But God – takes 1,3,4,2 4:29
  • 7)   Amazing Grace takes 1, 2 5:15
  • 8)   Seeing Is Believing – takes 8,9,10 5:50
  • 9)   An Evening Prayer – take 5 2:05
  • 10) I, John – take 1 2:04
  • 11) Bosom Of Abraham – take 4 1:45
  • 12) A Thing Called Love – takes 2,3 5:04
  • 13) I’ve Got Confidence – take 1 3:09
  • 14) An Evening Prayer – take 7 2:00
  • 15) He Is My Everything – takes 2, 4 – incomplete 2:32
  • 16) Bosom Of Abraham – takes 5, 7 2:25
  • 17) A Thing Called Love – takes 4-7 8:10
  • 18) An Evening Prayer - take 8 2:17
  • 19) Seeing Is Believing – takes 11,12 4:28
“48 Hours To Memphis” - Recorded Live on stage in Richmond, Virginia. March 18, 1974

Derived from what must have been a full professional 16-track multi track recording, the sound is absolutely great, and Elvis is in top form. The booklet is full of great pictures from the actual show and informative notes. The CD comes in a 7” digi format with a 16 page booklet. Contrary to previous informal information given, please be advised that this is a MONO release.

“48 Hours To Memphis” (Cat. No.: FTD 104 (506020-975027) / Barcode: 5060209750279)
  • 01) Also Sprach Zarathustra 1:13
  • 02) See See Rider 3:25
  • 03) I Got A Woman/Amen 5:13
  • 04) Love Me 1:51
  • 05) Trying To Get To You 2:05
  • 06) All Shook Up 1:01
  • 07) Steamroller Blues 2:52
  • 08) Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel 1:59
  • 09) Love Me Tender 1:47
  • 10) Medley: Long Tall Sally/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Your Mama Don't Dance/Flip, Flop and Fly/Jailhouse Rock/Hound Dog 3:30
  • 11) Fever 3:07
  • 12) Polk Salad Annie 3:31
  • 13) Why Me Lord? 2:53
  • 14) Suspicious Minds 3:40
  • 15) Introductions by Elvis 3:09
  • 16) I Can't Stop Loving You 2:59
  • 17) Help Me 2:41
  • 18) American Trilogy 3:57
  • 19) Let Me Be There 3:34
  • 20) Funny How Time Slips Away 2:45
  • 21) Can't Help Falling In Love 2:53
  • 22) Closing Vamp
Bonus cuts (Tracks 23-25 are from cassettes tapes recorded through the mixing console.)
  • 23) Sweet Caroline
  • 24) Johnny B. Goode
  • 25) That’s All Right
Guitar Man - The Limited Edition 2-Disc Vinyl Set 
Release date October 8, 2011 (FTD 98-33 (506020-975022) / Barcode: 5060209750224)

FTD vinyl is pleased to announce the release of this special 2-disc 180-gram vinyl set.
  • Re-mastered from original analogue US tapes
  • Vinyl cutting by ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS
  • DMM Copper Mastering
  • 180 Grams heavyweight vinyl
  • Strictly limited pressing
"Elvis Sings Guitar Man" - 2-Disc Vinyl
  • Side 1
  • 01. Guitar Man – takes 11,12 (unedited undubbed master) (4:00) (Jerry Reed)
  • 02. Big Boss Man – takes 7,9 (3:45) (Al Smith/Luther Dixon)
  • 03. Love Letters – take 8 (3:12) (Edward Heyman/Victor Young)
  • 04. Just Call Me Lonesome – takes 5,6 (2:26) (Rex Griffin)
  • 05. Come What May – take 6 (2:04) (Frank Tableporter)
  • 06. Mine (original master) (2:36) (Sid Tepper/Roy C. Bennett)
  • 07. Fools Fall In Love (original master) (2:05) (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
  • Side 2
  • 01. I’ll Remember You (vocal overdub, unedited master) (4:08) (Kuiokalaani Lee)
  • 02. High Heel Sneakers – take 7 (unedited master) (4:55) (Robert Higginbotham)
  • 03. Down In The Alley – take 6 (2:51) (Jesse Stone and The Clovers)
  • 04. Indescribably Blue (vocal overdub) - take 1 (2:48) (Darrell Glenn)
  • 05. Tomorrow Is A Long Time takes 1, 2 (6:13)
  • Side 3
  • 01. Big Boss Man – take 2 (3:33) (Al Smith/Luther Dixon)
  • 02. Just Call Me Lonesome – takes 3,4 (2:53) (Rex Griffin)
  • 03. Down In The Alley – takes 2,3,4 (2:18) (Jesse Stone and The Clovers)
  • 04. Come What May – takes 3,4 (2:26) (Frank Tableporter)
  • 05. We Call On Him - take 8 (2.34) (Fred Karger/Ben Weisman/Sid Wayne)
  • 06. Singing Tree – (remake) takes 1,2,3 (3:17) (Arthur L. Owens/Archie Solberg)
  • 07. Guitar Man – take 10 (2:54) (Jerry Reed)
  • Side 4
  • 01. Love Letters – take 2 (2:51) (Edward Heyman/Victor Young)
  • 02. Fools Fall In Love – takes 1,4 (2:38) (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
  • 03. Singing Tree – takes 10,13 (3:41) (Arthur L. Owens/Archie Solberg)
  • 04. You Don’t Know Me – take 2 (2:56) (Cindy Walker/Eddy Arnold)
  • 05. Come What May – take 7 (2:18) (Frank Tableporter)
  • 06. High Heel Sneakers – take 5 (4:55) (Robert Higginbotham)

Update - New Price On Vinyl 

The old price has been held over for an additional month. Stocks are currently low on Viva Las Vegas and How Great Thou Art. Blue Hawaii and Standing Room Only are sold out.

(Source: Follow That Dream)

Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19 - Loving Vinyl Charts

The Dutch Music On Vinyl label announced the release of the classic 'Loving You' soundtrack album on vinyl. This re-issue is due for release October 31, 2011.

Irish Charts

The 'The Real... Elvis' budget CD dropped from #24 to #53 on the Irish Album Top 100 Chart. 

(Source: Amazon / The King's World)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 18 - James Burton Museum

During the Elvis Cruise James Burton informed ElvisMatters that he, his wife Louise and the people of the James Burton Foundation are working on a James Burton Museum that should open next year, probably in August. Location is the JB Building across the street from the Louisiana Hayride concert hall in Shreveport Louisiana. The name of that street by the way, is named after Elvis too. James's TCB outfits, his awards and trophees, cars and personal souvenirs should be on display for all the fans to see.

(Source: ElvisMatters)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

September 17 - Bound For Paradise Rd.

The Straight Arrow import label released 'Atlanta Bound', containing the June 4, 1976 show as recorded in Atlanta, GA, and 'Down At The End Out Of Paradise Rd.' with a recording from the August 30, 1973 Midnight Show in Las Vegas.

Elvis Under The Midnight Sun

The Showroom import label released 'Elvis Under The Midnight Sun' with an audience recording of the  previously unreleased show from January 28, 1973.

New Details About Elvis Week 2012 Announced

An updated schedule of events has just been posted! Elvis Week 2012 will be the 35th anniversary and fans from around the world are already looking to make plans to be in Memphis for this very special celebration. 

In addition to the many events Elvis fans have come to enjoy over the years, Elvis Week 2012 will also feature several new special events and concerts, plus an air-conditioned Elvis Week Entertainment Pavilion on-site at Graceland with eight days of exciting concerts, dances, panel discussions and more.

A pre-sale for basic and plus Elvis Insiders will start at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 11, 2011. General on-sale for tickets will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 25, 2011.

Check out the updated Elvis Week schedule and start planning your trip today. 

Big Beat Promo

The first promotional CDs for the 'Legacy' edition of the 'Elvis' CD were released. The promo CDs appear to be standard jewel case CDs with just a push mark through the barcode.

(Source: FECC / The King's World / EPE) 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Buy - 48 Hours To Memphis!

A Live Concert registration from March 18, 1974 in Richmond Virginia. This recording was made 2 days before the famous 'Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis' album. It's an unbelievable discovery: The recording 48 hours to Memphis came from a newly discovered, unmarked tape which later appeared to be a copy of the 16-track recording machine. 
People who attended the concert from Richmond and heard 48 hours to Memphis believe that this recording came closest to the actual experience of an Elvis Presley concert. This CD will be presented as an 7" album with a 16-page booklet featuring never before seen photos of the actual concert. 
The show was previously available from bootleg soundboardrelease 'Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind'.

September 16 - A Rare August Delay

According to Elvis The Man And His Music and the EIN website the september Follow That Dream releases 'He Touched Me' and '48 Hours From Memphis' will be delayed until early October 2011.

Rare Elvis Vol. 6

The bootleg release 'Rare Elvis Vol. 6' was announced for release. It contains 24 tracks ad comes in a digi-pack. 

August Reloaded

The import CD 'August Reloaded' was released by the Touchdown label. It contains a recording of the Dinner Show performance from August 21, 1970 as recorded from the audience in Las Vegas. The set comes as a digi-pack.

Chart Update

The live CD 'An Afternoon In The Garden' climbed from #144 to #136 on the Billboard Album 200 and rises from 19 to 18 on the Catalog Abum Chart for the week ended 24 September, 2011.

Tracklisting Rare Elvis 6

Rough Studio Mixes:
  • Twenty Days And Twenty Nights
  • Stranger In The Crowd
  • When I'm Over You
  • I Really Don't Want To Know
  • The Next Step Is Love
  • Funy How Time Slips Away
  • Love Letters
  • If You Don't Come Back
  • Three Corn Patches
  • Just A Little Bit
  • For Ol Times Sake
  • Never Again
  • He'll Have To Go
Rough Live Masters:
  • The Wonder Of You
  • Let Me Be There
  • Soflty As I Leave You (Inluding Welcome To My World)
  • America, The Beautiful
  • If You Love Me (Including Fairytale + False Start)
  • Unchained Melody (Including Introduction)
  • Little Darling (Intro Only) 
  • Steamroller Blues
  • Im So Lonesome I Could Cry
  • I Got A Thing About You Baby (Different Mix)
  • I Got A Thing About You Baby (Different Mix)
(Source: Elvis Information Network / EP Gesellschaft)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 15 - First Guitar Under The Hammer

Elvis Presley's first guitar is understandably old and tattered, the wood faded and held together by pieces of yellowed masking tape. But it’s still exciting music fans. On Sept. 24 and 25, the guitar will be part of a rock ‘n’ roll auction presented by Guernsey’s Auction House, which will include more than 1,000 lots of memorabilia, said Guernsey’s owner and president, Arlan Ettinger.
“We’re known for interesting, large projects,” said Ettinger, who founded the company in the 1970s. Ettinger estimates that Elvis’ guitar, for which the performer's parents paid just $10, could fetch $300,000 to $400,000.
In a previous auction, Guernsey’s sold two Jerry Garcia guitars for $1 million each. “One could imagine that this guitar is worth as much if not more than that,” Ettinger said. “You’ve got to marvel at this guitar.” 

Gold And Platinum

Several Elvis Presley albums received new Gold and Platinum certifications. 

  • The Very best Of Love (released 2001): Gold
  • I Got Lucky (released 1971): Platinum
  • Mahalo From Elvis (released 1978): Gold
  • Elvis Christmas (released 2006): Gold (RII forgot to list it)
  • Elvis Sings For Kids (released 1978): Gold
  • Elvis In Person: (released 1970): Platinum
(Source: Google / RIAA)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14 - John Wilkinson Hospitalized

John Wilkinson, the undisputed Star of Elvis Week 2011 (last August in Memphis), has been hospitalized. John complained about testine pains and was taken to the local hospital in Springfield Missouri, where doctors are taking good care of him. If all goes well, he may return home in just a matter of days.

(Source: ElvisMatters)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13 - Rebooked At The International

The new Backdraft import label released the set 'Rebooked At The International' box-set. 

From the press-release:

This deluxe 4 CD set released by Backdraft is the ultimate January/February 1970 engagement package. ‘Rebooked at the International’ features multi-track recordings by RCA including unreleased leftovers that did not make the ‘On Stage’ album. These are the original rough mixes made by Felton Jarvis in early 1970 in preparation for the up-coming ‘On Stage’ album. No repairs, No overdubs!

CD2 features the recordings that finally made the ‘On Stage’ album however, for the first time, is released in its original form before studio overdubs were added. The tracks are unedited, with extra long unedited dialogue in between songs that also were never included on the album. This is the ‘On Stage’ album that was meant to be, no overdubs, unedited and raw on stage directly from multi-track tapes.

CD3 features the left over tracks that never made it to the album. For the first time, it contains many unreleased songs in multi-track form along with some previous material that were recorded from the same shows. This, with all the added unreleased dialogue in between the songs is accompanied with rehearsal tracks from the engagement, making this collection the most complete and compelling ever assembled on this, Elvis’ second coming to the International Hotel.

This box set also includes newly sourced soundboard recordings of the opening and closing shows of the engagement. Though both have been released several times before, none of those previous releases achieved the sonic quality presented here. The Opening show on CD1 is presented for the first time without any of the heavy filters that were present on previous releases as well as the Closing show on CD4, a much better recording, is slightly longer at the end than before. This is the first time that every single audio signal of the original recording has been used for the audio restoration. Backdraft has achieved a much clearer natural sound and a tremendous sonic separation of the instruments and voices. This is not a slight improvement like on other re-releases; this is a new sonic experience!

Many Elvis fans would appreciate the difficulty in obtaining photographs from the January/February 1970 engagement. In fact, fans would agree the enormous rarity of such since only a handful of these have been seen or available. For the first time included in the accompanying 100 page hardback book, are such photographs never before seen in beautiful quality accompanied with extensive liner notes and hard facts.

This highly collectable box set is available now and is only limited to just 1000 copies and is expected to be sold out within days.


CD 1 Opening Show - January 26, 1970 - International Hotel - Las Vegas, Nevada

Sammy Shore (Comedy Act)* Unreleased
Opening Vamp
All Shook Up
That´s All Right
Elvis talks
Proud Mary
Don´t Cry Daddy
Teddy Bear/Don´t Be Cruel
Long Tall Sally
Let It Be Me
I Can´t Stop Loving You
Walk A Mile In My Shoes/In The Ghetto
True Love Travels On A Gravel Road
Sweet Caroline
Polk Salad Annie
Kentucky Rain
Suspicious Minds
Can´t Help Falling In Love

CD 2 (Unreleased in its original form) On Stage - The Felton Jarvis Rough Mix

See See Rider (Feb. 18; DS)
Elvis talks (Feb. 18; MS)
Release Me (Feb. 18; MS)
Sweet Caroline (Feb. 16; DS)
Elvis talks (Feb. 18; DS)
The Wonder Of You (Feb. 18; DS)
Polk Salad Annie (Feb. 18; MS)
Elvis talks (Feb. 16; DS)
Proud Mary (Feb. 16; DS)
Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Feb. 19; MS)
Let It Be Me (Feb. 17; MS)
I Can´t Stop Loving You (Feb. 19; MS)

CD 3 (* Denotes as unreleased)

February 18, 1970 - Dinner Show
Long Tall Sally* (incl. false start)
Elvis talks*
Don´t Cry Daddy
The Wonder Of You
Walk A Mile In My Shoes*
Release Me*
Polk Salad Annie*

February 19, 1970 - Dinner Show
Elvis talks
Proud Mary (incl. false start)
Elvis talks
Don´t Cry Daddy*
Elvis talks*
Kentucky Rain*
Let It Be Me*
I Can´t Stop Loving You*
Walk A Mile In My Shoes*
Elvis talks (0:43)
Release Me
See See Rider

Bonus Tracks
Hound Dog (Feb. 15, MS)
Love Me Tender (Feb. 15, MS)
Walk A Mile In My Shoes/In The Ghetto (Feb. 15, MS)
Kentucky Rain (Feb. 16, DS)
The Wonder Of You (Feb. 18, Rehearsal, Version 1)
The Wonder Of You (Feb. 18, Rehearsal, Version 2)
The Wonder Of You (Feb. 18, Rehearsal, Version 3)
Release Me (Feb. 18, Rehearsal)
See See Rider (Feb. 18, Rehearsal)
Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Acetate - Feb. 18, Rehearsal)

CD 4 - Closing Show - February 23, 1970

Opening Vamp
All Shook Up
I Got A Woman
Long Tall Sally
Elvis talks
Don´t Cry Daddy
Elvis talks
Hound Dog
Love Me Tender
Kentucky Rain
Let It Be Me
I Can´t Stop Loving You
See See Rider
Sweet Caroline
Polk Salad Annie
Elvis taking a break
Blueberry Hill (Elvis at the piano)
Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Heartbreak Hotel
Elvis talks
One Night
It´s Now Or Never
Suspicious Minds
Elvis talks
Can´t Help Falling In Love