Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31 - Memphis Heat, The Fifth Time Around

 Memphis Heat

The Touchdown import label announced the release of the CD 'Memphis Heat' containing the unreleased evening show from March 16, 1974 as recorded from the audience in Elvis hometown in Memphis, TN. It offers the King's second performance in Memphis after 16 years of absence. The CD is due in the first week in June.

Fifth Time Around

The Audionics import label announced the release of the legendary March 20th, 1974 performance by Elvis Presley as recorded in his hometown Memphis, TN.

From the press-release:

The legendary March 20th, 1974 Memphis, TN concert has been released on a number of occasions, beginning with RCA's original 1974 LP edit with artificial applause mixed in. In 1994, a more complete, unofficial version was issued by "Fort Baxter". It was, however, a patchwork from several different sources incl. many tracks taken from the original RCA LP with overdubs.

In 1997, "Steamroller Blues" was issued in pristine quality on "Platinum - A Life In Music". Finally in 2004, BMG's "Follow That Dream" the Elvis collectors label reissued this show nearly complete, in a beautiful deluxe package. But was it the definitive release? For die-hard fans it wasn't, and some viewed it as a letdown. Parts of the dialogues, introductions and even the false start of "Help Me" were omitted, and many have complained about the sound and mixing. Clearly, too much compression and artificial reverb had been applied.

Well, at long last this legendary set is now truly complete, and without the audio choices made by FTD several years ago. Audionics worked with a DAT copy of an original, rough mix tape "as recorded at the Coliseum". Every bit was carefully enhanced in a renowned studio to achieve the best possible quality for your optimal listening pleasure. We hope that you enjoy the results.

No remixing. No noise reduction. No edits. No artificial reverb or other added effects. No heavy compression. Just a pure, raw and natural sound. The King back in his hometown Memphis, on the 20th anniversary of his first release "That's All Right Mama". Elvis was in great form for this recording, and now, for the first time, you can enjoy the excellence of his performance that night in the best-ever sound!

This CD will be released in digipack accompanied by 20-page booklet with many photos from the concert and an interesting essay.

For many, this concert remains the definitive, mid-70s document of The Elvis Presley Show. And that's all right. If you are not satisfied with previous releases of this show, don't miss your chance to obtain this alternate version as provided by Audionics. A decision you will not regret!

Track listing:

01. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman / Amen - 04. Love Me - 05. Tryin' To Get To You - 06. All Shook Up - 07. Steamroller Blues - 08. Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel - 09. Love Me Tender - 10. Long Tall Sally / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On / Your Mama Don't Dance / Flip, Flop And Fly / Jailhouse Rock / Hound Dog - 11. Fever - 12. Polk Salad Annie - 13. Why Me, Lord - 14. How Great Thou Art - 15. Suspicious Minds - 16. Introduction of vocalists, band, orchestra, engineers, Ed Bonja - 17. Blueberry Hill / I Can't Stop Loving You -18. Help Me (with false start) - 19. An American Trilogy - 20. Let Me Be There (with reprise) - 21. My Baby Left Me - 22. Lawdy Miss Clawdy - 23. Funny How Time Slips Away - 24. Can't Help Falling In Love - 25. Closing Vamp / Announcements.

  • Tracks 06-09, 11, 12, 15, 16 and 23 omitted from official 1974 RCA release.
  • Track 03 edited on official 1974 RCA release.
  • Tracks 16, 18 edited on official 2004 FTD release.
Approx. running time: 68:59

Houston Astrodome 1970 Footage Found?
Offered on eBay for the first time is an array of 8MM Travel Film Reels in 17 Matching Aluminum Cans and 6 smaller boxed reels. These travels are from November 1957 to sometime in the early 80's. Each reel is documented with a typed sheet taped to the inside of the reel can. Reel #15 Documents Elvis Presley performing at the 1970 Caddle Stock Show in Houston. Elvis did perform February 27 1970 at that show and held a record for 8 years as the largest attendance at this prestiges exhibition. It's the first footage of that show that surfaces, after 41+ years. The seller added that he hasn't actually seen the footage on the reels.

The set sold on June 4th US$618.00.

This Time - A Musical Documentary

The DVD This Time, a musical documentary by Victor Mignatti, that hit shelves on May 31, 2011. The film is not only a trip down memory lane, but a close-up story of the women who lived those memories.

Every dream has a soundtrack. 'This Time' follows six diverse recording artists on the verge of their next moment in the spotlight. They’ve sung back-up up for Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick and Jimi Hendrix, been homeless while their songs were on the charts, struggled to fill tiny cabarets and fight against the odds of the music industry -- all while holding tight to their dignity and dreams. With a soaring soundtrack of extraordinary music, 'This Time' takes you from the streets of South Central Los Angeles to New York’s Park Avenue on a unique musical journey in this uplifting story of the transformative power of creativity.

The musicians are legendary recording artists The Sweet Inspirations (best known as back-up singers for Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin and Dusty Springfield), New York cabaret sensation Bobby Belfry, soul diva Pat Hodges (Hodges, James & Smith) and composer-producer Peitor Angell. As they battle self-sabotage and the brutality of the music industry, 'This Time' celebrates their widely ranging gifts and experiences in this inspiring story of hope, persistence and faith.

To those of a certain age The Sweet Inspirations (SI) should bring to mind such iconic performers as Aretha Franklin and Elvis Presley.

The film also features popular New York cabaret performer Bobby Belfry. Bobby and The Sweet Inspirations are in a juxtaposition that works well for this documentary.

Pat Hodges is also featured in This Time. Her story is incredible as she had a hit record on the Billboard charts while being homeless in Los Angeles.

With Bobby in New York City and the Sweet Inspirations and Hodges in Los Angeles, the film goes between the three stories with ease.

The SI had enormous success in all their incarnations over the years. Members have come and members have gone, but the group stayed in the public's eye making their music. They often sang back-up as stated above, but they also have their own voice. The song Sweet Inspirations is one of their hits proving they do more than backing up other performers.

This Time delves deeply into the group, into both the happy times and the sad times.

The women of the SI are introduced while working on their new material. They are in the studio with their producer Peitor Angell working on their first album in 23 years. Estelle Brown, Portia Griffin and Mryna Smith work hard, laugh hard and in the past fought hard. This doc does not blink it shows the nitty-gritty and dynamics of the women's relationships. Cissy Houston, Whitney's mother, is the founding member of the SIs and makes a pivotal appearance in the film.

There is a quote by one of the SI in the film that sums up the spirit of this film quite well:

It's not the song you sing, it's the life you lead.

A special feature on the DVD is the chapter 'Sweet Secrets & Stories'. The Sweet Inspirations tell remarkable never-before-heard stories about Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Dusty Springfield and Burt Bacharach. Over 30 minutes of additional material.

(Source: FECC / Forum / Ebay / ElvisMatters)

Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30 - Viva Special Delivery Of #1 Hit Performances

The compilation DVD 'Elvis #1 Hit Performances' will be re-issued in the U.S. once more by RCA. The release-date is July 12, 2011.

Viva Elvis – The DVD

The STAR import label announced the DVD 'Viva Elvis - The DVD''.

From the press-release:

STAR is proud to announce a new viewing experience with Viva Elvis – The DVD.  Many fans wondered if this would get done, most knew that it was just “A Matter Of Time”.  Well, it has happened and it’s out soon!

It’s been quite a while but now STAR is back and this DVD takes editing to the next level. It contains the complete 'Viva Elvis' album on DVD and many bonus clips. Expect the best high tech effects and edits.

It starts off with some great Elvis commercials including a funny battery commercial, a Pizza Hut commercial, the fantastic 2011 C&A commercial, and an historic 1956 commercial for Elvis’ first album. The DVD has all the tracks from the original album and more:

1. Didja Ever/Return To Sender (exclusive performance by the cast)
2. Bossa Nova Baby (exclusive performance by the Viva Elvis cast)
3. One Night (exclusive performance by the Viva Elvis cast)
4. Opening
5. Blue Suede Shoes
6. That’s All Right
7. Heartbreak Hotel
8. Love Me Tender
9. King Creole
10. Bossa Nova Baby
11. Burning Love
12. Memories (Interlude)
13. Can’t Help Falling In Love
14. You’ll Never Walk Alone (Piano Interlude)
15. Suspicious Minds

Bonus clips:

1. Love me Tender (official videoclip)
2. Burning Love (official videoclip)
3. Suspicious Minds (official videoclip)
4. Blue Suede Shoes  (exclusive performance by the Viva Elvis cast)
5. Love Me Tender (French Television)

Special Delivery – The Ultimate Elvis Collector’s Box 

A new box-set entitled '
Special Delivery – The Ultimate Elvis Collector’s Box' was announced.

From the press-release:
Watch out for this incredible limited numbered edition sets coming very soon. It’s going to be very collectable as there is only 1000 of this product being manufactured worldwide. It includes a unique 60-page 'Elvis & Priscilla Wedding Album' and an incredible CD entitled 'Fame And Fortune' which contains a total of 13 previously unreleased studio outtakes, movie versions and a special bonus track ('Fame And Fortune' (take 1) / 'He Knows Just What I Need' (take 9) / 'In My Father’s House' (take 8 ) / 'Surrender' (take 4) / 'Soldier Boy' (take 5) / 'Swing Down, Sweet Chariot' (master take 4) / 'Frankfort Special' (movie version) and many others).

Part of the set is a beautiful ' Special Moments' DVD featuring rare footage of the King.  If that’s not enough, this set includes 6 deluxe photo postcards plus an Elvis sticker with collector’s cards. 

Million Dollar Quartet

The Snapper / Charly budget label re-issued a selection of tracks from the 'Million Dollar Quarted' as recorded on December 4th. 1956.

(Source: Amazon / Essential Elvis)


Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29 - 4 Million Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong

Elvis Presley just passed the 4 million friend mark on Facebook. 

(Source: ElvisMatters)

Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27 - Downtown With The Platters?

The Touchdown Productions import label released the CD 'Downtown Long Beach' containing a live audience recording from November 15, 1972, 8:30 PM at Long Beach, California.

Elvis Recorded With The Platters?

ValCom, Inc. reported a big gain in quarterly earnings when the media and entertainment company disclosed the financial results for the 2nd quarter of its financial year. A key statistic in the 2nd quarter 2011 financial data is the company's total assets which grew over 200% from September 2010 to over $24 million.

ValCom expects a great surge in revenues from its content library. The company has over 6,000 video and audio titles in the library. In 1st quarter 2011, an appraisal was conducted by DOS Broadcast and Appraisal Services to determine an accurate value of the content owned by the company. The library contains rare and unique video and audio content including 13 master recordings of Elvis Presley with The Platters.

Marty Lacker commented on the Valcom Inc finance story.

"I was with Elvis in '64 and at no time did he do a recording session with the Platters or anyone else. The only way they could have his voice is if they lifted it from one of his own recordings of those songs and I don't remember him recording any if not most of those songs. They would have had to make one helluva a deal with Parker and RCA to use his voice that way.
I think this is another case of someone trying to capitalize on Elvis since he died. It's funny they have waited 34 years to make that claim. If Elvis had done that someone from The Platters or Buck Ram's assistants would have known it was done and they would have spoke up sooner. It's just some more bullshit in regards to Elvis. This is just a ploy to sell that album. - Marty.

(Source: Elvis On CD / Elvis Information Network)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 26 - Honorary Elvis DVD Set

Released by Paramount was the cover-art for the upcoming 'Elvis Four Movie Collection 1' DVD set which is due July 12, 2011 in the U.S..

Honorary Elvis

Budapest’s city council has named Elvis Presley an honorary citizen of the Hungarian capital in gratitude for his support of Hungary’s anti-Soviet revolution of 1956. The announcement comes nearly a month after municipal authorities named a small park — chosen by voting on the city website — after The King. On Jan. 6, 1957, during his last appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” Elvis sang a gospel standard, “Peace in the Valley,” which Sullivan said reflected the singer’s concern for Hungarians’ plight after the short-lived uprising. Sullivan said Elvis wanted people to make donations to be sent to Hungary.
The titles will be announced at a ceremony on June 19, the anniversary of the last Soviet troops pulling out of Hungary in 1991.

Billboard Chart

The concert recording 'An Afternoon In The Garden' drops from #114 to #131 on this week's (w/e June 4th) Billboard Top 200 Album Charts and drops from #13 to #15 on the Catalog Album Charts. The gospel compilation 'An Evening Prayer' drops from #20 to #26 on the Christian Album Charts.

Unlimited Danish ElvisNews

The Danish Elvis Unlimited fan club send out volume #47 of their self-titled magazine and volume 121 of their Danish Elvis News magazine.

(Source: Video ETA / ElvisMatters / Brian Quinn)

You can pre-order the DVD set 'Elvis Four Movie Collection 1' from Amazon.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25 - Hot Shots And Cool Clothing Clips

JAT Productions have released the fifth DVD in the 'Hot Shots And Cool Clips' series. This volume contains quality footage of Elvis in Vegas 1956, the complete Elvis sails Brooklyn interview, Elvis arriving in Germany, Chicago 1972 - almost 11 minutes long, arriving in Hawaii in 1961 for the Arizona Benifit and 1962 for 'Girls, Girls, Girls', and as tribute to the 50th anniversary of the 1961 Pearl Harbor show: JAT Publishing have gathered all the Hawaii footage known and made a tribute to the 61 show.

A Cool Clip: Elvis Dressed By C&A

Clothing chain C&A have a new TV commercial in Brazil featuring Elvis. Using computer technology, the TV ad has film of Elvis (taken from the movie 'Spinout') performing at a party while getting on down with some lovely ladies. 

(Source: Elvis Australia / Elvis Express / EPE)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 24 - Come Together

Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. in Memphis, along with The Beatles Story in Liverpool, England, have announced a transatlantic partnership to develop an exclusive, jointly curated exhibition that will explore how The Fab Four were influenced by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. The exhibition is entitled 'Elvis and Us'.


'Elvis and Us' represents the first time the two cornerstones of 20th century popular culture have come together since that fateful meeting in 1965 at Elvis’ Bel Air home. The exhibition will include rare artifacts from both The Beatles Story and the Graceland archives, many of which have never before been displayed publicly.

'Elvis and Us' will open to the public on September 28, 2011, at The Beatles Story in Liverpool, England. It will be a multimedia, interactive experience filled with music, video and artifacts. The exhibition will allow visitors to experience the power of Elvis and The Beatles along with their explosive impact on music and popular culture. From hit albums to movies, books, and plays, both Elvis and The Beatles are celebrated around the world today. Both even have Cirque du Soleil® shows in Las Vegas: Viva ELVIS™ at ARIA Resort and Casino and The Beatles’™ LOVE™ at The Mirage.

One of the key elements explored in the 'Elvis and Us' exhibition will be the evening Elvis and The Beatles met in person on August 27, 1965, at Elvis' home in Bel Air, California. The white Fender bass guitar played by both the king and the Fab Four at that meeting will be on display. It's a piece of pop culture history that has never been publicly exhibited before!

Other artifacts being brought to the UK for the first time include the worn by Elvis in the "Jailhouse Rock" movie, telegrams from Colonel Parker and Elvis to Ed Sullivan, rare video footage from the earliest days of Elvis' career, a ticket to the ‘68 Comeback special, and the pool table played on by Elvis and The Beatles.

Keep Rollin' On

The Venus Productions import label released "Keep Rollin' On" containing unreleased recordings from January and February 1969 at the to the American Sound Studios in Memphis, TN. As a special bonus the producers also included four goodies from 1971 and 1973.

Track listing:

01) I'm Movin' On Take 2 3:03 Jan. 15, 1969 : Brass & Backup O.V. 
02) In The Ghetto Master 2:55 Jan. 21, 1969 : Backup O.V./unrepaired vocal 
03) I'll Be There Take 6 2:27 Jan. 23, 1969 : Alternate Master 
04) Inherit The Wind Alternate vocal 3:29 Jan. 21, 1969 : Strings & 1st Backup O.V. - V.O. 
05) After Loving You Master 3:16 Feb. 18, 1969 : Unedited 
06) Any Day Now Master 3:08 Feb. 21, 1969 : Unedited & unrepaired vocal 
07) Mama Liked The Roses Alternate vocal 2:26 Jan. 21, 1969 : Undubbed - V.O. 
08) It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin' Master 2:40 Feb. 20, 1969 : Undubbed 
09) You'll Think Of Me Take 14 4:16 Jan. 14, 1969 : Unedited - No fade out 
10) Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues Take 8 3:22 Dec. 13, 1973 : Unedited - No fade out 
11) Lead Me Guide Me Master 2:44 May 17, 1971 : Unedited 
12) I've Got Confidence Take 2 3:09 May 18, 1971 : Unedited 
13) Are You Sincere Take 3 2:13 Sept. 23, 1973 : Previously unreleased - no B.V. 

O.V. = overdub 
V.O. = vocal overdub

Update May 28th.

The twelfth track isn’t “I’ve Got Confidence” as was said in the announcement. Instead of it, it’s the unedited master of “Seeing Is Believing” without a fade-out according to a review on the FECC site.

(Source: EPE / FECC)

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23 - A Wild Tiger Marching In One Line

The MxF import label announced the release of the second volume of "Wild Tiger at The Hilton'' series featuring the unreleased Vegas September 01, 1974 Midnight Show. The CD runs for about 74.00 minutes.

From the press-release:

Elvis' performance is superb, still at the top if his ability he deliveries a long show which is very intense, there is a freshness that cannot be denied, Elvis was very energetic on stage, full of enthusiasm he sang with power and sensitivity, delivering a solid and heartfelt repertoire like the new song "It's Midnight" and the classic "Bridge Over Troubled Water" sang terrifically. At the same time he worked in heavy rock songs like "Big Boss Man" and the showstopper "If You Talk In Your Sleep" without forget two classic early 70' singles like Until It's Time for You to Go and I'm Leaving and as you can see from the track list no classic oldies in the show. This season will be remembered for the great opening night and naturally for the Closing Nights from the numerous dialogues, but for the superb music too, Elvis looks fantastic and it is clear that despite it all the music keeps his brain active.

The sound is great an unbelievable for an audience recording, We have on our hands the original mono tape of extremely super quality enabling us to carry out simple re-mastering work, concentrating on the reduction of noise trying to achieve a more clear sound and of Elvis, keeping his vocal power up in the central mix and at the same time trying to give a great definition to the background music.

From the second time from this label, this new CD will come in a deluxe digipack, containing a collection of live photographs from the concert. We love this show, it is clear we are not talking about the rough rocker of early 69/71, but in spite of some limitations and an evolution of style to a more complete musical range the man is still at the top and Elvis at the top means an unforgettable experience for those who attended the show and for those of us prepared to listen. The sound is superb the difference from a soundboard recording is minimal, in times of continue re-release we are glad to give you the possibility to have a release that can combine the great audio quality with the unreleased status …. this make Wild Tiger at The Hilton vol. 2 unique. Don't miss it!

Track listing: 

01.2001 Theme/Intro 02.See See Rider 03.I Got A Woman / Amen 04.Until It's Time For You To Go 05.If You Love Let Me know 06.It's Midnight 07.Big Boss Man 08.Fever 09.I'm Leaving 10.Softly As I Leave You 11.An American Trilogy 12.It's Now Or Never 13.Introductions 14.If You Talk In My Sleep 15.Why Me Lord 16.Let Me Be There 17.Bridge Over Troubled Water 18.Hawaiin Wedding Song 19.Can't Help Falling Love 20.Closing Vamp 

Elvis' Jumpsuit: Black Spanish Flower with the red stones 

Marching In One Line

The import release "Marching In One Line" was released by the Showroom label. The CD contains an audience recording from Lake Tahoe 1976, the May 1, 1976, Midnight Show which was previously released on CD-R.

Track listing:

May 1, 1976, Midnight Show, Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Lake Tahoe
Tracklist: 2001 Theme When The Saints Go Marching In (one line) / See See Rider I Got A Woman / Amen (incl. one line of Early Morning Rain + Fever) Delilah (1 line) Love Me If You Love Me (Let Me Know) You Gave Me A Mountain All Shook Up Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel Fever Rip It Up (one line) My Way Burning Love Band Introductions Solos Love Letters School Days Hurt (with reprise) How Great Thou Art Mystery Train / Tiger Man Can't Help Falling In Love.

Brand new ELVIS magazine

The Belgian / Dutch ElvisMatters fan-club announced a major change to their fan-club magazine; starting volume #33 it will be renamed to "ELVIS" and contain 68 pages in full-color. This volume comes with a free CD - with 10 tracks all related to this new magazine -  for the "Gold-members" of the club. On May 30th. the club added "
ElvisMatters is the ONLY fanclub in the world that offers a FREE CD with each new magazine."

Every track on the CD (a total of 10) is related to articles in the magazine.

1. Wooden Heart- Released exactly 50 years ago, this was the only Elvis song that made it to the Top-10 of best selling singles twice: once in 1961, once in 1977. We’ll explain WHY this European style song was so popular 50 and 34 years ago.

2. A King Like You – Now here’s a cool Elvis tribute! “A King Like You” was written by Karin Stigmark and Per Gessle of the Swedish hitmachine Roxette and recorded by Svenne. What a song!

3. Sam Thompson & Elvis – One of the interview in the magazine, is with Sam Thompson: former bodyguard, friend of Elvis and brother of Linda. Sam talks in great length about Elvis, and this excerpt here is about the ‘Home Recordings’ in Sam’s house in Memphis. You’ll enjoy this excerpt!

4. John Wilkinson in Graceland – Another exclusive story is John Wilkinson’s visit to Graceland. ElvisMatters made a dream come true for John and his wife Terry, as we picked them up at their house in Springfield, MO and drove them to Memphis and Graceland. As we left Graceland, we recorded John’s first reaction. The article about the visit is inside the magazine, John’s first reaction is on the CD.

5. The Elvis jumpsuits – Did you know that Bill Belew designed Elvis-like jumpsuits for other stars too? One of those strars who performed with the Elvis jumpsuits – flares and high collar included – talks about Bill Belew and his work for Elvis and other singers.

6. Elvis introduces Red & Sonny West – Pretty unusual concert excerpt with Elvis introducing his friends Sonny and Red West - three yeas before their paths separated.

And 5 more tracks – Remember: every magazine comes with a special bonus CD, free for our gold members. If you’re a collector, you can’t miss this opportunity of having these rarities in your collection!

Volume 3
The Magic budget label released the 'Volume 3' compilation containing 26 tracks from the early years.

(Source: FECC / Elvis Information Network / ElvisMatters / Amazon)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22 - A French Set-list

Elvis : Dans l'intimité d'Elvis + Les derniers instants du King

Announced for release by Showshank Films on August 23, 2011 in France is the double DVD documentary box-set "Elvis : Dans l'intimité d'Elvis + Les derniers instants du King


Sony announced the release of "Setlist: The Very Best Of Elvis" in their setlist budget series on July 12th 2011.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21 - Superstar Re-issues

The NedMac Records import label released a limited edition re-issue of the original seventies vinyl import releases "Elvis Superstar Outakes Volume 1". 

From the press-release: 

Released in the late 1970s both 'Elvis Superstar Outakes' Volume 1 and Volume 2 are considered these days as true bootleg classics. With the beautiful sleeves they are highly collectable among many Elvis vinyl collectors and mint copies are still sold for huge prices on the internet. Also, the sound quality and tracklists were outstanding and unheard in those days.

NedMac proudly presents these 2 bootleg classics for the first time on silver pressed limited edition CDs.
These CD releases contains the full original tracklists with, of course, the latest updated sound sources, plus many great bonus tracks that are in the same league as the original songs.

Volume 1 is out now, volume 2 will be released in a few weeks.
- Limited Edition of only 500 copies
- Original reproduced sleeves artwork
- 8 page booklet with rarely seen pictures from the Steve Allen & '68 Comeback Show
- Original tracklist plus many great bonus tracks
- Total Playing Time 69 minutes

Be sure you have these classics in your collection!

Tracklist for volume 1

Steve Allen Show, july 1956
1. Dialogue
2. I Want You I Need You I Love You
3. Dialoque
4. Hound Dog
5. Comedy Sketch (complete) 

NBC TV Special 1968
6. Road Medley (includes Let Yourself Go/It Hurts Me) 

Las Vegas August 1969
7. Yesterday/Hey Jude
8. Elvis Talks/Introduction of the band/Happy Birthday james Burton
9. In The Ghetto
10. Suspicious Minds
11. What'd I Say
12. Cant Help Falling In Love 

Nashville Studios June 1970 
13. Bridge Over Troubled Water - vocal repair and overdubs 

Bonus tracks:

Honolulu Hawaii, March 25, 1961
14. Reconsider Baby, 
15. I Need Your Love Tonight

NBC TV Special 1968
16. A Little Less Conversation

Nashville Studios June 1970 

17.You Don’t have to say you love me - take 3, with strings overdubs
18. Heart of Rome - spliced undubbed master

Portland, November 11, 1970
19. How Great Thou Art (first live version!)

(Source: Elvis Information Network)

Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20 - Get Well Joe, In Hawaii Or On The Chart

Joe Guercio is back home again in Nashville, after a back surgery. Joe complained about pain in his legs and doctors advized surgery which was performed a couple of days ago. The operation was a complete success and Joe is home again, recovering. He should be the 'young himself' again in just a matter of weeks.

Elvis - The King Of Hawaii Released

The book "Elvis - The King Of Hawaiiby Erik Lorentzen, the author behind "The Elvis files" series, was released. The 384 page book covers all of the times Elvis visited  Hawaii, or had a relation to the islands in any way.

Billboard Chart

The concert "An Afternoon In The Garden" drops from #98 to #114 on this week's (week ending May 28th) Billboard Top 200 Album Charts and remains
at #13 on the Catalog Album Charts. "An Evening Prayer" jumps from #24 to #20 on the Christian Album Charts. 

Swedish Chart

The CD 'The Essential Elvis Presley' re-entered the Swedish album chart at # 52.

The Real Elvis For Sale

Sony announced the release of the single CD and triple CD set "The Real Elvis" with June 20th. as the release-date. These releases are a reaction from Elvis Presley's official record company to the "public domain"  releases floating the European market. The price for the single disc is 1.46 U.K. Pound while the triple CD-set sells for 2.59 U.K. Pound on Amazon.

Zippin Pippin Opens To The Public

The Zippin Pippin wooden roller coaster opens to the public at Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay.With the cutting of the ribbon at Bay Beach amusement park the Zippin Pippin is officially open to the public.

The history of the Zippin Pippin comes to Green Bay from Memphis Tennessee, where Elvis Presley had said the wooden coaster was his favorite too. The ride was shut down in 2005 and only resurrected when sold and recreated in Green Bay.

A representative from Shelby County Tennessee made the trip to proclaim it Zippin Pippin Day and show his appreciation to the city that kept history alive.

"In the words of Memphis' own Elvis Presley, 'Thank you, thank you very much'," Steve Mulroy, a Shelby County Tennessee commissioner said impersonating Presley.

(Source: ElvisMatters / Elvis Unlimited /Brian Quinn / Amazon / Fox News / Elvis Australia)

Previews King Of Hawaii