Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 30 - Kickstart Christmas

Byron Raphael, son of Trude Forsher, secretary of Elvis Presley and The Colonel, started a fundraiser through kickstarted for a new documentary entitled "Give Elvis For Christmas". 

From the site:
In August, 1956, Elvis Presley started shooting his first feature film, Love Me Tender. At his side was his manager, Colonel Tom Parker and his just-hired secretary, Trude Forsher. Give Elvis for Christmas is Trude’s account of how Elvis’ career went from a Southern United States singing sensation to a global legend. Over the five years that Trude worked with Elvis and the Colonel, she observed first hand the legendary moment’s in the King’s life.

The link to the Kickstarter page is:

Give Elvis for Christmas is also told through the eyes of Byron Raphael, personal assistant to both Trude, Elvis and the Colonel. The film includes music and images that have rarely -if ever-been seen. It is not only the story of Elvis’ rise to fame, but of one of his most personal confidants, who escaped the ravages of WW2 to get the job a million girls dreamed of – Elvis’ private secretary. Byron is on the right in this shot from the Paramount lot during the shooting of King Creole.

During the 1980′s and 1990′s, I interviewed my mom on several occasions. Each time she shared different stories about Elvis, the Colonel, the songs and the films during her years with the Presley organization. A few years back, I began to assemble the material into a documentary.

The title comes from the stamp that Colonel Parker used on all mailings leaving the office during Christmas time. It also reflects a special period in our family life in December 1958, when Elvis and the Colonel personally helped our family during a time of crisis.

About the Producer:
Besides being the son of Trude Forsher, I have been a filmmaker since the mid 1970′s. Over the years I have had the good fortune to be able to make about 100 nationally aired programs that have been shown on the Discovery Channel, A & E, PBS, Movie Channel and Cinemax. These include feature length documentaries like Hollywood Ghost Stories and Hollywood Uncensored, hosted by Peter Fonda as well as series programs like Hollywood Chronicles, hosted by Jackie Cooper and shown on the Discovery Channel. I also was a college professor. After 18 years in the classroom teaching media production, I recently retired from teaching and am focusing on completing the projects I have my heart in. “Give Elvis for Christmas” is on top of my list.

(Source: FECC / Give Elvis For Christmas)

Friday, March 29, 2013

March 29 - Weekend Charts

Brian Quinn reports in with this weeks latest Billboard news on Elvis titles currently in the many Charts they have in the U.S.A. Elvis had no albums on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for the week ending April 6, 2013. The "Elvis75" re-entry from last week was a one time only.

The following albums appeared on the Catalog Album Chart:
  • 'Heart And Soul' rises from 133 to 65 selling some 2,179 units. Total sales to date: 628,094 units. It also appeared on the SMEI (Sony Music Entertainment International) album chart at 80.
  • 'An Afternoon In The Garden' rises from 108 to 84 selling some 2,046 units. Total sales to date: 536,136 units. It also appeared on the SMEI (Sony Music Entertainment International) album chart at 97.
  • 'The Very Best Of Love' rises from 126 to 115 selling some 1,843 units. Total sales to date: 347,079 units.
  • 'Elvis Country' (Compilation) rises from 137 to 123 selling some 1,789 units. Total sales to date: 169,610 units.
  • 'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) rises from 183 to 133 selling some 1,738 units. Total sales to date: 143,557 units.
  • 'Aloha From Hawaii' (25th Anniversary) re-enters at 178 selling some 1,521 units. Total sales to date: 605,837 units.
  • 'I Am An Elvis Fan' dropped from 65 to 71 on the Top Current Country Album Chart selling some 443 units. Total sales to date: 27,981 units.
  • 'Viva Las Vegas' dropped from 66 to 74 on the Top Soundtrack Album Chart selling some 418 units. Total sales to date: 54,629 units.
The following re-entered the Top Music Video Chart at 18 and 19 respectively:
  • 'Elvis: He Touched Me' (Vol.1) selling some 504 units. Total sales to date: 218,102 units.
  • 'Elvis Lives' selling some 473 units. Total sales to date: 169,799 units.
Irish Chart

The Sony budget compilation "The Real... Elvis" climbed from #69 to #55 on the Irish Album chart while the hit compilation "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" climbed from #84 to #72 on that same chart this week. 

Southern Gypsy Magic

The Straight Arrow import release "Southern Gypsy Magic" was released. It contains a good audience recording of the July 23, 1975 (8.30 P.M.) show as recorded in Asheville, NC.

(Source: Brian Quinn / The king's World / Elvis On CD)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 28 - Gravel Road Re-issue?

The two new Gravel Road Music import releases, "You Know It Don't Have To Be Strictly Country 2" and "Snowbird Revisited" are out and sold out already. Good news for those who missed the first volume of "Strictly Country", the Gravel Road Music import label is willing to run a reprint if they get enough request through the dealers.

(Source: Elvis Telegraph)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 27 - Gordon Stoker Passed Away

Gordon Stoker of The Jordanaires died Wednesday. He was 88. His son, Alan, told The Associated Press that Stoker died at his home in Brentwood, Tenn., after a lengthy illness.

Stoker, who was born in Gleason, Tenn., got his start playing the piano on WSM radio and its signature show, the Grand Ole Opry. Alan Stoker said his father was just 15 when he started playing professionally. He joined the Jordanaires as a piano player, but then became tenor vocalist. The group was already well known for their gospel singing when Elvis recruited them to perform on his recording of "Hound Dog," in 1956. They recorded and performed for years with Elvis, who was a huge gospel fan, Rumble said. In some of the early Elvis recordings, such as "It's Now or Never," and "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" their vocals really stood out, he said.
The Jordanaires also performed with Patsy Cline on "Crazy," with Jim Reeves on "Four Walls," on George Jones' 1980 hit "He Stopped Loving Her Today," and on Kenny Rogers' "Lucille." They were elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001.

Rainbow Variety

Rainbow Records will release the 10th (and final) volume in their Vegas Variety series April 4, 2013. 

From the press-release:

Rainbow Records proudly presents the final release in their series “Vegas Variety”. It will be presented in real good sound for an audience recording.

When Rainbow Records released their first volume in the „Vegas Variety“ series in 2007, they had the dream about presenting at least one Vegas-Show from each year. The goal was to not only share great music and concerts but they soon learned that each show has at least one special highlight that deserves to be heard by fans worldwide. Although the package of a vinyl album is more impressive and collectable they tried their best in presenting the fans a booklet with show reviews, newspaper articles, ticket stubs (yes, even Vegas had ticket sales for Elvis shows, see „Vegas Variety Vol.2“) etc. 
During the research they found rare and never before seen photos of Elvis in Vegas and also had the chance to track down some nice memorabilia and unreleased shots of the International / Hilton Hotel.
During the production of Vol. 5 luck was definitely on their side when they were able to get the hands on a taped show that no-one had ever known to exist. Being fans and collectors themselves, their priority was always to give the fans something „nice & new“. 
With this 10th release in the „Vegas Variety“ Rainbow Records presents an unreleased recording of the September 5, 1971 Dinner Show performance. “It‘s Impossible“, „Lawdy Miss Clawdy“, „Sweet Caroline“ - it‘s your choice which song you call your personal highlight this time. With the release of a show from 1971 Rainbow Records has accomplished their goal to cover each year from the Vegas Years 1969-1976.
So today, more than 5 years later after the initial release it‘s time to look back: 10 Volumes of „Vegas Variety“ means also a total of 10 unique shows on 12 silver factory pressed CDs. Both shows featured on Volume 1 + 2 had a running time that exceeded the capacity of a single disc, so these releases had to become a 2 disc-set. With the releases Rainbow Records was able to present you ultra rare versions of songs like „Until Then“, „You Better Run“, „Rock My Soul“, „Aubrey“, „Cryin‘ Time“ and „Just Pretend“. 
Each release featured an extensive booklet of 16-20 pages with background information and great photos of our man in action. With a total of nearly 200 pages these ten booklets are all combined no longer a booklet, but can be called a book!
Rainbow Records likes to thank you for your loyalty and the support through the years.

Also Sprach Zarathustra - That's All Right, Mama - I Got A Woman / Amen - Proud Mary - Sweet Caroline - Polk Salad Annie - Johnny B. Goode - It's Impossible - Love Me - Blue Suede Shoes / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Heartbreak Hotel - Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel - Hound Dog - Love Me Tender - Suspicious Minds - Band Introductions - I'm Leavin' - Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Can't Help Falling In Love

(Source: ElvisMatters / Elvis Telegraph)

Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25 - That's All Auction

Rock and roll museums around the world, including the Graceland, were expected to bid for the acetate that kick-started Elvis' career almost six decades ago. It went to an internet bidder, the auctioneer said. Lot 62, a 1954 acetate of 'That's All Right', was the highlight of the pop and rock memorabilia sale. Anctioneer Ian Whyte said: "I am delighted, the sale went extremely well. There was huge interest. It is the first ever pop and rock sale in Ireland and I hope it won't be the last." 

The 78RPM was recorded on July 5, 1954, by a young and unknown Presley, who had walked into the offices of Sun Records and the Memphis Recording Service, owned by Sam Phillips. It is the only known surviving promotional copy of his first commercial recording and is considered to be one of the most important foundation stones of rock and roll. Mr Whyte said it was the first time Presley had hit the airwaves and the station was inundated with phone calls and reportedly had to play it over 14 times during the course of the show. The original track was played in the RDS sales room as the auction was broadcast live on the internet for international bids for the unique recording. 

Classic Re-issue

The DVD "The Milton Berle Show - Classic TV" was released. It contains two classic episodes of this show, one entited "US Navy With Elvis Presley & Esther Williams" from 1956.

(Souce: Irish Times / Elvis Information Network / FECC / Elvis Club Berlin)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

March 23 - Elvis 75 FAQ Book

Mike Eder announced the release of his first book entitled "Elvis Music FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the King's Recorded Works". The 400 pages book is due for release October 15, 2013 from Backbeat Press. Mike Eder contributed to several book projects by other autors like Tunzi in the past.

Why is Elvis Presley's body of recorded work still so relevant nearly 60 years after he began recording? Elvis Music FAQ is for anyone who has been inspired by an Elvis Presley record. Following in the tradition of the FAQ series, in Elvis Music FAQ , a lot of rare information is woven together in one concise, entertaining package. There are chapters about every year of Elvis's career, including a look at his pioneering original record label Sun; insight on his management; the continued importance of television in his career; a summation of each Presley concert tour; the inside scoop about the role Elvis's band members and songwriters played in his sound; stories about the amusing musical oddities created by those trying to ride on the Elvis success train; details about the contentious role drugs played in his career; and, finally, a full review of every record the King ever issued. One might say that the only truths about Elvis Presley can be found in the grooves of his records, where his natural talent and passion for music comes through always. Elvis Music FAQ aims to be the one essential companion that explains the reason why the voice heard over the speakers still carries such resonance. Dozens of rare images accompany this engaging text.

Weekend Charts

'Elvis 75' (1 CD) re-entered the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for w/e 30th March, 2013 at 44 selling some 11,441 units due to an MP3 sale at Total sales to date: 101,824 units. It was 1,856 units short of becoming a Top 40 entry. It also re-entered the Catlog Album Chart at 6 and the Digital Album Chart at 19 selling some 11,414 units. Total digital sales to date: 30,654 units.

The following appeared on the Catalog Album Chart:

  • 'Elvis 75' - As above.
  • 'An Afternoon In The Garden rises from 159 to 108 selling some 1,947 units. Total sales to date: 534,090 units. It also rises from 172 to 164 on the Physical Album Chart selling some 1,944 units. Total physical sales to date: 533,109 units.
  • 'The Very Best Of Love' rises from 161 to 126 selling some 1,816 units. Total sales to date: 345,236 units. It also re-enters the Physical Album Chart at 175. 
  • 'Heart And Soul' re-enters at 133 selling some 1,776 units. Total sales to date: 625,915 units. It also re-enters the Physical Album Chart at 184 selling some 1,775 units. Total physical sales to date: 345,236 units. It also entered the Country Catalog Abum Chart at 23.
  • 'Elvis Country' (Compilation) rises from 197 to 137 selling some 1,762 units. Total sales to date: 167,821 units. It also re-enters the Physical Album Chart at 189 selling some 1,775 units. Total physical sales to date: 166,788 units. It also entered the Country Catalog Album Chart at 25.
  • 'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) re-enters at 183 selling some 1,540 units. Total sales to date: 141,819 units.
  • 'I Am An Elvis Fan' re-enters the Current Country Album Chart at 65 selling some 522 units. Total sales to date: 27,538 units.
  • 'Viva Las Vegas' drops from 51 to 66 on the Top Soundtrack Album Chart selling some 452 units. Total sales to date: 54,211 units.

The compilation "The Real... Elvis" dropped from #58 to #69 on the Irish Album chart while The hitcompilation "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" fell from #72 to #84 on that same chart. 

DVD Re-issues

Paramount / Eurpac will re-issue several classic movies once more on DVD and as a digital download. The titles, due May 21, 2013, are "Paradise Hawaiian Style", "Roustabout", "Girls! Girls! Girls!", "King Creole", "G.I. Blues" and "Fun In Acapulco". 

The Elvis Files Volume 1 : 1953-1956

The book "The Elvis Files Volume 1 : 1953-1956" should be ready and distribution will start on Monday. This is a real huge volume with 594 pages, this is after it was trimmed down to a feasible postage weight - 1956 was a great year for Elvis. Vol 1 of the epic Elvis Files series, chronicles Elvis' rise from his pre SUN discovery to becoming the world's biggest new sensation ...
564 pages, 1,400 photos featuring All of Elvis' Events from 1953-1956 ...

  • Every Working Moment
  • The Early Tours
  • The first Las Vegas trip, Recording Sessions
  • The TV Shows and lots of unseen and unpublished images.
(Source: Mike Eder / FECC / Brian Quinn / Too Much Monkey Business / Amazon / Elvis Australia)

Friday, March 22, 2013

March 22 - The Best Debut Memories

Due from Robson Press on March 28, 2013 is the book "Elvis Memories: The Real Presley - By Those Who Knew Him".

"This is not just another Elvis Presley biography, although it gets closer to the real Elvis story than many of the hundreds of other books that have dealt with the life of the man his contemporaries have called 'The King'. As the author Michael Freedland puts it in his introduction, "Everyone knows Elvis".

But not the way his close friends, employees and others who entered his life knew him. For this is their story, told in their words. He interviews those who knew Elvis intimately, from the now elderly woman who was at school with him and whose parents foreclosed on the shack they rented to Elvis' mother when his father was in jail, to the maid who prepared his peanut butter sandwiches and hamburgers and watched him line up the girls he wanted to take to his bed.

In between, we meet the black man who remembered sneaking into a local cinema with his pal in defiance of most of the Deep South race laws, members of the so-called 'Memphis Mafia' who went where he went, laughed when he laughed and suffered when he suffered - and usually received a brand new Cadillac for their troubles.

There's also his doctor who denies giving him fatal doses of the drugs he collected along with the hamburgers. Writer and broadcaster Michael Freedland went all over the West Coast and Southland to talk to these people who shared Elvis' life, telling the complex Elvis Presley story in a way more true to the real man than the usual collection of dates, film and song titles."

The 100 Greatest Debut Albums of All Time

It was fifty years ago today that the Beatles’ released their first album, Please Please Me. In honor of that world-changing LP, Rolling Stone Magazine compiled a list of the 100 Greatest Debut Albums of All Time. 

A note on how we made the list: Albums got docked points if the artist went on to far greater achievements (which is why Please, Please Me and Greetings from Asbury Park, great as they are, didn't made the top ten); conversely, we gave a little extra recognition to great debut albums that the artist never matched (hello, Is This It and Illmatic!). They also skipped solo debuts by artists who were already in well-known bands, which is why you won’t see John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band or Paul Simon. The magazine focused, instead, on debuts that gave you the thrill of an act arriving fully-formed, ready to reinvent the world in its own image.

Elvis Presley's debut album, simply titled "Elvis Presley" was listed at #79. This is what the magazine says about it:

"In November 1955, RCA Records bought Presley's contract, singles and unreleased master tapes from Sun Records for $35,000. His first full-length album came out six months later, with tracks drawn from both the Sun sessions and from further recording at RCA's studios in New York and Nashville. "There wasn't any pressure," guitarist Scotty Moore said of the first RCA sessions. "They were just bigger studios with different equipment. We basically just went in and did the same thing we always did." On tracks such as "Blue Suede Shoes," that meant revved-up country music with the sexiest voice anyone had ever heard."

The Top 5:
5: The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground and Nico
4: Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
3: Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced
2: The Ramones - The Ramones
1: The Beasty Boys - Licence To Ill

(Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Rolling Stone)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 20 - Collecting Elvis CDs

The "import" release "Elvis At Radio-Recorder Studio, Live Love Hollywoodwas released by the Dutch ElvisOne (Elvis For Everyone / Shopping Around) in the The Bootleg Series". It contains previously released out-takes and comes with an 8 page booklet. 

Collecting Elvis

Volume 32 in the German Elvis Sammlung was released. It contains the DVD "This Is Elvis", a magazine, memorabilia reproductions and more. 

(Source: Elvis Infos / Elvis On CD / DeAgostini)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19 - A Shack Is Born

The Danish Elvis Unlimited fan club announced that it will build a replica of Elvis' childhood home in Randers

Press release:
Randers just can’t get enough of Elvis. First Henrik Knudsen built a replica of Elvis Presley's home 'Graceland' (Memphis) and now he is ready to build a replica of The King of Rock ’n’ Roll’s birthplace ( Tupelo, Mississippi).

It’s a small wooden house of approx. 50 square meters, similar to the one that Elvis was born in on January 8, 1935. The house was in the poor, black neighborhood in the city and was built by Elvis' father, Vernon Presley, for the modest sum of $ 180. Henrik Knudsen's investment will be somewhat larger, but still significantly less than the construction of Graceland Randers.

"The house is identical to the original house in the U.S. and will be built in 1:1 scale," says Henrik Knudsen.

Elvis and his family lived in the house for 2 years before they moved to a new location.

"Nowhere else in the world is it possible to see both the house where Elvis was born as well as the one where he was found dead, just 42 years old. It's going to give people an understanding of where Elvis came from and the contrast to where he ended up, " says Henrik Knudsen. The house will be finished around Graceland Randers' two-year anniversary in mid-April.

Graceland Randers Director believes that this extension and a lot of improvements to the existing museum, which are already in the pipeline, will attract tourists to Randers.

(Source: Elvis Unlimited)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 17 - Gordon Stoker In Hospital

Gordon Stoker, tenor of the Jordanaires, is in hospice care. He tenor turned 88 this past August 3rd. He and Ray Walker are among the last remaining Presley-era members.

Flesh, Blood & Bone

The Victrola import label announced the release of the set "Flesh, Blood & Bone".

From the Pressrelease:
Flesh, Blood & Bone - Elvis Revisits His Golden Years, 1957-´58 (Victrola)
Our previous release dealt with 1956, arguably the best year of Elvis’ career. It was the year that Elvis shot to stardom, broke numerous industry records, and recorded and released an abundance of sensational music. That year, Elvis was the hottest name in the music business. He was the ‘talk of the town’ and created mass hysteria wherever he went, and controversy with almost everything he did. His television appearances made him a household name in a matter of a few months, and his first movie ‘Love Me Tender’ was a smash hit. That year, he could do no wrong. The girls wanted him, and the guys wanted to be like him. He inspired many to pick up a guitar and have their own go at a career. Many acts inspired by him began to pop up everywhere. The success of Elvis Aaron Presley was like nothing the music industry had experienced before.

This release pays tribute to these magical years by focusing on the songs that Elvis recorded in this timeframe. But instead of presenting you with the regular studio masters, we try to bring you an alternative perspective by using studio outtakes, home recordings, later live versions, alternate masters and one-liners… some unreleased, others rare or unavailable on CD. With these years being so crucial for Elvis’ career, it’s no surprise that he returned to these songs time and again. We have also used relevant dialogue from interviews and from concerts to give the listener additional insight into these songs and the period during which they were originally recorded…. Elvis’ Golden Years.

140 TRACKS FROM THE PERIOD 1956/1977 - ONE-LINERS FROM TOURS, LAKE TAHOE AND LAS VEGAS - DELUXE 3-CD PACKAGE WITH RARE PIX AND INDEPTH LINER-NOTES - RARE OUTTAKES, ALTERNATE MASTERS AND HOMERECORDINGS - MANY RARE VERSIONS FROM SPECIFIC TOURS/ENGAGEMENTS AND INTERVIEWS FOR THE FIRST TIME ON CD (One Night, August ´69 / Young And Beautiful, November ´71 / Ultra-Rare All Shook Up Master with Studio Chat, January ´57 / Jailhouse Rock, April '72 / Loving You, August ´69 / Mean Woman Blues, June ´71 / Young And Beautiful, May ´76 / Trouble, May '77 / Long-Lost Elvis´ Christmas Album 1957 Promo and much more)


Memorable Alternates:
Jailhouse Rock Trailer - Jailhouse Rock (Master Movie Version) - Young And Beautiful (Recorded 31.03.1972) - A Big Hunk O´ Love (Take 1) - Blueberry Hill (Recorded 04.08.1972) - "I Like Elvis / I Hate Elvis“ Interview Excerpt (31.08.1957; Vancouver, Canada) - Mean Woman Blues (Take 14) - Is It So Strange (Take 7, 11) - Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (Take 22) - „Country Music“ Interview Excerpt (Recorded Juli 1959; Bad Nauheim) - (Now And Then There´s) A Fool Such As I (Take 5) - Ain´t That Loving You Baby (Spliced From Take 1, 8, 9, 10 & 11) - That´s When Your Heartaches Begin (Take 7 - 13) - One Night (Recorded 23.02.1970 - C/S) - All Shook Up (Recorded 28.1..1976) - Young And Beautiful (Take 1, 21) - Blueberry Hill- I Need Your Love Tonight - „Old Spirituals“ Interview Excerpt Recorded 31.08.1957; Vancouver, Canada) - (There´ll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me) (Take 2 - 3)

Moments Of Greatness:
„Jailhouse Rock Out Soon“ Interview Excerpt; Recorded 31.08.1957) - Jailhouse Rock (Recorded 05.08.1972 - M/S) - „The Hard Way“ Next Movie Interview Excerpt; 31.03.1957) - One Night (Recorded 25.03.1961; Bloch Arena, Honolulu) - Blue Christmas (Recorded 25.06.1968) - „King Creole In London“ Interview Excerpt; Recorded 22.09.1958; Library At U.S.S. Randall) - King Creole (Alternate Master) - King Creole Trailer - Danny (Alternatet Take) - „Nobody Takes A Swing At Me“ Interview Excerpt; Recorded 31.08.1957; Vancouver, Canada) - Trouble (Master) - Hard Headed Woman (Master) - „Best Acting Job“ Interview Excerpt; Recorded 25.02.1961) - Young And Beautiful (Recorded 19.08.1975 - M/S) - All Shook Up (Recorded 08.06.1975 - A/S) - Is It So Strange - Don´t (Master Take 7 Inclusive Count-In) - I Need Your Love Tonight (Recorded 25.03.1961; Bloch Arena, Honolulu) - One Night (Master) - All Shook Up (Master Take 10 Inclusive Count-In) - „Fabulous Collection“ Interview Excerpt; Recorded 31.08.1957; Vancouver, Canada) - „282 Teddy Bears“ Interview Excerpt (Recorded 06.01.1957; CBS Studios) - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear (- „Gold Record“ Interview Excerpt; Recorded August 1959; Bad Nauheim) - A Big Hunk O´ Love (Recorded 14.04.1972) - My Wish Came True - Blue Christmas (15.06.1968; Dressing Room At NBC) - One Night (Recorded 25.06.1968; Dressing Room At NBC) - Santa Claus Is Back In Town - Mean Woman Blues (Movie Version) - (Now And Then There´s) A Fool Such As I (Recorded 25.03.1961; Bloch Arena) - One Night (Recorded 01.08.1971 - M/S) - (There´ll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me) - „Elvis´ Christmas Album“ TV Promo - Blue Christmas

Redefining The Masters:
All Shook Up (Recorded 03.08.1969 - D/S) - Loving You Trailer - Loving You (Take 2, 3) - „What Type Of Role Do You Enjoy“ Interview Excerpt; Recorded 25.02.1961) - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear (Recorded 28.01.1971 - M/S) - „Karate Promotion 4th Degree“ Telephone Conversation Excerpt; April 1971) - Trouble (Recorded 03.09.1973 - D/S) - „Bad Temper“ Interview Excerpt(Recorded August 1962; Hollywood) - One Night (Recorded 27.01.1971 - M/S) - One Night Of Sin - Santa Claus Is Back In Town (Recorded 04.08.1970) - A Big Hunk O´ Love (Recorded 03.09.1972 - M/S) - I Beg Of You (Take 1) - Trouble (Oneliner; Recorded 27.06.1968; NBC Studios) - Jailhouse Rock (Recorded 01.08.1971 - M/S) - All Shook Up (Recorded 25.03.1961; Bloch Arena)

Back With A Bang:
(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear (Recorded 29.01.1971 - D/S) - Blueberry Hill (Recorded 14.08.1970 - M/S) - "Best Song I´ve Ever Sang“ Interview Excerpt; Recorded 19.06.1959; M√ľnchen) - Don´t (Recorded 29.07.1970; MGM Soundstage) - (Now And Then There´s) A Fool Such As I (Recorded 29.07.1970; MGM Soundstage) - Santa Claus Is Back In Town (Oneliner; Recorded 25.06.1968; Dressing Room At NBC) - Jailhouse Rock / Don´t Be Cruel (Recorded 24.08.1969 - M/S) - All Shook Up (Recorded 26.01.1970 - 0/S) - Loving You (Recorded 27.08.1969 - D/S) - One Night (Recorded 27.08.1969 - D/S) - Jailhouse Rock (Recorded 09.04.1972 - A/S) - Blueberry Hill (Oneliner; Recorded 17.02.1970 - M/S) - Blueberry Hill (Recorded 23.02.1970 - C/S) - Blue Christmas (Oneliner; Recorded 16.11.1970; State Fair Ground Arena, Oklahoma City) - Loving You (Oneliner; Recorded 19.02.1971 - M/S) - „Biggest Hit“ Interview Excerpt; Recorded 02.09.1957; Portland) - Teddy Bear / Don´t Be Cruel (Recorded 26.01.1970 - 0/S) - Jailhouse Rock (Recorded 21.02.1971 - M/S) - All Shook Up (Recorded 10.04.1972; Richmond Coliseum - One Night (Recorded 11.08.1972 - D/S)

Nostalgia Ride:
Blueberry Hill (Recorded 13.02.1977; The Auditorium, West Palm Beach) - Blue Christmas (Recorded 31.08.1976; Macon Coliseum) - „Loving You“ Monologue (Recorded 26.08.1969 - D/S) - Loving You (Recorded 19.08.1975 - D/S) - Young And Beautiful (Recorded 09.05.1976 - C/S) - Jailhouse Rock (Recorded 25.05.1977; Community War Mememoril, Rochester) - Teddy Bear / Don´t Be Cruel (Recorded 07.05.1975; Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro) - One Night (Recorded 31.12.1975; Pontiac Silverdome) - A Big Hunk O´ Love (Recorded 26.01.1974 - 0/S) - All Shook Up (Recorded 15.02.1977; Sports Stadium, Orlando) - Blueberry Hill (Recorded 14.02.1977; Bay Front Center, St. Petersburg) - Jailhouse Rock (Recorded 30.04.1976 - M/S) - „I´ll Whoop His Ass“ Monologue (Recorded 18.02.1973 - M/S) - Trouble (Recorded 06.08.1973 - O/S) - Loving You (Recorded 06.05.1976 - D/S) - Teddy Bear / Don´t Be Cruel (Recorded 06.02.1970 - D/S) - One Night (Recorded 05.07.1976; Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis) - Blue Christmas (Recorded 29.06.1974; Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City) - All Shook Up (Recorded 28.01.1973 - M/S) - Jailhouse Rock (Recorded 24.07.1975; Asheville Civic Center) - A Big Hunk O´ Love (Recorded 07.05.1973 - M/S) - Blueberry Hill (Recorded 22.05.1977; Capital Center, Largo) - Young And Beautiful (Recorded 06.05.1976 - D/S) - Blue Christmas (Recorded 15.10.1976; Chicago Stadium) - Jailhouse Rock (Recorded 03.07.1976; Tarrant County, Fort Worth) - Teddy Bear / Don´t Be Cruel (Recorded 24.04.1977; Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor) - All Shook Up (Recorded 06.10.1974 - E/S) - One Night (Recorded 24.06.1977; Dane County Coliseum, Madison) - „Karate Promotion 8th Degree“ Monologue (Recorded 02.09.1974 - C/S) - Trouble (Recorded 31.05.1975 - A/S) - Blue Christmas (Recorded 13.12.1975 - D/S) - A Big Hunk O´ Love (Recorded 03.09.1973 - C/S)

Having Fun With The Classics:
Loving You (Recorded April 1959; Goethestrasse, Bad Nauheim) - Blueberry Hill (Recorded 05.07.1976; Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis) - Blueberry Hill (Recorded 11.11.1970; Memorial Coliseum, Portland) - My Wish Came True (Oneliner; Recorded 20.02.1977; Coliseum, Charlotte) - All Shook Up (Recorded 01.08.1971 - M/S) - Trouble (Oneliner; Recorded 03.05.1977; Saginaw Center) - Mean Woman Blues (Oneliner; Recorded 09.06.1971; RCA´s Studio B) - Loving You (Recorded 23.08.1969 - M/S) - Young And Beautiful (Recorded 12.11.1971; Hofheinz Pavillon, Houston) - Blue Christmas (Recorded 24.06.1968; Dressing Room At NBC) - My Wish Came True (Instrumental - Elvis On Piano; Recorded 15.07.1970; MGM Soundstage) - „One Night“ Dialogue (Recorded 18.04.1972; Convention Center Arena, San Antonio) - One Night (Recorded 15.07.MGM Soundstage) - Hard Headed Woman (Oneliner; Recorded 29.07.MGM Soundstage) - Santa Claus Is Back In Town (Oneliner; Recorded 18.11.1972 - E/S - The H.I.C., Honolulu) - Blueberry Hill (Recorded 06.02.1974 - M/S) - „No Jailhouse Rock“ Monologue (Recorded 17.02.1970 - M/S)

(Source: ElvisMatters / FECC)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 16 - Weekend Charts

The CD "The Real... Elvis" climbed one spot from #59 to #58 on the Irisch Album chart this week. The 2002 hit compilation "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" climbed from #92 to # 72 on that same chart this week. 

US Charts

Elvis again has no albums on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for the week ending March 23, 2013, - but he is still selling! The following albums appeared on the Top Catalog Album Chart this week:
  • 'An Afternoon In the Garden' drops from #135 to #159 selling some 1,667 units. Total sales to date: 532,143 units.
  • 'The Very Best Of Love' rises from #173 to #161 selling some 1,658 units. Total sales to date: 343,420 units.
  • 'Viva Las Vegas' remained at #51 on the Top Soundtrack Album Chart selling some 623 units. Total sales to date: 53,759 units.
(Source: The King's World / Elvis Information Network)

Friday, March 15, 2013

March 15 - Aloha From Sony

Sony International released the Legacy Edition "Aloha From Hawaii" containing both the rehearsal and TV performance of this now legendary concert.

From the press-release:
Performed at the H.I.C. Arena in Honolulu on January 14, 1973, Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite was the first, worldwide live satellite broadcast of a concert - broadcast to over 40 Nations and screened to others several weeks later. The concert debuted in the U.S. TV on NBC on April 4 and the Nielsen ratings had the show at 33.8% of homes and 51% of those watching TV - and in the Far-East, TV viewing records were broken in Japan, Philippines, Australia, Korea and Hong Kong! 

On Jan 12, a full dress rehearsal took place prior to the main show. Previously issued as "The Alternate Aloha", this dress rehearsal performance makes up the first 21 tracks of Disc 2 of this Legacy Edition, which has been remixed and remastered by Steve Rosenthal and Rob Santos. At the end of the main show on Jan 14, Elvis recorded 5 bonus songs behind closed doors for the US version of the TV show (tracks 23 to 27 Disc 2). Although previously issued, it is the first time all 5 songs have appeared in their rightful place!

This new 2-CD Legacy Edition features: 
  • Disc 1 The Original Album (remastered)
  • Disc 2 The January 12 Dress Rehearsal + 5 bonus tracks (remixed and remastered)
  • 24 page booklet with rare photos and new liner notes
(Source: Amazon / FECC)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 14 - K2 HD Spritiually Mastered Vinyl

The Friday Music label announced the release of "Moody Blue" on vinyl. The disc is due May 14, 2013.

Side A:
Unchained Melody - If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - Little Darlin’ - He’ll Have to Go - Let Me Be There
Side B:
Way Down - Pledging My Love - Moody Blue - She Thinks I Still Care - It’s Easy for You

Love Remastering

Due from Sony Music Japan is a re-issue of the "Love, Elvis" compilation, limited to 1000 copies. This set  has been mastered by the K2 HD format of 24-bit 100kHz, which creates an unbelievable sound surpassing other formats according to the information available. The set is due March 31, 2013.

• Limited Edition
• K2 HD 100kHz / 24-bit Mastering
• Made in Japan
• Includes Clear Protective Outer Sleeve

1. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
2. Can't Help Falling In Love
3. Always On My Mind
4. It's Now Or Never
5. Love Me Tender
6. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
7. Don't
8. (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I
9. Any Way You Want Me (That's How I Will Be)
10. Surrender
11. Hawaiian Wedding Song
12. Doin' The Best I Can
13. Fever
14. It Hurts Me
15. I Just Can't Help Believin'
16. The Wonder Of You
17. Let It Be Me
18. It's Impossible
19. For The Good Times
20. There Goes My Everything
21. And I Love You So
22. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
23. Unchained Melody
24. If I Can Dream

The Seeker King: A Spiritual Biography Of Elvis Presley

The book "The Seeker King: A Spiritual Biography Of Elvis Presley" by Gary Teller is due from Questbooks on October 10, 2013. 

"A woman in the audience once handed Elvis a crown saying, “You're the King." “No, honey," Elvis replied. “There is only one king — Jesus Christ. I'm just a singer." Gary Tillery presents a coherent view of Elvis's thoughts through such anecdotes and other recorded facts.

We learn, for instance, that Elvis read thousands of books on religion; that his crisis over making bimbo movies like Girl Happy led him to writers such as Gurdjieff, Krishnamurti, and Helena Blavatsky; and that, while driving in Arizona, an epiphany he had inspired him to learn Hindu practice.

Elvis came to believe that the Christ shines in everyone and that God wanted him to use his light to uplift people. And so he did. Elvis's excesses were as legendary as his generosity, yet, despite his lethal reliance on drugs, he remained ever spiritually curious. When he died, he was reading 'A Scientific Search for the Face of Jesus.'

This intimate, objective portrait inspires new admiration for the flawed but exceptional man who said, “All I want is to know and experience God. I'm a searcher, that's what I'm all about."

(Source: Amazon / Elvis Club Berlin)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 13 - On Tour Came Back

The Lord Almighty importlabel released the photobook / DVD set "Elvis: He Didn't Come Back ... We Did". The DVD contains nearly 100 minutes of further outtakes from the movies 'That's The Way It Is' and 'Elvis on Tour'. The DVD contains unreleased material from both documentaries (as well as some we have had before but with different camera angles) and also for first time in original widescreen. The disc is accompanied with a hardback book containing over 100 pages of rare and unpublished photographs.

(Source: Elvis Australia)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 12 - Stick To The Supreme Collection

The Stick Music budget label announced the release of "The Supreme Collection" compilation. The disc is due May 6, 2013.

Threads & Grooves

Elvis Presley's debut album was released once more, this time in the new "Threads & Grooves" series from Sony Music. The album comes with a shires, packed in a collectors box.

(Source: Amazon)

Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11 - That's All Right Auction

The all-important acetate played and broadcast by Dewey Phillips in 1954 - one of the moments of the Birth Of Rock & Roll - is up for auction for a possible US$65,000 and upwards. The important single sided demo acetate record with Memphis Recording Service label stamped with W.H.B.Q. radio station marking, the name of the artist "Elvis Pressley with Scotty and Bill" spelled incorrectly and the name of the song "Thats All Right". 

The only known surviving promotional copy of his first commercial recording and the unique example played publicly by disc jockey Dewey Phillips for the first time. "That's All Right" is the first commercial single released by Elvis Presley. it was recorded on 5 July 1954 and released on 19 July 1954 with "Blue Moon of Kentucky" as the B-side, sun records 209. it is regarded as one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever.'

Upon finishing the recording session, according to Scotty Moore, Bill Black remarked, "Damn, get that on the radio and they'll run us out of town." Sam Phillips recorded the song onto acetate and gave it to local radio station disc jockeys Dewey Phillips of WHBQ. Philips promised to play it and on 7 July 1954, he kept his promise playing this acetate of "That's All Right" publicly for the first time on his popular radio show "Red, Hot & Blue". On hearing the news that Dewey was going to play his record, Presley went to the local movie theater to calm his nerves. Interest in the record was so intense that Dewey reportedly played the record 14 times and received over 40 telephone calls. The resounding success of "That's All Right" ensured that it was officially released just 12 days later on 19 July 1954, it sold around 20,000 copies and entered the local Memphis charts. 

Provenance: Last sold in from Dewey Phillips private collection in 1998. Estimated Price US$65,000 upwards... To be auctioned at the RDS Dublin, by Whytes auctioneers on the 24th March.

Elvis Files 1956

Erik Lorentzen announced that he has just bought about 100 original publicity shots from the September 1956 photo session taken by Hollywood photographer Frank Powolny. These will be printed exclusively in the Elvis Files Magazines, starting with the next issue. Elvis Files Magazine Issue 3 features articles including ‘Aloha From Hawaii – Greatest Show On Earth, ‘Mary Ann Mobley’, ‘The September 1956 Publicity Shoot’, ‘Follow That Dream’ and more.

(Source: Elvis Information Network)

Saturday, March 09, 2013

March 09 - Weekend DVD Charts

Anvil Media will release the DVD "Elvis Presley: A Videobiography" on April 26, 2013. 

European Charts

In Ireland Elvis Presley is listed twice on the Album chart. The CD "The Real... Elvis“ dropped from #49 to #59, the hit compilation "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' fell from #68 to #90 and "Elvis Gold – 50 Original Hits“ which entered the charts last week dropped off the chart after only one week. 

Latest Billboard Album Charts

Elvis Presley again has no albums on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for w/e 16th March, 2013, - but he is still selling! The following Albums appeared on the Top Catalog Album Chart:
  • 'An Afternoon In The Garden' rises from 143 to 136 selling some 1,896 units. Total sales to date: 530,476 units. It also rises on the Physical Album Chart from 198 to 172 selling some 1,894 units. Total sales to date: 529,498 units.
  • 'Very Best Of Love' drops from 135 to 174 selling some 1,705 units. Total sales to date: 341,762 units. 
  • 'Elvis Country' (theme compilation) enters at 198 selling some 1,613 units. Total sales to date: 164,602 units. Rises from 70 to 65 on the Country Album Chart.
  • 'Heart And Soul' drops from 68 to 72 on the Country Album Chart selling some 1,492 units. Total sales to date: 622,750 units.
  • 'Viva Las Vegas' rises from 58 to 51 on the Soundtrack Album Chart selling some 659 units. Total sales to date: 53,136 units.
(Source: The King's World / Elvis Memories)

Friday, March 08, 2013

March 08 - Acetate Snowbird Revisited

The Gravelroad Music importlabel announced the release the January 29, 1971 Dinner show as recorded at the International Hotel Las Vegas and the compilation "Elvis - "You Know It Don't Have To Be Strictly Country - Part 2" This is part two of the ultimate collection from 1970 with the first unedited and undubbed versions of the masters.

Elvis Snowbird Revisited

From the pressrelease
With great pleasure Gravelroad Music announces the release of this excellent Show of 1971.Deluxe Full color Digipack with 16-page booklet includes rare photos and extensive liner notes. Also included a Special bonus gift; a reproduction of an extremely rare two sided promo card this was only available in January – February 1971 at the International Hotel.

The January 29, 1971 Dinner show at the International Hotel Las Vegas. It hardly needs introduction; the set list is a well-balanced mix with an impressive show! A strong mix of his hits and fills the show with his latest recordings and topping it of with par excellence covers of very popular recent top ten charts hits like “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me, Sweet Caroline, You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling, Polk Salad, Something, Snowbird”.

Even the closing of the show had a drastic change. Making the performances of January /February 1971 by far the most energizing starts of a Vegas Season. The extra’s are a part of the Snowbird studio session with the unreleased undubbed Master take 6 & a rare take of the vocal harmony overdub by Elvis. As extra bonus we included a seven-minute telephone conversation, privately taped in March/April 1971.
Elvis talks about recording sessions and performing in Las Vegas, his scary International Hotel earthquake experience. (The California/Nevada area had a big earthquake in February 1971).

January 29, 1971 Dinner (8.15pm). Las Vegas NV. International Hotel
01 Also Sprach Zarathustra 02 That’s All Right 03 I Got A Woman 04 Love Me Tender 05 You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me 06 Sweet Caroline 07 You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling 08 Polk Salad Annie 09 Band Introductions 1 10 Johnny B Goode 11 Band Introductions 2 12 Something 13 Heartbreak Hotel 14 Blue Suede Shoes 15 Teddy Bear 16 Hound Dog 17 Snowbird (two false starts) 18 The Impossible Dream.

Extra : Part of the Snowbird studio session; 19. part of “Snowbird” rehearsal 20. Take 1 21. Take 2-5 22. Take 6 23. Elvis’ vocal harmony overdub 24. Elvis’ telephone conversation of March / April, 1971.
Update March 8, 2013

Elvis - "You Know It don't have to be strictly Country - Part 2

This is part two of the ultimate collection from 1970 with the first unedited and undubbed versions of the masters!

22 tracks with 20 rare or unreleased acetate recordings. All acetate recordings are collected from private collections of which many for the first time in this shape on CD. These are the acetates that Elvis took home to playback and agreed to be released! All tracks have been digitally restored and re-mastered. These acetates often sound better and different than what we know and made it to a LP or nowadays on CD. Together with Volume 1, it is the complete acetate collection of the famous Nashville sessions of 1970.

When you love the vinyl sound, this is the closest you ever get to Elvis’ original sound of that recording moment! This is the perfect addition to the FTD releases of “Elvis Country, Love letters from Elvis & Elvis, That’s The Way It Is” All tracks are digitally restored and improved BUT absolute priority has been given to the historical content, this to maintain the true sound of the recording. It comes with a 16 pages booklet with in-depth liner notes (part 2) and more info about the acetates and some unusual photos of Elvis.

June 7 
01. When I’m Over You (Take 1 – Undubbed Master) Acetate 02. I Really Don’t Want To Know (Take 4 – Undubbed Master) Acetate 03. Faded Love (Take 1 – Undubbed Master) Acetate 04. Tomorrow Never Comes (Take 13 – Undubbed Master) Acetate 05. The Next Step Is Love (Take 11 – Undubbed Master) Acetate 06. Make The World Go Away (Take 3 – Spliced Undubbed Master) Acetate 07. Funny How Times Slips Away (Take 1 – Unedited Undubbed Master) Acetate (Previously Unreleased) 08. I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water (Take 1 – Unedited Undubbed Master) Acetate 09. Love Letters (Take 5 – Unedited Undubbed Master) Acetate

June 8 
10. There Goes My Everything (Take 1) Originally released on ‘Great Country Songs’ 11. If I Were You (Take 9 – Undubbed Master) Acetate 12. Only Believe (Take 4 – Unedited Undubbed Master) Acetate (Previous Unreleased with Count-In) 13. Sylvia (Take 8 – Unedited Undubbed Master) Acetate (Previous Unreleased with Count-In) 14. Patch It Up (Take 8 – Unedited Undubbed Master) Acetate (Previous Unreleased with Count-In)

September 22  
15. Snowbird (Take 6 – Undubbed Master) Acetate (Previous Unreleased) 16. Where Did They Go Lord? (Take 6 – Undubbed Master) Acetate 17. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On (Take 2 – Unedited Undubbed Master) 18. Rags to Riches (Take 4 – Unrepaired Undubbed Master) Acetate

Bonus tracks
19. I’ve Lost You (Take 7 – With June 22 Backup Vocal Overdubs) (Previous Unreleased) 20. Bridge over troubled water (Take 8 – With July 18 Brass & String Overdub) (Previous Unreleased) 21. The Next Step Is Love (Take 11 – With July 18 Brass & String Overdub) (Previously Unreleased) 22. I’ll Never Know (Take 7 – With July 18 Brass & Strings Overdub - no Backing Vocals) (previously unreleased) 

(Source: FECC)

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

March 06 - Collecting Stay Away Joe Blu-spec CDs

Sony Music Japan released a blu-spec CD of Elvis Presley's debutalbum. It comes with a 28 pages booklet with liner notes and song texts in Japanese and English, a plastic bag with six commercial calender-cards - (12 x 12)cm - for other Blue-spec CD2 artist - Simon & Garfunkel, Pearl, The Clash, Billy Joel and Bob Dylan. 

Blu-spec CD2 is the next generation Compact Disc that employs the Phase Transition Mastering, the technology developed for mastering of Blu-ray discs, to further perfect the acclaimed characteristics of Blu-spec CD. Fully compatible with standard CD players, Blu-spec CD2 completely alters the experience of music.

Collecting Elvis

Volume 31 in the DeAgostini "Elvis-Sammlung" was released in Germany. It contains the movie "Stay Away, Joe" on DVD, memorabilia reproductions, a magazine and more. 

(Source: DeAgostini)

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

March 05 - Fabulous Sounds Of The Sixties

Due out is a new limited edition import release entitled "Elvis Sings The Fabulous Sounds Of The Sixties".

From the press release:
Elvis Sings The Fabulous Sounds Of The Sixties contains 29 of some of his finest recorded music of the 60's. But thats just a start. All tracks are unreleased in this form. You'll hear the best outtakes, but all tracks are edited for optimal listening pleasure. No false starts, no count-inns, no studio chats, no fooling around ... just the full versions in all it's glory! Like you never heard before! Elvis recorded only silly movie songs in the 1960s and totally lost control with the music scene of that era. That's what the public opinion is these days. Some parts are true. Yes, he recorded some not so great songs, mostly coming from his films. And yes, he did loose some control in the music scene during the British Invasion years.

But ... he also recorded some of his finest songs in the 1960s. Listen to albums like Elvis Is Back, Golden Records volume 3, The NBC TV Special or From Elvis In Memphis and you'll hear pure magic.
It's Elvis in the 60's ... it's Elvis at his very best! Hits Elvis, Romantic Elvis, Gospel Elvis, Film Elvis, Rockin' Elvis, Comeback Elvis ... it's all here in the very best recorded outtakes.
It is limited to only 300 copies comes with a cool lookin' 4 page full color booklet. 

Such A Night (Take 4) - It's Now Or Never (Take 1) - Are You Lonesome Tonight (Take 2) - Swing Down Sweet Chariot (Take 3) - Can't Help Falling In Love (Take 24) - Steppin' Out Of Line (Take 15) - Judy (Take 7) - Little Sister (Take 9) - Something Blue (Take 4) - She's Not You (Take 2) - Follow That Dream (Take 2) - They Remind Me Too Much Of You (Take 7) - Bossa Nova Baby (Take 3) - You're The Devil In Disguise (Take 3) - C'mon Everybody (Take 3) - Please Don't Stop Loving Me (Take 3) - Big Boss Man (Take 9) - Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Take 2) - Guitar Man (Take 5) - Down In The Alley (Take 6) - Love Letters (Take 7) - U. S. Male (Take 10) - The Girl I Never Loved (Take 5) - Stand By Me (Take 2) - Blue Suede Shoes (Live, NBC TV Special, First Stand-Up Show) - In The Ghetto (Take 11) - If I'm A Fool (For Lovin' You) (Take 3) - Suspicious Minds (Take 6) - Mystery Train / Tiger Man (22.08.1969 D/S - Las Vegas).

"Elvis: Live From Vegas" Exhibit at Graceland

An all new exhibit “Elvis: Live from Vegas” opened at Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis Tuesday, March 5, 2013. Fans can experience Las Vegas through the eyes of Elvis Presley and check out video and photos highlighting the new exhibit. 

The exhibit will feature part of the 30-foot marquee Col. Parker had made to stand outside the New Frontier Hotel in 1956 and the first jumpsuit worn on-stage by Elvis in 1970.  Other suits in the exhibit include: Elvis’ Leather and Chains suit, worn in August of 1970 during his Las Vegas engagement and prominently featured in his first concert documentary “Elvis: That’s The Way It Is,” Elvis’ three-piece Spanish Flower suit worn in 1972 that was an alternative to one of the jumpsuits he wore in Las Vegas, Elvis’ I Got Lucky jumpsuit that was worn in 1970 in various cities including Las Vegas, Oakland, Tampa and Los Angeles and can be seen on the cover of the 1971 “I Got Lucky” album, as well as many others. 

Along with his amazing jumpsuit collection, guests will have the opportunity to view rare artifacts including, hotel receipts, and show memorabilia as well as many other items. From the first time the King of Rock ‘n’ roll stepped foot on-stage in Vegas through his triumphant return in 1969 and beyond, this exhibit captures all of the excitement and energy that is Elvis in Las Vegas.

(Source: Elvis Australia / EPE)

Monday, March 04, 2013

March 04 - Chisca Hotel on Fox News

Notorious DJ Dewey Philips made Elvis famous from the WHBQ Radio Studios in the Chisca Hotel. The hotel was abandoned years ago, but is now being redeveloped. 

A team is working together to make sure the place where Elvis got his start is preserved. Mike McCarthy, a music history buff, is leading the charge to turn this room into an exhibit. It's located on the second floor of the long abandoned Chisca Hotel. located at the corner South Main and Martin Luther King Boulevard. Even Fox News ran the story on the initiative to save the place where Rock And Roll first entered the airwaves.

(Source: ElvisMatters)

Saturday, March 02, 2013

March 02 - Walk Of Fame Charts

The CD "The Real... Elvis" dropped from #33 to #49 while the "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" compilation dropped from #60 to #68. A third entry this week on the Irish album chart this week is the budget compilation "Elvis Gold – 50 Original Hits“ from the Not Now Music label at #93. 

Elvis had no albums on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for the week ending March 9, 2013. The following albums appeared on the Catalog Album Chart:
  • 'Very Best Of Love' at 135 selling some 1,769 units. Total sales to date: 340,057 units. It also dropped from 153 to 190 on the Physical Album Chart.
  • 'An Afternoon In The Garden' at 143 selling some 1,717 units. Total sales to date: 528,580 units. It also appeared on the Physical Album Chart at 199 selling some 1,713 units. Total physical sales to date: 527,604 units.
  • The following albums appeared on the Country Album Chart:
  • 'Heart And Soul' rises from 70 to 68 selling some 1,440 units. Total sales to date: 621,258 units.
  • 'Elvis Country' (Compilation) rose from 75 to 70 selling some 1,388 units. Total sales to date: 162,989 units.
  • 'Viva Las Vegas' dropped from 53 to 58 on the Soundtrack Album Chart selling some 593 units. Total sales to date: 52,477 units.
Walk Of Fame

Elvis Presley is a front-runner on a list of musicians to be honoured with Walk of Fame discs along a route in north London. Camden Town is to be officially twinned with Hollywood and will create its very own Music Walk of Fame. It will celebrate the world's greatest musicians. The first 30 discs will be laid down this summer, organizers said.

Front runners likely to appear on the first discs along with the King are an eclectic collection of artists including hip-hop DJ pioneer Grandmaster Flash, jazz poet Gil Scott-Heron, R&B group Soul II Soul, and Camden's very own Madness. Rock veterans Led Zeppelin and legendary crooner Frank Sinatra are also likely to appear on the list, organisers said. Concerts and special events will be held after all unveilings with tribute gigs for artists who have passed away.

Those honoured will be divided into five groups: innovative artists, influential artists, icons, unsung heroes and industry types like managers and producers. 

A committee of global industry figures and local community members are working on shortlist of nominations for the first 30 plaques. The list will go to a decisive public vote on the Music Walk of Fame website in May. "We hope this will be the highest accolade in music," said Mr Bennett. "This is an international 
brand not specific to Camden, but it is in Camden as we truly see it as the world's rock and roll capital."

The scheme has been backed by Camden council's deputy mayor Jonathan Simpson who said: "With over 60 live music venues, no other part of the world compares in terms of music diversity. It will inspire and directly support those who want to go into music," he added.

Each disc will cost around £500 to make and be set in one-meter slabs of concrete, anchored into the ground with steel rods to prevent thefts.

The first phase will run 0.4 miles (0.64km) from Jamestown Road to the famous Roundhouse venue which has hosted gigs by the likes of The Clash, Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones. But it is hoped the trail will eventually run almost a mile from Mornington Crescent to Chalk Farm. "Anyone with a Brits or Grammy lifetime achievement will get a disc," said Mr Bennett.

(Source: The King's World / Brian Quinn)