Thursday, November 30, 2023

November 30 - I'll Be Home For Christmas

The Memphis Mansion record label released a CD edition of their 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' LP. As a little Christmas present, the label included a stereo version of ‘Ill Be Home For Christmas’ to this compilation. 

Tracks: Treat Me Nice / Blue Christmas / My Wish Came True / White Christmas / Here Comes Santa Claus / Silent Night / Don’t / O Little Town Of Bethlehem / Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me) / Santa Claus Is Back In Town / I'll Be Home For Christmas (Stereo Version).

(Source: Dorthe Bach Richter Larsen)

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

November 29 - For Liberace Fans Only

The Straight Arrow import record label announced the release of the CD 'Elvis Meets Liberace' featuring the December 2nd 1975 Opening Show performance as recorded from the audience at the Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas, NV. 

The label also shared that it is planning several releases for 2024 including more volumes of the 'From John Herman Tapes' series and a special 3-CD-set with previously unreleased shows. More information when available.

Publicity stated: Following the remarkable success of our 'In The Ghetto' CD, it is time to move on to yet another exciting project. Straight Arrow decided to re-release the Las Vegas, December 2nd, 1975 Opening Show, which was previously released in 1996 on 'Season's Greetings From Vegas - Christmas Opening '75' (now a very rare CD) and never re-released since then.
27 years later, Straight Arrow was fortunate enough to obtain an old audience recorded tape used for the original release and release this show again, using today’s sound restoration technology.

Elvis December 1975 engagement was meant to make up for his abbreviated Summer festival in August, cancelled just after 3 days and five shows. Starting on November 30th, for the following 3 days Elvis had stage rehearsals in the Las Vegas Hilton showroom. The only really new song added to the set list was 'America (The Beautiful)'. Bobby Hatfield from The Righteous Brothers and Elvis' old friend, the legendary Liberace attended this concert and they met with Elvis after his show. Surprisingly, Elvis performed the song 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'' for the very last time - definitely due to Bobby Hatfield's presence!

Every second of the tape was enhanced in the renowned Sound And Vision Studio to achieve the optimal listening experience. The sound was remastered to the correct speed. 

This special Christmas release is presented in Deluxe digipack inspired by December '75 Las Vegas Hilton Hotel menu, accompanied with the Variety press review and liner notes. All images used for this project were taken on stage during Elvis' 1975 Las Vegas December Opening Night.

Tracklist: 01. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman / Amen - 04. Elvis monologue about his August hospital stay - 05. Love Me - 06. Fairytale - 07. Big Boss Man - 08. It's Midnight - 09. Early Morning Rain - 10. And I Love You So - 11. Tryin' To Get To You - 12. All Shook Up - 13. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel - 14. Hound Dog - 15. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - 16. Blue Christmas (with long false start) - 17. Polk Salad Annie - 18. My Boy - 19. How Great Thou Art - 20. Mystery Train / Tiger Man - 21. Softly As I Leave You (with Sherrill Nielsen) - 22. America (The Beautiful) - 23. Can't Help Falling In Love - 24. Closing Vamp.

For LP Fans Only

The Music On Vinyl record label announced the January 26, 2024 rerelease of 'For LP Fans Only' on 180 Gr. translucent blue colored audiophile vinyl. This re-issue is limited to 2,500 copies. 

: After Elvis Presley was drafted into the army in 1958, it was not possible for him to do any new live film performances for two years. 

His manager and record company had to get creative and collected various singles from the period 1954 to 1956 and put out many of these songs on 12-inch for the first time. A great idea, as many of the 7-inch versions were hard to find outside the South of the United States. 

The result was an amazing overview, titled 'For LP Fans Only', of some of Elvis' best moments of the 1950's with songs like 'That's All Right' and 'You're A Heartbreaker'.

Side A: That's All Right - Lawdy, Miss Clawdy - Mystery Train - Playing For Keeps - Poor Boy

Side B: My Baby Left Me - I Was The One - Shake, Rattle And Roll - I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone - You're A Heartbreaker.

Christmas at Graceland

The NBC Christmas at Graceland TV-Special aired in U.S. through NBC's Peacock streaming service. 

This "star-studded" evening featured performances by John Legend, Kacey Musgraves, Post Malone, Lana Del Rey, Alanis Morissette, Kane Brown, Lainey Wilson, and The War and Treaty paying tribute to Elvis with exclusive, one-of-a-kind performances live from inside the Graceland estate. 

Through these spectacular performances, viewers witnessed firsthand the legacy and spirit of this treasured family home. 

The special appeared on YouTube:

(Source: FECC / Elvis Club Berlin / Music On Vinyl)

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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Review From Memphis To Tokyo

Dick Dekker and David Ward published their mammoth compendium on the Japanese Elvis Presley vinyl titled ‘From Memphis To Tokyo: A Reference Guide to the Absolute Mastery of Elvis' Japanese Vinyl’. And what a mastery it is!
The design of this hardbound book is modern and authentic; modern as in “crisp and clean”, authentic through the subtle use Japanese elements and Japanese texts. The cover with a typical Japanese single design takes you straight to Japan, and the record-arm is a subtle hint to the books title. 
The almost LP-size book has the same format as Dick Dekker and Ferry van der Werf’s predecessor on the colorful magic of Asian vinyl. So this new reference fits in nicely on your bookshelf (although the shelf itself may need some extra support with a book weighing in at no less than 4,5 kilos). 

The graphic and text elements are placed well on the pages, with supporting tables and explanatory text elements that complete the illustrations. 


All images are presented in such a way that they are shown to their full potential. For a book with so many graphic gems like this, this is of course a must. The previews in this review don’t do the book justice.


And although a book like this has the risk to become repetitive and “boring” - meaning you start flipping through the pages instead of reading them - the wide variety and design never made me do that. But it also helped that the hefty book was too big to read in one go, the 700 pages kept me engrossed for a while. Hidden between the covers are several “easter eggs” by the authors, try to spot them! 

Some reference books are text-heavy with small print because of all the information they contain. This book is almost the opposite, it is easy on the eye and easy to read. I must compliment David Ward for the latter, as it isn’t easy to write short to the point notes on detailed subjects like little differences on covers, record labels OBI’s and so on. This also illustrates how the contributions by both authors complement each-other, with Dick in charge of the design and David writing the texts. 
Looking back now, the beforementioned book on Asian vinyl, would have benefitted from these kind of explanatory texts had they been added (and had the authors been able to find the correct information on those rare bootleg releases). 

Buyers who pre-ordered the book received a 45 RPM single that was planned for release in the sixties, but never released. With the help of collector-friends Ryo Okamoto and Atsushi Nakamura, the authors managed to track down a test-pressing and now, 60 years later, the single has been released. 


And for the real collectors, a second edition of this single, pressend on gold colored vinyl and with a different cover, was printed as a “thank you” to those who contributed to the book. Happy hunting! 




Knowing the author’s pedigree from previous publications as David Ward’s ‘From Elvis in Japan: Elvis Presley Japanese LPs 1956 - 2018‘ (>>> read the review) and Dick Dekker’s ‘Bootleg Elvis’ and ‘From Memphis to Taipeh - A Reference Guide to the Colorful Magic of Elvis' Asian Vinyl’ we had high hopes, and the guys delivered, combining the best of both in this volume. 


The book opens with an historical perspective of the business-side of Elvis Presley releases in Japan, the companies involved and the records themselves. This is followed by an explanation of the system the authors adopted to write the book, catalogue the records and identify the different variations and of course the typical promotional OBI’s we know from Japanese and Asian releases. 

The authors go in detail, for example the effect of shortage of ink on the record covers from that period, but not so deep that it becomes “too nerdy”. They stick to the facts they think are important to mention with a short explanation. 


In the >>> interview I did together with Nigel Patterson of the Elvis Information Network the authors explained a little about their modus operandi and how even they learned new things writing this book. Like learning how to read and interpreted the lead-out of vinyl records in the dead wax section of the records and how they used this to identify record releases and place them on the release time-line.  


Inside the book we find all the Japanese Elvis Presley vinyl, from the first 78 RPM ‘Mystery Train / I Forgot To Remember To Forget’, released April 20, 1956 to ‘The Number One Hits’ as released on vinyl on August 21, 1987. In between these the authors managed to track down and identify no less than 1,020 variants on 78, 45 and 33 RPM and in 7-inch, 10-inch and of course the 12-inch LP format. 

On the 700 pages we get the front and back covers A and B sides of all the records the authors could track down. Added to that are inserts (mainly in the fifties), OBI’s, bonus photos, booklets (mainly in the sixties), stamps, posters (mainly in the seventies) and a few other pieces of memorabilia like record catalogues including the first one mentioning Elvis, Scotty and Bill. How great that it survived and the authors found it to add to this book. The soundtrack vinyl is illustrated with some fun movie posters among other memorabilia. These additions complete the vinyl and provide the necessary historical context. 


Also interesting to see are the many promotional and demonstration records, or collectable releases like the 2006 single for ‘Love Me Tender’ - which is as rare as the 1957 original - only available as part of special promotions done in Japan. 

It is too hard to single out any of the original records for this review, that wouldn’t do the others justice. Read the >>> interview with the authors for their favorite findings. 

For many fans and collectors, the Japanese Elvis Presley vinyl holds something special because of the different and usually more colorful designs and Japanese fonts and the rarity these releases have, or must I say had, until the contents of Japanese attics appeared on eBay. And even then, this reference show you the ones to get! 


The authors decided to list all releases format by format and in chronological order. The index for each section is in alphabetical order, a smart choice which will be appreciated by the collectors having to find their way through so many different titles. 

All records present are meticulously researched with an interesting narrative, helping collectors to identify the variations they have or are looking for, and providing scholars like me with a complete overview and insight into the absolute mastery of Elvis' Japanese Vinyl. 




‘From Memphis To Tokyo’ is an important release and a worthy addition to the Elvis Presley library as it provides the definitive record on Elvis in Japan. To be honest, there is “Too Much’ to be found on the 700 pages of this illustrated reference.


It is essential for collectors and offers an interesting, well-researched yet easily accessible introduction to the absolute mastery of Elvis' Japanese vinyl. So if, after reading this book, you think that Japanese vinyl records are your thing, here is your shopping list. 

For more information on the book, and to order it directly from author Dick Dekker contact him at:

November 28 - A Shining Artistic Triumph In Dayton

The Petticoat import record label released the LP / CD titled 'A Shining Artistic Triumph In Las Vegas'.

Publicity stated: This great compilation features 16 fantastic and powerful live performances as recorded in Las Vegas. The 180 Gr. LP comes on purple and white colored vinyl, housed in a stunning full color sleeve.

Side A: Blue Suede Shoes (21.08.1969 MS) - Memories (22.08.1969 MS) - My Babe (22.08.1969 MS) - Mystery Train / Tiger Man (26.08.1969 DS) - Baby, What You Want Me To Do (25.08.1969 DS) - Funny How Time Slips Away (25.08.1969 DS) - Words (25.08.1969 DS) - I Can't Stop Loving You (24.08.1969 DS) - Johnny B. Goode (24.08.1969 DS)

Side B: Runaway (24.08.1969 MS) - Loving You / Reconsider Baby (23.08.1969 MS) - Inherit The Wind (26.08.1969 DS) - Yesterday / Hey Jude (26.08.1969 MS) - Rubberneckin' (26.08.1969 MS) - In The Ghetto (26.08.1969 MS) - This Is The Story (26.08.1969 MS)

Bonus CD: Runaway (24.08.1969 MS) - Loving You / Reconsider Baby (23.08.1969 MS) - Inherit The Wind (26.08.1969 DS) - Yesterday / Hey Jude (26.08.1969 MS) - Rubberneckin' (26.08.1969 MS) - In The Ghetto (26.08.1969 MS) - This Is The Story (26.08.1969 MS) - Blue Suede Shoes (21.08.1969 MS) - Memories (22.08.1969 MS) - My Babe (22.08.1969 MS) - Mystery Train / Tiger Man (26.08.1969 DS) - Baby, What You Want Me To Do (25.08.1969 DS) - Funny How Time Slips Away (25.08.1969 DS) - Words (25.08.1969 DS) - I Can't Stop Loving You (24.08.1969 DS) - Johnny B. Goode (24.08.1969 DS)

An Afternoon In Dayton

Out now is the double lp set called 'An Afternoon In Dayton'. 

Publicity stated: It features the October 6 1974 afternoon performance at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. Plus some wonderful bonus tracks. This deluxe double lp is packed in a gorgeous gatefold cover and is available in white or blue vinyl and includes a bonus CD.

Side A: See See Rider - I Got A Woman / Amen - Love Me - If You Love Me Let Me Know - It's Midnight

Side B: Big Boss Man - Fever - Love Me Tender - Hound Dog - Introductions - Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Introductions - All Shook Up

Side C: Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel - Heartbreak Hotel - Why Me Lord - Promised Land - You Gave Me A Mountain - Let Me Be There - Hawaiian Wedding Song - Can't Help Falling In Love - Closing Vamp

Side D: All Right, Okay, You Win (29.09.1974) - Bridge Over Troubled Water (01.10.1974) - It's Now Or Never (01.10.1974) - It's Midnight (04.10.1974) - Steamroller Blues (04.10.1974) - Funny How Time Slips Away (04.10.1974)

Bonus CD: See See Rider - I Got A Woman / Amen - Love Me - If You Love Me Let Me Know - It's Midnight - Big Boss Man - Fever - Love Me Tender - Hound Dog - Introductions - Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Introductions - All Shook Up - Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel - Heartbreak Hotel - Why Me Lord - Promised Land - You Gave Me A Mountain - Let Me Be There - Hawaiian Wedding Song - Can't Help Falling In Love - Closing Vamp - All Right, Okay, You Win (29.09.1974) - Bridge Over Troubled Water (01.10.1974) - It's Now Or Never (01.10.1974) - It's Midnight (04.10.1974) - Steamroller Blues (04.10.1974) - Funny How Time Slips Away (04.10.1974)

Baz Talks Elvis

Baz Luhrmann talked about the 4-hour version of his 'ELVIS' biopic and the 'On Tour' and 'Elvis: That's The Way It Is' footage he has found. 

(Source: Pascal Matteo / FECC)

Monday, November 27, 2023

November 27 - Elvis Presley: Aun Vive

Published by Alfredo Barra is the 296-page Spanish paperback 'Elvis Presley: ¡Aun Vive!' ('Elvis Presley: Is Still Alive')

Description: The image of Elvis is hard to forget. Today's mothers and grandmothers, who were fans back in the day, can't forget the smooth voice of their idol, his movies, his music, his songs and the swiveling of his hips. 

As the initiator of Rock and Roll, Presley ignited a cultural revolution among the youth in the post-war era after years of poverty and destruction. Was this "madness' real, or have we been tricked by the most ingenious marketing product ever conceived? All of this comes together in this easy-to-read book.

(Source: Amazon)

Sunday, November 26, 2023

November 26 - Illustrated Unboxing Video

Due for release from 27amigos on December 8, 2023 is the 80-page German book 'Elvis: Die Illustrierte Biografie über Elvis Presley' by Lisa Frey.

Synopsis: The King lives on in this stunning illustrated biography! Discover the man behind the legend in a unique format that highlights the iconic images of the King of Rock 'n' Roll. This book, printed in a square format (21 x 21 cm), presents Elvis' life and career through large-format, full-color photographs taken by renowned professional photographers. 

Each image is accompanied by short, concise texts that illuminate the most important stages of his incomparable career. From his humble beginnings in Tupelo, Mississippi, to his unforgettable performance in Las Vegas, this book offers a glimpse into the life of the greatest rock star of all time. With its minimalist design and focus on photography, this book is a must for every Elvis fan and music lover. 

It's more than just a biography - it's a visual tribute to a man whose influence and charisma remain unmatched to this day. "Elvis" is the ideal gift for anyone who loves the King and appreciates his music.


The Flaming Star fan-club shared an unboxingvideo on Facebook announcing that the 'Elvis Now in Person 1972' set will be will be out next week, you can watch it here. 

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Saturday, November 25, 2023

November 25 - High Colored Spirits In Tokyo

The book 'From Memphis to Tokyo - A Reference Guide to the Absolute Mastery of Elvis' Japanese Vinyl' by Dick Dekker and David Ward has been published. 

Over 700 pages with more than 2,700 full colour pictures of front and back covers, labels, inserts etc.

Many entries are accompanied by extensive notes and tables to find all variants at a glance.

For the first time ever, you’ll now be able to find out when your record was pressed by looking at the information in the run-out portion of the record. 
Also described are topics like:
-  differences in label design
-  colour differences on obis and covers
-  stamps on covers and labels
-  record prices
-  company sleeve designs
-  free gifts and special offers
-  Victor and RCA promo records
and many more

'From Memphis to Tokyo' is a hardcover, almost LP-size book, weighing in at no less than 4 kilos, that will answer almost everything you ever wanted to know about Elvis’ Japanese vinyl. Preorders came with free bonus 45 Rpm single. 

Read the interview Nigel Patterson from the Elvis Information Network and I did with both authors >>> here

For more information, previews and order-information on the book >>> click here. Otherwise, check with your dealer.

High Spirit In Birmingham

The VV import record label announced another batch of ‘Special Editions of their ‘High Spirit In Birmingham’ double LP / DVD set. 
Publicity stated
: We’re always trying to give you more, so we hope this new release will be a really great update to your Elvis’ live show collection. To create another Special Collector’s Edition the 500 copies will be presented in 5 different vinyl color variations - black, blue, red, green and pink colored vinyl - all colors limited to 100 copies each, hand numbered with glossy stickers, 30 x 30 CM glossy art cards.

(Source: Pascal Matteo)

November 25 - Charts November 2023 - Week 3 - Updated

In the United Kingdom the 'ELVIS' soundtrack makes a re-entry on the charts. 

In the United States Elvis dropped off the main Billboard Top 200 Album chart, but made a surprise return to the Country Album chart with the 'Elvis' Golden Records' LP. 

In Belgium the public domain release 'Elvis The King' entered the chart.

Other charts will be updated over the weekend when the updates are published on the various chart-websites.

Official U.K. charts:

  • Official Album chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' climbed from #68 to #59.
  • Official Streaming Album chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' climbed from #52 to #51. 
  • Official Soundtrack Album chart: 'ELVIS' Soundtrack #49. 
  • Official Country Compilations chart: 'From Elvis in Nashville' climbed from #19 to #17. 
  • Official Blu-ray chart: 'ELVIS' made a re-entry at #36.
  • Official DVD chart: 'ELVIS' climbed from #34 to #22.
  • Official Video Chart Top 100: 'ELVIS' climbed from #40 to #30. 
  • Official Films On Disc chart: 'ELVIS' climbed from #26 to #21. 
Billboard charts:   
  • Billboard Top Country Album chart: 'The Classic Christmas Album' makes a re-entry at #42. 
  • Billboard Top Country Album chart: 'ELV1S 30 #1 Hits' dropped from #31 to #47. 
  • Billboard Top Country Album chart: 'Elvis' Golden Records' makes a re-entry at #50. 
  • Billboard Top Holiday Album chart: 'The Classic Christmas Album' remained steady at #16. 
Irish IRMA charts:
  • Official Irish Album chart: 'ELV1S 30#1 Hits' climbed from #95 to #72.
  • Official Irish Video chart: 'ELVIS' dropped from #20 to #23.
Belgian UltraTop Charts:
  • UltraTop Album chart (Flanders): 'Elvis The King' new entry at #106.

Forbes too notice of the return of 'Elvis' Golden Records' to the Billboard chart. The magazine noted: 

Presley debuts his compilation Elvis’ Golden Records on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart this week. The title appears in last place on the ranking of the most popular country full-lengths in the U.S., at No. 50, but it is new to the tally this time around, giving the rocker another posthumous win.

Elvis’ Golden Records marks Presley’s seventy-sixth title to make it to the Top Country Albums chart. That sum includes 38 top 10-charters–exactly half of all of his releases that have appeared on the tally. Presley has reached the No. 1 spot seven times.

This week, Presley also scores his first new placement on the tally in nearly five years. The last time Presley debuted a project on the country-only roster was back in 2019. That year, he sent The Best Of The '68 Comeback Special to No. 9.

It’s not clear exactly how well Elvis’ Golden Records performed in the past tracking week in order to appear on the Top Country Albums chart. The set doesn’t also appear on the Top Album Sales chart or the Billboard 200, so it earned fewer units than necessary to reach either list. That means that Presley’s compilation sold under 3,650 pure copies and shifted fewer than 8,135 equivalent copies–the numbers managed by the lowest-ranking titles on both lists, respectively.

Read the complete article on the >>> Forbes website

(Source: Official Chart Company / IRMA / UK Mix Forum / UltraTop / Forbes)

Friday, November 24, 2023

November 24 - Elvis Video news Report

Emiel Maier published his monthly Elvis Video News report again. The December 2023 edition looks back on the main news of November 2023 and more with attention for the growing concern and about the controversy the Priscilla movie generates, an inside look at the Elvis Exhibition in London, the 'Christmas at Graceland' Television Special, Elvis on Forbes' list of "Highest Paid Dead Celebrities" and much more.

(Source: Emiel Maier)

November 23 - Another Biography

Richard R. Fitzgerald published the 91-page A.I. generated book 'Elvis Presley Biography'.

: Have you ever wondered about the enigmatic figure behind the title "King of Rock 'n' Roll"? Explore the intricacies of Elvis Presley's extraordinary life in '
Elvis Presley Biography' which unveils Elvis personal life and career, his timeless legacy and cultural impact. All enriched with intimate interviews, archival insights and timeless artwork. 

In-Depth Exploration: Delve into the formative years, the meteoric rise to stardom, and the private nuances shaping Elvis's extraordinary narrative.

Intimate Interviews: Gain exclusive access to Elvis's inner sanctum through candid interviews, offering a rare glimpse into the essence of the man.

Archival Insights: Traverse a chronological mosaic of letters, photographs, and studio logs, unveiling the evolution of Elvis's artistic odyssey.

Timeless Artwork: Immerse yourself in the visual splendor of Elvis's legacy, captured through iconic album covers, concert posters, and the opulent interiors of Graceland.

Legacy and Influence: Explore the enduring impact of Elvis Presley beyond music, influencing fashion, cinema, and societal norms.

Question Explored: 
  • What pivotal junctures in Elvis's early years shaped his musical evolution?
  • How did Elvis navigate fame, personal relationships, and societal expectations?
  • What revelations do intimate interviews and archival materials unveil about the private facets of Elvis's life and artistic process?
  • In what ways did Elvis's influence permeate cultural expressions, extending beyond music to impact fashion, cinema, and societal norms?
Possible Solutions: 
  • Uncover the layers of Elvis's humanity through personal anecdotes, offering profound insights into the man behind the legend.
  • Illuminate the artistic alchemy that produced Elvis's timeless music, unraveling complexities through meticulously preserved archival insights.
  • Engage with the visual aesthetics that encapsulated Elvis's public persona, contributing to a cultural legacy beyond musical boundaries.
  • Curious to unveil the mysteries of Elvis Presley's life?
Order this biography now to immerse yourself in the rhythmic cadence of his journey. Let the harmonies of history envelop you, and become part of the symphony shaped by the enduring legacy of the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

Note: as with all these A.I. generated books, buyer beware!

(Source: Amazon)

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

November 22 - Running For the Joan Deary Tapes

The J.D. Inc. import record label released volume 2 in their 'The Joan Deary Tapes' series. 

Publicity stated: J.D. Inc. is proud to present you the second volume in our 'The Joan Deary Tapes' series and again we have exciting tracks to share with you! 

We present you different mixes, brand new acetates that are available here for the first time from the great 'Bossa Nova Baby' to the original track-only take of 'Who Needs Money' which Elvis and Ray Walker would later record their vocals to. 

'Love Song Of The Year' is also presented in a whole different light, among other Stax acetates that are a worthy addition to your collection We also have unedited outtakes here, a new long false start of 'Padre' and we close the disc with several live highlights that includes an unreleased segment of the February 1970 multi-tracks, including some great extended interaction following the classic performance of 'Polk Salad Annie' and the disc ends with a live version of 'My Way' performed in Chicago on May 1st 1977 which comes in great multi-track recorded sound quality.

Like our first volume that was sold out very quickly this disc is presented in an attractive digipack that features brand new unpublished photos!

Tracks:  Animal Instinct (Take 3 & 4) - Bossa Nova Baby* (Mono Movie Version - From Acetate) - El Toro* (Mono Movie Version - From Acetate) - Barefoot Ballad (Mono Movie Version - From Acetate) - Frankie And Johnny (Movie Version, From Acetate - Better Source) - Who Needs Money (Track Only - From Acetate) - Kentucky Rain (Take 1 - Different Mix) - Early Morning Rain (Take 11 - Unfaded) - Padre (Take 9, LFS) - Bosom Of Abraham (Master - Different Mix) - Love Song Of The Year (Different Mix - Prominent Violins) - For 01' Time Sake (Different Master Mix, From Acetate) - You Asked Me Too (Different Master Mix From Acetate) - I've Got A Thing About You Baby (Take 1, Unfaded) - Too Much Monkey Business (1980 "Guitar Man" Unedited Master) - Dialogue And Intro Of Proud Mary (Undated, February 1970) - Polk Salad Annie And Dialogue (Undubbed, 18.02.1970 MS) - Walk A Mile In My Shoes (19.02.1970 DS) - Can't Help Falling In Love (15.02.1972 MS) - My Way (01.05.1977 - Multi-Track In Better Quality).
* Previously Unreleased.

Running For A Limited Edition

The SR import record label released very limited editions of their LP / CD / DVD set 'Running For President'. This new edition contains 10 copies, all with an individual cover. 

The new numbered edition comes with gatefold cover holding an LP, CD and DVD and includes exclusive OBI's, 31 x 31 CM forex panels, 60 x 60 CM posters and a double-sided certificate of authenticity.

(Source: FECC / Pascal Matteo)

Monday, November 20, 2023

November 20 - An Inside Look at Elvis and the Colonel

St. Martin's Press published the 384-page book 'Elvis and the Colonel: An Insider's Look at the Most Legendary Partnership in Show Business' by Greg McDonald and Marshall Terrill. The book appeared in bookstores a week before the official release date. 

Publicity stated: A fresh biography of legendary entertainment manager Colonel Tom Parker, with a contrarian and corrective point of view.

Colonel Tom Parker, often reviled in his time, led the strategy from the earliest days of Elvis's career. Together, they built the most legendary partnership in show business. For the first time, Colonel Parker's story is told by an insider, Greg McDonald, who worked under Parker for years. Never-before-heard stories of Parker's collaboration with Elvis reveal the man behind the legend and the strategies that made Elvis a commercial groundbreaker.

Ingrained lore has it that Parker took advantage of "poor country boy" Elvis to sign the singer who became "The King". But Elvis and the Colonel shows that Elvis was not foolish when it came to business arrangements. 

This book is full of stories of innovations Parker made with his star client, including the ingenious merchandising (eg, selling both "I love Elvis" and "I hate Elvis" buttons), licensing and branding, from suits to toys, ashtrays to guitars, establishing The King as an artist-in-residence in Las Vegas and creating televised concert events, like Elvis' Christmas special.

Many of the practices Parker established are still deployed today by most major agencies. Parker's experience as a carny and an immigrant shaped his management style when he was at his peak, showing how he adapted big top practices to the big time. The heart of Elvis and the Colonel is the long, strong, warm and complex relationship between two iconic men.

(Source: Facebook Elvis Book Discussion Group / Amazon)

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Review Elvis January 1957 and March 1958

Visual biographer Paul Bélard takes us back to two periods in Elvis history with his books ‘Elvis January 6, 1957 - The Third Ed Sullivan Show’ and ‘Elvis March 14 to 31, 1958’. Although just 14 months apart, they present us two important phases in Elvis career. 
Both paperback books are around 200 pages, primarily filled with photographs (some colorized, some screengrabs) with additional texts explaining the events we see and several old newspaper and magazine content. Bélard chooses to add all the photos he has for a certain event or date. This means that next to images we already know, we also get many additional ones we’re not that familiar with.  
The images are primarily sourced from the world wide web and vary In quality. This is in part due to the day-by-day format Bélard uses, the images have to fit the date at hand. As the author choose to do a 200-page book, we get a lot of full-page images, which doesn’t always work with the quality of the source-material. 
I would present the photos and other illustrations on a smaller size. By stretching the period the book covers, the author can continue the format and sizes of his book series. 

Content - Elvis January 6, 1957
The book focusses on January 6th 1957, a busy day for Elvis and pretty much everything he did that day is well known to fans. Some events still resonate today. 
First on the agenda were photoshoots for the March of Dimes campaign with Joanne Wilson, New York City’s March of Dimes Poster Girl of 1956, followed by a spot for the Cancer Society.
After that we get to the main subject of the book, his third and final appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. For this final appearance Elvis was only shown “from the waist up” for his performances of ‘Hound Dog’, ‘Don’t Be Cruel’, ‘Too Much’ and ‘When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again’. The only exception was made for ‘Peace in the Valley’. 
Sullivan described the censorship as a compromise to keep Presley’s young fans happy, while appeasing the parents and clergymen who labeled Presley’s dance movements as “unfavorable”, to put it mildly. But the result of this compromise was that it actually boosted Elvis’ cool, dangerous, rebellious - truly, a rock ‘n’ roll - reputation.66 years later, we’re still talking about that rebellious Elvis’ on the Ed Sullivan Show. 
What also still resonates today is Russia’s aggression in Eastern Europe. During the show 
Ed Sullivan requested on Elvis’ behalf that the audience send donations to ease the plight of the thousands of Hungarians fleeing the Soviet Union invasion of their country. 

By the end of 1957, some US$6 million had been raised and sent to the International Red Cross in Geneva. Unfortunately not everything changes …
Closing the show Sullivan complimented Elvis. Even if he had filmed him “from the waist up”, this endorsement was important for Elvis as it made him (more) acceptable for parents who were worried of his influence on their kids. Elvis’ final performance on The Ed Sullivan Show was a last stepping stone on The King’s path to worldwide fame.
This book by Paul Bélard captures it all in pictures, text and relevant newspaper and magazine clippings. Another complete time-capsule.  
Content - Elvis March 14 to 31, 1958
Where the previous book brought is the launch of Elvis career, the book ‘Elvis 
March 14 to 31, 1958’ covers the “hand-brake” halting that rocket on his way to “where no pop star had gone before”, with his induction into the U.S. Army on March 24, 1958. 
The book takes us through the days before his induction and the induction itself before Elvis was send to Fort Hood, to serve with the Second Armored Division “Hell on Wheels”.
We see Elvis riding on his motorcycle around Memphis, spending time with his girlfriend Anita Wood - they surely were a good looking couple, what if … - and saying goodbye to friends and fans. Especially for his mother Gladys, these were very sad days, she had to say goodbye to her only son. 
In between the pictures Bélard makes some interesting observations for the reader. He noted: “Elvis becoming the most famous Private of the United States Army was anything but a private affair. Cameramen, photographers, and reporters followed every phase of his processing. So many pictures were taken during those days that, put all together frame by frame, one could follow Elvis’ progress almost by the minute. 

Another inescapable characteristic of these pictures is that Elvis rarely smiles. When he occasionally does, the smile is understandably bitter sweet.
It is funny to see Elvis shaking hands with Sergeant Walter Alden, the father of his last girlfriend Ginger Alden. Elvis is sworn in by Major Elbert P. Turner before he and the other recruits leave on a bus headed for Fort Chaffee, Arkansas.
I, Elvis Presley, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to all regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So, help me God.”
Congratulations, you are now in the Army. You are all Privates. That’ is the way you will be addressed from now on. Private Presley, you will be in charge of the group.”
Here Elvis no longer belongs to his family and friends, the U.S. Army owns him now; a fresh haircut - one that made headlines around the world - confirmed this. On their way some last fans get to say goodbye to Elvis during a stopover. 
It is amazing to see how many pictures Bélard found and put at the right spot on the Elvis time-line. And although some of them are just snapshots by fans and journalists following every step the new G.I. makes, some are simply gorgeous!
Paul Bélard published two new interesting books, illustrating the Elvis Presley time-line yet again in more detail. These books can’t be compared to the books put out by Erik Lorenzen, Pal Granlund or the late Ger Rijff, but they sell between US$50-60, sometimes less with discount on Amazon, and they fill a gap in the Elvis library documenting Elvis Presley’s history day-by-day, month-by-month and year-by-year. 
The books are available on Amazon. For a signed and numbered copy, the author can be contacted at

Sunday, November 19, 2023

November 19 - No Billboard Award

The 2023 Billboard Music Awards have officially handed out. The 2022 'ELVIS' soundtrack album was nominated in the category 'Top Soundtrack', but lost to the 'Barbie' soundtrack.

(Source: Billboard)

Saturday, November 18, 2023

November 18 - Echoes Of A Virtual King In Vegas (Updated)

The new JJJB import record label released their first double CD 'Echoes of the King' featuring 24 songwriter demo's and first take by Elvis Presley.

Publicity stated: This Limited Edition double CD-set features songwriter demos and first takes from the one and only Elvis Presley. The release title 'Echoes of the King' captures the essence of these recordings.

The demos and early takes in this collection are raw and intimate, capturing Elvis's passion for music and his incredible vocal talent. You'll hear him experiment with different melodies and arrangements, feeling the energy and excitement in the air. They are a haunting reminder of the immense talent and influence that Elvis had on the music world.

Elvis Presley was one of the most iconic and influential musicians of all time. His music has transcended generations and continues to inspire fans worldwide. Now, for the first time, a new double CD collection is released, including 24 songwriter demos and early takes of some of Elvis's most beloved songs, such as 'Suspicion', 'Something Blue', 'Viva Las Vegas', 'No More' and 'I Met Her Today'.

This collection is a must-have for any Elvis fan, offering a unique opportunity to hear how some of his greatest hits originated. The demos and early takes provide a fascinating insight into Elvis's creative process and his incredible vocal talent.
The collection is beautifully packaged in a double CD set, the first featuring 24 demos that composers presented to Elvis with their new songs, and the second with Elvis's initial attempts to record those same 24 tracks.

The CD includes demos and early takes.

CD 1 - The Songwriter Demos:

Night Life - Viva Las Vegas - Suspicion - Anything That´s Part Of You - What Now, Where Next, Where To - Hard Headed Woman - Slowly But Surely - Sing You Children - Spinout - C´mon Everybody - (Marie´s The Name) His Latest Flame - I Need Somebody To Lean On - What A Wonderful Life - One Broken Heart For Sale - Kismet - Once Is Enough - No More - I Met Hear Today - Cotton Candy Land - My Desert Serenade - Good Luck Charm - The Love Machine - Something Blue - There´s Always Me.

CD 2 - The Earlier Takes:
Night Life (Take 1) - Viva Las Vegas (Take 1, 2) - Suspicion (Take 1) - Anything That´s Part Of You (Take 1) - What Now, Where Next, Where To (Take 1) - Hard Headed Woman (Take 10, Master) - Slowly But Surely (Take 1) - Sing You Children (Take 1) - Spinout (Take 1, 2) - C´mon Everybody (Take 1, 2, 3) - (Marie´s The Name) His Latest Flame (Take 1, Rehearsal) - I Need Somebody To Lean On (Take 1, 2) - What A Wonderful Life (Take 2, 1) - One Broken Heart For Sale (Take 1, Master) - Kismet (Take 1, 2) - Once Is Enough (Take 7, Master) - No More (Take 1, 2, 3) - I Met Hear Today (Take 1) - Cotton Candy Land (Take 1, 2, 3, 4) - My Desert Serenade (Take 1, 2, 3) - Good Luck Charm (Take 1) - The Love Machine (Take 1, 2, 3) - Something Blue (Take 1) - There´s Always Me (Take 1).

Formula Elvis

The spirit of Elvis is still around in Vegas. The Red Bull Formula 1 drivers wear EPE approved racing suits. 

Publicity stated: In celebration of the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, the Team has unveiled their new Elvis-inspired ‘Viva Las Vegas’ race suits, in homage to Elvis’ signature Vegas look. The race suits, manufactured by the Team’s Technical Racewear Supplier Sparco, will make their grand debut at the Las Vegas Grand Prix Race, for one night and one night only, worn by drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez on track.

The drivers will race in two different colours: Max in white and Checo in red. The design showcases a jumpsuit-inspired look, is adorned with gold stars on the front and back of the suit and features a classic Elvis ‘belt’.

To further celebrate the partnership, Oracle Red Bull Racing and Elvis Presley Enterprises have created a limited-edition collection of tees, fleece, hoodies and totes featuring vintage images of Elvis adorned in race-gear. The signature apparel will be sold at the >>> Elvis Presley Amazon Shop (click here for the associate link).

The suits worked as the team took places 1 and 3 on the podium!

The King Reimagined

London Ritchie published the 92-page biography 'Elvis Presley: The King Reimagined The Life, Death, and Legacy' in various languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The book and images are A.I. generated.

: Elvis Presley, widely known as "The King of Rock and Roll," was a cultural icon who revolutionized the music industry and left an indelible mark on the world. Born on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis Aaron Presley grew up in humble surroundings, marked by poverty. His early exposure to gospel music in the church, coupled with the influence of rhythm and blues, played a crucial role in shaping his musical style.

Elvis's breakthrough came in 1954 when he recorded "That's All Right" at Sun Studio in Memphis. His fusion of country, rhythm and blues, and gospel created a unique sound that resonated with audiences across racial and cultural divides. The energizing blend of his soulful voice, charismatic stage presence, and unconventional dance moves set the stage for the rock and roll explosion of the 1950s.

The mid-1950s saw Elvis Presley become a cultural phenomenon, with hits like "Heartbreak Hotel," "Hound Dog," and "Jailhouse Rock" dominating the charts. His provocative hip-swiveling performances on stage sparked controversy but also solidified his status as a musical trailblazer. Elvis's impact was not confined to music; his foray into acting saw him star in a series of films, further expanding his influence on popular culture.

However, the pressures of fame, along with personal struggles, took a toll on Elvis's health. His career experienced a decline in the 1960s, but he made a triumphant comeback with his 1968 television special. The '68 Comeback Special showcased his raw talent and reminded the world of his prowess as a live performer. Subsequently, Elvis embarked on a successful concert tour, reclaiming his title as one of the most compelling entertainers of his time.

Tragically, Elvis Presley's life was cut short when he was found dead at Graceland, his iconic home in Memphis, on August 16, 1977. The official cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia, but his struggles with prescription drug abuse were widely acknowledged as contributing factors. The untimely death of the 42-year-old legend sent shockwaves through the world, leaving millions of fans in mourning.

Elvis Presley's legacy, however, transcends his death. His impact on popular music, cultural norms, and the entertainment industry endures. The King's influence is evident in the countless artists who cite him as a major inspiration, from The Beatles to Michael Jackson. His records continue to sell, and his image remains an enduring symbol of rock and roll rebellion.

The phenomenon of Elvis impersonators further illustrates the lasting impact of his persona. The Elvis Presley estate, managed by Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE), actively preserves and promotes his legacy. Graceland, Elvis's former home, has become a pilgrimage site for fans worldwide, attracting millions each year. The estate has expanded to include a museum, archives, and even a guest house.

In the decades since his passing, Elvis has posthumously received numerous awards and honors, including inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Country Music Hall of Fame. His recordings continue to be remastered and reissued, introducing his music to new generations. Elvis Presley's influence is not limited to the United States; he remains a global cultural icon, revered by fans from all corners of the world.

While Elvis's life was marked by highs and lows, his enduring impact on the music industry and popular culture is undeniable. His contributions to rock and roll, his charismatic stage presence, and his ability to transcend racial and cultural barriers make him a timeless figure in the annals of music history. Elvis Presley, The King of Rock and Roll, may have left the building, but his legacy continues to resonate, ensuring that his memory lives on for generations to come.

(Source: Pascal Matteo / JJJB/ Amazon)