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June 30 - Elvis Delayed (Again)

The Follow That Dream Collector's label announced the that the June 2012 releases have been postponed once more. The double CD's, "G.I. Blues", "From Hawaii To Las Vegas" with the complete sample of 25 January 1973 performance from in Las Vegas and the vinyl re-issue of the "Elvis - That's The Way It Is" should be available early July 2012.

Elvis '69

JAT Publishing announced that the book 'Elvis 69' will be released mid July 2012. The book is hardcover and 128 pages and contains over 160 black and white and color images on Elvis at the movies and in the studio.

(Source: Various / JAT)

The Best News Stories Of 2012 (So Far)

One of the big pros of the world wide web is that it brings people together. Through our blogs, Troy and I met and decided to look back together at some of the highlights of the 35th anniversary year; 'A Trip Down 2012'. 

This year, I blogged over 150 posts, often with multiple news items in each one. That means the Elvis world is very much alive. Picking a top 10 wasn’t easy, so I picked ten items that stuck with me as a fan. I listed them chronologically.
Troy, webmaster of The Mystery Train Blog, looked back at the ten best stories so far this year, he listed them as a Top 10 of the best news stories 2012 (so far). Both lists are posted on both websites as an example of collaboration.

Some highlights are very simple, on this day the French Elvis My Happiness fan club announced the release of the book ‘Le Jour Ou Elvis Chante A Paris’. Although my French isn’t good enough to read the book, I was stunned by the cool image on the promotional CD that came with it. That’s one cool dude.

January 26 – For God And Country
3764 Blvd. Publishing announced the release of the ‘For God And Country’ deluxe book, CD, and later vinyl set ‘For God And Country’. I really like this ‘last’ concert Elvis Presley performed as a ‘rocker’ and blame the Colonel for not recording it.
The label met stiff competition when the UK-based Memphis Recording Service released the same 1961 Hawaiian concert a few months later. Fan reactions were both positive and negative (beautiful book, mixed on the remastering of the sound). The 3764 Blvd. edition is still set for release this summer, this time facing competition from plans of the official Follow That Dream collectors label. 

Speaking of cool covers, the cover of Elvis Presley’s debut album topped's 50 Coolest Albums of All Time list. Besides calling the cover ‘iconic’ and taking note of classic hits such as "Blue Suede Shoes," the Shortlist refers to John Lennon's quote - "Before Elvis there was nothing" and describes "the boy from Tupelo, MS" as a catalyst for rock 'n' roll. I can’t agree more with the website. I have this album hanging on my wall, and it never bores me. It is very energetic.

The Follow That Dream collectors label has recently branched out with other parties for their releases. The first one with the Behind The Image team didn’t work out, and neither did the ‘Elvis Fashion’ book with the Norwegian Flaming Star fan club, as it was filled with grammatical errors. However, with the ‘Welcome Home Elvis’ book, the Danish / Norwegian team came back with a bang presenting a really cool King in a very cool book. With these books, I always have to think back on Ger Riff’s book. Wouldn’t it be great if the Follow that Dream label teamed with the master himself?

I kind of felt like a fool for not noticing that the previous announcement of the auction of a pair of blue suede shoes, said to be signed by Elvis Presley in 1956, were not the right ones. 

The two pairs of shoes on the images that I posted with the article were not the same type of shoes. It would have been a great April Fools' Day joke if it had been planned just one day earlier.

April 16 – Bootleg Elvis
The book ‘Bootleg Elvis’ was first mentioned on the For Elvis CD Collectors forum in 2011. In April of this year, the five collectors behind the book sent out the first official press release. Besides Ernst Jorgensen’s SUN book, this is the #2 book on my really-need-to-buy-this-year list. I know there are a lot of Elvis Presley bootlegs around, for I've collected quite a few of them. Being from the younger generation, my collection consists mainly of CDs. This book will hopefully give me a look into Elvis bootlegging history on vinyl. I’ll probably find some nice items to look for.

One of the things the Follow That Dream label lacked from day one is information: on releases, planning, ship dates, and, most important of all, background in accompanying booklets. The label bought the official Follow That Dream URL and has the foremost Elvis Presley expert, Ernst Jorgensen, as the producer heading the team, so what is holding them up?
A lot of fans volunteered to step in, and the Japanese Elvis For Sound Fans Only fan club actually did. I don’t have their book on the first 111 FTD releases, but it deserves a spot on this list for their initiative! I’ll have to find a copy to see what the book covers. For Now I can do with the review from The Elvis Information Network.

The Boxcar release ‘Graceland Through The Years – 1957 – 1977’ was first announced four years ago in an interview on the Elvis Information Network website. On this day, the label showed the result of four years of work.
I must say, I'm really looking forward to this one. I have the official EPE book, and I walked the grounds of Graceland in person over ten years ago. I expect this book to be a well-documented trip down memory lane.

May 16 – The Work Of A Man From Denmark
May 15, 2012 marks the day of the first real glimpse into the actual FTD SUN release. The Official UK Elvis Presley fan club beat the official announcement of the release of ‘A Boy From Tupelo’ by one day. Speaking of days, I’m counting the days until I hold this five-kilo Holy Grail of the Elvis world in my hands. I’ve always had a real soft spot for the birth of rock 'n' roll, and now I can experience it as complete as it will probably ever get.

May 26 – Volume Five
The fifth volume in ‘The Elvis Files’ book series from the Norwegian Flaming Star fan club was released. The series documents Elvis Presley’s life and achievements in a very informative and well illustrated manner. It is a bit overhyped, has some flaws, and seems to simply collect some of the material from the internet. Still, there is nothing Elvis that compares to this body of work, so it stands out as the ‘Illustrated Biography’ of Elvis Presley. The fifth volume documents the years 1969 and 1970, when Elvis Presley became king of the whole wide world again. Besides the first six years of his public life, these years are the most iconic.

Over to you Troy!

Kees, Elvis Day By Day

The Best news Stories Of 2012 (so far)

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. With almost half of 2012 already in the record books, this seems like a good time to look back at the ten best stories so far this year.

#10 A revitalized dream 
In 2012, noted Elvis soundboard expert Ciscoking began consulting with Sony's Follow That Dream collectors label for Elvis fans. The first result of that collaboration was April's Another Saturday Night, capturing a previously unreleased 1975 concert in Shreveport, Louisiana. Involving an extremely knowledgeable fan is a huge step forward for FTD's sometimes dubious soundboard series. 
Earlier this month, Elvis Presley Enterprises' official site showed some love for the label by rolling out a rejuvenated FTD section - complete with audio clips, posters, and movie trailers. Ciscoking has hinted that a dedicated FTD site may finally be on the way, but the section at least provides a temporary destination for those wanting to learn more about the various releases.

#09 Celebrating Elvis, the father 
Lisa Marie Presley in February launched a new exhibit at Graceland, "Elvis... Through His Daughter's Eyes." Nine-years-old when her father passed away, Lisa Marie presents memories of her time with him. The exhibit includes home movies, toys, and even Lisa Marie's crib. All too often, Elvis today is seen only as an image or trademark - like Mickey Mouse. Lisa Marie's very personal exhibit instead places a much-needed focus on the real man behind that image. 

#08 Tour Graceland without leaving home 
In March, rolled out 360 degree, panoramic tours of Graceland's exterior, foyer, den, and racquetball building/trophy room. What better way to entice fans to visit in person than to allow a virtual preview? The real question is, will the forthcoming virtual Elvis live in virtual Graceland? While I love the virtual Graceland concept, I have to admit, the thought of a virtual Elvis (in 2D "hologram" form) creeps me out. 

#07 I Am An Elvis By Request Fan 
In May, Sony Music solicited online votes from fans on which Elvis songs should appear on a new CD, I Am An Elvis Fan. Unfortunately, Sony restricted the voting choices to less than a hundred of the 700-plus Elvis masters - not to mention thousands of alternate and live cuts released since his death. Sony Music Australia took this concept one step further in June. For Sony Music Australia's Elvis By Request 2-CD set, fans can vote for any Elvis master, as well as many tracks released since 1977. I've pre-ordered both CDs, but I'm most looking forward to the Australian edition

#06 Sweetening through the ages 
The most interesting Elvis releases these days tend to be not from the main Sony label, but from the FTD label. In March, FTD released Our Memories Of Elvis Volumes 1, 2, & 3. The 2-CD set contains the original 1979 and 1980 albums, as well as a third volume and additional tracks prepared but never released. The concept is simple, the recordings have been remixed to remove certain instruments and background vocalists to strip them down to a "pure" sound. While the results may still be artificial compared to truly undubbed versions, it is still an intriguing concept and a welcome release

#05 Grace through the storm 
Lisa Marie Presley released her third album in May, Storm & Grace. Her best release yet, the album is consistent, well-written, well-performed, and well-produced. My favorite songs on the album are "Over Me," "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet," "So Long" and "Un-break." The other tracks are solid as well. 

#04 "Some of y'all never been down South too much" 
In its top-notch Classic Album series, FTD released its version of On Stage in March. I consider On Stage second only to That's The Way It Is as the best album of Elvis' career. By my count, this marks the fourth different configuration of this album (the original 1970 version, the 1999 special edition, the 2010 Legacy edition, and now the 2012 FTD edition). Why, then, is this latest reissue even worth mentioning? In addition to the original album, this 2-CD set contains additional tracks from his February 1970 Las Vegas engagement, many of them previously unreleased. 

#03 Practice, practice, practice 
Scheduled for release this month from FTD is From Hawaii To Las Vegas, which presents a January 25, 1973, rehearsal at the Las Vegas Hilton. One song from this rehearsal, "I'm Leavin' It All Up To You," was first issued as a bonus track last year on FTD's uneven Stage Rehearsal CD. Originally recorded on cassette tape, From Hawaii To Las Vegas probably will not be the kind of CD you would want to throw on at a party - but it should provide valuable insight to fellow Elvis historians. Included are two runthroughs of "Separate Ways" - a song that, as far as anyone knows, Elvis never actually performed in concert. 

#02 Not a typical compilation 
With I Am An Elvis Fan and Elvis By Request on the way, 2012 may be seen as the year of the fan compilation. However, many fans have been making Elvis compilations for their own personal use for years - whether on cassette tape, CD-R, or iPod playlists. In May, one particular Elvis playlist made the news. Lisa Marie's Favourite Elvis Songs features his daughter's selections. Her 12 picks range from 1960-1972, with a full two-thirds coming from the 1970s. With selections like "Just Pretend" and "I'm Leavin'," Lisa Marie's list proved to be both unique and terrific. Sony should hire her to advise on future Elvis compilations.

#01 From Alabama Street to Union Avenue 
After years of rumors and speculation, the announcement of a release date and early details for FTD's seemingly mythical "SUN project" has to take the number one spot. No contest. One of the most anticipated Elvis Presley releases ever, A Boy From Tupelo: The Complete 1953-1955 Recordings will include a 512-page book detailing the activities of Elvis in that time period as well as three CDs worth of material. The set gathers every known Elvis SUN master and outtake, plus demos and live performances. It includes ten previously unreleased tracks. The SUN project has been FTD chief Ernst Jorgensen's baby for the past several years. A Boy From Tupelo reportedly tips the scales at 5 kilograms (11 pounds), meaning it weighs more than most newborns! Delivery is currently expected for August 16. 
What will the rest of 2012 bring to the Elvis world? Will A Boy From Tupelo live up to expectations? What other surprises are in store? Find out by keeping it tuned to the Elvis Day By Day blog. 

Troy Y., The Mystery Train Blog

Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29 - DVD Honors

This is the box for the seven 2012 repacked re-issues from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. Release-date August 7, 2012.

The American Band To Be Honored

Marty Lacker announced that "I'm proud and happy to announce that the American Band aka The Memphis Boys will be honored with a Beale Street Blues Note on Beale Street in Memphis at 5:PM, August 13th."
In addition the award ceremony, the band will be giving a concert across the road from the Graceland mansion, behind where the Lisa Maria airplane is located on August 14th (pm) sponsored by EPE. Chips Moman and Marty Lacker both plan to attend the event as long as Chips has recovered from his hip replacement surgery by then. EPE is erecting a huge temporary building that supposedly will hold 1,000 people to see the concert.

Christmas Lights On A Friday Night

The Straight Arrow import label announced the release of the CD 'Christmas Lights On A Friday Night'.

The pressrelease:
As the final month of 1976 rolled around, Elvis arrived in Las Vegas for what would be his 15th and final visit as a performer, playing 15 concerts to some very mixed press reviews. By all accounts, health and weight issues had unfortunately contributed to a lowering of the very high standards Elvis had once embraced as a live artist. Still, the fans always came, and sometimes Presley showed more than a hint of the magic that made him the greatest singer of all.
On this collection are the second and third appearances of the ten-day stand, and Elvis is in quite good form, including seasonal favorite "Blue Christmas" along with favorites like "Tryin' To Get To You", "Bridge Over Troubled Water", "America the Beautiful" and the powerhouse gospel of "How Great Thou Art". As always, his rendition of "Hurt" is thrills both audiences. It was a Friday night to for any fan to savor throughout the holiday season. As fans have come to expect, the recordings are of very good audio quality, sourced from original master tapes recorded by British super-fan "Gemini.” The double digipak is filled with liner notes and photos from both shows that December 3rd. Again, these recordings have been carefully engineered to be presented in the best possible sound. Tracks:

CD 1 / Friday, December 3, 1976 Dinner Show:
01. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman / Amen - 04. Love Me - 05. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - 06. You Gave Me A Mountain - 07. It's Now Or Never - 08. One Night - 09. All Shook Up - 10. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel -11. And I Love You So - 12. Fever - 13. Polk Salad Annie - 14. Introduction of vocalists, musicians - 15. Early Morning Rain (John Wilkinson) - 16. What'd I Say (James Burton) - 17. Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - 18. Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff) - 19. Piano Solo (Tony Brown) - 20. Electric Piano and Clavinet Solo (David Briggs) - 21. Love Letters - 22. School Day (Joe Guercio Orchestra) - 23. Hurt - 24. Hound Dog - 25. Blue Christmas - 26. Can't Help Falling In Love - 27. Closing Vamp

CD 2 / Friday, December 3, 1976 Midnight Show:
01. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman / Amen - 04. Love Me - 05. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - 06. You Gave Me A Mountain - 07. Jailhouse Rock - 08. Intstrumental Intermezzo - 09. It's Now Or Never - 10. Bridge Over Troubled Water - 11. Tryin' To Get To You - 12. Blue Suede Shoes - 13. And I Love You So - 14. Softly As I Leave You - 15. America the Beautiful - 16. Introduction of vocalists, musicians - 17. Early Morning Rain (John Wilkinson) - 18. What'd I Say (James Burton) - 19. Johnny B. Goode (James Burton) - 20. Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - 21. Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff) - 22. Piano Solo (Tony Brown) - 23. Electric Piano and Clavinet Solo (David Briggs) - 24. Love Letters (with false start) - 25. School Day - 26. School Day (reprise) - 27. Hurt - 28. Hound Dog - 29. How Great Thou Art (with false start) - 30. Can't Help Falling In Love - 31. Closing Vamp

Elvis Portugal 

The Portugues Blitz magazine - July edition - has a 5 page article on Elvis. 
The article is about Elvis' first recording on July 5th, 1954.

(Source: Amazon / Burning Star / FECC)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 28 - Southern White Teen Stars With Gold Records

Oxford University Press announced the release of the book 'Elvis Presley: A Southern Life' by Joel Williamson with January 15 2013 as the release-date.

From the publisher:
"It is hard to believe that there would be any fresh takes on a figure as written about as Elvis Presley. Joel Williamson, an eminent Southern historian, has been working on Elvis for over twenty years and in this biography examines Presley as a product of his time and place in Southern culture, as well as the culture of the Southern girls and women who became his first fans. Rather than interpreting him through the lens of the rise of rock 'n roll and its impact on performers, Williamson looks seriously at the roots of Elvis' life, particularly his "country come to city" family, Tupelo and Memphis in the Depression and wartime years, and the ways in which this shaped his generation of first fans.
He discusses how Presley became the subject of unprecedented interest as a figure of sexual desire for people who, by the standards of their time and place, were not supposed to express sexual ecstasy, especially in public. While Elvis could not understand why he and his music were seen as a threat to good morals, he nonetheless took advantage of female sexual desire for him but lived in fear that the public would see him as a lecherous man who got away with a lifestyle of sexual indulgence.
While he drew on black music, especially gospel, and popularized it for white audiences, and worked with black musicians, he never took a public stand in the Civil Rights Movement bubbling around him in Memphis and the places around the South where he performed. Williamson notes how the early years of performing set the pattern of Elvis' career, leading to long periods after age 23 when he was not making music of much consequence or performing live, but his fans from the early years remained obsessed with him. In the later part of his career, when he performed regular gigs in Las Vegas and toured second-tier cities, he moved beyond the South to a national audience who had bought his albums and watched his movies, but the makeup of his fan base did not substantially change.
Nor did Elvis himself ever move up the Southern class ladder despite his wealth. And, as Williamson notes, many residents of Memphis ignored or were ambivalent about the resident of Graceland during his lifetime. Williamson's work does not attempt to displace Peter Guralnick's Last Train to Memphis and Careless Love but offers a highly readable account of the Presley family, especially Gladys and Vernon, their class, their finances, their religion, and the opportunities for men and women of Elvis' generation and region. It is not a tell-all account by someone who was associated with Elvis, but a historically informed biography by a scholar who moved to Memphis to teach in 1964. Through his emotionally powerful biography emerge the good Elvis, the bad Elvis, and the psychopathic Elvis."

White Artists With Soul

To celebrate Black Music Month, Chart Watch collated a list of the biggest white artists in the history of Billboard's R&B chart. That may seem to be an odd way to celebrate Black Music Month, but it dramatizes that black music has influenced countless artists in a wide range of genres. Elvis Presley, whose hits 'That's All Right (mama)', 'Hound Dog', 'Mystery Train', 'I Feel So Bad', 'High Heel Sneakers', 'Crying In The Chapel' etc were remakes of earlier R&B hits, is the most successful white artist in the history of the R&B chart, which is now called Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.
Twenty-one white artists rank among the top 500 R&B hit-makers in chart history in chart researcher Joel Whitburn's indispensable book Hot R&B Songs 1942-2010. The roster includes numerous blue-eyed soul singers (George Michael, Daryl Hall & John Oates), a rap icon (Eminem), disco stars (KC & the Sunshine Band), a pop provocateur (Madonna) and funk stars - but Elvis stands out above all. 
As James Brown the God-Father of R&B and Soul noted, "I wasn’t just a fan, I was his brother. Last time I saw Elvis alive was at Graceland. We sang ‘Old Blind Barnabus’ together, a gospel song. I love him and hope to see him in heaven. There’ll never be another like that soul brother."

The #1 white artist who ranks among the top 500 R&B hit-makers in chart history are:
1. Elvis Presley. The king of rock and roll had 24 top 10 R&B hits, from 1956's "Heartbreak Hotel" to 1963's " Devil In Disguise." Six of them, including "Hound Dog," reached #1. Blues singer Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton had a #1 R&B hit with "Hound Dog" in 1953.

More RIAA Awards?

Executives from Sony Music will emcee a free event at the Elvis Week Main Stage on Wednesday, August 15, as they present multiple awards for releases of Elvis' music that have achieved Gold, Platinum or Diamond status based on RIAA record sales. 


The following appeared on the Billboard Catalog Album Charts (w/e 7th July, 2012):
  • 'Heart And Soul' selling some 1590 copies. Total sales to date: 566,246 copies.
  • 'Elvis: The Very Best Of Love' selling some 1579 copies. Total sales to date: 277,512 copies.
  • 'The Essential Elvis' selling some 1470 copies. Total sales to date: 451,993 copies. It is a double album and therefore under RIAA rules qualifies for double sales - so for their purposes it has sold 903,986 copies and already been awarded Gold status. Could be in line for a Platinum upgrade - perhaps in August.
  • 'An Afternoon In The Garden' selling some 1356 copies. Total sales to date: 474,368 copies.
  • 'Elvis Country' (Compilation) selling some 1225 copies. Total sales to date: 116,109 copies.
Teen Pop Stars of the Past

ABC News is calling Elvis the first teen pop star in a recent post titled "Teen Pop Stars of the Past." The recent ABC photo gallery states, "The King of Rock 'n' Roll was the first to wear the teen idol crown. Elvis Presley's stage performances got girls all shook up, starting from when he launched his singing career in 1954." Elvis continues to impact modern day culture and his influence is seen around the world.

(Source: Elvis Club Berlin / EPE / Elvis Information Network)

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June 27 - Re: Generated

The Italian DJ Spankox released a new remix-album 'Re:Generation'. The album, produced by Spankox aka Agostino Carollo with additional production by Highpass was previously released through iTunes on June 5, 2012.

1. Little Sister / 2. Flaming Star / 3. I Feel So Bad / 4. As Long As I Have You / 5. Judy / 6. I’m Coming Home / 7. Crawfish / 8. In Your Arms / 9. I Want You With Me / 10. King Creole

(Source: Everness)

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June 26 - A Collector's Photo From Tupelo

A set of 8 sample pages from the new Ernst Jorgensen FTD book 'A Boy From Tupelo' was shown on the FECC forum, supplied by Cristioto. The preview pages feature plenty of previously unreleased photos, with most of them supplied by the fans who are actually in the photos with Elvis. 

Collecting Elvis

Volume 13 of the DeAgostini / EPE collectors series was released. This volume contains the movie "Seemann Ahoi" ("Paradise, Hawaiian Style"), a mini poster of  "The Trouble With Girls", magazine and memorabelia reproductions.

Hair Sale

A plastic vial containing clippings of Elvis Presley's hair has sold for $4,160 at an auction of celebrity memorabilia in Beverly Hills, California. It is not the first time the King of Rock N' Roll's hair has been put up for auction. The newest collection of clippings was one of several pieces of celebrity memorabilia offered during Julien's Auctions' two-day Sports Legends and Music Icons sale, which took place over the weekend. Objects belonging to the late Michael Jackson, whose third death anniversary was marked on Monday, Amy Winehouse, who died last year, and Whitney Houston, who was found dead in February, were also sold.

The latest clippings of Presley's hair were collected by the late singer's personal hairdresser, Homer "Gil" Gilleland.

"As he worked with Elvis off and on up through the 1970s, Gilleland kept locks of Presley's hair, attaching them to business cards and ultimately giving large collections to friends," Julien's Auctions said in its listing. "There have been several large groupings of Elvis hair sold."
In 2009, a strand of hair Gilleland said he clipped from Presley's head sold at a British auction for about $1,560. A jar containing more of Presley's hair sold for $115,000 in an online auction in 2002.

Also auctioned off at Julien's Auction's weekend sale - a photo of an X-Ray of Presley's arm, taken after he suffered an injury during a karate session in Las Vegas, sold for $9,375. A black leather Harley-Davidson motorcycle jacket and black Lansky Bros. tuxedo pants believed to have been owned by the singer sold for $41,600 and a pair of glass champagne coupes believed to have been used at Presley's 1967 wedding to Priscilla fetched $312.50 at the auction.
Not all items sold. An acoustic guitar signed by Presley, combined with a photograph of the singer performing at a 1976 concert in Syracuse, New York, fetched no bids. It was estimated to be worth at least $15,000.

The Best Fifties Setlist

RCA released the compilation CD 'Setlist: The Very Best of Elvis Presley Live 1950's'. 

(Source: FECC / Elvis Club Berlin / On The Red Carpet / Amazon)

Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25 - Stronger Votes By Request

The new VV import label announced the release of 'Stronger than Pride' as their first release. 

The pressrelease:
If we look closely at the first Vegas act of 1972, In spite is personal problems or thanks to these we can see that Elvis concentrates on the music to produce great shows. The in-between song chat and banter have gone and each number is delivered promptly without even a pause for applause. The 'NEW' songs introduced do reflect the mood of the man and for sure the rocking days are over but the rendition of the early seventies repertoire is solid and sung with great ability. The Elvis show is short, 45-50 minutes and is basic with little variation in the tracklist, this theme is continued throughout, always including the new repertoire. Here We present Elvis to the end of the season the closing night the afternoon show.. no surprises in the tracklist but the show is extremely solid and good, almost supernatural if we consider, it comes after one month of daily routine.
The sound is good and powerful it comes directly from the original tape, the mix is rough giving us the possibility to listen very clear all the band in action. This vinyl pressing include a bonus cd, where you have the possibility to listen the same concert + the six “new” songs from the opening night in this way you can compare too the evolution of Elvis’ performing during the season.
The LP 140 vinyl gram is a limited handnumbered release limited to 500 copies. It comes with an inside high quality glossy paper booklet of four LP sized paper. 
We hope you can enjoy this our first product in the way to give life to more of his kind in next future.
LP February 23 DS unreleased live audience-recording, running time 45,00 minutes.

Side A
01.2001 Theme
02.C C Rider
03.Proud Mary
04.Never Been To Spain
05.You Gave Me A Mountain
06.Until It’s Time For You To Go
07.Polk Salad Annie
08.Love Me
09.All Shook Up

Side B
01.Teddy Bear /Don’t Be Cruel
02.Hound Dog
03.A Big Hunk O’ Love
04.Help Me Make It Through The Night
05.Suspicious Minds
06.Band Introductions
07.An American Trilogy
08.Can’t Help Falling In Love
09.Closing Vamp

Bonus CD (running time 73 minutes)
01. 2001 Theme 02. CC Rider 03. Proud Mary 04. Never Been To Spain 05. You Gave Me A Mountain 06. Until It’s Time For You To Go 07. Polk Salad Annie 08. Love Me 09. All Shook Up 10. Teddy Bear /Don’t Be Cruel 11. Hound Dog 12. A Big Hunk O’ Love 13. Help Me Make It Through The Night 14. Suspicious Minds 15. Band Introductions 16. An American Trilogy 17. Can’t Help Falling In Love 18. Closing Vamp 19*. Never Been To Spain 20*. You Gave Me A Mountain 21*. Until It’s Time For You To Go 22*. A Big Hunk O’ Love 23*. An American Trilogy 24*. I’ll Remember You 25+ It’s Impossible 26+ The Impossible Dream 27° It’s Over
*January 26 opening night + February 16 ms °February 17 ds
Tracks previously released soundboard recording.

Australian Top 40

Here are the top 40 songs as voted by Australian fans so far to form the tracklisting for the Elvis By Request : The Australian Edition CD. This is a very special 40 track double CD release where Australian Fans vote for their favourite Elvis track from a listing of every Elvis Presley master recording. An American Trilogy did not chart in Australia but remains in the top spot where it has been the whole time. There are plenty of interesting tracks outside this top ten that will be revealed after voting ends on July 13.

The current Top 10:
An American Trilogy
If I Can Dream
Suspicious Minds
Always on My Mind
Can't Help Falling in Love
The Wonder of You
In the Ghetto
Love Me Tender
Kentucky Rain

Below is the top ten from the first week:
An American Trilogy
In The Ghetto
Are you Lonesome Tonight?
Edge Of Reality
Always on my mind
Suspicious Minds
Love Me Tender
Can't Help Falling In Love
It's Now Or Never
Little Egypt

Juliens Auctions Top 3
The 'Icons' auction at Juliens Auctions last weekend got the most attention due to the fact that the Elvis crypt was pulled from the acution, but there where several other Elvis related in the catalogue that did sell. The top three:
1. Motorcycle suit: $41,600
2. 'EP' necklace: $31,250
3. Star Ruby and diamond ring: $21,250

Chrome Dreams

The Chrome Dreams budget label from the UK released the CD' The Complete '61 Sessions'. 

(Source: FECC / Elvis Information Network / ElvisMatters)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24 - For God And Delay And $

It's been quite quiet about the 'Elvis - For God And Country' release, but the  producers assured ElvisMatters that the set will be released this Summer "The package will come out this Summer, but all has to do with the planning of FTD." 

GI Blues + Something for Everybody 

The Hoodoo Records budget label announced the release of the compilation 'G.I. Blues + Something For Everybody' containing the two original albums and seven additional bonus tracks. The set is due August 13, 2012. 

Elvis Expensive?

On 1 September 2012, Taschen GmbH releases Alfred Wertheimer, Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll.  A limited edition (1,500 copies) hardback with 300 pages, the retail price on Amazon UK is 435 pounds (US$678), while the Book Depository UK has it discounted from US$988 to $741 (and throws in free shipping worldwide!). 

The new Wertheimer release is described by the publisher as: "Elvis who?" was photographer Al Wertheimer's response when, in early 1956, an RCA Victor publicist asked him to shoot an up-and-coming crooner from Memphis. Little did Wertheimer know that this would be the job of his life: just 21 years old, Elvis Presley was - as we now know - about to become a legend. Trailing him like a shadow, Wertheimer was given unlimited access to get up close and personal with Elvis; even as the singer was seducing young women in dark hallways, he allowed the photographer to record his every move. Wertheimer took nearly 3,000 photographs of Presley that year, creating a penetrating portrait of a man poised on the brink of superstardom. Extraordinary in its intimacy and unparalleled in its scope, Wertheimer's Elvis project immortalized a young man in the very process of making history. (Just a month after he shot Elvis recording the "Don't Be Cruel"/"Hound Dog" record, it became the first ever to top all three Billboard charts.)

Limited to 1,500 numbered copies signed by Wertheimer, this Collector's Edition brings together his most remarkable Elvis shots from 1956, along with a selection from his historic pictures of the star in 1958 as he was being shipped off to an army base in Germany. Though many of Wertheimer's photos of Elvis are among the best known, nearly half of the photographs in this book have never been published before. Fans of photojournalism, portraiture, and, of course, the King himself will covet this collector's volume.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 23 - Vinyl Pink Collection

I Want Vinyl With Me

A new summer vacation special was announced. A brand new single 'I Want You With Me' coupled with 'Give Me The Right' on pink clear vinyl.

Elvis Presley Gold And Platinum Collection

A new 3CD-set was announced by Readers Digest.

From the press-release:
Come on everybody let's rock! That famous sideways grin, the twinkle in his eyes, the hair…and those moves! He’s a man who needs no introduction. He’s the King of Rock and Roll. Elvis Presley was the singing sensation that swept the nation, prompting headlines like “Presley Puts the Swoon Back in Croon.” His voice, charisma, and stage presence are beyond legendary. After all these years his music still makes you jump to your feet and dance. So get “all shook up” to the sparkling sounds of Elvis’s gold and platinum hits. They called him “the young man with the big beats,” and now, Reader’s Digest is proud to give him the “royal treatment” on the 35th anniversary of his passing.

Estelle Brown In Hospital

As most fans know, Estelle Brown had difficulties walking because of her hip and knee problems. But not more now! She had surgery the other day, and although doctors advise her to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks for rehab, she feels a lot better and will be able to walk again without the use of a wheel chair.

Fans Did It!
The online petition that ElvisMatters started against the sale of Elvis's crypt and the Letter of Protest that ElvisMatters member Fred Omvlee personally handed to the management of Forest Hill made auction house Julian's decide to pull the crypt from the auction block! What a success! The fans proove that they can stand united! With the effort of ElvisMatters, the help of fan clubs all over the world and the support of over 10,000 fans who signed our petition, the crypt will remain empty - as it should!
Here's the official press release in English: "Elvis Presley’s crypt has left the auction block. Celebrity auctioneer Darren Julien said Friday that his company has agreed not to sell the crypt after fans worldwide demanded that it be kept as a shrine to his memory. (= the petition) Julien’s Auctions announced in May that it would sell the empty tomb at the Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis, Tenn., at its “Music Icons” auction Sunday. Julien said the company won’t sell the crypt “until Forest Hills finds a plan that best suits the interests of the fans while respecting and preserving the memory of Elvis Presley.” Presley was interred there alongside his mother, Gladys, after he died Aug. 16, 1977. Two months later, they were reburied at his Graceland home. The original crypt has remained empty ever since."

Elvis Rocks New Animated Film
A new animated picture was announced. The publicity states:
Elvis Presley was last seen in movie theaters in the 1972 Golden Globe award winning film “Elvis on Tour,” and he will once again take theater goers by storm in 2012. 
In a lively animated Attraction film that features several iconic tracks from the King of Rock ‘n Roll we meet Memphis teens Aaron and Mindy. The teenage sweethearts are about to tie the knot when their marriage is thwarted at the altar by the conniving local Sheriff who has his own eyes on the innocent unsuspecting Mindy. This lively “rom com” animated film follows Aaron on a madcap journey from Memphis across the desert to Las Vegas in a bid to win back his true love and bride to be Mindy.
Officially licensed by EPE to create the film, The Juice Brand Limited is a global strategic brand management company for the entertainment industry that specializes in the development of 3d/4d/5d films and their associated licensing programs. Pauline Quayle, Director for The Juice Brand Limited, commented, “We have been pleased to work with such a famous and legendary icon as Elvis Presley and to have the full support of EPE to create a film that truly offers such wide appeal. Uniting generations and enabling them to enjoy a common link through the film has been a goal from the beginning. We are truly grateful to EPE, Inc. for allowing us to have the artistic flair to achieve the ultimate attraction experience.” 

(Source: FECC / Elvis Information Network / ElvisMatters)

Friday, June 22, 2012

June 22 - From Delay To An Hawaiian Sale

Not-so-good news from FTD and Flaming Star. The book/CD "From Memphis to Hollywood", which was originally set for release this month, has been delayed due to technical problems. The new release date is August. 

Emperor Stage Suit For Sale
For sale for 160,000.00 $US is a 2 piece leather concert outfit, the socalled "Emperor Suit". It was made by Northbeach Leather. This two-piece leather suit was worn on and off-stage in August 1974. Elvis Presley was photographed in it several times, and some photographs have been used in the “Elvis Live In Las Vegas” box set. There were 4 of these 2-piece tan leather suits made for Elvis, this is the most photographed one.
Greg Page Selling Out
It looks like Elvis collector and singer/entertainer Greg Page is selling his entire Elvis collection. From a cowboy hat that the King wore at the Circle G Ranch to the Graceland contract, from stage rings to a signed Humes High School Year Book and from a movie outfit to a 1956 watch and much more.
The Ultimate Elvis Auction
You read it here before, and now we have official confirmation that the Ultimate Elvis Auction will be held at the Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis. Viewing will start on Sunday June 12th and the Auction will be on the afternoon of the 14th. Among the many items are TCB's and TLC's, his first known signature, contracts, clothing and much, much more. Link to the catalogue.
Last Guitar For Sale
Fans who attended the Elvis Party of ElvisMatters last January 8th with the TCB Band and Sam Thompson, heard Sam talk about one of the most important gifts het got from Elvis: a D28 Martin guitar that he used on stage in 1976/1977. This guitar is now for sale, but don't expect a bargain: it can be yours for 120,000.00 $US. Sam originally sold it to the National Enquirer magazine for 6,000.00 $US to fund his college education and the guitar was used as a prize for a competition run by the magazine. With LOA's from Sam Thompson, Vernon Presley and Greg Page.

Aloha From Hawaii On Vinyl

The Audio Fidelity label announced the re-release of the double album 'Aloha from Hawaii' on vinyl angekÞndigt. Cover and tracklisting are the same as the original 1973 original album. 

Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme From 2001: A Space Odyssey) See See Rider , Burning Love , Something , You Gave Me A Mountain , Steamroller Blues , My Way, Love Me , Johnny B. Goode , It's Over , Blue Suede Shoes , I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry , I Can't Stop Loving You ,Hound Dog , What Now My Love , Fever , Welcome To My World, Suspicious Minds , Introductions By Elvis , I'll Remember You , Medley: Long Tall Sally / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On , American Triology , A Big Hunk O' Love , Can't Help Falling In Love.
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 21 - Flaming Stats

The Elvis Presley movie 'Flaming Star' will eb re-issued once more on July 23, 2012 in Europe. 


It took 844 postings, but the blog topped the 200,000 visitors today. Thanks for stopping by :-).

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19 - Uncovered, Repacked And Reclaimed

The Elvis Presley movie 'Frankie And Johnny' will be repacked and re-issued on August 7, 2012 in Europe. 

Linda Thompson Refutes Tabloid claim

Linda Thompson has today made a public statement on her official Facebook page which denies any and all claims as printed by the American tabloid The Globe  

Here is Linda' statement
"Trashy tabloids that spew vitriol and libelous misinformation should not be allowed to discredit individuals who have always made an effort to "take the high road"! IF I write my memoir, it will be about my entire life.Elvis was indeed a big part of my life's journey. I have ALWAYS spoken lovingly and kindly toward his memory, and would never violate the inherent trust he placed in me during our time together!

I have never capitalized on or exploited my intimate relationship with him! I have been  blessed to have enjoyed great success in my life without ever having done so! It is absurd to suggest I would be interested in a "tell all" book! I have lived my life with dignity, discretion, and decorum. I plan to continue representing myself in that same fashion! Thank you to all those who know me well enough to understand that. Love to you all!".

Elvis Uncovered

Sony Music Special Products released the CD 'Elvis Uncovered' in the U.S. The compilation CD comes with an eight page booklet.

The following appeared on the Billboard Catalog Album Charts (w/e 23rd June, 2012):
  • 'Elvis: The Very Best Of Love' selling some 1855 copies. Total sales to date: 274,015 copies.
  • 'An Afternoon In The Garden' selling some 1541 copies. Total sales to date: 472,390 copies.
  • 'Heart And Soul' selling some 1430 copies. Total sales to date: 562,929 copies.
  • 'The Essential Elvis' selling some 1055 copies. Total sales to date: 411,867 copies. As this is a 2CD album it counts for double sales under RIAA rules and therefore for their purposes has sold 823,734 copies.
(Source: Elvis Club Berlin / FECC / Linda Thompson)