Elvis Day By Day 2018

The book 'Elvis Day by Day 2018 - The Year In Review' was released August 16, 2021. The book is the third volume in the 'Elvis Day Bay Day' yearbook series. 

The book is available on-line from Amazon and selected fan clubs. The book comes in two editions, just like the 2019 and 2020 editions, a paperback version and a hardback. The latter is a bit more expensive as it is made 'print-on-demand'. 

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Synopsis Elvis Day By Day 2018

2018 marked the 50th Anniversary of the legendary 1968 ‘ELVIS’ NBC TV-Special tha
t reignited Elvis’ career. Intended as a one-time-only TV event, it still stands as a turning-point in Elvis’ career 50 years later, and so does Elvis Presley. 

HBO followed in Elvis’ footsteps, investigating the comprehensive and creative journey from his childhood through the final 1976 Jungle Room recording sessions in the documentary ‘Elvis Presley: The Searcher’. 

Lisa Marie Presley followed in her father’s footsteps, recording a new duet with him for the 'Where No One Stands Alone' album that featured newly created versions of Elvis’ gospel classics. 

2018 also brought us books and magazines going beyond the man, the myth, the music and the artistry of the Elvis bootlegs. Books investigating Elvis’ relationship with the Afro-American community, counting down his best recordings and many other interesting subjects. 

The year saw hundreds of new CD, LP, single and digital music (re)releases. New and old movies were released on DVD, Blu-ray, streaming services and in cinemas around the world. Together with a Philharmonic Orchestra Elvis, sold out concert arenas across Europe for ‘The Wonder of You’ tour. 

An historic find this year was the unreleased home-recordings Elvis made while stationed in Germany. Great to hear him rehearse and fool around with friends 70 years later. 

It is an understatement to conclude that Elvis, 41 years after his untimely death, continues to inspire and entertain millions of fans around the world. Sony acknowledged the ongoing impact of his music and artistry with new RIAA and B.P.I. Gold and multi-Platinum sales awards, and the President of the United States honored Elvis with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 

Everything Elvis Presley from 2018 is captured in this comprehensive, day-by-day yearbook. Fully illustrated, with new in-depth reviews, articles and interviews on the main releases of the year.

Revisit 2018 as it happened. All the news, the new books and magazines, new music and movie releases and everything else that happened in 2018 with additional in-depth reviews, articles and interviews. By fans for fans. 

The full color book measures 20 x 25 cm / 8 x 10 inch and contains 324 pages with again more than 500 illustrations.

Reactions and reviews of the book

Bill Shute reviewed ‘Elvis Day By Day 2018’ for the November 2021 edition of the U.S. based Ugly Things magazine (you got to love that name!). 

Shute considered the Day By Day blog as “an invaluable resource documenting everything that happens which is Elvis-related on a daily basis” and found the ‘Day By Day’ books “to be an invaluable resource”. Also great to read is that he valued the contributions of all the guest-writers without whom I couldn't have created these books.

On the 2018 volume he noted: “if you are looking for a book that includes exhaustive analysis of significant new Elvis releases … and new discoveries and new archival projects, Elvis Day By Day 2018 should be an essential purchase” and “I don’t care who The King dated or what he ate, but I do care about his music, and the Elvis Day By Day series of books treats that work with the care, respect, accuracy, and knowledge that it deserves”. 

Thanks you for these kind words Bill!

The complete review is featured in the November 2021 edition of Ugly Things magazine and available from the magazine's >>> website.

Thomas Weiss reviewed 'Elvis Day By Day 2018 - The year In Review' for the German Graceland fan-club magazine (volume 261). 

The reviewer noted the complete and detailed chronology of the book in news, reviews, interviews and articles of everything that happened in 2018 in one illustrated physical reference. 

In his detailed review Thomas wrote: "A very complete and enjoyable publication, which can be very helpful, especially when you're looking for information about new publications or their announcements. I highly recommend this book for fans who are interested in the theme Elvis."

Thanks for the in-depth review and compliments! The complete review is available in the fan club's magazine. For more information on the German Elvis Presley Gesellschaft fanclub and the Graceland magazine visit the >>> Elvis-Presley-Gesellschaft e.V. website. 

Rogier van Luyken reviewed 'Elvis Day by Day 2018' for the latest edition of the Dutch It's Elvis Time magazine, volume 296. 

He wrote: "I dare say that Kees - compiler, producer and also the designer of these books - has outdone himself with this 2018 edition. The book looks top-notch from front to back. The cover is beautiful and inspired by the '68 Comeback Special; after all, in 2018 was the 50th Anniversary of this iconic TV Special of our hero. Each month covers all the news and releases of that month and the highlights are present as extensive reviews. ... An excellent book to read in the coming autumn. As reported, in my opinion Kees has outdone himself with this edition and I am already looking forward to 'Day By Day 2017', but 'Day By Day 2021' will be welcomed too!"

Thans for the fair review, kind words and cooperation Rogier!

"As an Elvis fan of 47 years I thought I already knew all there was to know about Elvis and his life & career. Then I came across these great day by day volumes.

Interesting, informative and full of new detail and stories of the King. If your looking for a definitive review of all things in the Elvis world I’d recommend all 3, you won’t want to put them down." Richard Chapman (United Kingdom).

"This book is a bit like a bible for a CD, DVD and book collector" (Amazon customer)

"I bought this book without any hesitation. I already have the first two books which are for me absolute reference. I will have hours of fun guaranteed with the third. 

I would like the producer to give us a volume on the year 2017, it's one of the biggest years of the 40th anniversary of Elvis's death ... that would be really great. I advise you to all those books which are very precious to me. They are of a very high quality worthy of the king of rock n roll, with superb photos. 

Thank you to the producer and his team, I wish them long life and keep up the excellent work. I am already looking forward to a fourth volume and more more more ... the sky is a no limit." - Martin St-Pierre (Canada).

"This is gonna be a great book, and Kees, I wish you a lot of success with this book, what a great initiative." - Robert Frieser (The Netherlands).

"I was very impressed with the first edition. Look forward to others. This is from a fan’s fan point of view. Carry on Kees." - Phil Gelormine (United States).

"I may be slightly biased but my copy of the book has arrived in Australia and it is a real stunner. A very eye-catching design and reading back through some 2018 articles made me want to revisit some all-too-soon forgotten books, vinyl and DVDs. A very nice addition to the collection." - Piers Beagley (Australia).

"The 2018 book is terrific and superbly made. Congratulations to you and your team. For me the 2018 edition is the best one yet in this series yet!  

The other 2019 and 2020 releases are fantastic too, but a little bit different in the details. Isn't it amazing what still can be said and reported about the only King of Music and Entertainment, and the beautiful products keep coming out.

Unfortunately, Elvis passed away physically over 44 years ago; but what a fantastic musical legacy he left behind. Not only the 1128 shows he did between July 1969 and June 1977, but also the 33 great films he made and countless fantastic studio session recordings he left us.

It is always a pleasure to hear an Elvis record or CD or LP. No matter which one. The man was a phenomenon, and out of reach for any other musician. Only he is the only true King that the word has ever applied to!

Please continue this series with 2021 and volumes on older years, going back from 2017. Collectors and fans will love it. It makes a big difference to just browse on-line through a small or big screen or hold an exceptionally made book like this in your hands with an unbelievable amount of information and details. Well done Kees. Great job!" - Harald Feucht (Germany).

"Thank you for all the hard work that you continue to do. This 2018 retrospective really is bringin' it back." - Anthony Stuchbury (United Kingdom).

Background Elvis Day By Day 2018

Soon after the release of the first volume in the 'Elvis Day By Day' series I received the question if I would cover more years than "just" 2019. Since that first book was an experiment, I had to let that question sink in for a while. 

As the 2019 and 2020 editions of 'Elvis Day By Day' received positive reviews, I decided to follow-up on those requests, stepping back in time to 2018. With all the news available, and thanks to the kind contributions by old and new guest-writers, sharing their perspectives on the main releases and events of 2018, all elements for a new volume were available. 

Compiling this yearbook was a great trip down memory-lane. Reading the past news on all the music, book and movie releases brought back many memories. News and events I had forgotten about. CDs, LPs, books, movies and documentaries I hadn't played, read or watched for a while got another spin.

The book was compiled and written by Kees Mouwen with additional contributions by Nigel Patterson and Piers Beagley from the Elvis Information Network, Rogier van Luyken from the Dutch It's Elvis Time magazine, Andreas Pendl from there German Elvis Presley Gesellschaft Ev. and other fans from around the world.

Everything Elvis Presley from 2018 was compiled on 300+ pages including over 40 in-depth reviews, interviews and articles. 

The foreword was written by renowned Elvis biographer Paul BĂ©lardSo "by popular demand" here is 'Elvis Day By Day 2018 - The year In Review', the follow-up to the successful 'Elvis Day By Day' 2019 and 2020 editions. 

Preview Elvis Day By Day 2018

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