Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30 - King Of Anarchy Books

Elvis Presley's 'Can't Help Falling In Love' was used for a commercial for AXE Anarchy in their 'Mayhem Commercial' series.

Jerry Scheff's Biography Ready
It was a long labour of love, but Jerry Scheff has just finished his autobiography. In this candid and perceptive memoir of his 45-year career, the well known TCB bassist takes us onto Elvis's private jet, on tour with Bob Dylan, and into the studio with the Doors. The book is due March 1, 2012.

From the press release: "A stalwart presence behind some of the greatest names of popular music, Scheff has also played with Roy Orbison, Elvis Costello, the Association, Neil Diamond, Johnny Mathis, the Everly Brothers, John Denver, and Nancy Sinatra, to name just a few. Eschewing hype, Scheff provides a behind-the-scenes perspective, from having worked sleeves rolled up, side by side, with the great artists in their factories. The book opens with the TCB band's learning of the King's death while en route to a tour date, a pivotal moment for him, the rest of the band, and the world at large. He then proceeds on a nonlinear journey that mirrors the process of true life-reflection, from his roots in San Francisco to his touring all over the world. This is a tale of a man who has truly grown a career from a genuine love of music and of his instrument, proving how following that gift can bring a person to places beyond his wildest dreams. It is an exciting inside view of the evolution and craft and work of making rock and roll - a must-have for true music craftsmen and music junkies in general." 
Follow That Flaming Star

FTD Books and Flaming Star have decided to join forces in order to streamline the production, sales and distribution of Elvis book products. The key element are the books created by Erik Lorenzen and Pål Granlund. Through books like “King Creole-The Music”, “Fashion for a King”, and “Elvis-The Concert Years ”, and the Norwegian fan-club magazine, the quality of the work of Flaming Star is already well known by the fans.

From The Press-release:
The new release “King Creole – Frame By Frame” is a sequel to “King Creole – The Music”. Through 440 pages, in a 25 x 30 cm format, you will be taken through the entire story of the movie, with the original manuscript as the guiding element. Each spread combines the manuscript page with the relevant photos to cover the entire movie. The book features more than one thousand photos, including actual shots from the film, publicity stills, and a lot of rare and previously unpublished behind the-scenes photos. 
Hard bound and printed on glossy paper “King Creole – Frame By Frame”, is the ultimate journey through the making of what is by many considered Elvis’ finest movie. The book weighs 2,5 kilo. On March 6, along with the new FTD releases, Flaming Star productions will release the follow up to “King Creole – Frame By Frame”: an intimate look at Jailhouse Rock. 

(Source: FECC / YouTube / ElvisMatters)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 29 - John Rich Died

John Rich, who won two Emmy Awards, died Sunday morning at his home in Los Angeles after a brief illness, said Sahar Moridani, a Directors Guild of America spokeswoman. He was 86. He worked primarily for television, but during the '60s he also directed five feature films including "Roustabout" and "Easy Come, Easy Go" starring Elvis Presley.

(Source: Associated Press / FECC)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 28 - It's Official

The Follow That Dream collector's label announced three new releases for March 2012. In the classic album series FTD will release the “On Stage – February , 1970” album. As usual, it will be a 2-disc 7” digipack with a 12-page booklet. In addition to the original album the set will include all RCA’s recordings from three of the shows. In addition FTD will be releasing a 2-disc 5” version of the original “Our Memories Of Elvis” albums, with an added bonus of the previously unreleased volume 3 LP master tape, as well as six more cuts that series producer Joan Deary had prepared at the time. This will come with a 12-page booklet of memorabilia and photos. The “undubbed” Elvis has always been a favourite with many fans, and listening to these again, is an experience full of pleasant surprises. 
Further more, FTD vinyl is pleased to announce the release of “His Hand In Mine” - A Special Limited Edition 2-disc 180-gram vinyl set. Very soon, there will be a separate announcement of book titles. Regarding the catalogue of FTD Vinyl, these titles are now sold out and will not be reprinted: Blue Hawaii, Standing Room Only, Good Times and Jailhouse Rock.

Tracklisting - On Stage– February, 1970
Disc 1 Original Album
01 See See Rider 2:28
02 Release Me (And Let Me Love Again) 3:42
03 Sweet Caroline 2:55
04 Runaway 3:05
05 The Wonder Of You 3:11
06 Polk Salad Annie 4:40
07 Yesterday 3:15
08 Proud Mary 3:10
09 Walk A Mile In My Shoes 3:16
10 Let It Be Me (Je T’appartiens) 4:29 
The February 18 Midnight Show Recordings
11 Long Tall Sally 3:14
12 Don't Cry Daddy 2:53
13 Kentucky Rain 3:18
14 Let It Be Me (Je T’appartiens) 3:18 
15 I Can't Stop Loving You 2:24
16 Walk A Mile In My Shoes 2:52
17 The Wonder Of You 3:00
18 Introductions 1:42
19 Suspicious Minds 5:13
20 Can't Help Falling In Love 1:57

Disc 2 The February 18 Dinner Show Recordings
01 Long Tall Sally 2:58
02 Don't Cry Daddy 2:32
03 Walk A Mile In My Shoes 2:04
04 Release Me (And Let Me Love Again) 2:53
05 Polk Salad Annie 4:46
“Don’t Cry Daddy” Was Originally Released On Greatest Hits Volume 1
The February 19 Midnight Show Recordings
06 Long Tall Sally 2:08
07 Don't Cry Daddy 3:29
08 Hound Dog 2:19
09 Love Me Tender 3:11
10 Kentucky Rain 3:13
11 Let It Be Me (Je T’appartiens) 3:29
12 I Can't Stop Loving You 2:51
13 Walk A Mile In My Shoes 2:49 
14 In The Ghetto 3:08
15 The Wonder Of You 3:19 
16 Release Me (And Let Me Love Again) 3:12
17 Polk Salad Annie 7:56
18 Introductions 2:13
19 Suspicious Minds 5:06
20 Can’t Help Falling In Love 2:04

Our Memories Of Elvis
Disc 1 Volume 1
01) Are You Sincere 2:00
02) It’s Midnight 3:19
03) My Boy 2:54
04) Girl Of Mine 3:36
05) Take Good Care Of Her 2:51
06) I’ll Never Fall In Love Again 3:41
07) Your Love’s Been A Long Time Coming 2:48
08) Spanish Eyes 2:22
09) Never Again 2:49
10) She Thinks I Still Care 3:49
11) Solitaire 4:39
Volume 2
01) I Got A Feelin’ In My Body 3:34
02) Green, Green Grass Of Home 3:33
03) For The Heart 3:28
04) She Wears My Ring 3:21
05) I Can Help 4:02
06) Way Down 2:33
07) There’s A Honky Tonk Angel (Who Will Take Me Back In) 3:04
08) Find Out What’s Happening 2:39
09) Thinking About You 3:27 
10) Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right – Long Version 8:36

Disc 2 Volume 3 – Previously Unreleased
01) Woman Without Love 3:33
02) Moody Blue 3:56
03) When I’m Over You 3:04
04) It’s A Matter Of Time 3:03
05) Sweet Angeline 3:01
06) Hurt 2:06
07) Shake A Hand 3:47
08) Promised Land 2:50
09) Heart Of Rome 2:51
10) If You Don’t Come Back 2:41
Volume 3 Bonus Material – Previously Unreleased
11) Mr. Songman 2:08
12) For Ol’ Time Sake 3:36
13) Love Coming Down 3:06
14) Pledging My Love 5:09
15) Raised On Rock 2:52
16) The Last Farewell 4:01
17) Fool 2:34

His Hand In Mine
Side 1
01. His Hand In Mine 3:16
02. I’m Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs 1:51
03. In My Father’s House 2:05
04. Milky White Way 2:14
05. Known Only To Him 2:08
06. I Believe In The Man In The Sky 2:12
07. Crying In The Chapel (Take1) 1:35
08. Crying In The Chapel (Takes 2, 3-M) 3:16 
Side 2
01. Joshua Fit The Battle 2:41
02. He Knows Just What I Need 2:12
03. Swing Down Sweet Chariot 2:33
04. Mansion Over The Hilltop 2:56
05. If We Never Meet Again 1:59
06. Working On The Building 1:53
07. I Believe In The Man In The Sky (Take 1) 2:27
08. Known Only To Him (Takes 1, 2) 2:26
Side 3
01. His Hand In Mine (Take 5) 3:23
02. I’m Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs (Take 4) 2:12 
03. In My Father’s House (Take 7) 2:19
04. Milky White Way (Takes 1, 2, 3) 3:05
05. Known Only To Him (Takes 3, 4, 5) 3:46
06. I Believe In The Man In The Sky (Takes 2, 3, 4) 4:02
Side 4
01. Joshua Fit The Battle (Take 3) 2:00
02. He Knows Just What I Need (Take 8) 2:20
03. Swing Down Sweet Chariot (Takes 2, 3) 2:57
04. Mansion Over The Hilltop (Takes 2, 1) 4:03
05. If We Never Meet Again (Take 1) 2:01
06. Working On The Building (Takes 3, 4) 2:26
07. Milky White Way (Takes 4, 6, 5) 3:26

(Source: ElvisMatters)

Friday, January 27, 2012

January 27 - Shreveport Rumour Confirmed

The Elvis-Express website received information that the rumoured five inch live CD containing the concert from June 7th 1975 as recorded in Shreveport, Louisiana will be released on the Follow That Dream Collector's label. There is no confirmation of the other 2 titles yet.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26 - Deluxe For God And Country

The new 3764 Blvd. Publishing import label released an updated press-release on their earlier announcement of their 'Hawaii - For God And Country' due March 26th, 2012

The Press-release:
Since Elvis fans received the news of the Hawaii 1961 benefit show so enthusiastically we have decided to release our Deluxe Edition of “HAWAII – For God and Country” instead of the previously announced digipak. 
This Deluxe Edition was originally scheduled for a later release, but to give the fans an exciting option, we offer the Deluxe Edition NOW! The Deluxe Edition is a 112-page, hardcover book + CD package, with the show and radio broadcast on one disc. The CD runs more than 74 minutes, with detailed background information and many rare photos in B&W and Color.  It also includes relevant clippings, articles and items related to the show and the fundraising effort.

3764 BLVD Publishing offers: the complete 1961 Arizona Memorial Fund Benefit show, plus the promotional KPOI-AM radio broadcast from D.J. Tom Moffatt ("Uncle Tom’s Cabin") a few days earlier.
This historic 1961 show is the only one of three Elvis gave that year that is available today, before he disappeared from the stage to work full-time in Hollywood.  Only 3 days after the Arizona Benefit, he started filming  “Blue Hawaii”. 
The audio has been professionally remastered for maximum listening pleasure, with priority given to historical value. Nevertheless, it will be a thrill to rediscover the excitement of the only Elvis Show from 1961. The sound on this release is a significant improvement over earlier versions. Only the first edition will be numbered. 
This Special Benefit Memorial Package for the serious collector includes:
  • The Deluxe Edition of Hawaii For God and Country hardcover book (112+pages)
  • With the audio CD  (featuring the benefit show & Radio broadcast.) 
  • A beautiful reproduction of the original ticket (For this edition only)
  • High “Quality” Long play album (180 gram Vinyl) 
  • The limited reproduction of A large exquisite autographed promo photo only 
  • given to the first 1000 ticket buyers in 1961. (For this edition only)
Tracklisting The Elvis Show:
01  Introduction by Rear Admiral Robert L. Campbell (14th Naval District commander)
02  Heartbreak Hotel 
03  All Shook Up 
04  A Fool Such As I 
05  I Got A Woman 
06  Love Me
07  Introduction of musicians, singers
08  Such A Night 
09  Reconsider Baby 
10  I Need Your Love Tonight 
11  That's All Right 
12  Don't Be Cruel 
13  One Night 
14  Are You Lonesome To-night ? 
15  It's Now Or Never 
16  Swing Down Sweet Chariot 
17  Hound Dog
The Special Radio Broadcast
Elvis and the Colonel pay tribute to the victims of Pearl Harbor in 1941, presented by Tom Moffatt in a special radio broadcast from Honolulu:
Sunday, March 19, 1961
18  Promotion for the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial Benefit on Saturday March 25th.
19  Take My Hand, Precious Lord
20  Tom Moffatt, E. J. Solomons (U. S. Navy Admiral)
21  I Believe In The Man In The Sky
22  Dialogue, Neal Shaw Blaisdell (mayor of Honolulu)
23  It Is No Secret
24  Tom Moffatt, H. Tucker Gratz (chairman of Pacific War Memorial Commission).
25  Milky White Way
26  Tom Moffatt, George Chaplin* (editor from Honolulu Advertiser)
27  He Knows Just What I Need
28  Tom Moffatt, William F .Quinn (governor of Hawaii)
29  I Believe
30  Tom Moffatt, Morley Theaker  (manager of Sears department store, in charge of ticket sales)
31  Tom Moffatt, phone call to Elvis to talk about special broadcast for Arizona Memorial benefit
32  The Last Post, Tom Moffatt
33  Peace In The Valley
34  Tom Moffatt, closing credits

* The Elvis Memorial Benefit kick-started the struggling U. S. S. Arizona Memorial fund. The idea was inspired by a column written by newspaper editor George Chaplin. Attempts to raise money for the memorial had run dry, so Chaplin wrote newspapers across the United States about the problem. Reading about this in Los Angeles, Colonel Parker conceived the idea of a charity concert, with the proceeds going towards the construction of what would become Hawaii’s Number One visitor attraction.


This week, 'An Afternoon In The Garden' dropped from 145 last week to 186 this week (w/e 4th February, 2012) on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart selling some 2813 copies. Total sales to date: 421,493copies.
  • 'Elvis: Best Of Love' jumps from 195 to 173 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart selling some 2950 copies. Total sales to date: 223,626 copies.
  • 'Elvis Country' (Compilation) appeared on the Catalog Album Chart selling some 1,506 copies. Total sales to date: 86,337. 
  • 'Elvis Gospel' (Compilation) also appeared on the same chart selling some 1497 copies. Total sales to date: 133,709 copies.
New March FTD release rumours

The Elvis Information Website overheard that the new March FTDs could be. These have yet to be confirmed by FTD.
  1. 'On Stage' Classic Album with added unreleased RCA multitrack recordings. EIN previously heard that FTD was coincidentally working on this classic album around the time Backdraft's 'ReBooked' deluxe 4cd set of similar material was released.
  2. 1975 Soundboard concert - possibly Shreveport, June 7 1975. The following four Shreveport 1975 tracks have been released previously by RCA on the 'Elvis Aron Presley' silver box-set. 'Funny How Time Slips Away', 'Little Darlin'', 'Mystery Train/Tiger Man', 'Can't Help Falling In Love'. It would be an excellent concert to get in full from FTD since the rest of the performance has never been released, not even on bootleg. 
  3. 'His Hand In Mine' double-vinyl release.
(Source: 3764 Blvd. Publishing / ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 25 - For German Collectors

The second volume in the "Elvis-Sammler-Edition" was released in by De Agostini and EPE in Germany. This edition contains a 28 pages magazine, the "Jailhouse Rock" DVD and several reproductions of Elvis Presley memorabilia. 

(Source: De Agostini)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 24 - PC King

Volume 2 2012 of the German PC Magazine, due February 2, 2012, comes with the 2005 "Elvis" DVD. 

Elvis Promo

The Belgian And Dutch "Elvis Presley In Concert" concerts - March 2012 - will be promoted through commercials on national TV. 

(Source: Elvis Club Berlin / ElvisMatters)

Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23 - For God And Country (And Money?)

One day after the announcement by the UK based Memphis Recording Service the new 3764 BLVD Publishing import label announced their release of Elvis Presley's 1961 Hawaiian concert. The CD, entitled 'Hawaii: For God And Country' has March 24, 2012 as the release-date.

From the press-release:
3764 BLVD Publishing offers; The complete benefit show for the Arizona Memorial fund plus the radio broadcast from Uncle Tom’s Cabin a few days earlier to promote the Elvis Show. This historical show is the only one available of the only 3 shows given in the 60’s before Elvis disappeared from the stage for 8 years. Only 3 days later he started filming “Blue Hawaii”. The audio is remastered and optimized for maximum listing pleasure; priority has been given to historical value. Nevertheless it will be a thrill to discover the excitement of the only Elvis Show in 1961 recorded to date. The sound on this release is a significant improvement over earlier versions.
A 24 page booklet accompanies the CD (with more than 74 minutes running time), to give detailed background info plus many rare photos in b&w and in color. Also included are clippings, articles and items from the show and the fund raising. The first 1000 copies will, just like in 1961, be numbered

The tracklisting:
The Elvis Show:
01  Introduction
02  Heartbreak Hotel
03  All Shook Up
04  A Fool Such As I
05  I Got A Woman
06  Love Me
07 Band Introductions
08  Such A Night
09  Reconsider Baby
10  I Need Your Love Tonight
11  That's All Right
12  Don't Be Cruel
13  One Night
14  Are You Lonesome Tonight ?
15  It's Now Or Never
16  Swing Down Sweet Chariot
17  Hound Dog 

The Special Radio Broadcast:
Elvis and the Colonel pay tribute to the victims of Pearl Habor 1941 presented by Tom Moffat in a special radio broadcast from Honolulu, Sunday ,March 19, 1961
18  Introduction and promotion for the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial benefit Elvis Show on Saturday 25th.
19  Take My hand Precious Lord
20  Tom/ EJ Solomons (US. Navy Admiral)
21  I Believe In The Man In The Sk
22  Dialogue/ Neal Shaw Blaisdell (Mayor of Honolulu)
23  It’s No Secret
24  Tom/ Mr. H.Tucker Gratz (Chairman of War Memorial Commision).
25  Milky White Way
26  Tom/George Chaplin* (Editor of Honolulu advertiser)
27  He Knows Just What I Need
28  Tom / William F .Quinn (Governor of Hawaii)
29  I Believe
30  Tom/ Morley Theaker  (Sears manager, In charge of the Ticket sales)
31  Tom /Calls Elvis from his ”Uncle Tom’s Gabin” in Hawaii, they talk about a special broadcast for the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial benefit.
32  The Last Post / Tom
33  Peace In The Valley
34  Tom /Credits.

Elvis Presley: Soldat I Europa

The Danish CB & Ole B. Booking published the 52 pages book "Elvis Presley: Soldat I Europa" by  Stig Ulrichsen.

Cover Art

This is the cover-art for the "Elvis Four - Movie Collection: Vol. 2" DVD set containing "Blue Hawaii", "Easy Come, Easy Go", "King Creole" and "Paradise, Hawaiian Style". which is due March 6, 2012.

(Source: E-mail / Elvis Club Berlin)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 22 - Such A Night In Hawaii

The Memphis Recording Service in association with JAT Productions announced the release of ‘Such A Night in Pearl Harbor’ in March 2012. It will contain a completely new re-mastered CD of Elvis’ performance of the benefit concert recorded at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on March 25th 1961 to aid of the USS Arizona Memorial Fund.

From The Press-release:
The quality is of this concert is far superior than anything of this ever released before and will now be considered, one of the best Elvis concert recordings up until that time. Amazing samples of this will be available in the coming week. Elvis performs 15 songs and sings every one as if it were the first time he had ever presented them to an audience. This includes many #1 hits and includes classics that were never performed previously or again such as ‘A Fool Such As I’, ‘I Need Your Love Tonight’ and more.
Also included for the first time ever, is the 30 minute radio broadcast from Hawaii a week before Elvis’ arrival. It promoted the concert for the memorial fund, playing selected tracks from Elvis’ Christmas and ‘His Hand in Mine’ album, released at that time including words by Elvis Presley. As a bonus, the CD is accompanied by a 100 page hard back book that contains many rare photographs with extensive and informative linear notes detailing Elvis’ arrival and performance in Hawaii.

(Source: Memphis Recording Service)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21 - Spankox Re:Loaded (Again)

The Italian DJ Spankox 'reloaded' several Elvis Presley hits as a contribution to the 35th Anniversary Celebration.

The press-release:
London, 20 January 2012. A new Elvis Presley album is released to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the King of Rock’n’Roll’s premature departure (16/8/1977). It’s titled Elvis Presley “Re:Loaded” and includes ten never released before remixed Elvis tracks. The album will be available from January 23, 2012, initially exclusively on iTunes. From January 31, 2012 it will also be available on physical CD and as digital download from other stores. The first CD print of the album will be a special limited deluxe edition.
The tracklist consists of new remixed versions of ten Elvis Presley’s songs featuring the King’s original vocals, carefully restored and enhanced using the latest technologies for the best possible listening experience on modern stereo systems. It includes, among the others, “(Maries’s The Name) His Latest Flame”, “Gently”, “Surrender” and the track that some lucky fans that had a chance to listen to it in the past days already defined “the best ever Elvis remix”: an awesome new version of the Elvis classic “Blue Suede Shoes”, destined to become a chart topper.

Produced by world famous international DJ and producer Spankox (aka Agostino Carollo), who also produced the “Baby Let’s Play House” n.1 remix hit for Elvis, the “Re:Versions”, “Re:Mixes”, “Christmas Remixes” and “Re:Volution” albums, “Re:Loaded” reinvents Elvis’ original songs offering new and old fans a fresh approach to the King of Rock’n’Roll’s music. “Elvis as you’ve never heard him before” is the new album’s tagline and promises a compelling experience of the music of the King. This new Elvis Presley album “Re:Loaded” is a must have for all Elvis fans and will be the best soundtrack for the many celebrations that will happen to celebrate the 35th anniversary year.
1. Blue Suede Shoes (Spankox Remix)
2. A Mess Of Blues (Spankox Remix)
3. Didja’ Ever (Spankox Remix)
4. Gently (Spankox Remix)
5. Put The Blame On Me (Spankox Remix)
6. (Marie’s The Name Of ) His Latest Flame (Spankox Remix)
7. The Girl Of My Best Friend (Spankox Remix)
8. Surrender (Spankox Remix)
9. Steppin’ Out Of Line (Spankox Remix)
10 Shoppin’ Around (Spankox Remix)

(Source: Everness)

Friday, January 20, 2012

January 20 - Something For The Budgetcollector

The U.K. based Hallmark budget label announced the re-release of the classic 'Something For Everybody' CD on February 20, 2012. 

(Source: Amazon)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18 - The Hilbilly Summer Of '57

The new book, "What Elvis Never Knew," recounts one woman's experience as an opening act for Elvis' 1957 East Coast summer tour. 
Mercia Fiore was working as a secretary in Chicago when talent agent- Al Dvorin opened the door to what would prove to be a life changing experience. "On this particular day, we got a phone call about needing a change in the opening act," Fiore said. "Mr. Dvorin had heard that I could sing, so he asked me to sing right then and there."
Fiore sang "Mr. Wonderful," a popular tune at the time, and landed the job as the opening act for Elvis' 1957 concert.
"I was on cloud nine when I landed in Georgia that next day!"
Despite his reputation as a wild one, Fiore quickly realized the often quaint and shy side of the King of Rock 'n' Roll.  She describes their relationship as strictly professional. "The producer told the girls not to get close," Fiore said. "Otherwise we could lose our jobs. Elvis wanted to teach me how to dance, but I kept staying away. I didn't want to get fired."
Fiore's book portrays Elvis as a "very shy, polite young man" even when hounded by girls who would rip his clothes. As a memento of the tour, Fiore received an autographed photo of Presley that read, "To Mercia, love ya’ hon, enjoyed having you in the show."

The Hillybilly Cat Escaped

The Graceland Records import release 'The Hillbilly Cat Live' was released. It features an audiencerecording of one of the best shows from his August Las Vegas engagement, namely the August 23rd, 1970 dinner show.

FTD Update

Rumour had it that there would be a special announcement by the Follow That Dream label this week. But there won't be. As Ernst Jorgensen put it on the FECC Forum:

Dear all
Daryl is right on every account - an anouncement will be made in early February - and it's just a regular announcement - and NO price increases.


The 'An Afternoon in the Garden' CD dropped from #137 last week to #145 this week (w/e 28th January, 2012) on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart and has jumped from #24 last week to #22 this week on the Top Catalog Album Chart selling some 3,234 copies). The 'Elvis: Best Of Love' compilation re-enters the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart  at #195 selling some 2,657 copies. Other Elvis Presley albums charting in other Bilboard charts are:
30 #1 Hits: 1814 copies sold.
Elvis Country: 1624 copies sold.

Elvis Gospel / An Evening Prayer: 1556 copies sold.

Elvis Rock: 1430 copies sold.

(Source: EPE / FECC)

Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16 - A King Creole On Blue Hawaii

The Hoodoo Records budget label released the compilation 'King Creole + Blue Hawaii' containing the two soundtracks with additional bonus tracks.

(Source: Amazon)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 14 - New Re-issues

Sony Music announced the release of a special 4CD set "The 68 Comeback Special" on February 13, 2012 and the 'From Nashville to Memphis - The Essential 60's Masters I' budget edition on March 2, 2012.

(Source: Amazon)

Friday, January 13, 2012

January 13 - Les 40 Plus Grands Mahalo Files

The CD 'Elvis Movie Files Volume 1' was released as the first CD in a four CD serie containing the very best of all Elvis' 1960s movie soundtrack outtakes. Each CD is limited to 500 copies.

From the press-release:

30 rare and hard to find alternates takes on each volume. Collect all 4 of them (other volumes will be releases within' this year) and you'll have 120 of the very best 1960's movie outtakes. No endless search anymore in your cd collection for your favorite outtake, it's all here, in stunning audio quality. All tracks are presented here without endless studio chatter or false starts (so every song is unreleased in this form), this is the ultimate Elvis Movie cd collection for hours of listening pleasure!

Each volume comes in a stunning 6 panel digipack, filled with pics of publicity photos, sheet music, rare movie posters etc. When you have collected all 4 volumes the back of each digipack shows a great publicity shot of G.I. BLUES (see promo picture) Elvis Movie Files (The Sixties) brings together the very best of outtakes from many of his classic movie tunes recorded in the 60's.

King of the Whole Wide World (Take 13) / What a Wonderful Life (Take 1) / Roustabout (Take 6) / Easy Come, Easy Go (Take 10) / Spinout (Take 2 with take 1 intro)  / Tonight is So Right for Love (Take 9) / I’m falling in Love Tonight (Take 1) / You Don’t Know Me (movie version Take 18) / I’ll Take Love (Take 2A) / It Won’t Be Long / (Take 5) / The Meanest Girl in Town (Take 6) / I Got Lucky (Take 1) / If You Think I Don’t Need You (Take 7) / Follow That Dream (Take 3) / Beyond the Bend (Take 1) / Never Say Yes (Take 6) / C’mon Everybody (Take 7) / Stepping Out of Line (Take 7) / I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell (Take 9) / Mexico (Take 6) / This is Living (Take 2) / Slicin’ Sand (Take 4) / Angel (Take 5) / Could I Fall in Love (Undubbed Master) / Can’t Help Falling in Love (Take 13) / Today, Tomorrow and Forever (Take 4) / I Need Somebody to Lean On (Take 8 ) / A House Of Sand (Spliced Take – unreleased) / I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here (Take 13) / Happy Ending (Take 6 (alt. mix).

Mahalo From Elvis

The CD 'Mahalo From Elvis' was re-issued on CD by an yet unknown import label. This editio, with additional bonus tracks, is limited to 500 copies. 

From the press-release:
Mahalo From Elvis is a compilation album by RCA / Camden released posthumously in 1978. It consists five (then) previously unissued tracks Presley recorded in Honolulu on January 14, 1973 for inclusion in the U.S.-version of the live concert TV special 'Aloha from Hawaii' (these tracks are not considered "live" recordings, as no audience was present). The recording of No More, was not used in the special.

All other songs were previously issued recordings originating from the Presley movie soundtracks 'It Happened At The Worlds' Fair', 'Harum Scarum' and 'Double Trouble'. Camden re-released the album with a different cover and album title in 1979 ('The King...'). The original album was released in 1991 in Canada by RCA Special Products , but both the sound quality and the quality of the cover print were very bad. This original CD release is now only available on the www for very high prices, and is a true collectors item. The original album was certified Gold by the R.I.A.A. on 9/15/2011.

We are very proud to present this album in a stunning 6 panel digipack with superb ( original ) artwork / sound quality, using the new masters for the original tracklist! Also we added some rare outtakes of each track, making this finally the CD release the 'Mahalo From Elvis' album deserves.

The Original Album
*Blue Hawaii / *Early Mornin’ Rain / *Hawaiian Wedding Song / *KU-U-I-PO / *No More /  Relax / Baby, If You’ll Give Me All Your Love / One Broken Heart For Sale / So Close, Yet So Far / Happy Ending. 

The Alternates
Relax (Take 5) / Baby, If You’ll Give Me All Your Love (Take 2) / One Broken Heart For Sale (Take 1) / So Close, Yet So Far (Take 1) / Happy Ending (Take 5 ) / *Blue Hawaii (spliced take) / *No More (Take 1) / *Early Mornin’ Rain (Take 2) *KU-U-I-PO (Take 2 / Edited) / *Hawaiian Wedding Song (Take 3). 

* Tracks recorded January 14, 1973 for 'Aloha From Hawaii'

Les 40 Plus Grands Succes

The French compilation 'Les 40 Plus Grands Succes' (very rare 1976 French 40-track K-Tel label  2-vinyl set which includes 18 #1 hits) was re-issued on CD by a yet unknown import label.

From the press-release:
This great double LP is now finally available on a stunning 2xCD digipack release containing the original album tracks (taken from the latest masters) plus 16 rare and hard-to-find bonus tracks.
The special vinyl-look six-panel digipack sleeve contains the original LP artwork and looks like a miniature copy of the original classic vinyl double album!

Disc 1 - Original album: Heartbreak Hotel / Mystery Train / Good Rockin’ Tonight / I Got A Woman / Money Honey / My Baby Left Me / Tutti Frutti / Shake Rattle And Roll / Too Much / Ready Teddy / Hound Dog / Don’t Be Cruel / Rip It Up / All Shook Up / Mean Woman Blues / Blueberry Hill / One Night / Loving You / Treat Me Nice / Baby I Don’t Care.
Bonus Tracks: Blue Moon (Alternate Take) / I’m Counting On You (Take 13) / That’s All Right (Alternate Take) / Doncha Think It’s Time (Take 48) / A Fool Such As I (Take 8 ) / I Want To Be Free (Take 11) / Don’t (Master take 7 incl. count-in) / I Was The One (Take 7a).

Disc 2- Original album: Jailhouse Rock / Wear My Ring Around Your Neck / Trouble / King Creole / I Need Your Love Tonight / Ain’t That Loving You Baby / I Got Stung / Stuck On You / A Mess Of Blues / It’s Now Or Never / Blue Suede Shoes / I Feel So Bad / His Latest Flame / Little Sister / Good Luck Charm / Return To Sender / Bossa Nova Baby / (You’re The) Devil Is Disguise / Memphis Tennessee / Blue River.
Bonus Tracks: Tonight Is So Right For Love (Alternate Take) / Something Blue (Alternate Take) / Angel (Vocal Overdubs) / Follow That Dream (Take 4) / Love Letters (Take 2) / We Call On Him (Take 8) / Guitar Man (Take 4) / Memories (Stereo Master).

(Source: EPG / Essential Elvis)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 12 - Like A Billboard Baby

An Elvis Presley single that never was released in the sixties, "Like A Baby – Make Me Know It", will be released this January as a 7 inch 45 rpm red vinyl single. The White RCA promotional label reads: 47- 8025 Not For Sale, Promotional copy, the release is limited to 500 copies. 

Latest Billboard Album Charts

The concert CD 'An Afternoon in the Garden' jumped from #166 last week to #137 this week (w/e 21st January, 2012) on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart and jumped from #31 last week to #24 this week on the Top Catalog Album Chart. The new release 'Elvis Country - Legacy Edition' sold 2,191 copies last week but didn't chart; the original 'Elvis Country' sold 123 copies less. In total the six best selling albums this week sold 14,750 copies.

Elvis Collectors Edition

The first volume of the "Elvis Collectors Edition" was released in Germany. The collector's magazine was produced by the publishing house "De Agostini" in cooperation with Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE). 

Elvis November Tour

The SR Records import label announced the release of the DVD / CD combination with the focus on Elvis' November tour in 1971.  The CD contains Elvis Performance from Saturday, November 13 1971 (2:30 P.M. Dallas TX. Memorial Auditorium). The DVD contains the performance from Saturday, November 13 1971 (2:30 / 8.30 P.M. Dallas TX. Memorial Auditorium and the Monday, November 15 1971 (8:30 P.M. Kansas City MO. Municipal Auditorium).

From the press-release:
Available from the end of January, Elvis’ November Tour (SR Records Special Product) with focus on Elvis’ November 1971 tour. Here we proudly present to you the first of three volumes of SR special products dedicated to the year 1971.
 After the first attempt in January 2006 with the import Setting The Standard accompanied with a bonus DVD-r first 100 copies only, the necessity to show Elvis’ in live action gave us the push to give shape to this special product series. We accompanied the usual audio concert with a real DVD as we wanted to allow you the possibility to see the man where he reigned: on the stage.
Here we present to you the complete Dallas 13th November 1971 afternoon show, although part (about half) previously issued by Sundial Production in 1996 (Kicked it up in Dallas) here you have the chance to have the complete show in a superior audio quality, a digital transfer of the first-generation copy, the sound was painstakingly restored for your listening pleasure.

Together here we present to you a professional DVD (the lucky people who have the Setting The Standard know what we are talking about) with previously released and unreleased footage from the Dallas afternoon/evening shows and for the first time the complete 20:00 min footage of Kansas City.
The DVD will include the three shows along with a series of special features to give you the idea about how the DVD was made. Elvis in Nov 71’ was a spectacle to see and for all majority of the people who missed the opportunity to attend to the 1971 shows we think this DVD can demonstrate what we are talking about. Working on such old video-tapes of the early eighties hasn’t been easy, we worked for almost one month to give life to 50 minutes of digitally-remastered and edited video.....after a pre-filtered acquisition of the old material we worked for the same time in the restoring of the video-quality and the professional editing of the “NEW” material. All the footage has been digitally restored in order to achieve the optimum image quality. The footage has been synced with audio from the original concert and the 8mm footage speed corrected so that audio and video are timed correctly. We hope the rarity of this video and our determination to make a great job give you the opportunity to enjoy the end result.

Elvis’ November tour is, we think, the best moment of Elvis’ comeback to live shows, the perfect balance between vocal ability and live wild action; both the Dallas shows together with Houston are the best moments of the tour. So we are glad to give you the opportunity to listen and view Elvis at the top of his prowess. For the first time on this label, the double set will come with double printed DVD sized sleeve, containing a collection of live RARE photographs of the three shows and all the necessary details. The first 500 copies will come with a bonus collector card.

CD tracklisting: November 13, 1971 AS Time 55.46 min

01.Intro 1.17
02.That's All Right 1.53
03.Proud Mary 1.43
04.Amen 0.47
05.Proud Mary 2.44
06.You Don't Have to say You Love Me 2.03
07.You've Lost That Loving Feeling 4.22
08.Polk Salad Annie 4.26
09.Love Me 1.34
10.Heartbreak Hotel 1.34*
11.Blue Suede Shoes/Whola Lotta Shaking goin’ on 1.35*
12.It's Now Or Never 2.17*
13.Are You Lonesome Tonight 2.37*
14.Hound Dog 1.22*
15.How Great Thou Art 2,38*
16.Introduction 1.14*
17.Lawdy Miss Clawdy 2.16
18.Bridge Over Troubled Water 5.37
19.I Can't Stop Loving You 2.25
20.Suspicious Minds 6.08
21.Funny How Time Slips Away 3.02
22.I Can't Help Falling In Love 1.46
23.Closing Vamp 0.17
November 13, 1971 ES Time 4.01 min
24. Turn Around And look at Me 0.21*
25. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 3.48*
November 15, 1971 Time 3.29 min
24. It's Over 2.07*
25. One Night 1.22*

*denote previously unreleased performances
Total Time 63.16 min

DVD Contents Total about 54,00 min.
1 November tour intro 2 Dallas Afternoon Show 3 Dallas Evening Show4 Kansas City Show
Bonus Features
1 November tour Photos 2 Restore & Compare
3 Raw Footage Dallas Afternoon 4 Trailer 

(Source: ElvisMatters / FECC / Billboard / ELvisNews / The King's World)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Januar 11- A Cracker Barrel In Atlanta

The U.S. based Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and Restaurant released a twelve track gospel compilation 'Elvis Gospel' in their Classic Collection series. The CD is only available through their outlets.

(There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me) / Take My Hand, Prescious Lord / Lead Me, Guide Me / Amazing Grace / Who Am I? / Where Could I Go But To The Lord / Run On / Swing Down Sweet Chariot / His Hand In Mine / An Evening Prayer / Crying In The Chapel / He Touched Me

Stellar in Atlanta

The Touchdown import label announced the release of the CD 'Stellar In Atlanta' containing a recording from the June 30, 1973 Evening Show as recorded in Atlanta.

See See Rider - I Got A Woman / Amen - Help Me Make It Through The Night - Love Me Tender - Steamroller Blues - You Gave M A Mountain - Love Me - Blue Suede Shoes - Rock Medley - I´m Leavin´ - How Great Thou Art - Hound Dog - Fever - Something - What Now My Love - Suspicious Minds - Indroductions - I´ll Remember You - I Can´t Stop Loving You - American Trilogy - A Big Hunk O´Love - Can´t Help Falling In Love - Closing Vamp

De Agostini Launches Official Elvis collector’s Edition

On January 11th 2012, De Agostini Germany launched Elvis – Die offizielle Sammler-Edition (Elvis – The Official Collector’s Edition), an amazing new collection of magazines, artifacts, mini-posters and DVDs that, together, create the definitive record of the life and work of the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

Elvis – Die offizielle Sammler-Edition is the ultimate must-have for all German speaking Elvis fans. It has been developed in association with Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc., which has contributed its privileged insight into Elvis’ life and provided photographs for the magazines and the artifacts from its archive based at Graceland. 
Fortnightly, the magazine offers insight into the King’s life, from his humble beginnings through to his phenomenal career, his marriage to Priscilla Beaulieu and his untimely death. The collection offers fans the unique opportunity to build a treasure chest of exclusive artifacts, spanning every stage of the King’s life, including his birth certificate, school reports, love letters and family photographs, mini- posters and DVDs.

Each issue in the series includes three (or more) printed artifacts. These include Elvis' personal documents, music and film memorabilia, and awards and landmarks. Holding these artifacts, one can see and feel that they have a truly authentic quality that can only come from reproducing them as closely as possible to the originals held at Graceland. Unrivalled as a collection outside of Elvis' former home, these artifacts build a unique documentary record of Elvis’ life.
With the series comes a fantastic set of mini-posters, reproducing in miniature the original posters from Elvis’ day.Each issue includes a DVD with Elvis’ greatest movies, concerts and documentaries of the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Devoted entirely to Elvis, the magazine includes articles explaining key events in the star’s life and career. Illustrated with photographs direct from the archives at Graceland, each issue helps to build a greater understanding of his amazing talent. Visit to find out more about this great Elvis collection!

(Source: Cracker Barrel / FECC / EPE / De Agostini)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10 - How 5,000,000 Fans Can't Be Wrong

Another milestone for the King of Rock 'n' Roll! Today, Elvis Presley hit the five million mark for fans on Facebook. Thank you, thank you very much to the fans from around the world who follow Elvis online at, on Twitter with the handle @ElvisPresley and on Elvis Presley's Google+ page. You rock!

My Way

Wakestone Press released the book 'My Way: How Elvis Presley Became Elvis' by Sherry Lee Hoppe. 

Loving You

Sony Music Canada released a vinyl edition of the 'Loving You' soundtrack.

(Source: EPE / Wakestone / Amazon)