Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 30 - A Hero Died

Actor Tony Curtis, one of Elvis Presley's heroes, died at the age of 85.  

Tony met Elvis in 1960 when he was filming The Rat Race at Paramount Studio's. He was a fan of Curtis from watching his films in Memphis theaters and it is even rumored that Elvis copied Curtis' "ducktail" hairstyle in the '50s. 

While filming at Paramount, Curtis run in to Elvis. Elvis told him: 'Mr Curtis, i'm a big fan of you'. Curtis answered: 'Don't call me Mr. Curtis, call me Tony. How may i call you'. Elvis answered: 'Mr. Presley'. 

A "Fool" At Boston Garden

The Follow That Dream releases "Elvis As Recorded At Boston Garden" and the vinyl re-issue of the "Fool" album were released. 

90 Greatest Hits

Released on the Greek Pan-Vox label is the 3CD digipack compilation "Rock 'N' Roll Era - 90 Greatest Hits". 

(Source: Yahoo / Flaming Star / eBay)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 29 - Viva Elvis! To The Rescue

Sony Legacy issued a press-release for the U.S. edition of the "Viva Elvis!"  soundtrack. 

Epic New Studio Work Inspired by "Viva ELVIS" by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas Available November 9th.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Epic New Studio Work Inspired by "Viva ELVIS" by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas Viva ELVIS - The Album Available Everywhere Tuesday, November 9 

Legacy Recordings, in cooperation with Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. and Viva ELVIS by Cirque du Soleil at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, proudly announces the release of Viva ELVIS - The Album, a 21st century celebration of Elvis and his music, featuring the voice of the king in a whole new context. Viva ELVIS - The Album will be available everywhere on Tuesday, November 9. 

Produced and arranged by Erich van Tourneau, with assistant producer and assistant arranger Hugo "Wedge Montecristo" Bombardier, Viva ELVIS - The Album is a multi-faceted audio extravaganza creating a larger-than-life musical portrait of Elvis through newly re-imagined versions of "Blue Suede Shoes," "That's Alright," "Heartbreak Hotel," "Love Me Tender," "King Creole," "Bossa Nova," "Burning Love," "Can't Help Falling In Love" and "Suspicious Minds" as well as interludes based on "Memories" and "You'll Never Walk Alone." 

Three of the tracks on Viva ELVIS including "Suspicious Minds," the album's first single, were mixed by Grammy Award winning producer Brendan O'Brien (Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen). Four of the album's tracks were mixed by Serban Ghenea with the remaining five mixed by Robert Meunier & Erich van Tourneau. 

Musicians on Viva ELVIS include Elvis Presley (vocals); Erich van Tourneau (bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano and keyboards); Dea Norberg, Jennlee Shallow, Sherry St-Germain, Stacie Tabb (guest singers); Patrick Lavergne and JS "The Flash" Chouinard (basses); Mike Plant, Steve Nadeau, Martin Bachand and Paul Deslauriers (electric guitars); Olivier Goulet (acoustic guitar); Guy Bélanger (harmonica); DJ Pocket (scratch). The album's horn section includes Jean-Francois Thibeault (trombone), Bruno Dumont (saxophone), David Perrico (trumpet), Jean-Francois Gagnon (flugel horn).

When working on the music for Viva ELVIS, van Tourneau -- aided by Hugo Bombardier, Assistant Producer and Assistant Arranger on Viva ELVIS - The Album -- spent more than 3,000 hours reviewing countless albums, films, concert recordings, interviews and home recordings of Elvis. More than 17,000 samples of Elvis' songs - the raw material for the show - were made during the process. 

Working with tens of thousands of samples of Elvis' voice, van Tourneau and Bombardier often wove several sequences and sounds into the same songs, sometimes changing details such as the key and tempo. In creating Viva ELVIS - The Album, van Tourneau was looking to accentuate and boost the emotional charge of the songs with the incorporation of ragga, punk or hip-hop elements into classic recordings. In all cases, however, the goal was to respect and understand the essence of the original recordings. 

"I would like to acknowledge all of the incredible composers, musicians and technicians responsible for making this music with Elvis originally," said van Tourneau. "The album Viva ELVIS would not be what it is today if not for their remarkable contributions." 

The postmodern studio masterwork invokes the spirit and essence of Elvis from a contemporary perspective while furthering the revolutionary impulses of Elvis' sound. Viva ELVIS - The Album re-imagines the king's own vocal performances in a broad variety of new musical settings. This new sound echoes Elvis' own versatility and ability to master all music genres, from Delta blues to rockabilly, from raw soul to gospel, from Southern folk to Vegas pop, while incorporating elements of garage rock, punk, urban and hip-hop. 

In celebration of all eras of Elvis' musical genius, Viva ELVIS - The Album includes songs from Elvis' rise to fame in the '50s, his movie soundtracks, his triumphant return to the stage in the "'68 Special," and his ground-breaking appearances in Las Vegas. 

Viva ELVIS by Cirque du Soleil, a harmonious fusion of dance, acrobatics and live music, opened earlier this year in a specially designed 1,800 seat theater at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. A tribute to the life and music of Elvis Presley, Viva ELVIS focuses on the essential humanity of the one superstar whose name will forever be linked with the history of Las Vegas: Elvis Presley. Significant moments in his life - intimate, playful and grandiose - blend with timeless songs that remain as relevant today as when they first hit the top of the charts. 

Viva ELVIS - The Album is a 21st century venue for rock's first and biggest superstar. The King's Music Lives! 

Viva ELVIS - The Album - produced and arranged by Erich van Tourneau 

1. Opening - (mixed by Robert Meunier & Erich van Tourneau) 
2. Blue Suede Shoes - (mixed by Serban Ghenea) 
3. That's Alright - (mixed by Brendan O'Brien) 
4. Heartbreak Hotel - (mixed by Brendan O'Brien) 
5. Love Me Tender - (mixed by Robert Meunier & Erich van Tourneau) 
6. King Creole - (mixed by Robert Meunier & Erich van Tourneau) 
7. Bossa Nova - (mixed by Serban Ghenea) 
8. Burning Love - (mixed by Serban Ghenea) 
9. Memories - (mixed by Robert Meunier & Erich van Tourneau) 
10. Can't Help Falling In Love - (mixed by Serban Ghenea) 
11. You'll Never Walk Alone - (mixed by Robert Meunier & Erich van Tourneau) 
12. Suspicious Minds - (mixed by Brendan O'Brien)

Australian Duet

Sony Australia announced that the Australian edition of the "VIVA Elvis!" CD will also feature a duet, the artist performing withElvis on "Love me Tender" is yet to be announced. 

Elvis Underground

We all know about the Chilean Mining Disaster. Well,  one of the miners trapped in the mine is an Elvis fan and insisted that a photograph of Elvis was sent down to him. He has also raised the spirits of the other trapped miners by organising 
Elvis sing-a-longs. 

Brian Quinn and a few other fans thought that it would be a nice gesture if EPE were to arrange a free trip to Graceland for him and perhaps, the other miners, when they were rescued and had time to overcome some of their trauma. 

An e-mail was sent to EPE and I am very pleased to print the following reply I have just received from them: "Yes, we are in touch with CNN Chile and have sent a big package of movies and music to him that they are sending down to him for the rest of the time. We are also talking with them about a visit!".

Graceland To Go Pink For National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
On Friday, October 1, Graceland will show its support for National Breast Cancer Awareness month by illuminating the mansion in pink. It will stay lit up through the end of October. The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign was launched 25 years ago to promote education surrounding the disease. According to the American Cancer Society, there are about 2.5 million breast cancer survivors living in the United States. To see a live look at Graceland lit up in pink, be sure to check out the GracelandCam on this page.

Two Elvis Auctions In October

Auction house Julien will host a Hollywood auction for the first time ever in China. The most valuable Elvis item is a guitar, estimated at $100,000. Auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll also published their new catalogue online. Another Elvis guitar is counted among the most valuable items here (minimum bid $30,000).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 28 - EPE Buys 3716 Elvis Presley Blvd.

A few details of the Sony UK marketing campaign for the "Viva Elvis - The Album" became available:


Cirque du Soleil, Pricilla Presley and the album producer Erich Van Tourneau all undertaking promo.Priscilla has already been on The One Show, other major TVs are being lined up.


TV: Very heavy TV campaign across ITV, C4, Five and satellite booked from launch up to Christmas
National X Factor launch spot the day before release

Outdoor: Nationwide Adrail campaign
Radio: Campaigns booked with Heart, Smooth and Capital

Press: Nationwide front page strip on Metro day of release, Sunday Mirror day before release and Red & Hello full page ads.

Online: Facebook, Youtube and Google campaigns.

EPE Buys 3716 Elvis Presley Blvd

The plans for the rebuilding around the grounds of Graceland are still in the works. The Daily News announced that EPE bought the lot on 3716 Elvis Presley Blvd. This is the building that sits between the EPE offices and the souvenir shop, right across from Elvis' planes. EPE paid $1.1 million for the building and grounds. The seller, JBC Financial Group, received the property in September 2004 via quitclaim deed from Clinton C. Thomas. JBC Financial lists a Florida address.

Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. and CKx Inc., the company that owns 85 percent of EPE, have been buying property around Graceland for several years, citing plans to revitalize the neighborhood.

In a quarterly filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in August, CKx reported preliminary plans including an expanded visitors center, new attractions, new souvenir shops and potentially a boutique convention hotel.

Il Re Del Rock And Roll: Elvis Golden Records 3

Volume 14 in the Italian magazine 'Sorrise e Canzoni TV' (by Mondadori)  digi-book series "Il Re Del Rock And Roll" was released; "Elvis Golden Records 3". This CD was only available for one week.

Lisa Marie records new album
Lisa Marie announced on her Facebook page that she is currently working on a new album that will come out in 2011. Further on, she tells that all is going well in the U.K.

(Source: Brian Quinn / Memphis Daily News)

Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27 - Elvis-Play-Along-With-Flaming-Star

The Hal Leonard music publishing company announced the release of the DVD "Elvis" as volume 21 in their Guitar Play-Along DVD series. The disc has October 1st. as the release-date and features 8 Elvis favorites: All Shook Up, 
Blue Suede Shoes, Don't Be Cruel (To a Heart That's True), Hard Headed Woman, Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock and Little Sister.

Elvis Presley Signature ID Bracelet Remains Unsold

One of the most personal pieces of Elvis Presley’s jewelry which he wore well over ten years. This bracelet was gifted to Elvis Presley in 1963 and is inscribed and dated on the back.

He wore it professionally, documented in numerous televised and film appearances. Elvis is seen wearing the bracelet on stage during his 1969 Las Vegas comeback engagement at the International Hilton Hotel and in countless concert tour appearances thereafter. It was worn in his televised “Aloha from Hawaii” special in 1973, and in his film “Elvis, That’s The Way It Is”. In later years Elvis often wore this bracelet paired with his “Crazy” tube bracelet.

Personally, Elvis is seen wearing this bracelet in formal family photo shoots and in multiple candid off stage photos of his private life.

This bracelet was gifted by Elvis to his future fiancée, Ginger Alden, and placed on her wrist during a flight to Las Vegas inside of his private jet in 1976. Elvis then told Ginger “Now everyone will know you belong to me”. This signature piece is a 14k yellow gold large link identification bracelet with the name “Elvis” spelled out in forty-eight diamonds. It comes with a letter of authenticity from Ginger Alden.

The estimate was: $400,000 - $500,000.

Myrna Smiths health is going bad
June Moore, Katy Westmoreland's assistant published this message on her Facebook page: This is just in from Myrna Smith's manager. Hey all. Bad news on Myrna Smith She has a taken a turn for the worse. Does not look good. Thanks to all who have had Myrna in their thoughts and prayers. Keep it up! And special thanks to all who have donated and done fundraisers for her. Will... try to keep you informed.

Flaming Star #61

The Norwegian Elvis Presley fan-club sent out volume 61 of their fan-club magazine.

(Source: Hal Leonard / Flaming Star)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 26 - Setting The Arrow Straight

The Straigt Arrow import label announced several new releases. Originally, the label slotted the February 21, 1973 Dinner Show for Volume 2, but during  pre-production several technical problems cropped up which required additional studio work, the producers decided to unleash another "two-mic ambient tape" from their vaults, a Valentine's Day special: the previously-unreleased February 14 Dinner Show. 

As a teaser, producers included one track from the February 21 tape, a knockout performance of "What Now My Love," including a false start and a reprise. This show will be released as "I Can't Stop Loving You" later this year. The label also announced a jewel case CD with standard 16-page booklet "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" featuring an unreleased Las Vegas set from the August 30, 1973 Dinner Show (audience recording).

Australian Chart

The "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" compliation fell off the Australian ARIA Catalogue Album Top 50.

(Source: FECC / ARIA)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 25 - The Memphis Jukebox II

Vee-Tone Records and Elvis Unlimited teamed up with HMV for the release of "The Memphis Jukebox Two"; a CD containing songs found in Elvis Presley's Jukebox. The CD will be launched in HMV’s flagship, the Oxford Circus store in London. Over 40 original singles from Elvis’ jukebox as well as other memorabilia once owned by ‘The King’ were on display.

(Source: Elvis Unlimited)

Friday, September 24, 2010

September 24 - Elvis Lives, In Belgium!

The German based H'Art Music- Vertrieb budget label announced the release of the "Elvis: Rockabilly Years - Just About As Good As It Gets!" double CD budget compilation with an October 15, 2010 release-date. 

Viva Dani Klein

The Belgian edition of the "Viva Elvis" soundtrack contains 13 tracks including one duet by the Belgian Dani Klein (from the band Vaya Con Dios) on the song "Love Me Tender".

Elvis Lives In Belgium!

Every news paper in Belgium, both in French and Dutch, featured a remarkable advertisement on the front page: 'Elvis Lives'. The ad turns out to be a teaser for a full page advertisement in the news paper by Axa Bank: "Revive your savings". 

Latest Issue of Through the Gate Now Available Online for Insiders

The Summer 2010 "Elvis Week" edition of the Elvis Insiders quarterly newsletter, Through the Gate, is now online for Insiders in the Media section of It's loaded with the latest news, information, behind-the-scenes photos from events and rare artifacts from the Graceland archives.

- See a full two-page spread of Elvis Week event photos.
- Go behind the scenes with the EPE Media department and see the stories that were being covered during Elvis Week.
- See the street art that fans created for the candlelight Vigil.
- Read a special Insiders Q&A with Elvis co-star in "Tickle Me," Edward Faulkner.
- See a telegram sent by Colonel Parker to comedian Jimmy Durante and learn what it meant to be a member of Parker's "snowmen's league."
- Learn 20 random facts about Elvis you might not know and much more.

(Source: Elvis Presley Gesellschaft / UEPS / EPE)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

September 23 - Vote For The Kuningas Elvis Visa Card

"Kuningas Elvis" is the title of a new biography, published in the Baltic state of Estonia. The book was written by Estonian Elvis fanclub president Tony Tuulas. 

The book is a lavish hardback 192-page publication with many color and black and white photos, the story of Elvis’ life and career, an album discography from ’56 to ’77, an overview of his gold and platinum albums, a filmography as well as a chapter about the Estonian fanclub’s activities since ’90. 

It’s no coincidence that the Elvis fanclub there was founded in 1990, the same year that the reign of the communistic regime ended. “During the communistic regime all western music was forbidden”, Tuulas says, “But Elvis was nevertheless quite popular, because many of us were able to listen to him by tuning into Finnish radio stations with our antenna radios. Mind you, this was strictly forbidden and could result in a prison sentence”.

Elvis Music Collection

Released through Sony Music Video is the 10 disc set "Elvis Music Collectionwhich also has the subtitle "The Man, The Music The Legend". It contains:

'Elvis' Hit Performances Disc 1 & 2'
'Love Me Tender - The Love Songs'
'He Touched Me - The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley'
'The 68 Comeback Special'
'Elvis Thats The Way It Is (Original Edition)'
'Elvis Thats The Way It Is (Special Edition)'
'Aloha From Hawaii (Rehearsal Show & Satellite Show)'
'Live From Memphis - 25th Anniversary Concert'

Vote For Your Favorite Elvis Visa Card Designs

Elvis Presley Enterprises offered fans the opportunity to vote for their favorite design for the 2010 Visa Cards.

"The Elvis Presley Visa Platinum Rewards credit card is going to be offering some new card designs soon and we want Elvis fans to give us feedback on their favorites.

Please take a look at the card designs and select your top three (3) favorites in the poll below. Your feedback will be very important when deciding which card designs to feature. Thanks for your input!"

New York And Memphis Coupled Again

Sony Legacy announced the re-issue of the coupled two original live albums "Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis" and "As Recorded At Madison Square Garden" with a November 2, 2010 release-date. 

(Source: FECC / Elvis Express / EPE)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 22 - Double Features: Love Me Tender Duet

The French Amel Bent recorded a duet with Elvis - "Love Me Tender" for the upcoming French edition of the "VIVA Elvis!" CD which is scheduled for November 8, 2010. 

The Spanish singer Lourdes Hernandez (a.k.a. Russian Red) recorded a Spanish version of the same song.

Double Feature

A double feature DVD release of the movies "King Creole / G. I. Blues" was announced with October 5 as the release-date.

Elvis The Movie

According to the German division of Amazon the John Carpenter film "Elvis The Movie" featuring Kurt Russel as Elvis and Shelley Winters as his mother Gladys will be released on dvd and blu-ray in Germany on October 15th, 2010. Responsible for this project is the "Edel" company from Hamburg, which has released a couple of other German editions of Elvis dvds earlier.

It seems that there will be two different versions: A vanilla edition (one disc) and a deluxe edition (two discs).

Ernst And Roger On Twitter

Ernst Jorgensen and Roger Semon, the producers behind the Follow That Dream Collector's label joined twitter. Their first tweet "This fall, "ELVIS AS RECORDED AT BOSTON GARDEN '71" will be released on the ofiicial "Follow That Dream" deluxe CD collectors label !".

(Source: News Des Stars / Elvis Club Berlin)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21 - A Graphic Country Concert Tour

The 32 pages comic book "Elvis: A Graphic Novel" by Terry Collins and illustrator Michele Melcher was announced by Capstone Press with a January 2011 release-date.

Elvis In Concert Update

Producer of the "Elvis In Concert" tour announced that the U.S.A. and Canadian legs of the upcoming tour will be in 2011 while the U.K. leg will be in March, 2012 and in Asia sometime in 2012.

Elvis Country / The Sequel Released

The import CD "Elvis Country /The Prequel" was released.

Mein Bester Freund

Released by Hannibal in Germany is the German edition of George Klein's book on Elvis Presley "Elvis - My Best Friend". 

RIP Col. Jones Who Made Elvis A Sergeant

Col. Thomas S. Jones, who promorted his Jeep driver, private E. Presley to sergeant, died at the age of 95 due to the complications from a stroke.

In the late 1950s he supervised Presley, who he said had "earned his promotion the old-fashioned way, as a member of a combat unit, not with some sort of army entertainment group." "I don't know how good a musician Elvis was," Mr. Jones wrote in a published letter to the St. Petersburg Times in 1977, a week after Presley died, "but as his battalion commander I can testify that he was a top-notch soldier, a credit to his parents, to his outfit, to his country."

Il Re Del Rock And Rol: For LP Fans Only

Volume 13 in the Italian magazine 'Sorrise e Canzoni TV' (by Mondadori)  digi-book series "Il Re Del Rock And Roll" was released; "For LP Fans Only". This CD was only available for one week.

(Source: Tampa Bay / Amazon / Elvis Club Berlin)

Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20 - Eine Hommage in Fotografien

The 250 pages picture book "Elvis Presley - Hollywood Collection - Eine Hommage in Fotografien" by Manfred Hobsch and Hilary Gayner was released by Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf  in Germany.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 19 - Australian Chart

On the Australian Catalogue Album Top 50 the "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" compilation dropped from #27 to #41 in it's 31st. week on the chart.

 (Source: ARIA)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

September 18 - Elvis Golden Greats Remixes Repacked

Warner Music Germany announced the release of the double CD "Remixes" containg the two remixcompilations as remixed by the Italian DJ Spankox. The set has September 24, 2010 as the release-date.

Elvis Golden Greats

The Archive Media Budget label announced the release of the "Elvis Golden Greats" budget DVD on October 21, 2010.

Elvis On Tour

Warner Australia announced the release of "Elvis On Tour" in both the PAL Format DVD and Blu-ray for the first time on September 29. There will be a collectible booklet with each version.

Elvis Presley Collection 

Due for release on October 27, 2010 from Fox in Australia is the 6 disc Tin Set "Elvis Presley Collection" (region code 4).

(Source: Amazon Germany & UK / Elvis Australia / Ezy DVD)

Friday, September 17, 2010

September 17 - Der Colonel Kommt

The German edition of Alanna Nash' "The Colonel" was announced with a December 2010 release-date.

(Source: B+U-Verlag / EPG e.V.)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 16 - Sixties And Seventies Remastered

Sony announced the re-release the "Complete 60's Masters" and "Complete 70's Masters" in cut down budget pacages like the "Complete 50's Masters". The set, containing the original masters and not the remastered tracks, have a November 2010 release-date. 

(Source: ElvisNews)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 15 - Complete Masters Promo

A nice collectable popped up; the advance promotional copy of "The Complete masters" 30 CD box-set. It contains all the 30 CD's in a specially designed wrapped package.

Priscilla Presley To Be Honored

Priscilla Presley, who married Elvis Presley at the old Aladdin hotel in 1967, will be honored as the 2011 Woman of the Year at Nevada Ballet Theatre's Black & White Ball on Jan. 29 at Aria.

(Source: FECC)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 14 - Christmas Comes Early For The Reluctant Rebel

The book "Elvis Presley, Reluctant Rebel His Life and Our Times" by Glen Jeansonne (Author), David Luhrssen (Author) and Dan Sokolovic" was announced with January 31, 2011 as the release-date.

VIVA Elvis Tracklisting

Sony Music / Nova Music Entertainment issued a press-release on the release of the 2010 VIVA Elvis! remix "Suspicious Minds" single. Part of the press-release was the tracklisting of the "VIVA Elvis!" album:

1. Opening
2. Blue Suede Shoes
3. Heartbreak Hotel
4. Love Me Tender
5. King Creole
6. Bossa Nova
7. Memories
8. Can't Help Falling in Love
9. You'll Never Walk Alone
10. Suspicious Minds

Elvis Christmas

Amazon has updated the information for Elvis Christmas DVD "Yule Log Edition". It is interesting that they used the cover for Elvis' first Christmas Album and the track listing for the 2006 Elvis Christmas CD. It looks like there will three scenes.

Product Description:

Featuring the world's greatest Christmas music set to your choice of three heart-warming holiday scenes, The Yule Log DVD lights up the holiday season. Perfect for entertaining, these songs and scenes instantly bring the good cheer and magic of Christmas to any holiday home.

Christmas Gifts

Amazon Germany re-listed two budget Christmas compilations "Songs fFor Christmas" and "Christmas Gift" both due October 29th.

Il Re Del Rock And Roll: Blue Hawaii

Volume 12 in the Italian magazine 'Sorrise e Canzoni TV' (by Mondadori)  digi-book series "Il Re Del Rock And Roll" was released; "Blue Hawaii". This CD was only available for one week.

Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13 - Totally Committed To Duluth

The audience recording release "Total Commitment" was announced by the new Touchdown import label. It contains a Elvis' performance from April 24, 1973 as recorded in Anaheim and comes with an 12 page booklet.

Duluth Revisited

The import release "Duluth Revisited" from The New 3  Management import label contains a very good sounding recording of Elvis' April 24, 1977 performances as recorded from the audience. This too comes with a 12 pages booklet.

Australian Chart

On the Australian ARIA Catalogue Album Chart the "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" compilation dropped from #23 to #27.

Elvis At The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum has unveiled its latest exhibit devoted to the King of Rock and Roll as a part of the Museum’s 15th anniversary celebration this September. ELVIS 1956: Photographs by Alfred Wertheimer is open to the public in the Circular Gallery of the Main Exhibit Hall. Taken during the year Elvis turned 21, Alfred Wertheimer’s photographs are a remarkable visual record of a defining time for rock and roll’s most enduring figure.

1956 was the year Elvis first appeared in the national consciousness. His RCA records and national broadcast helped make him a star. Alfred Wertheimer, then a young freelance photojournalist, was there to document the extraordinary transition.

ELVIS 1956 is the first and last unguarded look at Elvis, featuring images of him in every aspect of his life—from performance and with the fans, to the recording studio and at home with his family. On stage and off, Elvis defined the notion of “rock style.” His electrifying synthesis of rhythm and blues, gospel, and country bridged traditional divides between white and black, urban and rural. For tens of millions of fans, Elvis transformed the beat of everyday life. His music and style helped launch a cultural revolution.

In addition, the Rock Hall has on display nearly 30 new artifacts on loan from the Graceland Archives and are located next to the photography exhibit. Highlights include:

  • Shirt and belt Presley wore for performance rehearsals in 1970. Seen on the poster for the film Elvis: That’s the Way It Is.
  • Hand-painted poster for Presley’s February 1955 performance in Memphis.
  • Presley’s 1974 Grammy Award for Best Inspirational Performance for “How Great Thou Art,” the handwritten set list and jumpsuit from the show where the performance was recorded.
  • Proclamation from the City of Memphis declaring February 25, 1961 to be Elvis Presley Day .
  • A 1974 Guild acoustic guitar used by in concert by Presley in 1976.

(Source: e-mail / ARIA / R&R HOF)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 12 - Elvis Forever On 8MM!

In the year that the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll would have turned 75, Radio 2 brought together some great names from the world of pop and rock music to perform his best loved and most popular songs as part of Elvis Forever, a concert in London’s Hyde Park on Sunday 12 September 2010, hosted by Radio 2 breakfast show presenter Chris Evans with a special appearance by Priscilla Presley.

The proceedings were led by Chris plus other guest presenters who are all great fans of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, culminating in a spectacular firework finale. 

The line-up of stars performing includes:

Tom Jones
Scouting For Girls
Imelda May
Fyfe Dangerfield
Jon Allen
KT Tunstall
Michael Ball
Mica Paris
Tony Christie
The Magnets
Fran Healy (from Travis)
Craig David
Tony Hadley
Marti Pellow
Nell Bryden
Suzi Quatro

Elio Pace
TCB Band - Glen Hardin (piano) James Burton (Gtr) Jerry Scheff (Bass gtr) Ronnie Tutt (dms) 
BBC Concert Orchestra (60 piece) Conductor Mike Dixon Capital Voices 

This thrilling exclusive concert was broadcast live on Radio 2.

Elvis 8mm Colour 1956 Milton Berle Movie on Ebay

For sale for starting bid $100,000 is a colour 8mm movie of Elvis rehearsing for Milton Berle show on the Aircraft carrier Hancock. April 03,1956. It states "Only known private movie in color. No sound."

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11 - Graceland On Tour

The German Elvis-Presley-Gesellschaft e.V released the "On Tour" edition of their A4 sized fan-club magazine (Graceland #194). It comes with a re-make of the original movie-poster.

(Source: Elvis-Presley-Gesellschaft e.V)