February 27 - Never Ending Demand For Bootlegs

The Rainbow Records importlabel announced two new releases, "Never Ending Demand Volumes 3 and 4". 

From the press-release:
To be released March 8, 2013: Rainbow Records proudly presents a new CD set (two separate cds) called “Never-Ending Demand” Vol. 3 + Vol. 4, featuring Elvis Presley´s complete performances of May 3, 1975 (Afternoon Show on Volume 3, Evening Show on Volume 4) at the Civic Center in Monroe, LA. Both shows have not been released on cd so far and will be presented in real good sound for an audience recording.

Although the “King” had turned 40 in January 1975, it seemed like there was never-ending demand for Elvis. Even during this tour (known as “Tour Number 13”) he had to play several shows in the same city to make people happy.
When the Colonel worked out the route for the tour, one of his rules was, that it didn‘t make sense to plan every day in advance. He contacted the management of venues and gave his O.K. to start selling tickets. In case the tickets sold like fresh bread, the management had the chance to ask for a second show, or if the demand was there, for a third one. During this tour, Elvis played 2 shows in Tampa, FL; the demand in Lakeland caused him to play a total of three gigs and to stay one more day than originally planned. Because of the huge demand in Atlanta where Elvis played three days in a row, there was no space for additional shows in Murfreesboro on April 29th.

That‘s the reason why the additional two shows had to be added to the end of the tour which resulted in an unusual travel road for the showgroup. The fans in Lake Charles, LA were fortunate enough to see two shows on one day and the fans in Monroe, LA were also blessed to see the Elvis show twice that historical May 3, 1975. And what the fans saw and heard this day was nothing less but great, as reporter J. P. Casey wrote in his May 4 “Monroe Morning World” article about the afternoon show: “…..when Presley really works at a number, such as How Great Thou Art, he is truly magnificent. And when he lets all the stops out on a number that has a good arrangement and full orchestra and backup vocals, such as Burning Love he is dynamite.”

Track listings:
Never Ending Demand Volume 3 - Monroe 3.5.75 A/S
Also Sprach Zarathustra - C. C. Rider - I Got A Woman / Amen - Love Me - If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - Love Me Tender - All Shook Up - Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel - Help Me - How Great Thou Art - Burning Love - Band Introductions - Johnny B. Goode (James Burton) - Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff) - Piano Solo (Glen D. Hardin) - School Day - My Boy - T-R-O-U-B-L-E (With False Start) - Alfie (Excerpt) / I'll Remember You - The Wonder Of You - Let Me Be There - An American Trilogy - Help Me Make It Through The Night - Funny How Time Slips Away - Can't Help Falling In Love - Closing Vamp / Announcements

Never Ending Demand Volume 4 - Monroe 3.5.75 E/S
Also Sprach Zarathustra - C. C. Rider - I Got A Woman / Amen - Love Me - If You Love Me (Let Me Know - Love Me Tender - All Shook Up - Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel - The Wonder Of You - Help Me - Burning Love - Band Introductions - What'd I Say - Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff) - Piano Solo (Glen D. Hardin) - School Day - Johnny B. Goode (Full Version) - Steamroller Blues - Help Me Make It Through The Night - T-R-O-U-B-L-E - I'll Remember You - Let Me Be There - An American Trilogy - Funny How Time Slips Away (With Reprise) - Can't Help Falling In Love -  Closing Vamp 

(Source: Elvis Telegraph)

February 26 - Golden Gypsy Video's

The Recordings Group label released their version of "Elvis Presley - Golden Records: Volume 3" on 180g vinyl. It is a limited edition of 2500 copies. 

Side A
It's Now Or Never - Stuck On You - Fame And Fortune - I Gotta Know - Surrender - I Feel So Bad

Side B:
Are You Lonesome Tonight - His Latest Flame - Little Sister - Good Luck Charm - Anything That's Part Of You - She's Not You

Southern Gypsy Magic

Out shortly will be Straight Arrow's double-digipak release "Southern Gypsy Magic", featuring the wild July 23, 1975 Asheville show, plus bonus rarities from July 22 and 24.

From the press-release:
The show was originally issued on a 1997 CD called "Gyrating Ashville." But recently, Straight Arrow obtained a superior tape source, one too good to be kept in the vaults: a recorder equipped with two microphones, so there is noticeable "ambience," due to the channel separation. And, for the first time, the show is presented complete, with no edits.

As spring turned to summer in 1975, Elvis spent June and July touring America's southeastern states, giving fans a memorable series of up-tempo performances, night after night. It would be the last time he would do so with any consistency. Asheville was the final city on his July 1975 tour, with three consecutive nights sold out at the newly-built Civic Center. The middle show on July 23, which makes up the core of this release, offers a number of unexpected inclusions like "Turn Around, Look At Me," "Shake A Hand" and "Promised Land," the Chuck Berry classic released on single the previous fall. Bonus selections include a July 22 performance of "You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me" (possibly for the last time) and a rare version of "Memphis, Tennessee."

From July 24 is the only known live performance of "Pieces Of My Life." Yes, the complete July 24 show appeared on our 2005 debut, Pieces Of My Life. However, instead of simply copying tracks from that disc, we chose to rework the first-generation tape from scratch, with even better results than eight years ago! The package is topped off with many beautiful images from July 23, plus a photo each from July 22 and 24. If you liked our other July 1975 tour outings, "Pieces Of My Life" and "YYou'll Never Walk Alone", you will love this new 2CD-set, too. Do not miss the opportunity to own the ultimate release of Elvis' magical July 23, 1975 Asheville show.

CD 1: 01. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman / Amen - 04. Big Boss Man - 05. Love Me - 06. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - 07. It's Midnight - 08. All Shook Up - 09. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel - 10. Hound Dog - 11. The Wonder Of You - 12. Turn Around, Look At Me - 13. Polk Salad Annie - 14. Introduction of singers, musicians, orchestra - 15. Johnny B. Goode (James Burton) - 16. Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - 17. Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff) - 18. Piano Solo (Glen Hardin) - 19. School Day (Joe Guercio Orchestra) CD 2: 01. T-R-O-U-B-L-E - 02. Why Me Lord? - 03. How Great Thou Art - 04. Let Me Be There (w/ reprise) - 05. Shake A Hand - 06. Fairytale - 07. Introduction of Vernon- 08. Little Darlin' -09. Mystery Train / Tiger Man - 10. Funny How Times Slip Away (with reprise) - 11. It's Now Or Never - 12. Promised Land - 13. Can't Help Falling In Love - 14. Closing Vamp / announcements BONUS (July 22): 15. Why Me Lord? (Elvis solo) - 16. Shake A Hand (with false starts) - 17. Memphis, Tennessee (with false start) - 18. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me BONUS (July 24): 19. That's All Right - 20. Jailhouse Rock - 21. Something - 22. Return To Sender - 23. Wooden Heart - 24. Shake A Hand - 25. Pieces Of My Life

Movie Box

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment announced the release of the seven movie box "The King Collection" on July 20, 2013 in Germany. The set holds the movies Clambake, Flaming Star, Frankie And Johnny, Kid Galahad, Love Me Tender, Follow That Dream and Wild In The Country.

(Source: Elvis Infos / Elvis Memories / FECC)

February 25 - Bootleg Jerry

The Audionics importrelease "Aloha Jerry" was released. It contains a lAs Vegas audience-recording of Elvis Presley's February 23, 1973 Closing Show performance. 

(Source: Elvis On CD)

February 24 - Update From Hawaii

Boxcar Enterprises announced that the "Elvis Aloha via Satellite" book is on it's way to the printer and that the release-date of April 1st. is still valid. According to the announcement "This is the ultimate book on this show, here's everything from A - Z". Last year Boxcar Enterprises released the "Graceland" book which sold out quickly. The Hawaii book comes in the same type package. 

(Source: Flaming Star)

February 23 - John Got Lucky On eBay

On eBay a new import re-issue of "I Got Lucky" appeared. 

From the seller:
Out now: a great new "Special Edition" release of the 1970’s "I Got Lucky" album. Using the cover of the Pickwick release, it contains:
  • The 10 original album mono masters (only available on the VERY RARE RCA Club Edition CD release of ‘I Got Lucky’(and it is a 100 euro collectable CD now, which is extremely hard to find these days). These tracks are all mixed and edited differently to the stereo masters)
  • The Stereo Masters (using the latest superb masters)
  • 10 alternate versions of the same 10 songs, all edited for optimal listening pleasure, and all unreleased in this form.
And, ofcourse, top notch artwork in the old ‘Pickwick Label’ style, and a (removable) sticker on front of the case. This is a real collectible release for the Elvis audio collector, so order your copy now!!

I Got Lucky, What A Wonderful Life, I Need Somebody To Lean On, Yoga Is As Yoga Does, Riding The Rainbow, Fools Fall In Love, The Love Machine, Home Is Where The Heart Is, You Gotta Stop, If You Think I Don't Need You,

I Got Lucky (extended master version), What A Wonderful Life (take 6), I Need Somebody To Lean On (take 8), Yoga Is As Yoga Does (take 6), Riding The Rainbow (take 7), Fools Fall In Love (take 4), The Love Machine (take 11), Home Is Where The Heart Is (take 10), You Gotta Stop (instrumental), If You Think I Don't Need You (take 7)

Stereo Master: I Got Lucky, I Need Somebody To Lean On, Yoga Is As Yoga Does, Riding The Rainbow, Fools Fall In Love, The Love Machine, Home Is Where The Heart Is, You Gotta Stop, If You Think I Don't Need You. (Note: the stereo master of What A Wonderful Life does not exist.)

Elvis #40 - John Wilkinson Tribute

Just a few more days, and the new ELVIS Magazine (#40) will be released by the Belgian / Dutch fanclub ElvisMatters. The gold-members get a free CD, which - of course - is dedicated to John Wilkinson, who passed away last January. Here's the tracklisting:

1. Can’t Stop Loving You - John Wilkinson
2. Elvis introduces John Wilkinson - Elvis Presley
3. Darling Corey – John Wilkinson
4. Elvis introduces the TCB-Band - Elvis Presley
5. Lost Children – John Wilkinson
6. The Great Truck Race – John Wilkinson
7. You still don’t trust me, do you John? – Elvis Presley
8. Let’s Have A Party – John Wilkinson
9. Early Morning Rain (I) – John Wilkinson
10. Early Morning Rain (II) – John Wilkinson
11. The Last Autograph – Dallas Jones
12. Helmut Rademacher Interview
13. The Girl Next Door Went A-Walking - Elvis Presley
14. Like A Baby - Elvis Presley
15. Reconsider Baby - Elvis Presley

Elvis On Elvis

The "Elvis On Elvis" CD/DVD documentary package was re-issued once more.

Elvis Magazine #3

Here's a sneak preview of the cover of the third issue of The Elvis Files Magazine, volume 3.

(Source: FECC / eBay / ElvisMatters / Amazon)

February 22 - Catalogue Sales

The Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment budget label re-issued the 2001 documentary DVD "Elvis Presley - The Rock and Roll Years".


The CD "The Real... Elvis" climbed from #41 to #33 while the compilation "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" remained steady at #60 on the Irish Album chart this week.  

No album by Elvis Presley was listed on the Billboard Album Top 200 chart for the week ending March 2nd. 2013. On the Catalogue Album chart the following albums charted:
  • 'The Very Best Of Love' rises from #94 to #81 selling some 2,527 units. Total sales to date: 338,288 units. It also rises from #161 to #153 on the Physical Album Chart and drops from #94 to #95 on the SMEI (Sony Music Entertainment International) Album Chart.
  • 'An Afternoon In The Garden' rises from #149 to #143 selling some 1,946 units. Total sales to date: 526,863 units.
  • 'Heart And Soul' drops from #160 to #185 selling some 1,726 units. Total sales to date: 619,818 units. It also drops from #61 to #70 on the Country Album Chart.
  • 'Viva Las Vegas' drops from #39 to #53 on the Top Soundtrack Album Chart selling some 726 units. Total sales to date: 51,884 units.
(Source: Amazon / Elvis Express Elvis memories)

February 20 - Collecting Threads

Sony Legacy announced the re-release of the classic "Elvis Presley" album in their "Threads And Grooves" series. The CD and t-shirt are due March 12, 2013. 

Elvis Sammlung

Volume 30 the the German "Elvis Sammlung" was released by DeAgostini. This volume contains the DVD "Girl Happy" ("Kurven-Lilly"), a magazine, memorabilia reproductions, a mini-poster for "Clambake" and more. 

Lust For Life

The Dutch music magazine "Lust For Life" features Elvis Presley on the cover with an article on how The Colonel "hijacked" Elvis Presley's career. 

(Source: DeAgostini / Amazon / ElvisMatters)

February 19 - He's Back On DVD

The "Lord Almighty" importlabel announced the release of the book / DVD package "He Didn’t Come Back... We Did – More That’s The Way It Is And On Tour Outtakes". The 100 page hardcover book is due March 2013.  The set contains officially unreleased material from the classic MGM movies "Elvis - That's The Way It Is" and "On Tour".  

(Source: The King's World / FECC)

February 19 - Vinyl Country Hero

The VV importlabel released their second set entitled "Country Hero in Vegas!" featuring the unreleased Las Vegas performances on January 30th 1971, dinner show. 

From the press-release:
After the success of the first release We decided: first to improve the product and second, keeping the same formula to give you more... 
Here We present Elvis to the begin of the season .. no surprises in the tracklist with the exception of his latest single There Goes My Everything, but the show is extremely solid and good, the sound is good and powerful using a straight copy of the original source tape, We were able to keep Elvis' vocal power central to the mix whilst at the same time giving a new definition to the supporting musicians and singers.

Elvis' performance on these early season nights is superb as he is still performing to the best of his ability. Although he delivers short shows they are delivered in a very intense, crisp and fresh manner that cannot be denied. Elvis was on stage to have fun and demonstrated this during the older, classic numbers, but songs such as 'Polk Salad Annie', 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling' and 'Sweet Caroline' never sounded better. The season will be remembered for the introduction of the new opening composition 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' which although written by Richard Strauss in 1894 was more closely associated with the Stanley Kubrick film '2001 A Space Odyssey', a recent cinema release. As we now know this thunderous opening would be used until the final concert Elvis performed. The season will also be remembered for the beautiful new closing number ‘The Impossible Dream’ which Elvis sang with power and feeling giving us proof that Elvis continued to grow as a performer.

The LP 140 vinyl gram is a limited edition hand numbered release of 500 copies. It comes with an three fold 300 gram high quality GLOSSY sleeve both sides printed, giving an unique view. The sleeve will be accompanied by relevant liner notes and with many photographs of the " Elvis Now" suit from the season.

This vinyl will include a bonus CD and 7” vinyl EP. In the bonus CD you have the possibility to listen the complete concert + a selection of 16 songs (32 min.)soundboard recording, coming for the previous four days shows. From the opening night January 26 you can have the possibility to listen the evolution of Elvis’ performing during the begin of the season, we practically included all the songs no performed in the January 30 DS . In January RCA released what is without doubt the best Elvis album of the 1970’s, Elvis Country. In this season of Elvis performed three songs from the album. From here the EP idea in the matter to give the possibility to use the three songs performed to create a special Elvis Country EP. The EP comes with four songs and two fold sleeve both printed.

We hope you can enjoy this second product in the way to give life to more of his kind in next future. 
LP January 30 DS unreleased live audience recording. Running time: 48.00 minutes

SIDE A 01.2001 Theme 02.That’s All Right 03.I Got Woman 04. Love Me Tender 05.There Goes My Everything 06.You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me 07.You’ve Lost Than Loving Feeling 08.Polk Salad Annie 09.Introduction
01.2001 Theme 02.Something 03.How Great Thou Art 04.Blue Suede Shoes 05.Little Sister/Get Back 06.Hound Dog 07.Suspicious Minds 08.The Impossible Dream 09.Closing Vamp

Bonus CD (79.50 minutes) 
January 26 Opening Night:
* 01.2001 Theme,02.That’s All Right,03. Mystery Train Jan.27, Midnight Show * 04.Only Believe,05. How Great Thou Art 06.Make The world Go Away, Jan. 28 Dinner Show * 07.It’s Now Or Never, Jan, 28 Midnight Show * 08.I Got A Woman 09.You Don’t have To Say You Love Me 10.Sweet Caroline 11.Johnny B.Goode 12.One Night 13. The Wonder Of You 14. Heartbreak Hotel 15. Teddy Bear

January 29 Dinner Show *
16.Snowbird Jan.30 Dinner Show unreleased complete show 17.2001 Theme 18.That’s All Right 19.I Got A Woman 20.Love Me Tender 21.There Goes My Everything 22.You Don’t have To Say You Love Me 23.You’ve Lost That Love Feeling 24.Polk Salad Annie 25.Introductions 26.2001 Theme 27.Something 28.How Great Thou Art 29.Blue Suede Shoes 30.Little Sister/Get Back 31.Hound Dog 32.Suspicious Minds 33.The Impossible Dream 34.Closing Vamp

Bonus EP: 
01A. Make The World Gone Away Jan.26 opening night* 02A. There Goes My Everything Jan 27 midnight show* 01B. Snowbird Jan. 29 Dinner Show * 02B. There Goes My Everything Jan.30 dinner show 
*Tracks previously released soundboard recording 

(Source: FECC)

February 16 - Joe's Million Dollar Dialogue

The legendary College Park performance from September 28, 1974, as recorded in Maryland, will be reissued once more as a double CD set entitled "College Park". This set, containing a remastered soundboard recording, comes with a including a 12 pages booklet with photos and recording information. This show was released on the "A Profile - The King On Stage vol.2" boxset (released in 1996) from the Fort Baxter label .


CD 1: 01 See See Rider 02 Dialogue 03 I Got A Woman / Amen 04 Love Me 05 If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 06 It’s Midnight 07 Big Boss Man 08 Fever 09 Dialogue 10 Love Me Tender 11 Hound Dog 12 Band Introductions (Part 1) 13 James Burton’s Guitar Solo 14 Ronnie Tutt’s Drums Solo 15 Duke Bardwell’s Bass Solo 16 Glen Hardin’s Piano Solo 17 Band Introductions Continues 18 Blue Christmas 19 All Shook Up 20 Teddy Bear / Don’t Be Cruel 21 Trying To Get To You 22 Killing Me Softly (By Voice) 23 When It’s My Time (By The Stamps Quartet)

CD 2:
 01 Heartbreak Hotel 02 Let Me Be There (With Reprise) 03 How Great Thou Art 04 Hawaiian Wedding Song 05 Blue Suede Shoes 06 Dialogue 07 Can’t Help Falling In Love 09 Closing Vamp 10 Announcement

Bonus Tracks - Recorded Live On Tour 
11 Lawdy Miss Clawdy 12 Why Me Lord 13 Promised Land 14 You Gave Me A Mountain 15 The Wonder Of You 16 That’s All Right, Mama (Elvis on acoustic guitar).

Follow That Dream News

The Follow That Dream Collector's label announced the release of three new titles, due for release April 2013. The first 7" issue will be the classic album, 'From Elvis In Memphis[1969] forming part of the double classic album series. CD 1 will feature the Original 12 track Album followed by 12 'First Takes'. CD 2 features 22 tracks. 5 outtakes from the January sessions and 7 from February plus 10 undubbed masters.

Next is 'Stay Away Joe', a single disc album which is an extended soundtrack album from Elvis' Nashville Studio B recording sessions that took place in October '67 & January '68. The 21 track album will include 7 studio masters and the remaining 14 tracks are made up of mostly previously unreleased outtakes and with Elvis being in very high spirits during these sessions there are several funny moments we can look forward too.

Finally it's the turn of 'On Stage' to get the 12" vinyl treatment. The tracklist features a selection of Elvis' February Las Vegas recordings plus the 1969 'Runaway' but doesn’t follow the track list of the original "On Stage" album. It also for some reason does not include the original "additional" 1969 track 'Yesterday'.

Details "From Elvis In Memphis":

CD1 – THE ORIGINAL ALBUM – Side 1: Wearin’ That Loved On Look / Only The Strong Survive / I’ll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You In My Arms) / Long Black Limousine / It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin’ / I’m Movin’ On. Side 2: Power Of My Love / Gentle On My Mind / After Loving You / True Love Travels On A Gravel Road / Any Day Now / In The Ghetto. FIRST TAKES: Wearin’ That Loved On Look (takes 3 & 10) / Only The Strong Survive (take 1) / Long Black Limousine (take 6) / It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin’ (takes 1 & 2) / I’m Movin’ On (takes 1 & 2) / Power Of My Love (take 1) / After Loving You (take 2) / True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (take 2) / Any Day Now (takes 1 & 2) / In The Ghetto (take 1) / In The Ghetto (takes 2 & 3) / In The Ghetto (take 4).

CD 2 -  JANUARY OUTTAKES: Long Black Limousine (takes 7, 8 & 9/M) / Wearin’ That Loved On Look (takes 12, 13& 14) / In The Ghetto (take 11) / In The Ghetto (take 13) / In The Ghetto (take 20). FEBRUARY OUTTAKES: True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (take 4) / True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (takes 6 & 7) / Power Of My Love (takes 2 & 3) / Power Of My Love (take 6) / After Loving You (take 3) / Only The Strong Survive (takes 17, 20 fs, 21 & 22) / Any Day Now (takes 3 & 4). UNDUBBED  MASTERS: Wearin’ That Loved On Look / I’m Movin’ On (with steel-guitar overdub) / Gentle On My Mind (with track replacement overdubs) / In The Ghetto / True Love Travels On A Gravel Road / Power Of My Love / After Loving You / Only The Strong Survive / It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin’ / Any Day Now.

Recorded at sessions on January 13-16 & 20-23 and February 17-22, 1969 at American Sound Studio, Memphis

Guitar and Sitar: Reggie Young; Guitar: Elvis Presley; Bass: Mike Leech, Tommy Cogbill; Drums: Gene Chrisman; Piano: Booby Wood, Elvis Presley; Organ: Bobby Emmons; Steel Guitar: John Hughey; Harmonica: Ed Kollis Overdub: Trumpet: R.F. Taylor, Wayne Jackson, Dick Steff: Sax & trombone; Jackie Thomas; Sax: Andrew Lowe, Glen Spreen, J.P. Luper; Trombone: Ed Logan, Jack Hale, Gerald Richardson, Thomas; French Horn: Tony Cason, Joe D’Gerolamo; Vocals: Mary (Jeannie) Green, Donna Thatcher, Susan Pilkington, Mary Holladay, Dolores Edgin, June Page, Hurschel Wiginton, Joe Babcock, Ginger Holladay, Sonja Montgomery, Millie Kirkham

Details "Stay Away, Joe" (track listing subject to confirmation)

Stay Away / Stay Away, Joe / Dominic / All I Needed Was The Rain / Goin’ Home / Too Much Monkey Business /  US Male /  Stay Away (jam, take 2) / Too Much Monkey Business (takes 1, 3, 6 & 9) / US Male (takes (5, 6 & 7) / Stay Away, Joe (takes 10,12 & 13) / Stay Away, Joe (takes 15, 16 & 17) / Dominic (takes 1, 3 & 2) / All I Needed Was The Rain (unprocessed master) / Too Much Monkey Business (takes 12 & 10) / Goin’ Home (takes 12, 18 & 21) / Goin’ Home (takes 22, 24, 26, 28 & 29)  / Stay Away (takes 5 & 6) / Stay Away (takes 11, 12 & 14) / US Male (takes 9 & 10) / US Male (take 11).

Compilation produced and art directed by Ernst Mikael Jørgensen and Roger Semon. Mixed and mastered by Vic Anesini and Sebastian Jeansson

Details "On Stage" Special Limited Edition 2 Disc vinyl set.

FTD vinyl is pleased to announce the release of “On Stage” - a Special Limited Edition 2-disc 180-gram vinyl set.

• Vinyl cutting by Abbey Road Studio's
• DMM Copper Mastering
• 180 Grams heavyweight vinyl
• Strictly limited pressing

Please note: All future vinyl releases will feature poly-lined plain inner bags instead of printed card. This will provide better lifetime protection.

Side A: Long Tall Sally / Don’t Cry Daddy / Kentucky Rain / Let It Be Me / I Can’t Stop Loving You / Walk a Mile in My Shoes / The Wonder of You. Recorded at the February 18th 1970 M/S and taken from the FTD release On Stage.

Side B: See See Rider / Proud Mary / Sweet Caroline / Runaway / Walk A Mile In My Shoes / Release Me / Polk Salad Annie. Tracks 1-3 taken from the FTD release Polk Salad Annie recorded February 15th 1970 M/S. Track 4 is from the FTD release At The International recorded August 23rd 1969 M/S. Tracks 5-7 recorded at the February 18th 1970 D/S.

Side C: Hound Dog / Love Me Tender / Kentucky Rain / Let It Be Me /  I Can’t Stop Loving You / Walk a Mile in My Shoes / In The Ghetto. Recorded at the February 19th 1970 M/S. From the FTD release On Stage.

Side D: The Wonder of You / Release Me (And Let Me Love Again) / Polk Salad Annie / Introductions / Suspicious Minds / Can’t Help Falling in Love. Recorded at the February 19th. 1970 D/S. Fom the FTD release, On Stage.

The Real … Chart

The CD "The Real … Elvis" dropped from #37 to #41 while "Elvis - 30 # 1 Hits" dropped from #43 to #60 tho week. 

The Million Dollar Book

A new book on the "Million Dollar Session" is due from the British journalist, radio editor and music expert Stephen Miller by Omnibus Press on August 01, 2013. 

(Source: FECC / The Elvis Shop / The King's World)

February 15 - Eternal Flame For The King

The Voulez Vous Music label will release the DVD "King Forever" on April 5, 2013. It contains a 1993 documentary. 

The Complete On Tour Outtakes DVD

The Complete On Tour Outtakes import DVD has been released by the Eternal Flame Productions import label. 

From the press-release:
This is a fantastic new release filled to the brim with outtake material from 'On Tour' (1972). There have already been a couple of releases with this raw footage that - fortunately for us - somehow escaped from the vaults from MGM. The producers of this DVD show us there is a treasure trove of material that would make a spectacular official remake of this in 1972, Golden Globe winning documentary. Because MGM/Warner/Turner will not produce such a remake in the near future, the producers of this DVD have made a nice start. Starting with a good looking and effective working Main Menu, you can choose the chapters of your liking. The producers have made this DVD in chronological order.
Starting with the studio rehearsals, on to the rehearsal on the road and then on to the live concerts. Also: from the Madison Square Garden Press Conference (great footage and very sharp close ups of Elvis!) to the Press Conference in Hawaii (November, 1972) to announce 'Aloha From Hawaii' (in very good quality!). You will get to view an enormous amount of material. Carefully researched from the best sources available.

The rehearsals are fantastic to see and give us an intriguing look behind the scenes.

Just how good are those images and what a pity so less was used of it in the official version. To these eyes there are many new shots and camera angles, also with the live material. The images of Elvis in the dark blue suit (April 14th, 1972) are great! Another 'very well done' is the way 'very raw footage' is presented. Accompanied by music by Elvis we get to see all kinds of shots along the way; among that very complete footage of the TCB Band in a plane on their way to the next gig. Touching images of The Sweet Inspirations sleeping in their chairs, knowing it is only recently that we have lost Sylvia and Myrna. All of this creates a wonderful portrait of what life was like in 1972 and that of Elvis On Tour in that very same year.
The interview of Elvis with the producers of the film, shot in black and white, is one of the most stunning pieces of film shot for this project and should urgently be released officially. To round it up: this DVD release is pure joy and a must have release for every fan!
  • Eternal Flame productions
  • Region Free (PAL Format)
  • Running time 164 minutes
  • Limited to 500 copies only!
(Source: Amazon / FECC)

February 14 - The Best Of Wienerworld

The Follow That Dream / Flaming Star coproduction "Best Of British, The HMV Years" was released. On 435 pages the book covers the history of Elvis Presley on the famous U.K. label, musically illustrated with tee CDs.

The Wienerworld budget label released the documentary DVD "Elvis In The Movies".

(UEPS / The King's World)

February 13 - Good Hair Day

A new poll, carried out by the Crown Clinic in Manchester - Britain's leading hair transplant centre, was set up to find out men's favourite hairstyles of the last 100 years, has revealed that David Beckham has sported all the top ten hairdos of all time - and the three worst ones, too. The poll revealed that the Elvis quiff, which the King first made famous in the 1950's was crowned the top hairstyle in the new survey of 1,000 men in Britain. 

The best hairstyles of the past 100 years:
01. The 'Elvis' Quiff
02. Classic side parting
03. The Bieber - hair brushed forward
04. The James Dean - swept-back Quiff without a side parting
05. Spiky Crop - shaved at the sides, spiky top
06. Classic centre parting
07. Side-crop long top
08. Crew cut
09. Highlighted long fringe
10.The ponytail

(The Elvis Express)

February 12 - Don't Be Cruel To Shirts

Sony Legacy re-issued the classic "Don't Be Cruel" on vinyl in their "Threads And Grooves" series.  Re-issued the budget compilation "Playlist" in the same series with the title "Threads And Grooves".

Elvis Regresa

The Polish Teddy Records released the CD “Elvis Regresa” (originally released in Cuba in the early sixties) as a threepanel digipack in the Superstar Collection. The CD contains material ripped from vinyl originals.

Make Me Know It (Otis Blackwell) 1'59''
Fever (John Davenport, Eddie Cooley) 3'31''
The Girl Of My Best Friend (Bernice Ross, Sam Bobrick) 2'20''
I Will Be Home Again (Benny Benjamin, Raymond Leveen, Louis Singer) 2'30''
Dirty, Dirty Feeling (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller) 1'31''
Thrill Of Your Love (Stanley Kesler) 2'56''
Soldier Boy (Luther Dixon, Florence Greenberg, Dory Jones, Ted Williams Jr.) 3'01''
Such A Night (Lincoln Chase, Dr. John) 2'55''
It Feels So Right (Fred Wise, Ben Weisman) 2'06''
The Girl Next Door (Bill Rise, Sid Wayne, Thomas Wayne) 2'10''
Like A Baby (Jesse Stone) 2'36''
Reconsider Baby (Lowell Fulson, Deadrick Malone, Joseph Scott) 3'35''

(Source: Amazon / FECC)

February 09 - Aloha From The European Charts

The CD "ELV1S 30 # 1 Hits“ dropped off the Swiss Album chart after a re-entry last week at #96

On the Irish Album charts the CD "The Real... Elvis" remained steady at #37 while the "ELV1S 30 # 1 Hits" compilation climbed from #47 to #43. 

Aloha Legacy

'Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite' has been released as a double CD set. The first disc features the main live show originally performed at the H.I.C. Arena in Honolulu on January 14, 1973 and broadcasted to over 40 Nations and screened to others several weeks later. On U.S. TV [NBC] the show was watched by 51% of those watching TV - and in the Far-East, TV viewing records were broken in Japan, Philippines, Australia, Korea and Hong Kong! 

The second disc features the full dress rehearsal which took place on January 12, and this new release features all 21 performances which have been remixed and remastered by Steve Rosenthal and Rob Santos

Hot Love In A Long, Cold Winter

The Straight Arrow import release “Hot Love In A Long, Cold Winter”, which contains the St. Petersburg and Columbia 1977 concerts, was released. 

(The King's World / Various / Elvis On CD)

February 08 - Follow That DVD To Nowhere

Last week news broke that the Follow That Dream collectors label would release their first DVD as part of the "Summer Of '61" book. The back-cover listed a DVD. 

Author of 'Summer of '61' David English has confirmed that, "I am sorry to say, that for clearance and various other reasons, there won't now be a DVD included with the Summer of '61 book/CD".

(Source: Elvis Information Network)

February 07 - Top Notch In Hollywood

Following the CD releases, 'Top Notch Nashville' 1 and 2 and 'Top Notch Hollywood' the volumes 4 and 5 in this series were announced by the Label One label. The titles are: 'Top Notch Nashville, Elvis At RCA's Studio B Part 3, The Bootleg Series' and 'Elvis At Radio Recorders Studio, Live Love Hollywood, The Bootleg Series Vol.5'. Both volumes come with "officially unreleased material" and a booklet.

Top Notch Nashville, Elvis At RCA's Studio B Part 3, The Bootleg Series Vol. 4 (1 CD) CD contains:
  • 27 alternate takes (not released by the record company)
  • most masters including studio chat
  • best sound available
  • all tracks remastered for this CD release.
  • including 8 pages booklet with photos and recording information.
Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (Take 3) - Suspicion (Master) - Good Luck Charm (Master) - Something Blue (Master) - She's Not You (Master) - Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (Take 6) - I Feel That I've Known You Forever (Take 2) - Fountain Of Love (Take 3, 5 & 6) - Just For Old Time Shake (Master) - (Such An) Easy Question (Master) - Fountain Of Love (Take 7 & 8) - Something Blue (Take 5 & 6) - Night Rider (Take 1 & 4) - You'll Be Gone (Master) - Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (Take 4) - Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (Tryout - Fast Tempo) - I Feel That I've Known You Forever (Master) - Night Rider (Master) - Fountain Of Love (Master) - Suspicion (Take 4) - Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (Master) - She's Not You (Work Part Take 1 & 2) - She's Not You (Work Part Take 3) - Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (Master) - Anything That's Part Of You (Master) - A Whistling Tune (Take 1) - Follow That Dream (Take 5) - Follow That Dream (Mono Master) - I'm Not The Marrying Kind (Take 1 & 5) - Sound Advice (Take 2, 3, 4 & 5) - I'm Not The Marrying Kind (Take 7 & Mono Master) - Angel (Mono Master)

Elvis At Radio Recorders Studio, Live Love Hollywood, The Bootleg Series Vol. 5 (1CD) contains:
  • 27 alternate takes (not released by the record company)
  • 4 masters from the movie "Girls! Girls! Girls!" including longer fade-out
  • most masters including studio chat
  • best sound available
  • all tracks remastered for this CD release.
  • including 8 page booklet with photos and recording information.
Tracks: Elvis At Radio Recorders Studio, Live Love Hollywood, The Bootleg Series Vol.5 (1CD).

Relax (Take 12) - How Would You Like To Be (Take 1) - Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (Take 20) - Britches (Vocal Overdub, Take 1, 2 & 3) - Return To Sender (Master / Longer Fade-Out) - Song Of The Shrimp (Master / Longer Fade-out) - We're Comin' In Loaded (Master) - Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (Take 21, 22 & 23) - Britches (Vocal Overdub, Take 4 & 5) - Flaming Star (Master) - Girls! Girls! Girls! (Master / Longer Fade-Out) - Because Of Love (Master) - Thanks To The Rollin' Sea (Master / Longer Fade-Out) - Take Me To The Fair (Take 1, 2 & 3) - Cotton Candy Land (Take 3) - I Don't Want To (Master) - The Walls Have Ears (Master) - A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You (Master) - Earth Boy (Master) - We'll Be Together (Take 4) - Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (Take 26) - Britches (Vocal Overdub, Take 6) - Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (Take 24) - How Would You Like To Be (Take 3) - I'm Falling In Love Tonight (Take 7) - Happy Ending (Take 9) - Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (Take 25) - Britches (Vocal Overdub, Take 7)
Bonus Songs:
Mama (Take 9, By "The Amigos") - Britches (Instrumental, Take 1) - Britches (Insert, Take 1)

RIP Rex Martin
Super UK Elvis Fan Rex Martin has been found dead at his home in Blackpool. Rex was responsible for producing the Elvis News Service Bulletins during the late 60's and 70's. Rex was a true gent in every sense of the word and a loyal fan who saw many Elvis Concerts and filmed / recorded quite a few. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

(Source: FECC / Elvis Australia / ElvisMatters / FECC)

February 06 - Music, Photos And Golden Vinyl

Due for release from the Original Recording Group is a limited edition vinyl re-issue of 2500 copies of Elvis Presley's "Golden Records Volume 3". The set is due on February 26, 2013.  

Side A:
It's Now Or Never - Stuck On You - Fame And Fortune - I Gotta Know - Surrender - I Feel So Bad
Side B:
Are You Lonesome Tonight - (Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame - Little Sister - Good Luck Charm - Anything That's Part Of You - She's Not You.

Elvis Presley, Music And Photo's

Sony UK have released the new concept box "Music & Photos". This new deluxe Elvis package includes two CDs containing 51 of Elvis' greatest songs from 'Suspicious Minds' and 'Blue Suede Shoes' through to 'My Boy', 'Moody Blue', 'Way Down' and 'Blue Christmas'. Also included are ten large 11"x 12.5" photo prints all housed in a beautiful "LP sized" hardcover book. 

Limited Edition Scotty Book

In January of 2013 at the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, CA, Gibson announced the release of a limited run of Gibson ES295s to be completed and available later this summer. They had previously analyzed and noted the specifications to Scotty's original 1952 ES295 to produce the first for him for his 80th birthday in December of 2011. 

Unlike the previous signature models, these will feature the same modifications Scotty made to his with similar hardware and each will be personally signed by Scotty.

Gibson expects to release these later this year to coincide with the release of a new book about Scotty by the author of his biography, "That's Alright, Elvis".

(Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Elvis Information Network / Scotty Moore Website)

February 05 - Cool Aloha Threads For Jerry

The Audionics importlabel announced the release of the CD "Aloha Jerry" containing recordings from February 10, and 23, 1973.

From the press-release:
Audionics returns with their first CD of the year, dedicated to the eighth Las Vegas season. After the worldwide triumph of his "Aloha" benefit show, Elvis returned to a routine that was no longer challenging, two performances a night for a month. And it showed. Still, there were moments of joy. 
On January 28, "Elvis On Tour," nabbed Golden Globe's Best Documentary Film award. His current single, "Separate Ways," made top 15 in Cash Box. And he closed out the Vegas run with a fabulous performance on February 23, in front of superstars and astronauts. Here we have a complete recording of that evening, taped by a super-fan. Elvis delivers on a night that would be bass player Jerry Scheff's last for more than two years. 
As a bonus, selections from a newly-discovered, February 10 soundboard tape are included. This tape has a bass-heavy mix, possibly as a guide for future Presley bass players. The closing night audience tape is previously unreleased, taken from a first-generation copy of an original "booth recording," made from a booth close to the stage and PA speakers. It is remarkably superior to all previous editions of this show.

Friday, February 23, 1973 CS 01. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman / Amen - 04. Love Me Tender (with false start) - 05. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me - 06. Steamroller Blues - 07. You Gave Me A Mountain - 08. Fever - 09. Love Me - 10. Blue Suede Shoes - 11. Hound Dog - 12. What Now My Love (with 2 reprises) - 13. Suspicious Minds - 14. Introduction of vocalists, musicians, orchestra - 15. Introduction of Pierre Adidge, Bill Porter, Ed Parker, Buzz Aldrin, Mama Cass, Dane Clark, Ernest Borgnine, George Hamilton, Ann-Margret - 16. I’ll Remember You - 17. I Can’t Stop Loving You - 18. An American Trilogy - 19. Can’t Help Falling In Love - 20. Closing Vamp 

Saturday, February 10, 1973 DS (soundboard) 21. Fever - 22. Heartbreak Hotel - 23. Johnny B. Goode - 24. Hound Dog - 25. What Now My Love - 26. Suspicious Minds - 27. Introduction of vocalists, musicians, orchestra - 28. Introduction of Jack Lord - 29. I’ll Remember You.

Cool Threads

Due February 23, 2013 from Sony Legacy is the release "Don't Be Cruel". It comes in the "Threads and …" series. Besides a vinyl reproduction on the classic "Don't Be Cruel / Hund Doug" single the box contains a T-shirt. 

(Source: FECC / Amazon)

February 04 - Aloha Rebirth In April

Boxcar Enterprises in association with JAT Publishing announced that they will release the 40th Year Anniversary special book, in celebration of Elvis' iconic 'Aloha from Hawaii' titled, "Elvis: Aloha via Satellite" in April 2013.

From the press-release:
This massive most comprehensive 450 page volume is packaged and housed the same as Boxcar's previous outing of 'Elvis Presley's Graceland through the Years' released earlier this year.

The text book comprises of hundreds upon hundreds of photographs many of which have never before been seen. Also collected here exclusively are scores of historical memorabilia and the Colonel's original internal documents and scripts. This is intended to create a 'time-travel' experience of sorts documenting the most groundbreaking event in the annals of television history.

On January 14th 1973 'Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii: Via Satellite' was the first live concert to be televised live with a global viewing audience of 1.5 Billion. An audience larger than man's first landing on the moon! From the 'making of' to the show itself, the reader enjoys reliving the magic of this extraordinary event and is sufficiently reminded that 1,500,000,000 Elvis fans can't be wrong! 

Rebirth Of Rock And Roll

The Alfred Wertheimer book "Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll" is getting a new re-release for 2013. 

Originally published in September 2012, the book had a limited edition print run of just 1,500 copies. The 300 page hardback book was way out of the reach of the average Elvis fan with each one selling for a huge p £435.00 (US$678). 

Described by the publisher as: "Trailing him like a shadow," Wertheimer was given unlimited access to get up close and personal with Elvis; even as the singer was seducing young women in dark hallways, he allowed the photographer to record his every move. Wertheimer took nearly 3,000 photographs of Elvis in 1956 creating a penetrating portrait of a man poised on the brink of superstardom. Extraordinary in its intimacy and un-paralleled in it's scope, Wertheimer's Elvis project immortalized a young man in the very process of making history. 

(Source: Elvis Australia / Various)

February 03 - JAT Covers

Here are two covers for the upcoming JAT Publishing books "King Creole" and "Flip Flop And Fly". 

The first is a 112 page book containing 160 pictures, the latter is "The greatest Elvis Concert Book Ever" according to the JAT Publishing website. It should contain 400+ pictures on 200 pages covering Elvis Presley on tour from St. Louis to Atlanta  1973-1976. 

(Source: UEPS / JAT Publishing)

February 02 - Book Charts

The CD "The Real... Elvis" climbed from #46 to #37 while the "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" compilation dripped from #30 to #47 on the Irish Album chart. The latter title also re-entered the Swiss album chart at #96.

The DVD "The King Of Rock ’n’ Roll" fell off the Australian Music DVD chart.

As published in the latest Issue of Billboard Magazine this week:

Dating to the Country Songs chart's earliest incarnation in 1944 (as "Most Played Juke Box Folk Records"), Elvis Presley has gone the longest between No. 1s. The King waited 19 years, two months and two weeks between "Jailhouse Rock," his eighth genre No. 1, the week of Dec. 2, 1957, and "Moody Blue," which returned him to the summit on Feb. 19, 1977.
Following his No. 1 homecoming, Presley reigned with his next single, as well, as "Way Down" led the Aug. 20, 1977, chart. The coronation was more bitter than sweet, as Presley had died four days earlier. He logged his 11th and final Country Songs No. 1 with "Guitar Man" in 1981.

Elvis had no albums on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for w/e 16th February, 2013.
  • The following appeared on the Catalog Album Chart:
  • 'The Very Best Of Elvis' rises from 102 to 86 selling some 1850 units. Total sales to date: 333,803 units.
  • 'Heart And Soul' rises from 181 to 119 selling some 1584 units. Total sales to date: 616,570 units.
  • 'An Afternoon In The Garden' rises from 143 to 122 selling some 1574 units. Total sales to date: 523,340 units.
  • 'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) rises from 184 to 151 selling some 1444 units. Total sales to date: 133,829 units.
  • 'Elvis Country' (Compilation) rises from 200 to 166 selling some 1373 units. Total sales to date: 158,786 units.
  • The following appeared on the Physical Album Chart:
  • 'Elvis Uncovered' rises from 148 to 142 selling some 1755 units. Total physical sales to date: 65,749 units.
  • 'Heart And Soul' rises from 182 to 162 selling some 1583 units. Total physical sales to date: 616,019 units.
  • 'An Afternoon In The Garden' drops from 162 to 165 selling some 1572 units. Total physical sales to date: 522,370 units.
  • 'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) remains at 197 selling some 1436 units. Total physical sales to date: 131,246 units.
  • 'Elvis Country' (Compilation) rose on the Top Country Album Chart from 72 to 65 selling some 1373 units. Total sales to date: 158,786 units.
  • 'Viva Las Vegas' rose from 39 to 36 on the Top Soundtrack Album Chart selling some 702 units. Total sales to date: 50,456 units.

Elvis On Tour 1970 Volume 1

Kieran Davis announced that his new book "'Elvis On Tour 1970 Volume 1" will soon be reaching the final proofing stage. It will be 170 pages and cover the Houston Astrodome shows and the September tour. Volume 2 will be out later in the year and is dedicated entirely to the November tour. Both will take exactly the same format as our previous two books, both in size, format and content.

From the press-release:

Our next book, with the simple working title 'Elvis On Tour 1970,' is nearing completion. This has been a particularly hard year to research and find material for but we have found a few gems. Along with the more widely seen photographs we have tracked down several new ones - such as the one below from St. Louis on September 10, 1970. In addition to some interesting memorabilia we have been able to uncover more, never before printed, fan stories including a 15,000 word tale about following Elvis' California shows in November 1970. This alone is a fascinating read.

If you have our 'On Tour November 1971' book you will undoubtedly want to add this new book to your collection as it will complete the story of the early tours. With 35 pages dedicated to the six Houston shows, over 100 pages to the September tour and another 120 or so to the November tour this is a comprehensive work. As with our other books there is a lot of reading, not just photographs and newspaper articles, but fan letters and reviews, documents, memorabilia, and even a flashback to San Diego in 1956 with a fan's hand written review of the show when Elvis was forced off stage.

As always the book is going to be a limited edition with less than 500 being printed. We are expecting delivery within the next 6 to 8 weeks (end of March).

(Source: The King's World / FECC / Brian Quinn / Billboard / Brian Quinn/ The Elvis Presley Show)

February 01 - Delayed Releases From A Gravel Road

The Gravel Road importlabel finally released teh two CDs "Hampton On Tour" and "Bicentennial '76". 

The original press-release:
Gravel road Music doesn’t want to end the year without bringing you one really great release. Two Hampton concerts in stunning sound. The “Bicentennial ’76” will raise a few questions for the critics as Elvis sounds way better now with a mastering job done properly… The second disc is a great re-mastering of the famous Hampton ’72 concert, which blows all previous releases of this show out of the water – Great sound, fantastic dynamics and Elvis in amazing voice. A real treat. We gratefully used original transfers from these concerts. Now you can hear many details and nuances not heard previously, and both recordings sounds more vibrant and spatial than before. 

Star-Spangled Spectacular Bicentennial’76 

This Special limited 2 CD set edition includes two spectacular Hampton concerts. The first disc contains the legendary 1976 Hampton Bicentennial concert! The second disc contains the famous 1972 Hampton On Tour Concert! It comes in a wonderful deluxe digi-pack with booklet, extensive liner notes & photos. You may have heard this before, but never in this quality. 

August 1- 1976 (2:30 pm). Hampton VA. Hampton Coliseum 
It was a special year for America. The Bicentennial Year, the two-hundredth anniversary of this great nation. Any American with patriotism wanted to show it in some way. Elvis wanted to spread a positive message about this country throughout this special year, and so he decided to add ‘America The Beautiful’ to his set list. 

The mastering .. 
As Forest George writes in his assessment of this show: There is nothing more exciting to me than finding a (re-mastered) soundboard of an Elvis Presley concert. Audience recordings are fine, but sometimes you just want to hear the entire band and Elvis rock & roll’. This is so true, but… the concert has never been restored and re-mastered. Until now. 

Tracklisting August 1- 1976 (2:30 pm). Hampton VA. Hampton Coliseum:
2001 Theme / C. C. Rider / I Got A Woman - Amen / Love Me / If You Love Me / You Gave Me A Mountain / All Shook Up / Teddy Bear - Don’t Be Cruel / And I Love You So / Jailhouse Rock / Fever / America The Beautiful / Return To Sender / Band Introductions / Early Morning Rain ( featuring John Wilkinson ) / What’d I Say ( featuring James Burton ) / Johnny B Goode ( featuring James Burton ) / Drum Solo ( featuring Ronnie Tutt ) / Battle Of New Orleans ( featuring Jerry Scheff ) / Piano Solo ( featuring Tony Brown ) / Electric Piano Solo ( featuring David Briggs ) / Love Letters / School Day / Hurt (+ reprise) / Hound Dog - Good Golly Miss Molly (excerpt) / Funny How Time Slips Away / Cant Help Falling In Love / Closing Vamp. April 9 - 1 1972 (8:30 pm). Hampton VA. Hampton Coliseum 

We have added a very special extra concert to this Star-Spangled Spectacular Bicentennial ‘76 release: Elvis’ remarkable Hampton Roads concert as filmed for “Elvis On Tour” (April 1972). You may have heard this before, but never in this quality. The results are amazing: One of Elvis’ finest shows ever, and now with an ooommpphh that almost places you in the center of all the action. Thanks to the audio improvements, you can hear many details and nuances not heard previously, and the recording now sounds more dynamic and spatial than before. 

Tracklisting April 9, 1972 (8:30 pm). Hampton VA. Hampton Coliseum:
Also Sprach Zarathustra /. C. C. Rider /. Until It's Time For You To Go /. Polk Salad Annie /. Love Me /. All Shook Up / Teddy Bear (with 2 false starts)/Don't Be Cruel / Are You Lonesome Tonight? /. I Can't Stop Loving You / Hound Dog / Bridge Over Troubled Water / Suspicious Minds / For The Good Times / Band Introductions / An American Trilogy / Love Me Tender / A Big Hunk Of Love / How Great Thou Art / Sweet Sweet Spirit (The Stamps) / Lawdy Miss Clawdy / Can’t Help Falling In Love / Closing Vamp/Announcements.

King Of The Castle

Elvis Presley's Home a Teardown? Hard Rock Cafe Founder Peter Morton's Plans for His House

The King's castle might be coming down. Elvis Presley's sprawling former home in Beverly Hills, Calif., reportedly sold for $9.8 million in December, and now the new owner wants to tear it down, according to The Real Estalker. Just who is this new owner? Oh, he's a hound dog, alright. It's Peter Morton, founder of music memorabilia-themed restaurant chain, Hard Rock Cafe.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley lived in the 5,367-square-foot mansion in the mid- to late-1960s. The home had been on the market for $12.995 million last fall before Morton snagged it for a lower price. Sources told The Real Estalker that Morton, who is quite the real estate player, plans to tear it down and build a new house in its place.

If so, we'll be sad to see the King's castle go. The stunning four-bedroom, five-bathroom home gets panoramic ocean and city views of Los Angeles. It was recently remodeled, according to its listing, and has spacious rooms and a killer media room. Floor-to-ceiling windows in every room bathe the entire house in warmth and light. There's an attached guesthouse, a large motor court and a four-vehicle carport.

Joe Mosheo Quits Touring

Joe Moscheo of "Elvis' Imperials" that are touring with the 'Elvis Presley In Concert' event says he is to quit touring. After more than five decades as a successful gospel singer Joe Moscheo, the impressive bass voice of Elvis Presley's male backing vocals "Elvis' Imperials", has announced his 
withdrawal from the active music business. 

The 75-year-old recently told "The King's World" that this current European tour for "Elvis' 78th. Birthday" would be the final chord in his singing career. Joe Moscheo is from Albany / New York singer but after this month's tour ends in Marbella, Spain he says he plans to move to Sicily, Italy where his parents and grandparents had live before emigrating to the United States.

(Source FECC / Google / The King's World)