Friday, April 29, 2016

April 29 - Elvis On Television

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Elvis’ first appearance on national television, Boxcar Enterprises will release a Limited Edition 400-page hard cover book (with slipcase), a comprehensive illustration of Elvis Presley’s early television appearances titled "Elvis on Television (1956-1960)". The Book is expected to be released June 20th 2016.

From the press-release:
From his first national introduction on the Dorsey Brothers ‘Stage Show’ in January 1956, through his appearances on other TV shows hosted by famous celebrities such as Milton Berle, Steve Allen and Ed Sullivan (including the infamous ‘from the waist up’ show in January 1957), this book goes well behind the scenes of each show documenting his arrival, the rehearsals and the shows themselves, all the way through to Elvis’ post-army appearance on The Frank Sinatra-Timex Show in May 1960. It was to be his last television appearance for eight years. 

Supported by a fully comprehensive text, (by Gordon Minto) collected here are scores of historical documents, memorabilia and hundreds of rare photographs - many of which have never before been published. This book will captivate the reader throughout, and is the most detailed document on the history of Elvis on Television from 1956-60.

Blue Suede Shoes: The Culture of Elvis 

Due from Thom Gilbert is the book "Blue Suede Shoes: The Culture of Elvis".


An all-access pass to the private world of Elvis Presley, as photographed by Thom Gilbert, who went behind the scenes to capture these stunning photographs of Elvis artifacts. An intimate look at the “The King” through an examination of the items he chose to surround himself with, this collection presents portraits, personal memorabilia, jewelry, fashion and knickknacks, and interior images from his homes and birthplace. 

Adding to this unique portrait of Elvis are inspirational stories from the musicians, intimates, relatives, producers, songwriters, costars and friends who knew him. Gilbert has created an historic collection that encompasses an in-depth cross-section of the people who crossed paths with one of America’s most beloved performers and the possessions and treasures that were meaningful to the man who was the most celebrated pop culture icon of the 20th century. 

(Source: Boxcar / The King's World / Glitterati Incorporated)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 28 - Charts

Elvis Presley has no entries on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for the week ending May 7, 2016. 

The "If I Can Dream" CD remains at #3 on the Classical Album Chart.

The "I'm Leavin'" is a new entry at #23 on the Vinyl Album Chart; is also a new entry at #15 on the Folk Album Chart and a new entry on the Top Country Album Chart at #27.

The "He Touched Me' - The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley' (Vols.1 and 2)" DVD set drops from #4 to #11 on the Music Video Sales Chart.

UK Charts

The "If I Can Dream" CD dropped from to #60 on the Official UK Album chart for the week ending April 29, 2016. Other Elvis Entries On The UK Charts are:

The "If I Can Dream" CD drops from #42 to #52 on the Album Sales Chart and remains at #31 on the Physical Album Chart.

The LP "I’m Leavin'" dropped off the Official UK Vinyl Album chart. 

European Charts

The "If I Can Dream" CD drops from #51 to #66 on the Scottish Album Chart.

Australian Charts

The DVD "Elvis – The King Of Rock’n’Roll – 30 Hit Perfomances And More" re-entered the Australian Music DVD chart at #38. 

(Source: Brian Quinn / FECC)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 27 - Still Stirring Passions

The MxF import-label announced the release of "Still Stirring Passions" featuring the unreleased Vegas March 21, 1975 Dinner Show. 

From the press-release:

After the problematic October 1974 tour, almost five months of rest and a February hospital visit, Elvis was back to the Hilton a little bit overweight, but stronger respect the previous year and overall in higher spirit. For this reason his performance is relaxed and superb like many critics noted…, still at the top if his ability he deliveries short shows as usually, but very intense updating the show with more contemporary repertoire, tossing away mostly of the oldies..There is a freshness that cannot be denied, Elvis was very energetic on stage, bringing back his best seventy rocker like Burning Love, introducing his latest single Promised land.., He sang with power and sensitivity at the same time, delivering a solid short show, with songs like Let Me Be There recent hit from Olivia Newton-John” and the classic “My Boy” sang terrifically. Unlike previously Elvis didn’t carry any Karate exercises, in this season the sport was never mentioned….but in same time respect the previous two years the rocking spirit was back, in fact Elvis started to perform again his rocking repertoire appearing to be more focused on the music.

The sound is very good for an ambient recording, We have on our hands the original mono tape of extremely good quality enabling us to carry out a simple re-mastering work, concentrating on the reduction of noise trying to achieve a more clear sound balancing the channel and put at the right speed the tape. The result a pretty dynamic tape with a great definition of the background music.

As usually from this label, this new CD will come in a deluxe DIGIPACK, containing a collection of live photographs newspapers clip and memorabilia. We love this show, the rock attitude is back, the “NEW” songs added reflecting the man in the 1975!! in spite the long band introduction, the man is still at the top and Elvis at the top means an unforgettable experience for those who attended the show and for those of us prepared to listen. The sound is very good and in times of continue Soundboard re-release we are glad to give you the possibility to have a release that can combine the Very Good audio quality with the unreleased status. We add as bonus for this first release a poster featuring a great live shot from the actual March 1975 Vegas season.

Tracks: Vegas March 21, 1975 DS:

01. Intro 02. See See Rider 03. I Got A Woman 04. Amen05. Elvis Talks 06. Love Me 07. Burning Love 08. It’s Midnight 09. And I love You So 10. Big Boss Man11. Love Me Tender 12. Hound Dog 13. Band Introductions 14. What’d I Say15. Ronnie Tutt Solo 16. Duke Bardwell Solo 17. Glen Hardin Solo 18. David Briggs Solo 19. Joe Guercio Theme 20 My Boy 21. If You Love Let Me Know 22. I’ll Remember You 23. Let Me Be There 24. An American Trilogy 25. Can’t Help Falling Love (part) 
CD time about 50.00 minutes.

(Source: FECC)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 26 - Let's Rock America

Richard Aquila will release the 340 page book "Let's Rock!: How 1950's America Created Elvis And The Rock And Roll Craze". on November 16, 2016. 

From the publisher:
"Rock & roll became one of the most important cultural developments in post-World War II America. Yet, its origins are shrouded in myth and legend. Let's Rock! reclaims the lost history of rock & roll. Based on years of research, as well as interviews with Dion, Bo Diddley, and other rock & roll pioneers, the book offers new information and fresh perspectives about Elvis, the rise of rock & roll, and 1950s America.

Like a vast oral history project, the music yields insights about 1950s America. Rock & roll is intertwined with the rise of a post-World War II youth culture, the emergence of African Americans in society, the growth of consumer culture, technological change, the expansion of mass media, and the rise of a Cold War culture that endorsed traditional values to guard against Communism. The book demonstrates that early rock & roll was not as rebellious as common wisdom has it.

The new sound reflected the conservatism and conformity of the 1950s as much as it did the era's conflict. Rock & roll supported centrist politics, traditional values, and mainstream attitudes toward race, gender, class, and ethnicity. The musical evidence proves that most teenagers of the 1950s were not that different from their parents and grandparents when it came to basic beliefs, interests, and pastimes. Young and old alike were preoccupied by the same concerns, tensions, and insecurities. Rock & roll reveals that America’s Cold War culture was much more broadly-based than previously thought."

(Source: Elvis Club Berlin)

Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25 - Best Of Elvis

Due for release from the Galaxy label on May 3, 2016 is the 3 CD set "Elvis Presley: Best of the Best Collection: Volume 1". The CD set was originally released in 2008.

CD 1: Heartbreak Hotel - Hound Dog - Rip It Up - Don't Be Cruel - My Baby Left Me - Love Me - Lawdy Miss Clawdy -  Poor Boy - Anyplace Is Paradise - Long Tall Sally - I Was The One - Anyway You Want Me (That's How I Will Be) - One-Sided Love Affair - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) - I Want You, I Need You, I Love You - Money Honey

CD 2: Blue Suede Shoes - How's The World Treating You - I Got A Woman - Paralyzed - Ready Teddy - Let Me - Shake, Rattle And Roll - Old Shep - How Do Think I Feel - We're Gonna Move - I'm Counting On You - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again - Tutti Frutti - I'll Never Let you Go (Little Darlin') - So Glad You're Mine - Love Me Tender.

(Source: Elvis Club Berlin)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

April 23 - The Night Elvis Rocked San Bernardino

Elvis Presley is featured on the cover of the April 2016 issue if Inland Empire Magazine. As part of it's 40th anniversary this year, the magazine is be looking back at notable events that rocked the region. Elvis’s 1972 concert at swing auditorium in San Bernardino certainly did that.

The review by Richard Lorenzi.

Sunday night, Nov. 12, 1972. The Santa Ana winds were howling, so typical of San Bernardino in November. And it was cold. But a sold-out crowd stood patiently to have an audience with The King. Elvis was in the Swing Auditorium. 

The Swing was the place east of L.A.’s Fabulous Forum to see virtually every top name act in the rock world, circa 1964 through 1981. Located on E Street, the auditorium was built in 1949 on the grounds of the National Orange Show and was named for Senator Ralph E. Swing, a San Bernardino legislator. What a glorious barn it was and what history played out on that stage. The Rolling Stones did their first American concert there in June 1964. The place rocked until a small plane crashed into it on Sept. 11, 1981 and the auditorium had to be demolished. One of the last shows played there featured Iron Maiden.

In between, rock royalty were regulars. Fleetwood Mac played more than five times. The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Jefferson Airplane, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Black Sabbath, Ramones (as opening act), Chicago, Jethro Tull, Alice Cooper, the Grateful Dead (multiple times), Faces with Rod Stewart (also multiple times), Santana, the Kinks, Janis Joplin, Eric Clapton, the Beach Boys, and more. Look up how many of these acts are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Just about everybody but the Beatles made it to the Swing. 

Prior to the modern rock era, Bob Hope was almost an annual fixture at the Swing during the National Orange Show Fair. Other notables who performed there in the ’50s and ’60s included Sammy Davis Jr., Jack Benny, Judy Garland, Jerry Lewis, and George Burns. But never had a King played there before that night. 

Yet, it wasn’t as if Elvis had never been to the IE. He did own a house for several of the Priscilla years in Palm Springs and was known to do some boating in Big Bear Lake. Many scenes of the totally forgettable remake movie Kid Galahad were shot in Idyllwild. And, some of the outdoor footage in 1964’s Kissin’ Cousins was shot in the San Bernardino Mountains. Still, this was different. 

Elvis’ nationwide tour began at Madison Square Garden in New York, a city he had never before performed live in. The four concerts there were sold out and got rave reviews. At 37, he was “lean, tanned and greasily handsome, his coal-black hair glistening with an oily 1950s sheen,” as the New York Times’ Grace Lichtenstein put it. At a press conference before the Madison Square Garden appearance, he was asked about the secret of his longevity on the pop music scene. “I take Vitamin E,” he told reporters. 

From New York, the tour moved west, passing through cities like Milwaukee, Chicago, Wichita and Tulsa before continuing on to Las Vegas. Elvis stayed there for most of October before continuing the tour, which took him to Texas, Arizona, and into California. He hit Oakland, then San Bernardino, where he performed two sold-out shows—one on Nov. 12 and another on Nov. 13. rom there, he headed to the Long Beach Arena for two shows, the last stop before catching a plane for Honolulu where the tour would wrap up. Originally, the Honolulu show was planned to be broadcast worldwide by satellite, but the broadcast date was changed to early 1973 so it wouldn’t conflict with the release of MGM’s musical documentary Elvis on Tour. No matter. The show (actually four of them) went on. And in Honolulu, as well as in other cities on the tour, fans of all ages crowded concert venues to get a live view of the King. 

So it was in San Bernardino. The Swing could hold about 10,000 people with a concert take of around $60,000. On that cold November night, fans crammed into the sold-out auditorium. With reserved seating, there was none of the festival seating chaos that marked the Swing rock shows—kids pushing and shoving and fighting to get to the stage area. This crowd was real diferent. I was way too young at 21. For the usual Swing rock show, most of the concertgoers were my age or younger. The guys had long hair, wore boots, Levis and denim work shirts (think the cover of a Creedence album.) The girls went braless, wore tight jeans or peasant dresses. There were always more guys than girls. 

For Elvis, though, these fans had jobs, mortgages, and kids. The women clearly outnumbered the guys. They wore bright yellow or orange dresses, lots of makeup. Hairspray was huge. And, there were more than a few suicide blondes with hot pants and go-go boots. (I would never have sat on anything in the Swing in hot pants.) Jean Naté was locked in mortal combat with Charlie in a fragrance war. My Sin perfume held its own. Smoke from the bathrooms came from real Marlboro men (and women.) 

My seat was in the cheap section—off to the side and high up, close to the glued-on tinsel that was a prominent feature of the Swing. The place always had a peculiar smell. Close to show time, Colonel Tom’s minions were at the stage hawking T-shirts, photos, and other assorted gee-gaws. I wonder just how much of that cash Elvis received. 

Finally, the lights lowered. The band started playing the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Then, there he was—The King. He was resplendent in a black and red concert suit. 

Though his show was typical of his Vegas show that he performed at the International Hotel (later known as the Las Vegas Hilton and now called the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino), it didn’t matter to his loyal subjects. He was live in San Berdoo! Old ladies screamed. It was hard to tell from my cheap seat, but I believe there were a few panties thrown at him. 

His voice and physique were in A-plus form. He ripped through concert standards such as “Polk Salad Annie,” crooned to crowd favorite “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” and did a couple of religious numbers with the gospel group J.D. Sumner and The Stamps. 

No Elvis show would be complete without the hits “Hound Dog,” “All Shook Up,” “Jailhouse Rock,” and “American Trilogy.” 

His band and entourage—the Sweet Inspirations, legendary guitar hero James Burton—provided a full sound that could not be duplicated by the typical four-man rock act. It was a show truly becoming of a King. The crowd responded as if seeing him for the first time. Bedlam broke out among the thousands of fans. 

After about 90 minutes, despite fans calling for more, Elvis left the auditorium for the San Bernardino Hilton, about $60,000 richer. I was a poor college kid. I went to Del Taco. What a Sunday night!

(Source: Twitter / Inland Empire Magazine)

Friday, April 22, 2016

April 22 - The Rock And Roll Years

Released April 22, 2016 is the 3 CD set "Elvis The Rock And Roll Years". 

CD 1: Heartbreak Hotel - Blue Suede Shoes - Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Shake, Rattle And Roll - Long Tall Sally - Ready Teddy - Rip It Up - All Shook Up - Blueberry Hill - Jailhouse Rock - Hard Headed Woman - King Creole - Wear My Ring Around Your Neck - A Big Hunk O' Love - A Fool Such As I - I Got Stung - G. I. Blues - Stuck On You - Blue Moon Of Kentucky - That´s All Right (Mama) - Blue Moon - Good Rockin' Tonight - Milkcow Blues Boogie - Baby Let's Play House - Mystery Train

CD 2: I Got A Woman - Tutti Frutti - Don't Be Cruel - We're Gonna Move - Playing For Keeps - Old Shep - Too Much - Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do - Mean Woman Blues - Hot Dog - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear - True Love - Loving You - I Want To Be Free - Don't Ask Me Why - New Orleans - Dixieland Rock - Lover Doll - Crawfish - Young Dreams - Steadfast, Loyal And True - Your Cheatin' Heart - Ain't That Loving You Baby - (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame

CD 3: Return To Sender - It's Now Or Never - Poor Boy - The Girl Of My Best Friend - I Love You Because - Harbour Lights - I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin') - Just Because - Good Luck Charm - You're A Heartbreaker - I Forgot To Remember To Forget - Money Honey - I Was The One - My Baby Left Me - Love Me Tender - Paralyzed - Don't Leave Me Now - Young And Beautiful - (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care - Treat Me Nice - Trouble - She's Not You - Surrender - Wooden Heart - Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Best Of

Released April 22, 2016 by the SMI label is the "Best Of" compilation. 

Tracks: Don't Be Cruel - Blueberry Hill-3 My Baby Left Me - I'm All Shook Up - Just Because - Hound Dog - Shake Rattle And Roll - Blue Suede Shoes - Jailhouse Rock - Lonesome Cowboy - Teddy Bear - That' s Allright - Heartbreak Hotel - I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine - Rip It Up - Treat Me Nice - Tutti Frutti.

Elvis Humor: Girls, Guns & Guitars

Steven Bo Keeley released the 40 page book "Elvis' Humor: Girls, Guns & Guitars".

From the publisher: 
"This is a biography of Elvis's top 290 comic moments. The King of rock and roll is for the first time revealed as the King of humor. Girls, guns, guitars, morgues, one-way mirrors, fleets of gifts, duping the U.S. President, chimpanzee sex, charade assassins, and water pistol fights are the deepest insights into the real Elvis. Presley had a thoughtful, comprehensive sense of humor, as detailed in the first chapter 'The Psychology of Elvis' Humor’. The best comic moments of his life follow.

What Others Say about Elvis Presley’s Humor: “I wish we had a full-length documentary of the way we all carried on at these locations. It would be a heck of a comedy.” – Sonny West (bodyguard)

“Elvis, as much as anybody I’ve ever known in my life, loved to laugh. His whole life was built around trying to find humor in things.” - Ronnie Tutt (drummer)

“Whether it was a whoopee cushion placed on one of the guy’s chairs or dried red peppers poured on someone’s eggs, there was always a prank ready to be played.” - Peggy Lipton (model, girlfriend)

“Elvis was an impulsive guy. And when you mix impulse, temper, and pills, you’re going to have some interesting situations.” – Marty Lacker (Memphis Mafia)

“Elvis had no parameters. He moved the lines of behavior wherever he wanted them and if he went too far, he moved them out farther.” - Lamar Fike (stage lighting, MM)"

(Source: Elvis Club Berlin)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 21 - El Rock De La Carcel

Re-issued in Spain is the DVD "El Rock De La Carcel" ("Jailhouse Rock"). The dvd is region 1 with English, Spanish, French and German audio.

(Source: Elvis Club Berlin)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April 20 - Charts

Elvis Presley has no entries on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for the week ending April 30, 2016. 

  • The "If I Can Dream"CD rises from #4 to #3 on the Classical Album Chart.
  • The He Touched Me: The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley (Vols.1 and 2)" is a re-entry at #4 on the Music Video Sales Chart.
European Charts
  • The CD "If I Can Dream" dropped from #40 to #51 on the Official UK Album chart.
  • The "If I Can Dream" CD drops from #30 to #42 on the Album Sales Chart and drops from #23 to #31 on the Physical Album Chart.
  • 'I'm Leavin' is a new entry at 40 on the Vinyl Album Chart and is also a new entry at 33 on the Official Record Store Top 40 Chart.
  • The vinyl LP "I’m Leavin'", which was released for Record Store Day 2016 entered the Official Vinyl Album chart at #40. 
  • The vinyl single "If I Can Dream“ / "Bridge Over Troubled Water“" dropped off the vinyl Singles chart. 
  • The CD "If I Can Dream" dropped off the Irish Album chart.
  • The CD "If I Can Dream" drops from #32 to #51 on the Scottish Album Chart.

(Source: Brian Quinn / FECC / The king's World)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 19 - Charlie, Bring Me The Request Box

Out shortly will be Straight Arrow's 5-CD box release "Charlie, Bring Me The Request Box" (SA/SB 2016-01-02), featuring the complete Elvis Presley August 1975 Summer Festival. It was shortest ever Elvis Las Vegas season – after just 5 concerts, the rest of the season was cancelled due to health issues.

From the press-release:
Compared with the previous June/ July 1975 tours, Elvis was a bit heavier and regardless of the problems that were plaguing him at the time, he was in an amicable mood, and his playfulness and warmth resulted in many delightful moments during these shows. Not only that, but he also continued with the ‘request box’ idea which he’d started in Ashville, NC about a month earlier. Fans were able to write their requests on a piece of paper and put them in a request box (actually a champagne bucket). During the shows Elvis would sometimes grab a couple of pieces of paper and select a song from those. This resulted in various true live rarities being performed, such as “Crying In the Chapel”, “Loving You” and “Young And Beautiful”. Some songs were performed for the last time ever: “Green Green Grass Of Home”, “T.R.O.U.B.L.E.” and “Suspicious Minds”. After 2 days it was clear that Elvis was not well enough to fulfill the season. He appeared exhausted and prior to the August 20th, 1975 Midnight show, the decision was made to cancel the rest of the season.

Through the last 25 years, the August 18th-20th, 1975 shows were released on various bootleg CDs of variable quality and completeness. For the last couple of years, the Straight Arrow team has been looking for the best sounding audience recorded tapes available, to make this new release the ultimate August 1975 ‘Request Shows’ box. In nearly all cases we were able to work from the original cassettes, thus providing us with the best conditions to give you the best release possible. As you can expect from Straight Arrow, each single show was individually restored from scratch -- this was definitely no quick „copy & paste“ job, as by certain other labels! Every second was faithfully enhanced to achieve optimal listening pleasure. Ask your local dealer for samples to judge for yourself!

Presented with usual Straight Arrow's high standard, every disc is placed in an individual cardboard sleeve and there is a topnotch 16-page booklet too, with many on- and off-stage photos taken in Las Vegas between August 18th and 20th, 1975. To make this release even more definitive, various memorabilia items and historical concert reviews, as published by Rex Martin in „Worldwide Elvis Service News Weekly“ are reprinted as well as various newspaper articles, all related to this season, its cancellation and Elvis’ subsequent hospitalization.

Those five shows sound better than ever and for the first time as complete as possible! This new release is a labor of love, it is a gem of a release that you can’t afford to miss!

Tracklists: CD1: Monday, August 18th, 1975 Opening Show:

01. Opening Vamp / C. C. Rider - 02. I Got A Woman / Amen - 03. Love Me - 04. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - 05. Blue Suede Shoes (by request) - 06. Suspicious Minds (by request) - 07. My Boy (by request) - 08. Heartbreak Hotel - 09. Polk Salad Annie - 10. Introductions of singers, musicians - 11. Johnny B. Goode - 12. Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - 13. Bass Solo (Blues - Jerry Scheff) - 14. Piano Solo (Glen D. Hardin) - 15. School Day - 16. T.R.O.U.B.L.E. - 17. The Wonder Of You - 18. Why Me Lord - 19. How Great Thou Art - 20. Can't Help Falling In Love - 21. Closing Vamp.

Jumpsuit: Gypsy
Running time: 56:15

CD2: Tuesday, August 19th, 1975 Dinner Show:

01. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman / Amen - 04. Blue Suede Shoes (by request) - 05. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - 06. It's Now Or Never - 07. My Boy (by request) - 08. Love Me - 09. Loving You (by request) - 10. Suspicious Minds (by request, performed last time ever) - 11. Introduction of Vernon Presley / Introductions of singers, musicians - 12. Johnny B. Goode - 13. Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - 14. Bass Solo (Blues - Jerry Scheff) - 15. Piano Solo (Glen D. Hardin) - 16. School Day #1 - 17. School Day #2 - 18. Introduction of Neil Sedaka - 19. T.R.O.U.B.L.E. - 20. Why Me Lord - 21. How Great Thou Art - 22. Let Me Be There - 23. Crying In The Chapel (by request, performed 1st time) - 24. Can't Help Falling In Love - 25. Closing Vamp.

Jumpsuit: Gypsy
Running time: 62:22

CD3: Tuesday, August 19th, 1975 Midnight Show:

01. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. Elvis talks - bathroom story - 04. Blue Suede Shoes - 05. Young And Beautiful - 06. Are You Lonesome Tonight (by request) - 07. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - 08. Softly As I Leave You (by request, with Sherrill Nielsen) - 09. It's Now Or Never (by request) - 10. Polk Salad Annie - 11. Introductions of singers, musicians - 12. Johnny B. Goode - 13. Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - 14. Bass Solo (Blues - Jerry Scheff) - 15. Piano Solo (Glen D. Hardin) - 16. School Day - 17. Introduction of Vernon Presley - 18. Introduction of Righteous Brothers / You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (excerpt) - 19. T.R.O.U.B.L.E. (with false start) - 20. Why Me Lord - 21. Love Me Tender (by request) - 22. All Shook Up - 23. Love Me - 24. Hound Dog / Are You Sincere (excerpt) / Hound Dog (by request) - 25. My Boy (by request) - 26. Can't Help Falling In Love (with false start) - 27. Closing Vamp.

Jumpsuit: Black & White "Penguin"
Running time: 62:07

CD4: Wednesday, August 20th, 1975 Dinner Show:

01. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman / Amen - 04. Hound Dog (by request) - 05. It's Now Or Never (by request) - 06. And I Love You So (with false start) - 07. Blue Suede Shoes - 08. Green Green Grass Of Home (by request, performed last time ever) - 09. Fairytale - 10. Softly As I Leave You (with Sherrill Nielsen) - 11. Introductions of singers, musicians - 12. Johnny B. Goode - 13. Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - 14. Bass Solo (Blues - Jerry Scheff) - 15. Piano Solo (Glen D. Hardin) - 16. School Day - 17. T.R.O.U.B.L.E. - 18. Why Me Lord - 19. Until It's Time For You To Go (by request) - 20. Burning Love - 21. Can't Help Falling In Love - 22. Closing Vamp.

Jumpsuit: Aztec
Running time: 53:25

CD5: Wednesday, August 20th, 1975 Midnight / Closing Show:

01. Opening Vamp / That's All Right / C. C. Rider / That's All Right - 02. I Got A Woman / Amen - 03. Fever (by request) - 04. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - 05. Until It's Time For You To Go (by request) - 06. Softly As I Leave You (with Sherrill Nielsen) - 07. Burning Love - 08. Introductions of singers, musicians - 09. Happy Birthday to James Burton - 10. Johnny B. Goode (James Burton, instrumental) - 11. Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - 12. Bass Solo (Blues - Jerry Scheff) - 13. Piano Solo (Glen D. Hardin) - 14. School Day - 15. Introduction of The Carpenters - 16. T.R.O.U.B.L.E. (performed last time ever) - 17. It's Now Or Never (by request) - 18. Why Me Lord - 19. Let Me Be There - 20. Can't Help Falling In Love - 21. Closing Vamp.

Jumpsuit: Gypsy
Running time: 46:36

FTD are re-pressing the following 'Sold Out' Titles

FTD are pleased to announce that the following items are being re-pressed. It's hoped that some will be available for the new release ship out.

  • FTD 94 Elvis (Fool)
  • FTD 125 Elvis (2nd Album)
  • FTD 131 Flaming Star
  • FTD 134 King Creole
  • FTD 137 Live A Little, Love A Little
  • FTD 122 The On Stage Season
  • FTD 119 Sold Out
  • FTD 120 Hot August Night
  • FTD 128 The Return To Vegas

All catalogue vinyl is sold out with the exception of the latest release, FTD 312 "He Touched Me : The Recording Sessions".

(Source: FECC / FTD)

Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18 - Follow Those Releases

The Follow That Dream collectors label announced three new titles. A double CD edition of the classic "ELVIS - The Original Soundtrack From His NBC-TV Special", a double CD set entitled "Las Vegas 1975" containing the March 22 and April 1,1975 Midnight show and bonus songs from the March 30, and March 31, 1975 Midnight shows and finally a clear vinyl album "King Creole - The Monitor Mono Mixes" as a limited edition of 3000 copies.

Tracks disc 1: “ELVIS - The Original Soundtrack From His NBC-TV Special”:
Original Album: 01 Trouble / Guitar Man (3:28) June 22 & 30, 1968 02 Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (14:45) - June 27, 1968. 8 PM show Baby, What You Want Me To Do - June 27, 1968. 6 PM show Dialogue; Medley: Heartbreak Hotel / Hound Dog / All Shook Up - June 29, 1968. 6 PM show Can’t Help Falling In Love - June 29, 1968. 6 PM show Jailhouse Rock - June 29, 1968. 8 PM show Dialogue; Love Me Tender - June 29, 1968. 8 PM show 03 Dialogue; Where Could I Go But To The Lord / Up Above My Head / Saved (7:35) - June 21 & 22, 1968 04 Dialogue; Blue Christmas (5:34) - June 27, 1968. 8 PM show Dialogue; One Night - June 27, 1968. 6 PM show 05 Memories (3:20) - June 23, 1968 06 Medley: Nothingville / Dialogue; Big Boss Man / Guitar Man / Little Egypt / Trouble / Guitar Man (6:44) - June 20, 21 & 30, 1968 07 If I Can Dream (3:26) - June 23, 1968 

Bonus Cuts:  08 It Hurts Me (splice/edit of part 1 – take 7, part 2 – take 7 & part 1 – take 6) (2:33) - June 20 & 21, 1968 09 Let Yourself Go (splice/edit of part 1 – take 1 & part 2 – take 2) (2:38) - June 20, 1968 10 Memories (stereo master) (3:09) - June 23, 1968 11 If I Can Dream (stereo master) (3:13) - June 23, 1968 12 That’s All Right (3:10) - June 27, 1968. 8 PM show 13 Love Me (2:38) - June 27, 1968. 8 PM show 14 Baby, What You Want Me To Do (1:48) - June 27, 1968. 6 PM show 15 Are You Lonesome Tonight? (3:38) - June 27, 1968. 8 PM show 16 Blue Suede Shoes (1:45) - June 27, 1968. 8 PM show 17 Trying To Get To You (3:00) - June 27, 1968. 8 PM show 18 Tiger Man (2:44) - June 27, 1968. 8 PM show 19 Let Yourself Go (closing instrumental) (1:09) - June 23, 1968 

Disc 2: The Wrecking Crew Sessions Road medley Outtakes - June 20-21, 1968: 
01 Nothingville (Guitar Man's Evil #1) - take 1* (1:16) 02 Nothingville (Guitar Man's Evil #1) - takes 5 & 6 (2:15) 03 Guitar Man (Guitar Man's Evil #1) - take 10/M (1:02) 04 Let Yourself Go, part 1 (Guitar Man's Evil #2) - takes 5 & 6 (2:40) 05 Let Yourself Go, part 1 (Guitar Man's Evil #2) - take 7/M (2:17) 06 Let Yourself Go, part 2 (Guitar Man's Evil #3) - take 6 (1:32) 07 Let Yourself Go, part 2 (Guitar Man's Evil #3) - take 7/M (1:35) 08 Guitar Man (Escape #1, fast) - takes 1, 2 & 5 (2:48) 09 Guitar Man (Escape #1, remake) - takes 6 & 7/M (1:27) 10 Big Boss Man (Escape #3) - take 1* (1:17) 11 Big Boss Man (Escape #3) - take 2 (1:40) 12 It Hurts Me, part 1 (Escape #4) - take 1* (1:48) 13 It Hurts Me, part 1 (Escape #4) - take 5 (1:58) 14 It Hurts Me, part 2 (After Karate #1) - take 3 (1:08) 15 Guitar Man (After Karate #2) - take 1 (0:51) 16 Little Egypt (After Karate #2) - take 6* (1:25) 17 Little Egypt (After Karate #2) - take 8 (1:28) 18 Trouble / Guitar Man (After Karate #3) - take 2 (3:02) 

Gospel Medley Outtakes – June 21-22, 1968: 19 Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child / Where Could I Go But To The Lord (Gospel #1) - rehearsal & take 1 (5:24) 20 Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child / Where Could I Go But To The Lord (Gospel #1) - take 4 (3:25) 21 Up Above My Head / I Found That Light / Saved (Gospel #2) - takes 4* & 7 (3:39) 22 Saved (Gospel #3) - take 1 (4:26) 23 Saved (Gospel #3) - takes 2* & 4 (4:34) 24 Saved - splice of takes 6 & 5/M (rough mix) (4:22) OUTTAKES – June 23, 1968: 25 Trouble / Guitar Man (Opening) - take 1 (3:54) 26 Trouble / Guitar Man (Opening) - takes 6 & 7 (5:31) 27 If I Can Dream - take 1 (3:14) 28 If I Can Dream - takes 2*, 3 & 4 (4:24) 29 Memories - takes 3* & 4/v.o. #1 (3:46) 30 Let Yourself Go (closing instrumental) - take 1* (1:13) *Previously unreleased.

Tracks Las Vegas 1975: 
Disc 1: March 22, Midnight show 01 Also Sprach Zarathustra 1:10 02 See See Rider 3:41 03 I Got A Woman / Amen 5:39 04 Love Me 2:17 05 If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 2:56 06 And I Love You So 3:30 07 Big Boss Man 2:33 08 It’s Midnight 3:02 09 Promised Land 2:52 10 Green, Green Grass Of Home 3:40 11 Fairytale 3:28 12 Introductions 8:19 13 My Boy 3:47 14 I'll Remember You 2:29 15 Let Me Be There 3:30 16 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don’t Be Cruel 2:03 17 Hound Dog 1:56 18 You’re The Reason I’m Living 2:38 19 Can’t Help Falling In Love 1:40 20 Closing Vamp 0:55 BONUS SONGS 21 Sweet Caroline (March 30, Midnight show) 2:47 22 Funny How Time Slips Away (March 30, Midnight show) 2:35 23 Fairytale (March 31, Midnight show) 3:20 24 Burning Love (March 31, Midnight show) 2:58

Disc 2: April 1, Dinner show 01 Also Sprach Zarathustra 1:06 02 See See Rider 3:39 03 Love Me 2:16 04 If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 2:55 05 And I Love You So 3:28 06 Big Boss Man 2:37 07 The Wonder Of You 1:52 08 Burning Love 3:25 09 Introductions 7:53 10 My Boy 4:01 11 I'll Remember You 2:30 12 Let Me Be There 3:15 13 How Great Thou Art 3:05 14 Hound Dog 1:32 15 Fairytale 3:30 16 Can’t Help Falling In Love 1:40 17 Closing Vamp 0:34 “I Got A Woman / Amen” is missing on the original source tape Recorded at the Las Vegas Hilton showroom, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tracks King Creole - The Monitor Mono Mixes:
Side 1 01: King Creole (main title - instrumental – take 8 - master) (1:47) 02: Don’t Ask Me Why (take 12 - master) (2:14) 03: Hard Headed Woman (take 10 - master) (2:02) 04: As Long As I Have You (take - 10 master) (2:00) 05: King Creole (revised version - take 13 - master) (2:17) 06: Lover Doll (take 7 - unedited / undubbed master) (2:23) 07: Dixieland Rock (take 14 - master) (1:59) 08: Muskrat Ramble (instrumental) (1:27) 09: Steadfast, Loyal And True (first version - take 6) (1:42) Bonus Song 10: Danny (1:52) 

Side 2 01: New Orleans (take 5 - master) (2:08) 02: Young Dreams (take 8 - master) (2:30) 03: King Creole (first version - take 3) (2.11) 04: As Long As I Have You (long version - take 8) (1:32) 05: Trouble (take 5 - master) (2:30) 06: Crawfish (take 7 - unedited master) (2.53) 07: King Creole (first version - take 18) (2:23) 08: Steadfast, Loyal And True (undubbed record master) (1:15) 09: Lover Doll (master/Jordanaires overdub) (2:12).

(Source: The Elvis Shop London)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 17 - 50.000.000 Vinyl Fans Can´t Be Wrong

The Vinyl Lovers Record label re-issued the classic "50.000.000 Elvis Fans Can´t Be Wrong" album on vinyl. 

Side 1: 1. I Need Your Love Tonight 2. Don’t 3. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 4. My Wish Came True 5. I Got Stung

Side 2: 1. One Night 2. A Big Hunk O’ Love 3. I Beg Of You 4. (Now And Then There’s) A Fool Such As I 5. Doncha’ Think It’s Time.

175 Moments Magazine
As an additional annex today of the local newspaper Commercial Appeal of Memphis, readers could enjoy the new "175 Moments Magazine". On the cover is a picture of Elvis from 1971.

Read about the iconic entertainer, the civil rights leader and the local boy who made very good in the special 175Moments magazine that is an extraordinary glimpse into 175 years of life in Memphis. Readers can find many photos and details about various events and events like the first BBQ winner in Memphis, the introduction of Justin Timberlake (also from Memphis) into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame, Isaac Hayes who won an Oscar, and much more.

(Source: Elvis Aktuell / Elvis Matters)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

April 16 - Record Store Day

April 16 2016 marks Record Store Day 2016. For this day Sony released "Elvis Presley - I'm Leavin': Elvis Folk - Country" a compilation album that brings together the very best recordings of Elvis Presley's work in the Folk and Country genres from 1966—1973. 

The memphis Recording Service released Elvis Presley's’ entire live concert performance recordings from 1954 – 1961 on 3 exclusive double LP vinyl’s, each with a 24-page deluxe gatefold sleeves. The albums are "Live In The 50’s - The Complete Tour Recordings", "The Complete Louisiana Hayride Archives 1954 – 1956" and "Such A Night In Pearl Harbor". 

The French V.P.I. label released the double LP "Le Retour D'Elvis / His Hand In Mine" in a limited edition of 1000 copies on colored vinyl. 

(Source: Sony / Amazon)

Friday, April 15, 2016

April 15 - Final Preview

Here are a few previews of the final installment of the "Elvis Files" biography series. Volume 8 covers the final years 1976-1977, the continuous energy-draining treadmill of tours, the final recording sessions and the last CBS TV Special. 

Lime Rockers 

The UK based Rockwell Records re-released their "Rockers" compilation once more, this time on transparant lime colored vinyl. It is limited to 120 numbered copies. 

Silver Award

The 1998 re-release of the "Aloha From Hawaii" album was awarded a Silver Award by the U.K. based BPI.

(Source: Elvis Information Network)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 14 - Still Wielding The Old Magic On The Charts

The VV Records import-release "Still Wielding The Old Magic" box-set has been released. 

The set contains a double LP with the remastered April 10, 1972 show as recorded in Richmond, a CD containing the previously unreleased show as recorded on April 5, 1972 in Buffalo and a DVD with the remastered show from April 9, 1972 as filmed in Hampton. 

US Charts

  • Elvis Presley has no entries on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for the week ending April 23, 2016.
  • The "If I Can Dream" CD remains at #4 on the Classical Album Chart.
UK Charts
  • The "If I Can Dream" CD dropped from #37 to #40 on the Official UK Album chart for the week ending April 15, 2016.
  • "If I Can Dream" rises from #34 to #30 on the Album Sales Chart and rises from #25 to #23 on the Physical Album Chart.
  • "The Nations Favourite Elvis Songs" is a re-entry at #97 on the Physical Album Chart.
  • The "If I Can Dream / Bridge Over Troubled Water" single re-entered the Official UK Vinyl Single chart at #31.
  • The "If I Can Dream / Bridge Over Troubled Water" single re-entered the Official UK Physical Single chart at #43.
European Charts

  • The "The Nations Favourite Elvis Songs" is a re-entry at #99 on the Scottish Album Chart.
  • "If I Can Dream" rises from #36 to #32 on the Scottish Album Chart.
  • "If I Can Dream" dropped from #80 to #90 on the Irish Album Chart.
(Source: Brian Quinn / FECC / The King's World)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 13 - More Vinyl And CD's

Due for release from the MGM label is the 3 CD set "The Rock'n' Roll Years".

Due for release on June 24, 2016 from Membran Media is the 10 CD set "Milestones of A Legend".

Due for release from the Sound Factory label on July 15, 2016 is the vinyl LP "23 Country Hits".

(Source: Amazon)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 12 - Things To Do Before You Die

Elvis Presley's Graceland is one of many to-do's on Thrillist's The Great American Bucket List "50 Things To Do in the U.S. Before You Die". About visiting the South of the US Thrillist says: "Eat a PB & banana toastie at Graceland. Revere The King in all his glory with his favorite meal at his massive estate in Memphis. (Not that he's really dead, of course.)"

The list includes everything from catching a Broadway show in New York City to driving from Miami to Key West to attending Summerfest. Visiting Graceland is one of several things to do in the Southern states, which also includes visiting New Orleans' French Quarter and seeing cities like Austin, Texas.

The link tot the list,

Vintage Elvis

On April 12 the CD 'Vintage Elvis" was released. 

CD: Hound Dog - Reddy Teddy - Heartbreak Hotel - Don´t Be Cruel - Return To Sender - Blue Suede Shoes - Jailhouse Rock - I Got A Woman - It´s Now Or Never - All Shook Up - Devil In Desguise - Tutti Frutti - Stuck On You - Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Bossa Nova Baby

(Source: EPE / Thrillist)

Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11 - The 25th Movie Album

The One label released the CD "The Elvis Movie Album: Volume 1 - Original Movie Masters" in their "Bootleg Series". It contains 34 masters from Elvis Presley as original released in mono on his albums, EP’s and singles from 1956 to 1962. Many of the later released versions on CD are different to the versions as original released, like the master of “I Want To Break Free” (as appeared on the “Jailhouse Rock” EP), “Dixieland Rock” (as appeared on the “King Creole” EP), the extended master of “Tonight’s All Right For Love” (released on a German vinyl single), the album master of “Didja’ Ever”, and the original mono masters of “A Whistling Tune”, “Home Is Where The Heart Is”, “I Got Lucky” and “King Of The Whole Wide World” (as appeared on the “Kid Galahad” EP). All these songs as original released, including all Elvis’ movie songs released on singles from 1956 to 1962 now for the first time together on one great new CD.

Tracks: Love Me Tender (Single Master) - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear (Single Master) - Loving You (Single Master) - Jailhouse Rock (Single Master) - Treat Me Nice (Single Master) - I Want To Be Free (EP Master) - Lover Doll (EP Master) - Dixieland Rock (EP Master) - Hard Headed Woman (Single Master) - G. I. Blues (Album Master) - Wooden Heart (German Single Master) - Tonight's All Right For Love (German Single Master) - Didja' Ever (Album Master) - Flaming Star (EP Master) - Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (EP Master) - Wild In The Country (Single Master) - Lonely Man (Single Master) - Can't Help Falling In Love (Single Master) - Rock-A-Hula Baby (Single Master) - Follow That Dream (EP Master) - Angel (EP Master) - What A Wonderful Life (EP Master)  - I'm Not The Marrying Kind (EP Master) - King Of The Whole Wide World (EP Master) - This Is Living (EP Master) - Riding The Rainbow (EP Master) - Home Is Where The Heart Is (EP Master) - I Got Lucky (EP Master) - A Whistling Tune (EP Master) - Return To Sender (Single Master) - Where Do You Come From? (Single Master)

Bonus Songs: Didja' Ever (Replaced Album Master) - Tonight's All Right For Love (Original Length Master) - Lover Doll (Album Master)

Elvis 25

A new title in the "Bootleg Series" from the One label is the CD "Elvis 25" which comes both as a single and double CD edition.  The Deluxe Edition contains all masters from March 20-21 and April 3-5 1960 in original mono and stereo sound. As well as outtakes and alternate versions from these legendary studio sessions plus Elvis at “The Frank Sinatra – Timex Show” March 26, 1960, including Elvis’ duet with Frank Sinatra “Witchcraft / Love Me Tender” (unedited – with reprise.) Also including is a 16 pages booklet with photos and recording information.

Tracks: CD 1 - The Stereo Masters: Make Me Know It - Soldier Boy - Stuck On You - Fame And Fortune - A Mess Of Blues - It Feels So Right - Fever - Like A Baby - It's Now Or Never - The Girl Of My Best Friend - Dirty, Dirty Feeling - Thrill Of Your Love - I Gotta Know - Such A Night - Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Girl Next Door Went A' Walking - I Will Be Home Again - Reconsider Baby

The Outtakes: Soldier Boy (Take 11) - It's Now Or Never (Undubbed Master) - Fame And Fortune (Take 1) - Fame And Fortune (Take 3 - Including False Start - Fame And Fortune (Take 6) - Fame And Fortune (Take 7 - Including False Start - Fame And Fortune (Take 8) - Fame And Fortune (Take 9) - Fame And Fortune (Take 10 - Unfaded) - Fame And Fortune (Take 11) - Fame And Fortune (Take 12) - Fame And Fortune (Take 14)

CD 2 - The Mono Masters: Make Me Know It - Soldier Boy - Stuck On You - Fame And Fortune - A Mess Of Blues - It Feels So Right - Fever - Like A Baby - It's Now Or Never - The Girl Of My Best Friend - Dirty, Dirty Feeling - Thrill Of Your Love - I Gotta Know - Such A Night - Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Girl Next Door Went A' Walking - I Will Be Home Again - Reconsider Baby

The Outtakes: Like A Baby (Take 5) - Make Me Know It (Take 2) - Make Me Know It (Take 8) - Make Me Know It (Take 14) - Make Me Know It (Take 16)

Bonus Songs: Dirty, Dirty Feeling ('Tickle Me' Movie Version) - I Gotta Know (Without Backing Vocals As Released By Mistake On 'Elvis Forever II' 1st Press.) - Such A Night (Without Backing Vocals As Released By Mistake On 'Elvis Forever II' 1st Press.)

ABC's "The Frank Sinatra - Timex Show": Introduction - It's Very Nice To Go Trav'ling - Frank Sinatra Speaks - Fame And Fortune - Stuck On You - Frank Sinatra Speaks - Witchcraft / Love Me Tender (including reprise).

Tracks single CD edition:
The Stereo Masters: Make Me Know It - Soldier Boy - Stuck On You - Fame And Fortune - A Mess Of Blues - It Feels So Right - Fever - Like A Baby - It's Now Or Never - The Girl Of My Best Friend - Dirty, Dirty Feeling - Thrill Of Your Love - I Gotta Know - Such A Night - Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Girl Next Door Went A' Walking - I Will Be Home Again - Reconsider Baby

The Mono Singles: Stuck On You - Fame And Fortune - A Mess Of Blues - The Girl Of My Best Friend - It's Now Or Never - Make Me Know It - Are You Lonesome Tonight? - I Gotta Know
ABC's "The Frank Sinatra - Timex Show": Witchcraft / Love Me Tender (including reprise).

Elvis and Priscilla on cover Closer Weekly

In the magazine are the "so-called" details about the life of Elvis and Priscilla when they lived together at Graceland were revealed. Some of her closest friends would have told the details of the marriage and life on Graceland as parents, and how the fairytale ended up. And as an extra in the magazine 'Their Final Conversation' was published.

(Source: FECC / Elvis Aktuell / Elvis Club Berlin / Elvis Matters)

Friday, April 08, 2016

April 08 - Definitive Rare Elvis Mono Collection

The 4 CD set “Elvis – Definitive Rare Elvis Live Collection” is due from the Rock 'n' Roll Majesty import-label. It is a mix of Elvis Presley live rarities on 2 Soundboard CD’s plus 2 CDs with audience-recordings. The box, that comes with a small booklet, in limited to 400 copies. 

Elvis In Mono Released 

Out now from the Venus import-label is the LP sized box "Elvis In Mono". The first images appeared on eBay. 

From the press-release
Mono is how most listeners first heard Elvis in the 1950s and 1960s, when it was the predominant audio format. Until 1968, each Elvis album was given a unique mono and stereo mix, but Elvis always regarded the mono mix as primary. This was also true for singles. Up until affordable home stereo systems in the late 1960s, the record industry always regarded stereo as secondary, going back to its debut in the late 1950's. Mono singles, EPs and LPs were the standard for retail and radio. Simply put, mono had all of the sound mixed in a single channel and was meant to be listened to on a turntable with a built-in speaker, a car radio, or a stand-alone AM radio receiver. The goal was to create mono master takes with as much clarity and power as possible. 

When EMI released mono-masters of the Beatles in 2009, they received rave reviews. Left out in the cold were Elvis’ loyal fans. Somehow, Sony didn’t see a reason why they might want the pleasure of listening to his original mono mixes. So when we first heard about the existence of the original mono master tapes of Elvis’ hit singles, it was an easy decision to make these available to the fans in a five-disc collection. Elvis' acclaimed mono tracks have been newly-mastered for CD, using the best digital technology. Hours were dedicated to concentrated listening, fastidiously comparing these master tapes with mint, mono first pressings. The result is a perfect reproduction of Elvis' original mono vinyl sound. 

Elvis Aloha Guitar in Julien's Auction 

Having failed to sell at the last Graceland auction, Elvis' Aloha guitar in the key item in the Music Icons auction event to take place at Hard Rock Cafe New York on Saturday, May 21, 2016. The Music Icons auction will include over 85 items from the life and career of Elvis Presley. The major items include 

Elvis' Gibson Dove guitar that he used at "Aloha" has a starting bid of $100,000. 
In 1969, Vernon Presley went to Guitar City, near Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, to purchase a guitar as a gift for his son. Vernon requested several custom adjustments to personalize the guitar for Elvis, including changing the finish of the guitar to ebony, reported to be chosen to represent Elvis’ recently earned black belt in karate, and the stunning acanthus script inlay of "Elvis Presley" on the fingerboard. Elvis began using the guitar in 1971 and is photographed performing with it often between 1971 and 1973, including, most famously, during Presley’s televised and broadcasted Aloha From Hawaii concert. The story ends in generosity when, in 1975, at a concert in Asheville, North Carolina, Presley gave the guitar to audience member Mike Harris. Estimate: $200,000- $300,000, Starting: $100,000 - 

Elvis' "First" Piano. 
A Stroud upright piano circa 1911 with a maple bridge, spruce soundboard, and maple and mahogany back. The piano has a mirrored panel on the back. Serial number 28059. The piano and bench were purchased by Elvis Presley at the age of 20 from O.K. Houck Piano Company Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee, on September 30, 1955 for $281.75. Presley paid $50 up front and financed the remaining portion over the next 11 months. This was the first piano Presley ever purchased. Presley purchased another piano in the 1960s and moved this Stroud upright to Joe Esposito's room in Graceland, later gifting it to his cook, Christine Strickland. After Strickland's passing, the piano was sold to the Memphis Music Hall of Fame Museum in July 1992. Estimate: $200,000 - $300,000, 

Elvis Presley silver leather jacket. 
This was painted with multicolor flame, rainbow, star designs and a hawk across the back. The jacket was made by East West Musical Instruments Co. of San Francisco. The jacket, circa 1974, has a black collar and yoke with zipper closure at front. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Ginger Alden stating that Presley gave the jacket to her while at Graceland in 1977. Estimate: $40,000 - $60,000

Elvis Presley 1953 Martin 00-21 acoustic guitar given to Jack Lord. 
Presley and the Hawaii 5 - 0 star met in 1973 while Lord was visiting Hawaii for Elvis' Aloha from Hawaii concert special. Lord invited Presley to his home in Kahala after the special. The pair became fast friends and immediately started exchanging gifts. Presley invited the Lords to Las Vegas the following month. Estimate: $40,000 - $60,000

(Source: Elvis Information Network / FECC / eBay / Juliens)