February 24 - John Wilkinson Hospitalized - Unadulterated Recordings

John Wilkinson, Elvis Presley's former rhythm guitarist, spent some time at the hospital but he returned home that same afternoon. A spot of cancer was discovered, it could not be removed by surgery therefor John will undergo a  chemo and radiation treatment. 

Released by a French bootlegger is the import CD "The King - Unadulterated Recordings". It is a limited edition replica from the original nine inch LP on CD. It is housed in a seven inch single format with the CD stocked at a fould-out sleeve. On the inner-sleeve you see more nine inch LPs. The CD itself is also an excact copy of the original LP album. The CD contains material from previous BMG and import releases.


After Loving You (alternate take) - Guitar Man (alternate take) - Kentucky Rain (alternate take) - Don't Cry Daddy (undubbed alternate) - Any Day Now (undubbed alternate) - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (unrepared master take) - Until It's Time for You To Go (undubbed version) - Lead Me , Guide Me (alt. take) - Never Again (undubbed version) - For The Heart (undubbed version).

Glen D. Hardin won the inaugural "The King's World" Award from the German "The Kings World" fan club. The award was created to honor artists who have made outstandingcontributions to the music and career of Elvis Presley.

Elvis The Concert played The Netherlands in the Ahoy venue.

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