January 24 - NY Opening Night Duets

The Eternal Flames Production import label released the DV "Duets" containing a colorful collection of Elvis duets. The DVD is region-free.

From the press-release:
During his movie career, Elvis recorded a vast amount of songs together with other vocalists. The result is a wide variety of songs and video clips out of the many well known Elvis movies. An entertaining collection that is nice to watch. Rare are the images of the 1960 'Welcome Home Elvis' Frank Sinatra TV-Special; they remain a unique momentum to see. Other rare performances include Lisa Marie's duet with Elvis on 'In The Ghetto' during a Oprah TV-show, complete with Gospel Choir.

It is beyond anyone's guess why this never turned in to a big hit; great performance. Also: Celine Dion's duet with Elvis on 'Amercian Idol' and Martina McBride appearing - with Elvis on screen - on a tv-show to promote the 'Christmas Duets' album. The odd one out is a clip from 'Beyonce & Jay-Z'.

MSG Opening Night

On YouTube a previously unknown audience audiorecording of Elvis Presley's 1972 Opening Night at Madison Square Garden was posted. 40 years after this Elvis-Event took place, we now have for the first time, Elvis Presley's June 9th 1972 opening show at Madison Square Garden, NY.

You can listen to the show >> here.

And the wire leads to ...

The youtube poster who unknowingly posted the recording of a rare live recording of "I Forgot To Remember To Forget" from the Louisiana, Hayride in 1955, as recorded ona wire-recorder, confirmed he has sold the recording to Ernst Jorgensen for the Elvis archives at Sony for an undisclosed sum.

The original owner, only known as 'amberola1b' on youtube did express his regret at not making the recording public much sooner had he known anything about the now released SUN years epic, 'A Boy From Tupelo', of which Ernst sent him a copy of as a bonus.

On January 12, amberola1b posted the following comments on YouTube about his interaction with Jorgensen:
I did sell the rights to him but the way it went was that I didn’t even know Ernst and was directed to him thru other utubers that were Elvis fans. I didn’t even know there was a big anniversary album or book being put together about The King, I just merely decided at that moment in time to do the utube video, and just happen to post it during the summer. If luck had been on my side and I had known about what was being planned [...] I would have made the video months before, and it would have been included in the album that was included in the book ‘A Boy From Tupelo’. But as it turned out he sent me a copy of the book and it just blew my mind to see all the wonderful pictures that had been compiled of Elvis and the stories written about him.

(Source: FECC / Elvis Australia / The Mystery Train Blog)

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