January 28 - Budget King

The CDs "Pot Luck With Elvis Plus For LP Fans Only" was released by the Spanish Hoodoo Records while "Pot Luck With Elvis" was released by Hallmark in their "Original Recording“ series. "The Classic Years" (3CD) and "Return To Sender" (3CD) were released through the Delta Music label while Real Gone released the 4CD-set "Elvis Presley, Vol. 2 – Four Classic Albums Plus EPs And Singles". The Rumble Records finally released the vinyl LP "Elvis’ Christmas Album".

For years, public domain laws came into play after 50 years in the UK. Meaning that since 2004, Elvis has been up for grabs with a plethora of legal independent Elvis releases. As of January 1st, 2013 the public domain law was  changed from 50 years to 70 years, meaning all recordings from 1963 will not become Public Domain until 2033. The new law cannot be back dated, which means all recordings made prior to January 1st. 1963 will remain in the Public Demand. 

(Source: The King's World / The Elvis Express)

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