February 09 - Aloha From The European Charts

The CD "ELV1S 30 # 1 Hits“ dropped off the Swiss Album chart after a re-entry last week at #96

On the Irish Album charts the CD "The Real... Elvis" remained steady at #37 while the "ELV1S 30 # 1 Hits" compilation climbed from #47 to #43. 

Aloha Legacy

'Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite' has been released as a double CD set. The first disc features the main live show originally performed at the H.I.C. Arena in Honolulu on January 14, 1973 and broadcasted to over 40 Nations and screened to others several weeks later. On U.S. TV [NBC] the show was watched by 51% of those watching TV - and in the Far-East, TV viewing records were broken in Japan, Philippines, Australia, Korea and Hong Kong! 

The second disc features the full dress rehearsal which took place on January 12, and this new release features all 21 performances which have been remixed and remastered by Steve Rosenthal and Rob Santos

Hot Love In A Long, Cold Winter

The Straight Arrow import release “Hot Love In A Long, Cold Winter”, which contains the St. Petersburg and Columbia 1977 concerts, was released. 

(The King's World / Various / Elvis On CD)

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