March 20 - The Legacy Continues In 2017

Sony Legacy senior vice president, A&R John Jackson talked to Billboard concerning the thought process of assembling the "Complete RCA Album" 60 CD box. In te interview he also mentions ambitions for 2017, the 40th anniversary of Presley’s death. 

We’ve got some interesting ideas,” he admits. “The 40th anniversary of some of the last recordings he made is coming up, so we’re toying with the idea of how to best present those. It’s my argument that he never lost it -- that he was never anything less than amazing. He was the greatest singer of all time, as far as I’m concerned, and was always trying to do his thing. Despite all the troubles he had in the '70s, including fights with the label, how they were promoting him and how they made him feel, he was still cutting great stuff. That’s a lot of what we’re talking about now.

Gold Record Vinyl

Due from the Vinyl Lovers label April 2016 is another vinyl re-issueof the classic "Elvis’ Gold Records 2". 

(Source: FECC / Amazon / Billboard)

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