November 29 - Sing Again At The Gate

Two new importreleases were announced; "Elvis - Double Date At The Gate - 40th Anniversary Edition" and "Let Me.. Sing Again".

Both shows are soundboard recordings. The first show was released before on a title called ''America The Beautiful'' and later in stereo (mixed down from binaural) on Audionics ''San Francisco Bay Blues''. The second show was released recently on the Follow that Dream collector's label as ''The West Coast Tour''.

Details Elvis - Double Date At The Gate - 40th Anniversary Edition
On November 28 and 29, 1976 Elvis performed two shows at the Cow Palace in the flower-city San Francisco. These shows have been regarded as some of Elvis' finest performances during this busy bicentennial year for The King. Gathered here in a beautiful 2-disc digipack is both shows in excellent quality. Unfortunately the sound engineer was not able to capture the whole shows while recording, but on this release you will find every second that was captured. The sound on both shows has been remastered by professionals and has never sounded better. Period.

Track list: CD1: November 28, 1976 - Cow Palace, San Francisco: 
01. Also Sprach Zarathustra, 02. C. C. Rider, 03. I Got A Woman / Amen, 04. Love Me, 05. If You Love Me (Let Me Know), 06. You Gave Me A Mountain, 07. Jailhouse Rock, 08. It's Now Or Never, 09. All Shook Up, 10. Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel, 11. And I Love You So, 12. Fever, 13. America The Beautiful, 14. Polk Salad Annie, 15. Band Introductions, 16. Early Morning Rain, 17. What I'd Say, 18. Johnny B. Goode, 19. Drum solo (Ronnie Tutt), 20. Bass solo (Blues, Jerry Scheff), 21. Piano solo (Tony Brown), 22. Electric piano solo (David Briggs), 23. Love Letters, 24. School Day, 25. Hurt, 26. Hound Dog (incomplete) - Bonus (binaural): 27. America The Beautiful, 28. Polk Salad Annie, 29. Early Morning Rain, 30. Hurt

CD2: November 29, 1976 - Cow Palace, San Francisco: 

01. C. C. Rider, 02. I Got A Woman / Amen, 03. Love Me, 04. If You Love Me (Let Me Know), 05. You Gave Me A Mountain, 06. Blue Suede Shoes, 07. It's Now Or Never, 08. All Shook Up, 09. Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel, 10. And I Love You So, 11. Fever, 12. Bridge Over Troubled Water, 13. Band Introductions, 14. Early Morning Rain, 15. What I'd Say, 16. Johnny B. Goode, 17. Drum solo (Ronnie Tutt), 18. Bass solo 1 (Blues, Jerry Scheff), 19. Bass solo 2 (Battle Of New Orleans, Jerry Scheff), 20. Piano solo (Tony Brown), 21. Electric piano solo (David Briggs), 22. Love Letters, 23. School Day, 24. Hurt, 25. Hound Dog, 26. Funny How Time Slips Away

Details "Let Me ... Sing Again":

The MxF label will soon release it's new second special product called “Let Me.. Sing Again" featuring both the Dinner and Midnight show from August 25th, 1973.  These recordings are taken directly from a first generation of original tapes. The afternoon show is previously unreleased show, the evening show previously released here is presented in a very improved audio-quality.

August 1973, Elvis Is back for his last summer season..The 1973 was begun in the better way, with the Aloha special at least commercial talking…But the things turned immediately toward the wrong direction..the man had too weight to bear in his human shoulders... But as always for Elvis the music keeps his mind alive and overall the best moments of our man is when He is on the stage..The August 1973 is no exception.

The August 25 present Elvis in positive mood, both the shows are solid and well performed... Elvis deliveries some killer version of My Boy and You Gave Me a Mountain, keeping steady part of the show the two classic Suspicious Minds and Bridge Over Troubled Water and delighting the audience with the sensitive The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face and rocker&blues latest single Steamroller Blues.

The sound is very good for an ambient recording, We have on our hands the original mono tape of extremely good quality enabling us to carry out a simple re-mastering work, concentrating on the reduction of noise trying to achieve a more clear sound balancing the channel and put at the right speed the tape. The result a pretty dynamic tape with a great definition of the background music and for sure you can live the atmosphere of a Elvis’ concert in the seventy.

This is the second very special Product for this label, this new double set will be housed in a deluxe 7”( 20x20 cm ) size digipack, containing a bonus card with a collection of live photographs newspapers clips and memorabilia plus a high quality glossy 135 gram paper poster of 60x20 cm size.

In matter to have a special collector item, the 400 copies will be presented with four different sleeves variation. All the copies will come hand numbered sticker and individually sealed and Please remember! This is a limited hand numbered edition of 400 copies. The first 100 copies (variation 1 of sleeve) will be housed in a special die-cut and crucifold sleeve. This deluxe edition will have exclusive content. CD 1 has a running-time of approx. 54.00 minutes, CD 2 has a running-time of approx. 55.00 minutes. 

Tracklist Las Vegas August 25, 1973 DS Previously Unreleased: 

01.2001 Theme 02.See See Rider 03.I Got A Woman/Amen 04. Love Me 05. Steamroller Blues 06.You Gave Me A Mountain 07. Blue Suede Shoes 08.Rock Medley 09.Love Me Tender 10. Fever 11. Bridge Over Troubled Water (+ reprise) 12. Suspicious Minds 13.Band Introductions 14.Release Me 15. Teddy Bear/Don’t Be Cruel 16.An American Trilogy 17.A Big Hunk O Love 18. Heartbreak Hotel 19.The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face ( missing some seconds at the begin) 20.Can’t Help Falling In Love 21.Closing Vamp

CD 2   Las Vegas August 25, 1973 MS: 

01.2001 Theme 02. See See Rider 03. I Got A Woman/Amen 04. Love Me 05. Steamroller Blues 06. You Gave Me A Mountain 07. Blue Suede Shoes 08.Rock Medley 09. Love Me Tender 10. Fever 11. What Now My Love 12. Suspicious Minds (missing last seconds) 13. Band Introductions 14. My Boy 15. I Can’t Stop Loving You 16. An American Trilogy 17. Release Me 18. It’s A Matter Of Time 19. Elvis introduces Dee and Vernon Presley 20. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 21.Bridge Over Troubled Water 22.Can’t Help Falling In Love 23.Closing Vamp 

Blue Suede Book

Due for release from Glitterati on August 1, 2017 is the book "Blue Suede Shoes: The Culture Of Elvis".

From the publisher
"Larger-than-life in talent, Elvis Presley was also legendarily charismatic, a man who left a deep and lasting impression on every person who knew him. Blue Suede Shoes is an all-access pass to the personal world of Elvis Presley, an intimate look at the culture he created and the legacy he left behind.

From photographer Thom Gilbert (Soul: Memphis’ Original Sound) comes this unique visual history, an interplay of photographs and stories that reveal the private Elvis. This stunningly photographed collection pairs personal anecdotes from 75 of Elvis's friends, fellow musicians, and fans, with portraits of the people whose lives he touched and the objects and artifacts he left behind.

Rediscover the man behind the image through these photographs of the places he lived and recorded, the jewelry and clothing he wore, and even the gifts he chose for friends (plus, uniquely, items that were given to Elvis) and through reading first-hand accounts from those whose experienced his profound generosity. A magnificent gift for fans old and new, Blue Suede Shoes provides a beautiful and insightful look at one of America’s most beloved performers."

(Source: FECC / Elvis Club Berlin)

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