November 09 - Al Caiola Guitarist Died

Al Caiola, a versatile guitarist who recorded hit versions of the themes from the westerns "The Magnificent Seven" and "Bonanza" and worked with artists ranging from Buddy Holly to Tony Bennett, died on Nov. 9 in Allendale, N.J. He was 96.

It is in the news that Al Caiola played with Elvis on the 'Viva Las Vegas' song "Santa Lucia" but that is actually not correct. In late 1965 (oddly after 'Santa Lucia' was released as the original 1 minute version on 'Elvis For Everyone') RCA had Al Caiola overdub a new middle-section to create an extended "Santa Lucia" of over 2 minutes. This has never been released.

(Source: Elvis Information Network)

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