January 01 - A New Year, A New Logo

I wish you all the best for 2017! This year marks the 40th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s untimely death. Let’s see what this year will bring us Elvis fans. 

On her Facebook page Priscilla Presley posted:
"Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2017 will be better. We've lost so  many talented and wonderful people who have touched our lives. May they  rest in peace. And let's hope that all the unrest that is going on in  our world today will somehow come to an end without war, hate,  irrational impulses and insanity. We need more than prayer and hope."

The year kicks off with the birthday celebrations and the 7th. Graceland Auction. This year the Elvis' Birthday Celebration will be held at Graceland's new resort, The Guest House at Graceland. Here are the first merchandise designs for "Elvis 40" from EPE.

(Source: EPE / EM)

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