January 08 - Elvis Day

January 8, 2017 markt - what would have been - Elvis Presley's 82nd. birthday. 

The Essential Undubbed Masters 

Just released is the 8 CD set "‪The Essential Undubbed Masters".

From the press-release:

Recording sessions can be time-consuming.‬ The process of recording a song or album is often very interesting.‬ ‪It’s like playing live in the studio, with the difference that if one goofed, they had to do it all over. ‬ ‪Small corrections could be made but especially erasing something from the tape was a problem.‬

‪Later on with the introduction of multitrack recording‬ equipment it became much easier to alter the recordings. ‬‪Channels could be erased or added and levels could be adjusted for each separate channel. ‬

‪Often a track that ends up on an lp or 45 contains overdubs‬ that were made at a later stage and added to the master take.‬ ‪Also most of The Elvis masters contain such overdubs.‬ ‪This set contains the master takes as they were made in the studio, without those overdubs.‬ ‪It’s as close as it gets to the pure sound of Elvis.‬

CD 1:
Long Black Limousine (Unrepaired Undubbed Master) - This Is The Story (Vocal Replaced Unedited Undubbed Master) - Wearin’ That Loved On Look (Vocal Replaced Unedited Undubbed Master) - You’ll Think Of Me (Vocal Replaced Undubbed Master) - I’m Movin’ On (Unrepaired Undubbed Master) - A Little Bit Of Green (Unedited Unrepaired Undubbed Master) - Gentle On My Mind (Vocal Replaced Undubbed Master) - In The Ghetto (Vocal Replaced Undubbed Master) - Rubberneckin’ (Undubbed Master) - Hey Jude (Unedited Undubbed Master) - ,My Little Friend (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Inherit The Wind (Undubbed Master) - Mama Liked The Roses (Vocal Overdubbed Undubbed Master) - From A Jack To A King (Unrepaired Undubbed Master) - Without Love (There Is Nothing)(Undubbed Master) - I’ll Be There (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Suspicious Minds (Undubbed Master) - Stranger In My Own Home Town (Unedited Undubbed Master) - True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (Unedited Undubbed Master) - And The Grass Won’t Pay No Mind (Unedited Unrepaired Undubbed Master)

CD 2:
Power Of My Love (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Do You Know Who I Am? (Unedited Unrepaired Undubbed Master) - Kentucky Rain (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Only The Strong Survive (Vocal Replaced Unedited Undubbed Master) - It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin’ (Undubbed Master) - Any Day Now (Unrepaired Undubbed Master) - If I’m A Fool (For Loving You) (Unedited Undubbed Master) - The Fair’s Moving On(Unrepaired Undubbed Master) - Who Am I? (Undubbed Master) - Twenty Days And Twenty Nights (Undubbed Master) - I’ve Lost You (Undubbed Master) - The Sound Of Your Cry (Edited - Undubbed Master) - The Fool (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Little Cabin Home On The Hill (Undubbed Master) - Cindy, Cindy (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Bridge Over Troubled Water (Unrepaired Undubbed Master) - Got My Mojo Working / Keep Your Hands Off Of It (Unedited Undubbed Master) - How The Web Was Woven (Undubbed Master) - It’s Your Baby, You Rock It (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Stranger In The Crowd (Undubbed Master)

CD 3:
I’ll Never Know (Undubbed Master) - Mary In The Morning (Undubbed Master) - It Ain’t No Big Thing (But It’s Growing) (Undubbed Master) - You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (Undubbed Master) - Just Pretend (Undubbed Master) - This Is Our Dance (Undubbed Master) - Life (Undubbed Master) - Heart Of Rome (Composite - Undubbed Master) - When I’m Over You (Unedited Undubbed Master) - I Really Don’t Want To Know (Undubbed Master) - Faded Love (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Tomorrow Never Comes (Composite - Undubbed Master) - The Next Step Is Love (Undubbed Master) - Make The World Go Away (Composite - Undubbed Master) - Funny How Time Slips Away (Undubbed Master) - I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Love Letters (Undubbed Master) - There Goes My Everything (Undubbed Master) - If I Were You (Undubbed Master)

CD 4:
Only Believe (Undubbed Master) - Sylvia (Undubbed Master) - Patch It Up (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Where Did They Go, Lord (Undubbed Master) - Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Rags To Riches (Vocal Replaced Undubbed Master) - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Undubbed Master) - Early Mornin’ Rain (Composite - Undubbed Master) - Miracle Of The Rosary (Undubbed Master) - Help Me Make It Through The Night (Composite Undubbed Master) - Until It’s Time For You To Go (Undubbed Master) - I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen (Undubbed Master) - It’s Only Love (Undubbed Master) - He Is My Everything (Undubbed Master) - I, John (Undubbed Master) - Separate Ways (Undubbed Master) - Where Do I Go From Here (Undubbed Master) - Burning Love  (Edited - Undubbed Master) - Fool (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Always On My Mind (Undubbed Master) - It’s A Matter Of Time (Undubbed Master) - Take Good Care Of Her (Undubbed Master) - I’ve Got A Thing About You Baby (Undubbed Master)

CD 5 :
Girl Of Mine (Undubbed Master) - Sweet Angeline (Undubbed Master) - I Got A Feelin’ In My Body (Undubbed Master) - It’s Midnight (Unedited Undubbed Master) - You Asked Me To (Undubbed Master) - If You Talk In Your Sleep (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Mr. Songman (Undubbed Master) - Thinking About You (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Love Song Of The Year (Undubbed Master) - Help Me (Undubbed Master) - My Boy (Undubbed Master) - Loving Arms (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Talk About The Good Times (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Promised Land (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Your Love’s Been A Long Time Coming (Unedited Undubbed Master) - There’s A Honky Tonk Angel (Who’ll Take Me Back In)(Undubbed Master) - If That Isn’t Love (Undubbed Master) - Spanish Eyes (Undubbed Master) - She Wears My Ring (Undubbed Master) - Fairytale (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Green, Green Grass Of Home (Undubbed Master) - I Can Help (Undubbed Master)

CD 6:
And I Love You So (Undubbed Master) - Susan When She Tried (Unedited Undubbed Master) - T-R-O-U-B-L-E (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Woman Without Love (Undubbed Master) - Shake A Hand (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Bringin’ It Back (Undubbed Master) - Pieces Of My Life (Undubbed Master) - She Thinks I Still Care (Unedited Undubbed Master) - The Last Farewell (Composite - Undubbed Master) - Solitaire (Undubbed Master) - Moody Blue (Unedited Undubbed Master) - I’ll Never Fall In Love Again (Undubbed Master) - For The Heart (Undubbed Master) - Hurt (Undubbed Master) - Never Again (Undubbed Master) - Love Coming Down (Undubbed Master) - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (Unedited Undubbed Master) - It’s Easy Or You (Undubbed Master) - Way Down (Undubbed Master) - Pledging My Love (Unedited Undubbed Master)

CD 7:
O Come All Ye Faithful (Undubbed Master) - The First Noel (Undubbed Master) - On A Snowy Christmas Night (Undubbed Master) - The Wonderful World Of Christmas (Undubbed Master) - It Won’t Seem Like Christmas (Without You)(Undubbed Master) - I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day (Undubbed Master) - If I Get Home On Christmas Day (Undubbed Master) - Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees (Undubbed Master) - Merry Christmas Baby (Unedited Undubbed Master) - Silver Bells (Undubbed Master)

CD 8 - Bonus Songs:
Long Black Limousine (Vocal Repaired Undubbed Master) - I’m Movin’ On (Vocal Replaced Undubbed Master) - A Little Bit Of Green (Vocal Replaced Undubbed Master) - And The Grass Won’t Pay No Mind (Vocal Repaired Undubbed Master) - After Loving You (Unedited Master) - Do You Know Who I Am? (Vocal Repaired Undubbed Master) - Any Day Now (Vocal Repaired Undubbed Master) - For The Good Times (Undubbed Master With Vocal Overdub) - Love Song Of The Year (Undubbed Master With Backing Vocals) - Pieces Of My Life (Undubbed Master Different Mix) - Heart Of Rome (Take 3 & Workpart 1 Used For Composite Master) - Inherit The Wind (Vocal Overdub Take 1 Used For Composite Master) - Inherit The Wind (Vocal Overdub Take 2 Used For Composite Master) - Rags To Riches (Take 3 - Used For Composite Master) - Rags To Riches (Take 4 - Used For Composite Master) - Bitter They Are Harder They Fall (Undubbed Master)

(Source: Twitter / FECC)

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