April 23 - Chris Bearde Died

Chris Bearde, who wrote for Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, produced The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour and created The Gong Show, has died. He was 80. Bearde also co-wrote Elvis Presley's 'Comeback Special' for NBC in 1968. Chris Bearde died Sunday morning of a sudden heart attack at his home in Westlake, Calif., his son, Tyler Bearde, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Steve Binder notes, "Chris Bearde and co-writer Allan Blye went and bought every single album and 45 that Elvis had ever recorded and locked themselves in a room and didn't leave it until they had worked out the basic format. Chris Bearde had a tremendous personality and practically performed their entire show in front of Elvis. You could tell by Elvis' reactions that he loved their ideas and the concept. In fact Elvis was so enthusiastic he didn't want to change a thing, which made me a little nervous!" 

(Source: FECC / Hollywood Reporter / Elvis Information Network)

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