May 04 - Spliced Charts (Updated)

Elvis Presley has no album on the US Billboard Album Top 200 chart for the week ending May 13, 2017. 
  • 'The Wonder Of You' drops from 11 to 13 on the Classical Albums Chart
  • 'If I Can Dream' rises from 23 to 20 on the Classical Albums Chart
  • 'Elvis: Ultimate Gospel' drops from 15 to 25 on the Country Catalog Albums Chart; rises from 31 to 30 on the Top Christian Albums Chart and remains at 30 on the Christian And Gospel Albums Chart
  • 'Heart And Soul' drops from 13 to 17 on the Country Catalog Albums Chart
  • 'The Essential Elvis Presley' remains at 43 on the Top Country Albums Chart 
  • 'He Touched Me' (The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley) (Vols.1 and 2) drops from 4 to 22 on the Music Video Sales Chart
UK Charts

Elvis Presley has no entries on the Official UK Top 100 Album chart for the week ending May 5, 2017. Other Elvis Entries on the UK Album Specialist charts:
  • 'The Wonder Of You' rises from 81 to 65 on the Physical Album Chart and rises from 93 to 82 on the Album Sales Chart 
  • 'The Platinum Collection' rises from 69 to 67 on the Physical Album Chart; drops from 22 to 23 on the Indie Albums Chart and drops from 88 to 89 on the Album Sales Chart
  • 'The Wonder Of You' drops from 66 to 67 on the Scottish Album Chart
  • 'The Platinum Collection' drops from 83 to 87 on the Scottish Album Chart
Australian Charts

The DVD 'Elvis – The King Of Rock’n’Roll – 30 Hit Performances And More' climbed from #34 to #30 on the Australian Music DVD chart. 

Spliced Release

The CMT importrelease "Spliced Takes - Blue Moon" has been released. It contains 30 newly made tracks from original spliced takes by the STAR team. 
That's All Right - Spliced take 2,3 My Baby's Gone Spliced take 6,7,6 Ill Never Let You Go - Spliced take Jailhouse Rock - Spliced take 7,8,7,6/Pick up take 2 Shake, Ratlle and Roll - Alternate Master (long version) When It Rains It Really Pours - Spliced take 8,5 I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine - Spliced take 2,3,1 Money Honey - Spliced take 10,5,6 Paralyzed - Spliced take 12,5 * I'm Counting On You - Spliced take 13,UN,14,13 I Want To Be Free - Spliced take 8,9 Doncha Think It's Time - Spliced take 39,47,40 Playing for Keeps - Spliced take 7 ,18 * Poor Boy - Spliced take 1,3 Lonesome Cowboy - Spliced take 25,20 * Treat Me Nice (1st movie vs) - Spliced take 12,13 I Was the One - Alternate Master Don't Leave Me Now (Record vs) - Spliced take 17,15,18,8 I Love You Because - Spliced take 4,5 Blueberry Hill - Spliced take 6,5,4,7,8 Baby, I Don't Care - Spliced take 4,1 Lover Doll - Spliced EP/LP/EP Version Let Me - Spliced take 3,4,3 (reversed master) Too Much - Spliced take 12/insert take 2 * I Beg of You - Alternate Master Rip It Up - Spliced take 18,17,17 Young and Beautiful (record vs) - Spliced take 1,3 As Long As I Have You (movie vs) - Spliced take 6,7 Harbor Lights - Spliced take 6,7 Blue Moon Spliced take 7,8.

(Brian Quinn on FECC)

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