May 31 - A Boy From Tupelo

Due from RCA Legacy on July 28, 2017 is the 3 CD set ’A Boy from Tupelo’. Due one day later from the same label is the vinyl album ’A Boy from Tupelo: the Sun Masters’.

Due from the Not Now Music label on June 16, 2017 are two new 3 CD sets; 'Elvis in the 50's' and 'Elvis in the 60's'. 

Product Description 50's box:

There's a reason they called Elvis Presley the King. It wasn't just the swagger in his hips, the suggestive onstage dancing, or the sly smile that set female hearts and loins alight wherever he went. As this 3CD set, drawn from his 1950s recordings proves, Elvis' voice was nothing less than sensational - warm and humorous, pleading and teasing and full of promise. Elvis could cajole or roar as the occasion demanded. He was capable of interpreting a lyric in a way that made it hard to imagine anybody else covering that song. And he sang this mixture of blues and country and soul - this new thing they were starting to call rock'n'roll.

Product Description 60's box:
Hard to believe now, but when Elvis Presley was conscripted into the US Army in 1958, the King of Rock & Roll was convinced his career was over! Elvis was certain his teenage fans wouldn t wait for two whole years, and believed that his crown would be stolen by a singer he admired hugely - Roy Orbison. But, as we now know, Elvis returned to the real world in triumph in 1960, as this fascinating 3CD package drawn from his early 1960s recordings vividly demonstrates.

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