August 16 - 40 Years Gone

It will be 40 years on the 16th of August that The King died, leaving millions of fans behind. Still today, his ingenious music, style statements and over the top lifestyle fascinate. The Stylight website partnered with the music streaming platform Deezer, and looked back at 10 things you did not know about Elvis Presley. From his windmill dance move to his rockabilly hair there is no denying, especially with the millions of fans still streaming his songs, The King’s era is still alive.

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Impact Of Elvis Lasts Today

The Dutch NOS news-site did a nice story on the impact of Elvis Presley which still lasts today "There is no new Elvis, because everyone is listening in his own bubble".

He was able to make the black music mainstream, at the heart of pop culture and was a worldwide sex symbol: Elvis Presley. Today, it's forty years since he died in Memphis. His influence on pop music is invaluable. Are there pop artists who are as innovative as Elvis at the time or who have the same impact? Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé or Jay Z, for example? Music connoisseurs do not think: "The impact of Elvis is not over."

Music is now everywhere, releases pop journalist Gijsbert Chamber. "A summer hit like Despacito this year can be missed by listening to your own music only. In Elvis's time, you could not hear that, when listening to the radio, you heard Elvis."

"A new Elvis can not be at all, that's been," says Leo Blokhuis. "He is the big bang of pop culture - even though there was a prelude." Rock-'n-roll originated as black music, but Elvis made the music stream mainstream and eventually all other pop music came out, Blokhuis said. "The musical revolution makes him unique, that impact he has and can not be overlooked by anyone."

In the segregated America of the 1950s, a white artist like Elvis was required to grow rock-n roll, Blokhuis explains. "In addition, Elvis added his appearance and appearance, making the connection between black and white, which made a huge impact."

During the first TV shows in The Ed Sullivan Show, he should not be filmed under his waist. "Moving his hips was obscene, which indicates what shock he caused in America in the 1950s."

The time joint was unique, say Room and Blokhuis. "Elvis and The Beatles were the first to make pop music so popular," said Chamber. "Ultimately, all modern music currents are rock-n-roll branches, shortly afterwards, pop, soul, funk, r & b and hard rock originated, which is a consequence of Elvis's big bang," Blokhuis said.

Now, in a time of music on YouTube and Spotify, it's different. It is much fragmented. "I've been hoping for a real pop star once again that connects everyone," said Chamber. "But it's difficult, now everyone is listening to music in his own bubble. You have your own Spotify playlist and do not have to listen to what's popular."

Individually, an artist can still have huge impact, Blokhuis thinks. "If I look at Justin Bieber's concerts, I believe he has huge impact on all the girls who are watching, but that's individual." Chamber also thinks that a teenager like Bieber can not make the same impact: "We will not know him about fifty years now, as we know Elvis now."

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(Source: Stylight / NOS)

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