November 02 - Books It's Now Or Never

Due for release from the Ducosphere label on December 01, 2017 is the vinyl compilation "Elvis Presley - Hits: It's Now Or Never 1956 - 1962

Elvis: 'The Movies' large Hardback Book

The book “Elvis: The Movies”, due November 10, 2017, is back from the printers and on it’s way to dealers worldwide. “Elvis: The Movies” is a new large hardback book containing over 400 pages with a lot of unseen pictures by Alan Hanson and Erik Lorentzen.

X-ray Auction

An X-ray which shows the broken bone in Elvis Presley's hand which he sustained when performing a karate chop will go to auction next month. 

The scan was ordered for the King of Rock and Roll by his physician, Dr Elias Ghanem, during a health check when Presley moaned about pain in his left hand. It confirmed that the late musician had a small fracture half way up his little finger at the fifth metacartal. The two X-ray print out measure 10 inches by 12 inches and were take on September 9, 1973.

Along with the two views of Presley's hand, three medical notes written by Ghanem on yellow and green paper will also go to auction.

(Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Various)

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