January 31 - Big Boss Man In Vegas

The Rock N Roll Majesty import-label announced the release of the 4 CD longbox "Big Boss Man In Vegas", a limited edition of 350 numbered sets. Like their previous outings this box contains previously released material; two 1974 concerts (on four discs).

The August 30, 1974 midnight show was released on "Night Fever In Vegas" by the Rock Legends import-label in 1997 and later as "Black Angels In Vegas" by the Venus Productions import-label in 2009.

The September 2, 1974 closing show, was previously released as "Desert Storm" by the Fort Baxter import-label in 1997 and this show was later released by various labels as "Strung Out In Vegas" (Godfather Records) and "Time To Dare" (MxF import-label).

(Source: The Music of Elvis Presley)