July 12 - Elvis At The Printers

Next up from JAT Publishing is a new book about "Harum Scarum - The Book" featuring over 150 unreleased photos from the 1965 movie according to the press-release. From the recording sessions, to the backlot, straight to the filming. Presented in colour and B&W, celebrating 30 years of JAT Publishing, as Elvis brings the big beat to Baghdad. 

As a bonus there is an extra chapter on 'Behind The Scenes of Girl Happy'. Following this will be (finally) the re-release of "The Definitive Vinyl Artwork of Elvis Presley 1956-1977" Hardcover Book.

Strictly Elvis 1976-77

The sequel to Keith Alverson's "Strictly Elvis 1973-75 "Through the lens of Keith Alverson - Volume 2" is at the printers and will be published this month in time for Elvis Week. Erik Lorentzen notes that it will be around 450 pages featuring 1,200 photos from 27 concerts including 1,000 previously unpublished images. The quality of the photos are stunning according to the press-release.

(Source: JAT Publishing / Elvis Information Network)

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