March 10 - Full Force At The Auctionblock

The import CD "At Full Force" - a remake of the original Fort Baxter release "Hot Winter Night In Dallas" - was  released by the Audionics label.

The entertainment auction by 'Gotta Have Rock And Roll' closed. The auction had 278 lots with Elvis releated items. The lot with the highest minimum bid price - the set of 3D concert pictures - remained unsold. The asking price of $35,000 was just to high to attract buyers. Personal belongings of Elvis however, are still very popular. The first place is shared by two items. The denim jacket and pants from 'Stay Away Joe' and the red suede jacket that can be seen on many promo pictures are both sold for $34,529 each.

Jailhouse Rock Jackets Real?

From several fan forums:

Last week, the Gotta Have It! Music Memorabilia Auction went live on and on that was a red jacket said to be the one worn by Elvis during publicity shots for the 'Jailhouse Rock' movie. The estimate was $10,000 but after 9 bidders it sold for a massive $41,434.80, but is the jacket even real?

When this one sold in New York, there was another red jacket claiming to be the very same as the same thing on display at the Hard Rock Cafe in Gothenburg, Sweden. So which one, if any, are real?

The New York auction one had two labels sewn inside. First is "Macgregor" who manufactured it & below that is a "Lansky's" label. One fan over on a forum tells he showed the picture to Bernard Lansky and asked if it looked like the real thing and he said it didn't. If it had a Lansky tag, it was made for Lansky's, otherwise it would just have the tag of the original manufacturer.

Another fan points to a THIRD jacket which is on display at the 'Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame Museum' in Orlando and the tag apparently clearly stated Elvis Presley and MGM. So we have THREE Jailhouse Rock jackets and no real way of knowing what one is the definitive one so to speak.

The Rock n Roll hall of fame does sound more likely but with Bernard Lansky saying the label thing would never happen then it does look like it's a 41 thousand dollar fake?

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