August 22 - Weekend Charts

The "Heart And Soul" compilation climbed from #123 to #112 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for the week ending August 30, 2014. The compilation also climbed on the Catalogue Album chart from #17 to #15.

The “The Real … Elvis” re-entered the Italian Album charts at #69. 

The “Elvis – That’s The Way It Is” set climbed from #81 to #69 on the Belgian Album chart. The set dropped off the German and Swiss Album charts. The "Elvis -That’s The Way It Is" set entered the Belgian Ultrapop Album charts at #90 this week. The set fell off the German Album chart.

The DVD "King Of Rock ’n’ Roll" re-entered the Australian Music DVD chart once more at #39.

Final Countdown To The Release-date

The second edition of the "The Final Countdown To Midnight" have been released as a single CD and a DVD. 

New Releases

Two new compilations are due from SMBE Records on September 09, 2014; "60's: Elvis Presley" and "70's: Elvis Presley". Also due from Mischief Music on October 13, 2019 is a 3CD set entitled "Elvis Presley". More details when available. 

The King In Motion

The latest release from the Venus import-label "Wahoo From Omaha - The King In Motion Volume 2" has been released. This release is a 305 page book with pictures from1974. As a bonus the label added a CD and DVD. 

Inside The Graceland Guesthouse

Elvis Presley Enterprises posted a video with a preview of the guest room of the new Graceland guesthouse. 

(Source: Various / EPE / The king's world / Amazon)

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