August 22 - Elvis Sings All Kinds

The Spanish El Toro Records (Broken Arrow) label announced the release of four new colored vinyl EP’s all due September 15, 2017. 

Tracks Elvis Sings Otis Blackwell (Limited edition green vinyl)

1. Paralysed (Side A, 33 RPM)
2. Fever
3. Return To Sender (Side B, 45 RPM)
4. Easy Question

Tracks Elvis Sings New Orleans (Limited edition white vinyl)

1. One Night (A-Seite)
2. Crawfish
3. Blueberry Hill (B-Seite)
4. Witchcraft

Tracks Elvis Sings Ivory Joe Hunter (Limited edition blue vinyl)

1. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
2. I Need You So 
3. My Wish Come True 

Tracks Elvis Sings Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup (Limited Edition purple vinyl)

1. That's All Right (A-Seite)
2. So Glad You're Mine
3. My Baby Left Me (B-Seite)
4. That's All Right (Alternative Take)

Elvis White Knabe Piano Sells for $375,000

Elvis famous white Knabe baby grand piano was sold on Ebay for US $375,190 after 117 bids. Previously figures of up to 1 million had been mentioned. The grand piano — which reportedly was played by W.C. Handy, Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Cab Calloway before it was acquired by Elvis Presley.  The piano was built in 1912 and an d bought by Elvis in 1957 after he moved in to Graceland. It stayed in his Music Room at Graceland until 1969.

A statement on the piano reads: “It was played constantly by Elvis and many friends for practice sessions, friendly sing alongs and untold numbers of jam sessions by Elvis and visiting celebrities to Graceland and became one of Elvis's most loved, personal musical instruments.” In 2016 Heritage Auctions were hoping for  $600,000 for the same piano.  

(Source: Amazon / Elvis Info Network)

August 18 - Elvis Hits #1 In Scotland, #2 On UK Chart

Ed Sheeran pips Elvis Presley to Albums Number 1 in one of the year's closest chart races. The Top 2 on this week’s Official UK Albums Chart were separated by just 35 combined sales, and it is Ed Sheeran who scoops his 16th (non-consecutive) week at Number 1, denying Elvis Presley an extension of his Official Chart record. Elvis Presley missed out on the digital charts.

Elvis Presley is a new entry on the official UK Album chart for Friday August 18, 2017 with the compilation "The 50 Greatest Hits". This album was originally released in 2000. This week's new entry marks the 50th. week on the chart for this compilation.

Elvis’ collection, re-released in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of his death, reaches a new peak of #2 following its previous best of #8 achieved in 2000.Elvis holds the record for the most Number 1 albums ever achieved by a solo artist; he topped the Official Albums Chart last year with his 13th Number 1 album The Wonder Of You, his collaborative collection with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Official UK Top 40 Albums Chart Top 5:

1 Ed Sheeran - Divide (with 15,343 copies sold)
2 50 Elvis Presley -  The 50 Greatest Hits (with 15,308 copies sold)
3 Glen Campbell - Adios
4 Kesha - Rainbow
5 Rag’n’Bone Man - Human

Other UK charts this week:

  • The "The 50 Greatest Hits" album is a new entry at #18 on the Official UK Album Downloads chart.
  • The "The 50 Greatest Hits" album is a new entry at #52 on the Official UK Album Streaming chart.
  • The "The 50 Greatest Hits" album is a new entry at #1 on the Official Physical Sales Album Downloads chart.
  • The "The 50 Greatest Hits" album is a new entry at #1 on the Official UK Album Sales chart.
  • The "The Platinum Collection" rises from #65 to #49 on the Album Sales Chart and also rises from 50 to 39 on the Physical Album Chart
  • 'The Wonder Of You' is a re-entry at 67 on the Album Sales Chart and is also a re-entry at 61 on the Physical Album Chart
  • The "If I Can Dream" album is a re-entry at #94 on the Album Sales Chart and is also a re-entry at #87 on the Physical Album Chart
  • The "A Boy From Tupelo" set drops from #79 to #91 on the Physical Album Chart
  • The 6-DVD-Box "The Elvis Collection" re-entered the Official UK Music DVD chart at #7. 
  • The "Elvis Lives – The 25th Anniversary Concert" DVD re-entered the Official UK Music DVD chart at #37.
  • The 3 DVD Box "Elvis – The DVD Gold Collection" entered the Official UK Music DVD chart at #45.
European Charts
  • The "The 50 Greatest Hits" album is a new entry at #34 on the Official Irish Album chart.
  • The "The 50 Greatest Hits" album is a new entry at #1 on the Official Scottish Album chart.
  • The "The Real Elvis" album rises from #30 to #10 on the Scottish Album Chart
  • The "The Platinum Collection" set rises from #85 to #48 on the Scottish Album Chart
  • The "Rockin' Elvis - The Absolutely" album is a re-entry at 72 on the Scottish Album Chart
  • The "The Wonder Of You" is a re-entry at #89 on the Scottish Album Chart
  • The "If I Can Dream" album is a re-entry at #90 on the Scottish Album Chart
  • The "Top 40 - His Ultimate Top 40 Collection" climbed from #11 to #7 on the Belgian Mid-price Album chart. 
  • On the Dutch Mid-pice Album chart the "50 Greatest Hits" is a new entry at #39.
  • On the Dutch Mid-pice Album chart the "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" is a re-entry at #11.
  • The "The Wonder Of You" CD climbed fro m #25 to #4 on the French Album chart at #25. 
  • The double album "Elvis Symphonique – Elvis Presley Avec Le Royal Philharmonic Orchestra" entered the Swiss Album chart at #55
Billboard Charts
  • The "The Wonder Of You" album climbed from #3 to #2 on the US Billboard Classical Album chart. 
  • The "Ultimate Gospel" album climbed from #37 to #28 on the US Christian Album chart. 
  • The "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" compilation dropped from #35 to #40 on the US Billboard Country Album chart. 
Australian Charts
  • The DVD "Elvis – The King Of Rock’n’Roll – 30 Hit Performances And More" climbed from #33 to #27 on the Australian Music DVD chart. 
(Source: BBC / FECC / Official Chart Company / Billboard / Brian Quinn / The King's World / Dutchcharts)

August 17 - Vigil Numbers Down On 2012

Forty years ago today, Elvis Presley died in his Memphis home. As one of the world's biggest stars and a pioneering voice in rock and roll music, news of his death at age 42 would give rise to the cult of personality that endures still today.

It's a fandom that drew an estimated crowd of 50,000 to 60,000 people last night to Elvis Presley Boulevard for Graceland's annual Candlelight Vigil, about 15,000 fewer than five years ago. Officials predicted a larger than average attendance this year, enticed by the recent $130 million expansion of the entertainment complex.

But many long-time Elvis fans had as much to say about the corporate changes at Graceland and EPE as they did about their love for the King of Rock and Roll.
"It's just not the same; it just isn't," said Kelly Diakonis, a frequent vigil attendee from Chicago. She was first in line outside the famous gates of Graceland on Tuesday afternoon.

"I don't think it's only me, most of everybody is saying the same thing. It's kind of Disney World now. It's lost that feeling of being someone's house."
The expansion added gift shops, a hotel and museum exhibits. It also added steeper admission prices.

Cheryl Skogan from LA said the structure and pricing of Elvis Week is broadcasting the wrong message to fans.
"It's not personal anymore; it's too commercial," she said. The most egregious change for die-hard Elvis fans was Graceland's decision to make the vigil a paid event. Traditionally, it has been free, giving everyone who wanted to wait in the enormous line the opportunity to walk quietly past Elvis' grave and pay their respects. Now locals who have no desire to buy tickets to see the Museum during Elvis Week must pay Graceland $28.75 for the privilege. Skogan called the scheme "ridiculous."

Graceland defended the cost, citing crowd size and beefed up security measures that kept many early arrivals standing in long lines just to access the street in front of the house. Far fewer in numbers were the homespun Elvis "shrines" set up most years by local Elvis fans. 

Elvis would have been 82 this year, and while the ages of his fans seem to get ever younger, his music itself remains ageless.

Miley Cyrus Channels Elvis

Miley Cyrus released the title track of her upcoming album together with a brand new music video on Friday. The video is for the song Younger Now, which is her second single off the new album, and features Miley channelling her inner Elvis Presley. The song follows the same style as her first single, Malibu, in that it focuses on her voice and raw instruments. 

(Source: WKNO / Elvis Information Network / Twitter / Channel 24)

August 16 - 40 Years Gone

It will be 40 years on the 16th of August that The King died, leaving millions of fans behind. Still today, his ingenious music, style statements and over the top lifestyle fascinate. The Stylight website partnered with the music streaming platform Deezer, and looked back at 10 things you did not know about Elvis Presley. From his windmill dance move to his rockabilly hair there is no denying, especially with the millions of fans still streaming his songs, The King’s era is still alive.

Click on the illustration or >>> here to download the inforgraphic in high resolution.

Impact Of Elvis Lasts Today

The Dutch NOS news-site did a nice story on the impact of Elvis Presley which still lasts today "There is no new Elvis, because everyone is listening in his own bubble".

He was able to make the black music mainstream, at the heart of pop culture and was a worldwide sex symbol: Elvis Presley. Today, it's forty years since he died in Memphis. His influence on pop music is invaluable. Are there pop artists who are as innovative as Elvis at the time or who have the same impact? Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé or Jay Z, for example? Music connoisseurs do not think: "The impact of Elvis is not over."

Music is now everywhere, releases pop journalist Gijsbert Chamber. "A summer hit like Despacito this year can be missed by listening to your own music only. In Elvis's time, you could not hear that, when listening to the radio, you heard Elvis."

"A new Elvis can not be at all, that's been," says Leo Blokhuis. "He is the big bang of pop culture - even though there was a prelude." Rock-'n-roll originated as black music, but Elvis made the music stream mainstream and eventually all other pop music came out, Blokhuis said. "The musical revolution makes him unique, that impact he has and can not be overlooked by anyone."

In the segregated America of the 1950s, a white artist like Elvis was required to grow rock-n roll, Blokhuis explains. "In addition, Elvis added his appearance and appearance, making the connection between black and white, which made a huge impact."

During the first TV shows in The Ed Sullivan Show, he should not be filmed under his waist. "Moving his hips was obscene, which indicates what shock he caused in America in the 1950s."

The time joint was unique, say Room and Blokhuis. "Elvis and The Beatles were the first to make pop music so popular," said Chamber. "Ultimately, all modern music currents are rock-n-roll branches, shortly afterwards, pop, soul, funk, r & b and hard rock originated, which is a consequence of Elvis's big bang," Blokhuis said.

Now, in a time of music on YouTube and Spotify, it's different. It is much fragmented. "I've been hoping for a real pop star once again that connects everyone," said Chamber. "But it's difficult, now everyone is listening to music in his own bubble. You have your own Spotify playlist and do not have to listen to what's popular."

Individually, an artist can still have huge impact, Blokhuis thinks. "If I look at Justin Bieber's concerts, I believe he has huge impact on all the girls who are watching, but that's individual." Chamber also thinks that a teenager like Bieber can not make the same impact: "We will not know him about fifty years now, as we know Elvis now."

The original article in >>> Dutch

(Source: Stylight / NOS)

August 15 - Hollywood's Heartthrob

Volume 11 of the "Elvis: The Official Collector's Edition" is entitled "Hollywood's Heartthrob".

The Official Elvis Presley Collector's Edition is proud to present the 11th Volume in its ongoing series celebrating America's favorite entertainer: Hollywood's Heartthrob. Today he's most often remembered as the King of Rock & Roll, but Elvis was also one of the 20th century's most beloved movie stars. This 100-page, glossy special edition is packed with the wildest stories, rarest photos, most interesting trivia and, as always, an introduction from Priscilla Presley, the woman who knew him best. 


Elvis Presley is featured on the weekly Closer magazine with inside the article "Elvis - The Women who Tried To Save Him Tell All". 

(Source: On Newsstands Now / Elvis Club Berlin)

August 14 - Demons And Jumpsuits

More than 40 of Elvis Presley’s trademark jumpsuits are to go on display for the first time in the UK for an exhibition focusing on his later, touring years. The three-month show at London’s O2 will tell the story of Elvis between 1969 and 1977 – his comeback years when he toured the US almost non-stop. They were also years in which he struggled with depression, obesity and an addiction to prescription drugs.

His ex-wife, Priscilla Presley, acknowledged they were, at times, difficult years, but told the Guardian: “We all have demons. The press likes to just focus on things like that but we all have our demons, we all have our ups and downs and unfortunately for the people who are in the limelight, it is magnified so many times more.”

The Presleys separated in 1972 and divorced the following year. They remained close and were photographed leaving the Los Angeles courthouse where their divorce was finalised, smiling and arm in arm.

Presley said that image was significant. “I wish people could work it out more,” she said. “Just because you separate or divorce doesn’t mean you’re not still in love: it’s just people move on, life changes, people grow up.”

Elvis performed more than 1,100 concerts in his later years, which would put a strain on any relationship. “Touring is not easy for any couple,” Presley said. After the separation they became even closer than before, she said. “We were there for each other, we cared for each other, we remained close, close friends. Elvis would talk to me about things which were going on his life.”

The O2 show will include more than 40 of the jumpsuits Elvis wore on stage, most of which have never been on display at Graceland, let alone the UK.

It will include three phoenix jumpsuits he wore on tours in 1974-75, which the designer had originally intended as zebras. “Elvis looked at the design upside-down and thought it was a bird,” said Graceland’s director of archives, Angie Marchese. So a stripy bird it became.

Given Elvis wore the jumpsuits for about six months at a time, the show will also feature some of the many dry cleaning and repair bills. There will be guitars, microphones, posters and tour trunks including one still filled with the silk scarves that he used to throw out to audiences.

Marchese said the aim of the show was for visitors to feel as if they were on tour with Elvis. One exhibit will be a recreation of the inside of the plane he used to fly from city to city.

The new show, announced during “Elvis Week” – he died aged 42 on 16 August 1977 – is the follow-up to an Elvis show staged at the O2 in 2014-15 that attracted more than 200,000 visitors.

Priscilla Presley said she was surprised by how popular the first exhibition had been. “We were all absolutely taken aback by the success of it, which is why we are doing it again … it’s by popular demand. People came back not just once or twice but sometimes three, four times.”

Marchese said the first show had exceeded expectations. “The UK loves Elvis and we know it. Elvis was never able to tour the UK so to bring this story to the UK and make it feel like Elvis is there, performing … that’s the excitement of it all.”

Elvis on Tour opens at the O2 in London on 3 November.

(Source: FECC / Daily Mail)

August 13 - A Blue Boy From Tupelo

The US Barnes And Nobles released an exclusive blue vinyl edition of the "A Boy From Tupelo: The Sun Masters" album. It comes with an additional 12x12 poster and includes a digital download of the album. 

Side A: That's All Right / Blue Moon of Kentucky /Good Rockin' Tonight / I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine / Milkcow Blues Boogie / You're a Heartbreaker / Baby, Let's Play House / I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone / I Forgot to Remember to Forget

Sibe B: Mystery Train \ I Love You Because \ Blue Moon \ I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin') \ Just Because \ Trying to Get to You \ Tomorrow Night \ Harbor Lights

(Source: FECC)

August 12 - Auction and Chart Results

Collectors from around the world raised their paddles to bid in hopes of going home with a piece of Elvis history at the “Auction at Graceland,” which took place at the new Guest House at Graceland Theater during the 40th Anniversary Elvis Week commemoration, with items selling for over $1.6 million.

The 40th Anniversary attracted a worldwide bidding contingent who participated in the auction of rare and authentic Elvis Presley artifacts and memorabilia. With an unprecedented 315 lots available, it was the largest and most comprehensive auction to date at Graceland.

Fans, music collectors and pop culture enthusiasts from around the world participated on site and online in the auction, with all 315 lots expertly authenticated by the staff of Graceland Authenticated.  All of the items in the auction were offered from third-party collectors and none of the items included in the auction came from the treasured Graceland Archives.  The mansion and all artifacts in the Graceland Archives continue to be owned by Lisa Marie Presley and are not for sale. Graceland Authenticated sets a new standard for pop culture authentication and appraisal to ensure artifact accuracy and provide evaluations of privately-owned collections.

Among the 315 items sold in the August 12 auction, notable items include:

  • Elvis Presley owned and stage-worn sleeveless jumpsuit and jacket - $250,000
  • Elvis Presley owned and worn gold and diamond ram’s head necklace - $138,750
  • Elvis Presley owned and worn gold and diamond guitar ring with “EP” initials - $112,500
  • 1973 Elvis Presley stage worn cape with tiger skin pattern on the interior - $83,750. The cape will be coming home to Graceland to join the jumpsuit and belt.
  • Elvis Presley TCB necklace - $75,000
  • Elvis Presley owned and worn red “elephant corduroy” suit - $62,500
  • March 26, 1956, Elvis Presley signed contract solidifying Colonel Parker as his exclusive management - $35,000
  • Historic 1977 Elvis Presley signed legal document giving Vernon Presley power of attorney, one of the last legal documents Elvis signed - $32,500
  • Elvis Presley handwritten and initialed note “When You’re Not In Love, You’re Not Alive – God Is Love. E.P.” - $27,500
  • Scotty Moore’s personal 1999 Gibson “ES-295 Scotty Moore” guitar – The first one made, presented to Scotty by Gibson - $25,000
  • The 3 CD box "Elvis Presley: A Boy From Tupelo – The Complete 1953-1955 Recordings" dropped off both the album charts in the United Kingdom and Germany after entering only last week. 
  • The 3 CD box "Elvis Presley: A Boy From Tupelo – The Complete 1953-1955 Recordings" dropped from #95 to #187 on the Belgian cAlbum chart.
  • The 3 CD box "Elvis Presley: A Boy From Tupelo – The Complete 1953-1955 Recordings" is a new entry on the Austrian Album chart at #48.
  • The 3 CD box "Elvis Presley: A Boy From Tupelo – The Complete 1953-1955 Recordings" is a new entry on the Swiss Album chart at #98.
  • The 3 CD box "Elvis Presley: A Boy From Tupelo – The Complete 1953-1955 Recordings" is a new entry on the Spanish Album chart at #68.
  • The vinyl "Elvis Presley: A Boy From Tupelo – The Sun Masters" album dropped off the Vinyl Album charts in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands. 
  • The double album "The Wonder Of You & If I Can Dream" by Elvis Presley and  The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra re-entered the Belgian Album chart at #196. 
  • The double album "Top 40 Elvis – His Ultimate Top 40 Collection" remained steady at #11 on the Belgian Mid-price Album chart. 
  • The CD "The Real… Elvis" re-entered the Irish Album charts at #96. 
  • The CD "The Real… Elvis" climbed from #32 to #30 on the Scottish Album chart. 
  • The "The Platinum Collection" budget release is a re-entry at #85 on the Scottish Album chart.
(Source: Graceland / The King's World / Official Charts)

August 11 - Elvis Presley's Piano On eBay

The UK based Daily Mail newspaper will give away a free Elvis Presley in the Mail tomorrow. With the coupon from the newspaper you can get "Love Me Tender" at WH Smith and Tesco Express stores.

Goldmine Legacy

The September 2017 edition, volume 885, of the Goldmine magazine features Elvis Presley on the cover and inside with the article "The Elvis Legacy".

Elvis' Piano For Sale (Again)

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death on August 16, 2017, his "Boy White Baby Grand Piano" will be auctioned on eBay. Parts of the proceeds are donated to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which provides hearing aids to needy children and adults around the world.

Link: >> Elvis piano on eBay

The auction of the piano by eBay for Charity will start on Friday, August 11, 2017, 02:00 am CET and end on Monday, August 21, 2017, 02:00 am CET. 

Turbulent history
The piano by Wm. Knabe & Co. from the year 1912 tells an extraordinary story and was performed by different music legends for almost a century. In the 1930s, it was at the Ellis Auditorium in Memphis, where, among other things, the hands of the musicians W.C. Cell phone, Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Cab Calloway slide over its buttons. In 1957 Elvis Presley got it and rebuilt it according to his ideas. In his house he used it as one of his favorite instruments for practice, for performances and jam sessions in the following years. The King of Rock'n'Roll was photographed on this piano for various daytime events in Memphis.

Revenues create listening experiences
Experts estimate the value of the piano at 2.5 to 5 million dollars and expect a record price at the auction. The Starkey Hearing Foundation's work is supported with a portion of the proceeds. The foundation operates worldwide in cooperation with local partners and supports hearing impaired people who can not afford hearing aids themselves.

Unbreakable enthusiasm on eBay
Elvis-Presley products are available every day on eBay. Also at the demand for Elvis products is still great. In the last 12 months (30.07.2016-30.07.2017), an average of 32 Elvis Presley plates were sold there every day.

(Source: Elvis Club Berlin / GoldMineMag.Com / eBay)

August 10 - Elvis Style

Elvis Presley is featured on the cover of the September 2017 issue of the German GQ Style magazine. 

"Elvis Presley died 40 years ago. But the King of Rock'n'Roll still fascinates and inspires today. With his music - and with his fashion. A style review! 

Everything about the style of Elvis Presley can be read in the September issue of the GQ."

Elvis Week Charts
  • The “The Wonder Of You“ album climbed from #8 to #3 on the US Billboard Classical Album chart. 
  • The “ELV1S 30 # 1 Hits” compilation climbed from #38 to #35 on the UC Billboard Country Album chart.
  • The Ultimate Gospel” compilation dropped from #26 to #37 on the US Billboard Christian Album chart.  
  • The “He Touched Me – The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley, Volumes 1 & 2“ double album re-entered the US Billboard Christian Album chart. 
(Source: Elvis Club Berlin / GQ-Magazin / Billboard / The King’s World)

August 09 - The Rhinestone Cowboy Died

Glen Campbell, the indelible voice behind 21 Top 40 hits including "Rhinestone Cowboy," "Wichita Lineman" and "By the Time I Get to Phoenix," died Tuesday. He was 81.

In his youth, Campbell started playing guitar and became obsessed with jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. He dropped out of school when he was 14 and moved to Wyoming with an uncle who was a musician, playing gigs together at rural bars. He soon moved to Los Angeles and by 1962 had solidified a spot in the Wrecking Crew, a group of session pros. In 1963 alone, he appeared on 586 cuts and countless more throughout the decade, including the Byrds' "Mr. Tambourine Man," Elvis Presley's "Viva Las Vegas,” Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried" and the Righteous Brothers' "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling." 

Glen had one recording session with Elvis and is listed as a participant on the "Viva Las Vegas" soundtrack and also on the 'B' side of the 45 containing "What'd I Say", in 1963. Glen also played and sang on demos for Elvis on the following three songs: "Slowly But Surely", "Stay Away Joe" and "All I Need Is the Rain". He did not play on the actual recordings of these songs.

Vintage Rocker

The latest edition of Vintage Rocker magazine features Elvis Presley on the cover. Inside three article “The Final Decade: Elvis”.

(Source: Rolling Stone Magazine / FECC / Vintage Rocker Magazine)

August 08 - Safe And Sound

Elvis presley's former bodyguard Dick Grob released a new book entitled "Safe And Sound". The 300 page book will be available during Elvis Week 2017.

From Dick Grob's site:
“Elvis Safe & Sound,” Dick’s new book, tells some of the stories experienced by the author over his ten year relationship with Elvis. Not only was Dick Elvis’ bodyguard and Chief of Security, he was Elvis’ close personal friend. Some of his stories are funny; some are scary; other’s just plain interesting.

“Elvis Safe & Sound” is jammed-packed with Dick’s personal descriptive accounts of his time with Elvis. The book tells just that, keeping Elvis safe while he delivered the sound of the 20th Century. Dick’s book tells stories from the road on tours and from Elvis' homes in Palm Springs and Graceland in Memphis. The complexities and organization required to ensure a safe tour are well documented from the archives of Dick Grob. Read about the rarely discussed Tahoe incident in 1974 to the bomb scare ordeal in Pittsburgh of 1976. First hand accounts from one who was there to give frank, honest perspectives are in the book. See who was there, who was where, and who left and when. View the never before published photos of Elvis on stage and the private photos of Dick’s family enjoying Elvis' generosity.

This book is jam packed with Dick’s documents, rare photos and eyewitness accounts of his life with Elvis and his contribution to keeping Elvis Safe and Sound. It includes documents from Dick’s personal archives as well as rare, never before seen photos of Elvis on stage, and copyrighted documents and photos (in color and black and white). “Elvis Safe & Sound” is a great narration of Dick’s authentic and personal time while he kept “Elvis Safe & Sound.” To the avid Elvis fan and the just interested fan, this book is a revealing and historical guide.

(Source: FECC / Jon Daly / Safe And Sound)

August 07 - Search For Free Elvis DVD

The UK Daily mail newspaper for Sunday August 13, 20-17 will contain a voucher  for a free "Frankie And Johnny" DVD. The voucher can be exchanged for the DVD at Tesco Express or WH Smith stores.

Elvis Symphonique

Sony Legacy France released the double CD “Elvis Symphonique”. This set contains the “The Wonder of You” and “If I Can Dream” albums by Elvis Presley and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra including all the bonus tracks previously only available on various special releases and deluxe sets. it comes with a 20 page booklet.

A Boy From Tupelo Short Film

Sony Legacy put a short movie on "The Boy From Tupelo" on-line. Watch it >> here

"A Boy From Tupelo: A Short Film" chronicles the story of Elvis Presley before he becomes world-famous, and how this amazing young man readies himself for stardom, achieving success on a level that no one could have dreamed possible. 

The short 15 minute film tells the story of Elvis Presley from the perspective of the people who witnessed his rise to the top. It features great footage of inside SUN studios, where it all began,and the original equipment (which created Rock'n'Roll history) with wonderful early photos of Elvis. Jerry Phillips features and there is some marvelous rare footage of Sam Phillips.

Elvis Presley - Rock 'N Roll!

The UK Republic of Music label released the 12 track vinyl compilation “Elvis Presley - Rock 'N Roll!”.
Tracks: 1. That's All Right Mama, 2. Surrender, 3. Ready Teddy,  4. All Shook Up,  5. Money Honey,  6. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy,  7. Blue Suede Shoes,  8. Tutti Frutti,  9. Shake Rattle and Roll,  10. Hound Dog,  11. Rip It Up,  12. Long Tall Sally

Elvis Presley: The Searcher

HBO announced the name of their forthcoming major Elvis documentary that will debut next year; “Elvis Presley: The Searcher”. The documantary will debut in 2018. 

“Elvis Presley: The Searcher” will be a three-hour, two-film presentation focusing on Elvis Presley the musical artist, taking the audience on a comprehensive creative journey from his childhood through the final 1976 Jungle Room recording sessions. The films include stunning atmospherics shot inside Graceland, Elvis’ iconic home, and feature more than 20 new, primary source interviews with session players, producers, engineers, directors and other artists who knew him or who were profoundly influenced by him. The documentary also features never-before-seen photos and footage from private collections worldwide.

An HBO Documentary Films Presentation in association with Sony Pictures Television; executive producers, Glen Zipper, Priscilla Presley, Jerry Schilling, Andrew Solt, Alan Gasmer and Jamie Salter (chairman and CEO, Authentic Brands Group); producers, Jon Landau and Kary Antholis; directed and produced by Thom Zimny. Thom Zimny,  is a Emmy and Grammy winner who has work on multiple Bruce Springsteen projects.

“The producers came to HBO and Sony with the idea for a film drawing upon very rare footage that captures Elvis’ musicianship in a new and exciting way. The artistry on display in that footage reminded us of the great work by Jon Landau and Thom Zimny on their previous HBO documentaries, we are thrilled to have them at the helm to lend their unique cinematic perspectives to this iconic, complex and singular artist” noted HBO's Kary Antholis.

(Source: FECC / Sony Legacy / HBO / Elvis Information Network / Elvis Aktuell)

August 06 - UK Vinyl Re-issues

The Real Gone Music record label announced the release of several extended plays from 1956  on white vinyl (25cm). All releases limited to 1000 copies. The first release in this "Original UK EP Collection" contains tracks by Elvis Presley:

Side A: 1. Blue Suede Shoes / 2. I’m Counting On You / 3. I Got A Woman / 4. One Sided Love Affair
Side B: 1. Tutti frutti / 2. Tryin’ To Get To You / 3. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry / 4. I’ll Never Let You Go 

Elvis in 2017 Calvin Klein Campaign

Showing that 40 years on Elvis and Andy Warhol are still important as objects of style, the new Calvin Klein Campaign features models standing against Andy Warhol's "Elvis 11 Times" from 1963 in the Mojave Desert, California. The campaign features the debut Calvis Klein 205W39NYC collection by Chief Creative Officer Raf Simons.

Shot by photographer Willy Vanderperre, the visually striking campaign presents a cast of 22 models shot against a series of billboards that feature billboards of the previous campaign – which include works by artist Andy Warhol – were erected in the California desert in the days leading up to the shoot. The campaign is a study in art and artifice, of the real and the imagined, the mannered world of high fashion combined with a sense of the everyday. Ultimately, the campaign explores the cinematic and romantic outsider’s view of America. 

(Source: UEPS / Elvis Information network)

August 05 - Weekend Charts

The charts for Elvis Presley this week:
  • The "The Wonder Of You" dropped from #4 to #8 on the US Billboard Classical Album chart.
  • The "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" dropped from #37 to #38 on the US Billboard Country Album chart. 
  • The "Ultimate Gospel" compilation climbed from #28 to #26 on the US Billboard Christian Album chart. 
  • The “A Boy From Tupelo” set is a new entry on the Official UK Album charts at #82 this week. 
  • The “A Boy From Tupelo” set is a new entry on the Official UK Vinyl Album charts at #23 this week. 
  • The 6 DVD set "The Elvis Collection" dropped off the Official UK Music DVD chart from last week's #41 position. 
  • The “Real Elvis” compilation climbed from #35 to #32 on the Official Scottish Album charts. 
  • The “A Boy From Tupelo” set is a new entry on the Official Scottish Album charts at #52 this week. 
  • The “Top 40 Elvis – His Ultimate Top 40 Collection” double album climbed from #11 to #6 on the Belgian Mid-price Album chart. 
  • The “A Boy From Tupelo” set  is a new entry at # 95 on the Belgian Ultratop Top 200 chart (Flandres)
  • The “A Boy From Tupelo” set album is a new entry at # 54 on the Belgian Album Top 200 (Wallonie)
  • The “A Boy From Tupelo” vinyl LP is a new entry at # 161 on the Belgian Album Top 200 (Wallonie)
  • The “A Boy From Tupelo” set is a new entry at # 67 on the German Album Top 100.
  • The vinyl “A Boy From Tupelo” album is a new entry at # 14 on Dutch Vinyl 33 chart.
  • The “A Boy From Tupelo” set is a new entry at # 277 on the Australian Album Top chart.
  • The "Elvis – The King Of Rock’n’Roll – 30 Hit Performances And More" DVD dropped from #11 to #27 on the Australian Music DVD chart.

(Source: Billboard / Official Charts / Belgian Charts / FECC)

August 03 - New DVDs

The Ragdoll import-label released the previously unreleased audience recording from April 21, 1977 in Greensboro. This show is one of his better shows from 1977 and comes with an eight page booklet containing rare photos from the actual concert. 

New DVD's

Due from Paramount Home Video are four DVD titles. On September 12, 2017 “Blue Hawaii” and “G.I. Blues”. On October 10, 2017 “Girls! Girls! Girls!” and “King Creole”. 


The August 2017 edition of "Remind" magazine features Elvis Presley on the cover and inside the article "Elvis - Trivia You Don´t Know".

(Source: Amazon / Elvis Club Berlin / Elvis on CD)

August 02 - Italian Vinyl

Available through the Italian Corriere dello Sport newspaper is a series of twelve compilations of his classic recordings on vinyl. These albums are available through news stands.  

The Weekly News

Elvis Presley s featured on the cover of the "Weekly News" magazine and inside with an article entitled "The King - 40 Years Gone But Never Forgotten".

(Source: Corriere dello Sport / WEEKLY NEWS)

Tracklisting Corriere dello Sport compilations:

Elvis Presley #1 - Tutt Frutti
Side A: Tutti Frutti - Money Honey - My Baby Left Me - Hound Dog - Blue Suede Shoes - Blue Moon
Side B: I Got A Woman - Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Just Because - Ready Teddy - Trying To Get To You - I Love You Because

Elvis Presley #2 - Shake Rattle And Roll
Side A: Shake Rattle And Roll - Baby I Don’t Care - All Shook Up - Rip It Up - Dixieland Rock - Love Me Tender
Side B: Don’t Be Cruel (To A Heart That’s True) - Hard Headed Woman - Too Much - That’s When Your Heartaches Begin - One-Sided Love Affair - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You
Elvis Presley #3 - Teddy Bear
Side A: Teddy Bear - I Want You, I Need You, I Love You - I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin´) - Paralysed - Long Tall Sally - Lover Doll
Side B: Don’t - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? - Mean Woman Blues - Wear My Ring Around Your Neck - A Big Hunk O´Love - A Fool Such As I 

Elvis Presley #4 - Jailhouse Rock
Side A: Jailhouse Rock - I Was The One - We're Gonna Move - Let Me - I Got Stung - Party
Side B: Heartbreak Hotel - Such A Night - Hot Dog - That’s All Right - I'm Left, You´Re Right, She’s Gone - Stuck On You

Elvis Presley #5 - Treat Me Nice
Side A: Treat Me Nice - Anyway You Want Me - I'm Counting On You - Don’t Ask Me Why - Lonesome Cowboy - Blueberry Hill
Side B: Don’t Leave Me Now - I Forgot To Remember To Forget - G. I. Blues - Pocketful Of Rainbows - I Beg Of You - Make Me Know It

Elvis Presley #6 - I Need You Love Tonight
Side A: I Need Your Love Tonight - So Glad You're Mine - How Do You Think I Feel - Anyplace In Paradise - I Need You So - One Night

Side B: Fever - The Girl Of My Best Friend - Reconsider Baby - Baby Let’s Play House - Thrill Of Your Love - I Will Be Home Again

Elvis Presley #7 - Trouble
Side A: Trouble - Poor Boy - I Want To Be Free - Dirty, Dirty Feeling - Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Side B: Wooden Heart - Is It So Stange - You're A Heartbreaker - Crawfish - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again - Peace In The Valley

Elvis Presley #8 - As Long As I Have You 
Side A: As Long As I Have You - It Feels So Right - Young Dreams - The Girl Next Door Went A´Walking - Playing For Keeps - Got A Lot O´Livin To Do
Side B: King Creole - Fame And Fortune - Shopping Around - My Wish Came True - Like A Baby - It’s No Secret.

August 01 - A Five Star Sin

The UK based Rockwell Record re-issued their "It's A Sin" compilation, featuring classic Elvis recordings from 1961, once more. This time as a limited edition of 135 copies on blue vinyl.

Side One: Feel So Bad / I'ts A Sin / Give Me The Right / Theres Always Me / In Your Arms / I'm Comin' Home / Gently / I Want You With Me
Side Two: Starting Today / Sentimental Me / Judy / Put The Blame On Me / No More / Aloha-Oe / Ku-U-I-Po / Hawaiian Sunset / Slicing Sand

Commercial Appeal Special

The Memphis based Commercial Appeal newspaper will add an Elvis Presley special entitled "Elvis Lives" to their paper on August 13, 2017.

"Elvis Lives: a commemorative magazine to celebrate Elvis’s music, life, and legacy 40 years after his death. 400+ photos, 40 Best Elvis Songs, the Graceland Experience, and more Elvis than you can imagine!".

Great 5 Star Review

Rolling Stone magazine has given 'A Boy From Tupelo' an incredible 5-out-of-5 in their review noting Elvis Presley's 'A Boy From Tupelo' Is a Museum-Grade look at Sun sessions years. The 3-CD set contains a wealth of material from 1953 to 1955.

There's an eye-popping photo in this essential 3-CD set taken on July 31, 1955, at a Tampa, Florida. gig. Elvis clutches his customized Martin acoustic, hollering to heaven and the cheap seats, right hand a strumming blur, face and throat glistening, pants soaked in sweat, as Scotty Moore leans into the shot with his Gibson peghead.

It's a high-resolution alternate angle on the cover shot from Presley's debut LP, one of rock's most iconic images, packaged with a 120-page detailing – via images and a day-by-day timeline, of Presley's birth as recording artist and mega-star. Why buy music when you can stream it? This is why.

The set includes the Memphis Recording Service acetates Presley had cut on his own dime ($3.98 a pair, to be exact); the entire legendary Sun Sessions, aborted takes and all; and every known concert and radio recording from the period.

The sound quality is likely as good as it'll ever get, and the performances are musical bedrock. Five versions of "Blue Moon," with slight variations on its clip-clop falsetto-moan conjuring? More'd be fine. Ditto the Louisiana Hayride live recordings here, which show a 19- and then 20-year-old galloping headlong into fame's stratosphere.


Two titles from the E.P. Collector's label have been released; "Everybody Let's Rock" containing an audience recordings from the August 5, 1972 Dinner and Midnight show performance as recorded by a Japanese fan in Las Vegas, and "Breaking News - Elvis Seen In Kalamazoo, Michigan!" containing a previously unreleased audience recording from the April 26, 1977 performance as recorded from the audience at  Kalamazoo, MI. 

(Source: Rockwell Music / Commercial Appeal / Rolling Stone)